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Brown light pink blood clots minor cramps

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My period has been very out of ordinary lately. In october, I didn`t get a period, in september is came at the end of the month, and there was light pink blood with brown blood and clotting. Like I said before, October I didn`t get one. And Today, November 1st I have started experiencing light pink blood and brown blood with minor cramps and some clotting. Am I pregnant? I need help!!! Answer, asap, please!

IamAlpha asked

    You possibly could be, but to be safe take a home pregnancy test and if you are then see your GP ASAP as cramping and bleeding are generally not a good sign. Don’t want to worry you, just want you to be safe. Good luck

    cadi answered

      Yes, you could be pregnant. Some women continue to get periods during their pregnancies. If you are pregnant I would consider the lack of red blood a good sign. So, take a test and try not to worry until you see a doc; you should probably call your doc no matter the test result. Also, some forms of birth control can make your period do that…are you on birth control?

      zookeeper answered