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Cervical pain in early pregnancy

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Has anyone experienced cervical twinges or jabbing pains in early pregnancy? I woke up with it in the middle of the night, and it just happened again. I am not sure if I should call the Dr. or if it is a normal ache and pain in pregnency.

taradabiere asked

    I know later on I feel stabbing pains like I’m sitting on a knife with the pointy end stabbing my cervix. Is that what you mean? I asked my doctor and he said it’s the pubic bone spreading because of the relaxin hormone that also gets your hips spreading. And I had the hip pain very early in pregnancy so I’m sure the pubic bone pain is also normal early in pregnancy, but of course give your OB a shout if you’re worried.

    canadababy answered

      OMG YES! I’m pretty sure it was cervical pain. MAN did it hurt! It’s actually debilitating while it’s happening and it’s hard to breathe!!! I am now in week 10, it happened in and around week 7&8 for me -I hope it is over! All the best.

      Jody1973 answered

        I had pains in early pregnancy when my son would kick or do something with my cervix. I felt like he was doing jumping jacks on it and it was VERY uncomfortable.

        jen answered