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Brown discharge at 32 weeks

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Several times today, when I go to the bathroom I would notice the lightest hue of tinged blood on the toliet paper. I thought nothing of it because it was soo light. But tonight, I noticed a small brown discharge. I am only 32 weeks pregnant and that concerns me. Has anyone has this happen to them this early in 3rd trimester? I am thinking of calling my doctor tomorrow and see what he has to say.

steffilily asked

    I wouldn’t worry about brown discharge especially if its only a tiny bit. If it was bright red, then call the doctor. Don’t worry about it, just mention it at your next appointment.

    wisfarmgirl answered

      I would call the doctor to be sure. I had some blood and then brown discharge last week and it turns out I have placenta previa (I’m in week 20). Anyway, it never hurts to be careful. At least call and see if your doctor thinks you should come in.

      rosye13 answered

        I did call my doctor earlier today. I was told to keep it easy, and if the color of blood or amount of discharge increases, to call back. Also to do the same if I start cramping. So far today, I have not had either.

        steffilily answered