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Breast tingling

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I`m 37 weeks and have had colostrum for good while now but in the last couple of days my nipples have been tingling something fierce. They felt this way when I first got pregnant but not since. They have been sore throughtout my pregnancy but not the tingling, just at the very beginning and now. Has anyone else experienced this and is this a sign that things are progressing? As I said I don`t believe it has anything with the colostrum coming in as that has been in for weeks now.?????

Christy asked

    I had tingling, but only after my milk came in. This is what “let down” feels like. Or, maybe it is more like 1000 pins stabbing your breasts at once….it is hard to describe. Somewhat uncomfortable, but not painful

    Julianna answered

      It could just be your breasts getting ready to produce milk. Mine were tingling for a few days after I started nursing my daughter but I don’t remember them tingling any other time. All in all, I would assume it is normal for your breasts and not worry about it.

      momstheword answered

        have you been stimulating them at all to help stimulate labor? It can also be a sign that oxytocin is being released in your body too.

        Debra answered