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Breastfed baby is not satisfied after eating!

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Im at my wits end I dont know what to do.
My baby girl eats only minutes at a time, and no more then 8 times a day.
She gets so cranky after those few minutes and just cries! I do have a good flow of milk. I dont think its anything im eating. I have ate the same since she was born.
She was doing this a little bit a couple weeks ago. But the last couple days have been terrible!
I feel like my poor baby is starving.
She continues to act hungry after, but wont take the nipple.
But If i give her my finger she will suck on that fiercely.
She used to eat for a good half hour, now im lucky to get 10-15 minutes every 3 hours or so. She used to love to eat. Now she just screams.

The other day I noticed a bump on her gums, that looks like a tooth could pop out any time.

She doesn`t spit up or anything. No fever.
Something just is not right. And I feel so bad that I dont know what it is.

I give her gas relief drops, she still cries.
I give her tylenol, she still cries just minutes after she starts eating.

What could it be. I am so scared that she isn`t eating enough. But I dont want to give her formula, its just not natural.

I feel bad because there is a blizzard outside and we wont be able to go anywhere for a couple days at least.

I need help, what am I doing wrong?

cherryzz asked

    Shes 2 months old and a week.

    cherryzz answered

      i was’nt able to breastfeed with my nipple so i had to use nipple shields which were a life saver but my daughter started to do exactly what yours is i used to have to hold her in my arms tight with music on loud and bounce if you cant do it standing up then sit on the end of the bed and bounce, the motion seems to relax them as they feel like there back in the womb i also heard somewhere a hoover sound sooths a colicy baby if you have other children try recording it and playing it low i hope this helps

      keetchie2008 answered

        try maybe baby oragel and the thing on her gums could be a cyst I would ask the doc usaully tho it can be just from sucking ….ask ur doctor for some help or maybe pump and put it in a bottle also what might help is they have these nipple covers now that make ur nipple bigger and help the baby latch on try that it might help

        Jessicanewmom2be answered

          My baby did this aswell and she is 11 weeks. She has been like this since birth so also like melissajoanne i feed her expressed breast milk. I have done this since she was 3 days old and i have never had problems with her going back to the breast. She will happily feed from either but i tend to give her 4-5oz of my own milk from a bottle and any topping up or comfrot feeding she takes from the breast. Even though a bottle is easier she does still prefer the breast. xx

          xbabybeanx answered

            I wanted to add: I just read your posts on the 2mo. forum… You give your daughter a pacifier, which is all the more reason to NOT worry about her rejecting the breast after getting a bottle of expressed milk. My daughter doesn’t even use a pacifier and was fine going from bottled milk back to breast. I also read that you don’t have a lactation consultant – they can be tremendously helpful, and know more about feeding issues than your pediatrician will. Certainly get her checked out by the doctor, but it does sound more like a feeding issue than a health one, especially from my own experience with my daughter. It’s not that you’re doing something wrong. She’s still a little baby, and there will be bumps along the road.

            MelissaJoanne answered

              I went through the exact same issue with my baby. My daughter was born three days after yours, and I’ve been able to give her a bottle of expressed milk and continue to breastfeed without any ‘nipple confusion’. It’s not about ‘giving in’, if she’s still getting your milk. My daughter was doing similar things as yours, screaming rather than eating, still obviously hungry. I used an Adiri bottle that was recommended by my lactation consultant: . It’s very close to feeling like nursing at the breast to a baby, and while she used it when she was very hungry like yours, she still prefers the breast. My hope (and agreed upon by lactation consultant) was that if I could pump and get a bunch of milk into her, she would calm down and stop the cycle that she was on of being over-hungry but not eating properly, and she’d go back to nursing. It worked great – she gulped down what I’d pumped, stopped being so hungry and angry, and got back on track with her nursing. Really, don’t concern yourself too much that she’s never going to want to go back to the breast after using a bottle one time. She will. Talk to your lactation consultant, of course, for further reassurance. What is most important is that she gets fed, not whether it’s directly from your breast or your milk from a bottle. And certainly don’t think about formula, when you know you’re producing milk for her. Pump, get her fed well, and she should go back to nursing as she did before. Plus, if you pump it will keep your supply up, even if she’s not eating often enough. Don’t blame yourself – stop worrying that she’ll become attached to a bottle – know that giving her your milk from a bottle one time isn’t “giving in”, it’s feeding your baby – and don’t let it be something that you ‘won’t be able to forgive yourself for’! Feeding your baby your milk is always a good thing. Good luck mama, I know what you’re going through, and it’s no fun.

              MelissaJoanne answered

                The nurses here told me to express a bit (you can hand express) and put it in the same dropper/cup you use for medicine. See if she will drink it that way. Then you will know if she is truly hungry, and not get her attached to the bottle.

                jaydsmom answered

                  Its very upsetting. I just dont want her to lose to much weight. We had that problem after she was born. My milk didnt come in until the 6th day. And I didnt have enough colustrum. They made me supplement her. I DONT WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN. its sad that she used to be so active and happy.

                  cherryzz answered

                    Have you contacted a BF’ing consultant? You should try talking to someone at the La Lache League. If you’re concerned about her mouth you should contact your pediatrician. You can schedule another appointment and find out if she’s gaining weight. I wouldve said possibly gas, but if you’re giving her drops then that probably isnt it. It is possible that shes getting early teeth. Its common for teething babies to not want to eat because of their discomfort. I doubt that the problem is in your milk supply and her not eating enough. It sounds like something is making her uncomfortable. I dont think you’re doing anything wrong. It can be very frustrating and heartbreaking to have an upset baby and not be able to figure out whats hurting them.

                    CassandraLee answered

                      Sorry but im not going to bottle feed her for this reason. If she gets attached to the bottle i wont be able to forgive myself for given in.
                      ** She went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago. We wont have another appointment for another 2 months. So I wont know if shes gaining. If she was getting enough She should be satisfied not screaming her brains out! I dont know.

                      cherryzz answered

                        have you tried pumping and bottle feeding her? see if there is a difference and then you will see how much she is eating. Also, could she have an earache and this worsens as she sucks?

                        aulrobbri answered

                          As long as she is pooping and peeing and growing, she is OK. At this point nursings can go alot quicker cause your baby learns how to suck more efficiently. She can now gt what she needs in less time. If she is teething, sometimes it is painful to suck. Also, if your milk is letting down well, and she is sucking more, she could have gas bubbles. YOu could try to burp her more often. YOu are doing great with the breastfeeding! Don’t worry, and try not to supplement, that just starts an ugly cycle and more problems. Just watch the diapers and let me know if you need some advice. I breastfed my son for 14 months.

                          i-am-pregnant answered

                            My advice it just stick it out. With my children they started taking a pacifier about this time. It does not create nipple confusion in my children. With my two, it was like they just wanted something to suck and not necessarily hungry. Also sucking is a reflex and can be calming for a baby. Gerber makes a pacifier that has flex in it and it closer to what the you are. Good luck. She could also just be going through a spell. Try to relax and not worry so much that can affect the whole situation as well. I hope this was helpful.

                            MomOfAlmost3AtHome answered