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Cramps and sore breast after period

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OK well im really confused and would really appreciate some help. My period ended on 12/23/10. Starting on Sunday the 26th I started getting cramps like im going to get my period and my breast became very sore and swollen. Im not due for another period until January 14th. I took a test yesterday and it was negative. Is it possible that im still pregnant. I know my body and I never have cramps and sore breast After I ended my period already. PLEASE HELP!!

Piiglet20 asked

    still pregnant? im confused now too lol

    wwatters18 answered

      i doubt you are pregnant since u just had your period. could just be a first and only time thing of having cramps and sore breasts after your period….

      loifergal answered

        Sorry I’m little confused ??? You got your period on Dec 23 and you started getting cramps and sore breast shortly after on the 26th. (It could just be a once of thing, maybe you worked yourself a little to hard or something. Sometimes I get cramps and other times I dont). I think what you mean when you are say ‘is it possible for me to still be pregnant’ you are meaning, is it possible to be preg so soon? If you are a regular 28ish day cycle kind of girl then probably not as you would not have ovulated. But if you are due the 14th Jan than you have a shorter cycle of only 3wks. But by what I’m calculating in my head its unlikely that you’d be pregnant. However, I have heard of some women who ovulate just before there period and fall pregnant. But thats not very common.
        The hcg levels would be too low to pick up if you are pregnant at this stage in your pregnancy test. I would just wait until the 14th to see if you’ll get you period.

        BabyLoveStory answered

          i STARTED my period on 12/18 and ENDED 12/23. My cycle is a normal 28 day cylce and i am normaly on my period 7 days. My bf and I had intercourse both before my period and after. So I guess its just a matter of seeing if I start on the 14th. I have just never had these symptoms sfter my period ended. Thank you for the advice

          Piiglet20 answered