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Can you dilate and then undilate

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Can you dilate and then un-dilate? I was told I was 1 cm dilated two weeks ago, and now the doc says I`m not dilated at all. Two different doctors.

Not only is this super disappointing and frustrating… For the past two weeks I`ve been proudly telling all my friends and family that I`m 1 cm….talk about taking the wind out of my sails! Sheesh!

Now I`m left wondering:
1.) Is it possible to dilate and then un-dilate?
2.) Which of the two doctors was wrong, if any?
3.) Am I dilated or not?
Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas on what could possibly be going on?
*On a side note: When I told the second doctor that two weeks ago the doc said I was dilated, she said he checked me wrong. I thought that was unprofessional of her… no?

phooey asked

    no, you can’t undilate. When a doctor checks your cervix they go by what they feel. ONe doctor may say your dilated to a one and one doctor may say your not dilated at all. That happened to me. My doctor said I was a 1 and the nurse at the hospital said I was starting to dilate, but wasn’t dilated at all yet. Luckily, being 1cm dilated really has no impact on when you’ll deliver or not. You aren’t actually considered to be in labor until you’re dilated to a 4, thats what my DR said anyway. I’d just stick with the 1st doctors opinion and continue to be 1 cm dilated : )

    i-am-pregnant answered