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Depends underwear instead of pads postpartum

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Ok. I`m thinking about getting depends underwear instead of pads for the first few days after having the baby. The only thing that sticks out in my mind about the postpartum bleeding is how my underwear didn`t fit right around my seriously flabby belly, and the pads (I had like 6 different kinds) all bunched up and I`d leak all over the place!

I`m thinking this would be easier than underwear and pads. Probably an expensive solution, but I spent a ton of money just trying to find underwear that worked last time, and I still wasn`t happy!

Has anyone tried depends underwear postpartum? Or have any other suggestions/comments?

Thanks a lot ladies once again!

i-am-pregnant asked

    Haven’t tried that, but it’s a really good idea! Thanks, I just might have to give that a shot. :)

    BundleNumber3 answered

      after my second baby, the nurses were like, changing my “diapers” for a few days in the hospital after my c-section. They would double up the big long maxipads, sometimes side by side, or they would take one of those long “blue diapers”, they are like the same material as a thin maxi-pad, but it’s a sheet, maybe like 12inches by 20 inches long?, and they would stick a pad to it in the center and fold it a little to fit in my disposable underwear, so the thin sheet could catch anything that leaked off the pad. So the “blue diaper” would stick out the top of my underwear and it served a double purpose of catching anything that leaked from my incision (i had on-Q in my incision). Imagine the blue diaper as being like a really long maxipad that reaches all the way from front top to bottom back of your underwear. I actually took a pack of those blue diapers home from the hospital (once u open the pack i dont think they reuse it so u might as well take it).

      tamm answered

        I bought pregnancy underwear-they stretch out more for your big belly/flabboy belly afterwards. I used the long pads that were super thin and went from front to back and once I got sick of those getting soaked, I think i would throw a baby diaper in there everyonce in a while. I would cut diapers in 1/2 and put them in my bra too to keep my overproductive boobs from leaking all over the tiny breast pads. I would go through one of those in like 5 mins. Also another tip: when I would change my newborns diaper on the changing table, I bought some of those puppy pads (for accidents) and would keep it under her while changing her, that way if she urinated, it would catch it, and I wouldn’t have to wipe down the entire diaper changing table.

        KimbeenJosh answered

          I just bought cotton black underwear in a larger size (2 sizes bigger actually) and wore thick pads for a week. After a week I was able to switch to regular pads. And then did what Mrsjmickens1 did – threw the underwear out after. xox

          LGK616 answered

            You want to know another thing to try? put one of your newborns (or size 5 or 6) diaper in there. Works pretty good!

            Debra answered

              works amazing. i did it

              Janina answered

                i just bought a pack of BLACK hanes granny pannies and threw them out when i was done bleeding. depends are crazy expensive!!

                mrsjmickens1 answered

                  i have not tried that but i did stop useing the really thick pads that seem to never stay in place i did use always infinity overnights they had wings i doubled them like to make them longer like putting one as far to the front to reach the front of my underwear and then the other to reach the back they are thin but absorbant very comfortable

                  i-am-pregnant answered

                    I have heard that alot of celebrities do just that. Wear depends post partum. Hey why not! No leaking, minimal mess, no destroyed underpants, sheets or couches (yes I leaked on my couch) :(. TMI ALERT. I had my son in September. My husband and I took the kids to the pocono mountains, thats like a 3 hour drive from where we live in jersey. we got out at a rest stop and apparently my pad had bunched the wrong way and i leaked through my jeans. THANK GOD, my husband was walking behind me an very sweetly handed me a sweatshirt and told me to tie it around my waist. I looked at him like he was stupid and then realized what he was descretely trying to tell me…. I say go for it! Wish I had!

                    Baby1Due3608 answered

                      HAah i have thought of the same thing. Everytime i walk buy them thats all that goes threw my mind!

                      i-am-pregnant answered

               joke. USE THE DEPENDS. I think I used tenas but they are the same thing. Bring about 5 pair with you because you will change them often. I used them for about 3 or 4 days total, I think. They are SO much better than pads that I can’t imagine going back to the pads….

                        mommyofxyxyxx answered