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Chances of having 4th baby before due date

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Im 34 weeks today and due september 11th. my first was 13 days late, second 8 days late and 3rd was 3 days early. Ive been having some intense braxton hicks and really bad pelvic bad for the last couple of days. This pain Im feeling down there almost has me in tears! Last night I was actually woken up because of the pain :( I would just like to know if there is a higher possibility the he could come before his due date so I could maybe start actually getting ready for his arrival NOW instead of slacking :S

Tammy asked

    i would get ready hunni as you never know..
    my 1st was a week late, 2nd was 2 weeks early, my 3rd was 4 weeks early & my 4th was 6 weeks early, but my 5th was only 3 weeks early (but could have been down to her skull shape (genetic condition)
    unfortunately we never know {:0)
    but with this pregnancy im making sure im ready by 32 weeks only cause im not taking chances xxx
    take care my hun xx

    i-am-pregnant answered

      Sucks I know I was just there last year having my 4th baby…( on # 5 now..LOL..Oopppss! ) But I had him 6 days early so there is hope! Just you know what they say…Every pregnancy is different! GL TO YOU!!!!!

      i-am-pregnant answered

        my first was a week early, second was 2 weeks early, third was 3 weeks early and my 4th was 2 weeks early

        hannahe answered

          It is hard to say for sure as each pregnancy and labor will be different. BUT i am also on #4 and all of them so far have been late, i am expecting to be late this time. I would just prepare for his arrival and hope&pray he comes on time!!! my dr says if you were late before it is most likely you will be again. I have a friend to who with her 4th after her 3rd was a week early, still her 4th was late. I would go with majority of pregnancies you have had….

          boomerette answered

            predicting labour is like predicting the weather – full of uncertainty. What we do know is, we can always prepare for what may or may not come…. so pack your bags matey …. it may happen and it may not…. best of luck!!! Hope it all goes well for uyou

            jjjenny answered

              Every pregnancy is different, my first was 6 weeks early, my 2nd was 5 weeks early, my 3rd was 2 1/2 weeks early, my 4th was 4 weeks early, my 5th was 3 weeks early and my 6th was 4 weeks early. YOu could go early so I would get ready, but don’t get upset if you go late, I think you will go right around your due date.

              julz answered

                My first baby was 7 days late. My second was born on the his due date. my third baby was born 7 days early. If it keeps on that same time frame. #4 due in dec. will mostlikely be here 14 days early. So I am just going to prepare my self for that. If he comes later that will be fine also though.

                zem6 answered