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Brownish looking tissue not sure

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Ok so this is embarrassing. but so be it. I went to the washroom for a bowel movement today, and noticed in the toliet afterwards a Brownish looking tissue, didnt look like dischange more like skin tissue. Now if it was from hemmroids I would assume it would be bright red. Could it of came from my Vagina. I CALLED Labour and Delivery today, told them im 20 plus weeks and what i saw in the toliet, they were not much help, just said if i have more to come in. Has anyone else experienced this, should i be concerned??? I hear tissue is not normal, but this was brownish so would be old right.. I am too confused, someone help me???

Lizzie78 asked

    probably just old blood from behind not your vagina, i wouldnt worry unless you get any from your vagina.

    i-am-pregnant answered

      Ya i didnt know were it came from, this is embarrasing lol… cause wiped front and back and didnt see anything so, hope its just that… if its blood it looks sure like skin tissue lol:) ty

      Lizzie78 answered

        Could be part of your mucus plug???

        ajoke answered

          Well this is a really gross response so bear with me. If you ate some very fibrous like pepper or tomato, or even large beans like Lima or kidney beans; often the skin cant be digested like it used to in your body since our metabolism speeds up so much with the pregnancy. There is a chance that it a piece of undigested food that took on the color of feces while in the digestive track. Since it was free standing matter and didn’t break down into small enough particles to bind with the rest of your bowel movement… I’m not a poop expert but I did study nutrition with culinary school and certain things about foods “travels” were made clear to us rather bluntly. Hope this helps! Best of luck.

          BabyBeBe1 answered