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February 13 of last month I got sick with the flu. It lasted for 7 days. High fever of 104. Nausea. Weakness. I then got my period on the 17th of that month. It was very heavy than usual and my period only lasted for 3 days. It usually lasts for 5 or 6 days. On the third day it turned to brown and went away. It is now march 13 and I have been having frequent urges to go pee every 10 to 30 min. Sometimes a lot comes out. Sometimes a little comes out. I even go pee before intercourse and during I feel the urge to pee. I don`t have any pain when I pee. Just the urge to pee. I even wake up 4 times a nite to go pee. I even have bad period cramps like im going to get my period but no period here yet cause im not due yet til next week. Im wondering cause my period was only 3 days last month if my body thinks its pregnant and is giving me false pregnancy symptoms? I know I wasnt pregnant last month. Just curious about this month.

misskaryn9902 asked

    you could be prego. im only speaking from experience. with my first, i had the peeing all the time and restless nites. i then got my period but it lasted 3 days were mine used to last a week. i took a test after the 3 day periode it said i wasnt . i took 2 more they said i wasnt. waited a few more days and then it said i was . at that point i believe i was only 4 or 5 weeks prego. It is important to take a test the first pee of the morning. and like me i didnt have enough of that chemical that shows up in your urine to tell me fast like my friends did.. again this is just my story. your body could also be going through stress like having the flu or you just stressing about it could throw it of kilter

    msavs answered

      You might be preggo, take a test! :) You could also have a bladder infection too from the sounds of your urinary symptoms. My suggestion: try a HPT when the time is right (after your missed period) and if its negative and you’re still having the urinary might want to see your dr so they can make sure you dont have a infection. Good Luck!

      i-am-pregnant answered

        Could be a UTI/bladder infection. I had a bladder infection and didn’t even know it because i did not have pain with urination. If a hpt comes back negative, i’d check with a doctor for infection.

        ajoke answered

          sounds more like a bladder infection since even though i had to pee frequently during pregnancy it was never during sex or as often as you speak of, and the cramping is probably your period coming since you said its due in a week

          luvinColton answered

            Took test today. neg. It is 5 days early before my period though. I have had frequent urination like this before with my other 2 pregnancys. I had to go pee every 10 min. Drove me nuts. With my first I had period cramps and thought i was getting my period but then no period. This is why im comfused. Well test was neg so now it is the waiting game. I am not retesting again unless im late.

            misskaryn9902 answered

              Am not sure but in jan i only had my period 3 days which was very weird for me bc i normally have a full seven days i really didnt pay it any mind until nothing came in feburary turns out I am pregnant

              yolene answered