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Est weight at 37 weeks is 7 pounds 12 oz

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so I had my final weight estimated u/s today… (yes I know they can be a little off)… anyways it said my baby is measuring at 7 pounnds 12 ounces and is also measuring at 38 weeks (in development as well as fundus height)… so the computer put the estimated due date as 4/27 instead of the 5/2… I am wondering that if just because he is measuring a week ahead in development does that mean he may come a week earlier then I expected??? Also if I have him in 2 weeks from now and he is indeed 7 pounds 12 ounces now, is there any possibility he can only gain 6 or 7 ounces in two weeks instead of the `half pound` they say babies gain each week in the end…??? thanks guys… any answers will help

mylilmiracle asked

    that doesnt mean u will go in early.but even if u do.ur no longer considered pre term becuz ur already 37 weeks so ur baby is fully developed now..the extra 3 weeks is basically just weight.maybe u should just eat a little less and drink more water..u dont want the baby to be too big becuz depending on hpw big u are,if the baby is too big u might be at risk of tearing and may need a c-section

    JahBaby answered

      I was told the week of delivery my baby was around 8 lbs she was 6lbs 3oz… do not worry about it…it is part of the mystery of pregnancy

      KarenVG answered

        well at 36 weeks i got told i would have 3 lb baby and i will be getting induced they did a sweep on me at 38 weeks and she was 6 lb,my first they est 7 lb and he came out 9lb on the scan and second they was concerned he was small they did a scan said he was 6lb and he came out 8 lb so i dont think there acurate

        kayleighrobo answered

          I had a friend who was told that her little girl was already 9 lbs at 38 weeks and they scheduled her for a c-section the very next day. Her little girl was only 7 lbs when she was born. So keep your original due date, it is very hard to determine the baby’s weight in the last trimester b/c of the baby’s size and not being able to fit the whole baby in the u/s window for measurement. Also, especcially for little boys, it is better for them to go as close to full term as possible, b/c their lungs do not develop as quickly as girls. Good luck to you and congrats!

          BrandiJ answered

            I was told at 37weeks with my last that the baby was looking to be about 9lbs or so, and that I measured a week ahead of schedule. I was induced at 38 weeks to have my baby as I was sitting at 4cm for about 2 weeks by that point. DO NOT BELIEVE THE ESTIMATES… here i was thinking I was going to give birth to a monster and the little guy came out to be only 7lbs 7oz. Good Luck on everything though and for your sake and the excitment part of it that you do go early… but not too early! CONGRATS

            Baby3OnWay answered

              as to not get excited keep your original due date
              i always measure big goodness this baby was estimated almost 10 lbs at 37 weeks he came ten days before his date

              i-am-pregnant answered

                The baby grows so much in the last few weeks, It all depends on when you go into labor what the real weight will be, there’s no way they can say he/she will weigh this amount. At mine they said he is between 7 and 9lbs and he was 8lbs 1oz. I would go by what your ob says your due date is based on your ultrasound and baby.

                Mommyof2boys answered

                  With my 3 pregnacies they said roughly 7-7 1/2 lb when i was 36 wks, terrified my babies were going to huge lol. 1st was 6.12 n was 10 days early, 2nd was 7.5 n was 5 days late, 3rd was 6.11 n was 2wks late.

                  Debi answered

                    there is a possibility that the baby can still gain more weight

                    LMO answered

                      I measured a week ahead with my oldest son and the ultrasound ended up being right on to the actual day which really shocked me. I’m sure this is rare and that as a rule of thumb ultrasounds are merely an estimated guess that can vary by weight and due date.

                      mommyof3 answered

                        i have found that my babies lose weight once they are born. they aren’t getting the continuous feedings. i don’t believe that his measurements are any indicator of imminent birth. and i am glad you are taking the measurements with a grain of salt..

                        JennSever answered

                          I measured 2 weeks ahead with my daughter for 3 months. At 34 weeks her estimated weight was 6lbs 6oz. I was 6 days over due when I finally went in to labour and she was born at 8lbs 6oz. So in 7 weeks she only gained 2 pounds according to the ultrasound. Do not rely on ultrasound measurements. The farther a long you get the less reliable they are. I know how impatient we all get close to the end but don’t rush his arrival, before you know it he will be here and the pregnancy part will be over.

                          JessicaDarling answered

                            My baby always measured 1-2 weeks ahead, and I was induced at 39 weeks- wasn’t dilating at all!- so it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will come early. Even though my baby was big, he continued to gain at the normal rate. You might just have a big, chubby baby! Personally, I prefer round soft cheeks on a little baby! :) Congrats!

                            CaitlinH answered

                              They were wrong with all my babies. An estimation is just that an estimation.

                              Melanie07 answered