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Fetal heartrate at 12 weeks and gender

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Due to the fact that this is probably my forth and final child, I find myself more curious about gender. I have 3 boys, and so I would like to know what your babies heartrate was at 11-12 weeks and what sex the baby is.

thinkpink asked

    my 12 week scan was 165 and she couldn’t tell the gender then. Well 3 days before i went for the gender check the nurse checked the heartbeat and said its fast and she guessed a girl well went for the gender at 17weeks and HB was 156 and its a BOY

    ashysmm1 answered

      With both of my pregnancies…with 2 boys…the heartrates were in the 160s between 11-13 weeks :)

      BoyStruckX2 answered

        both my boys were 140 to 150 and so is the girl I’m carrying. I asked my doc about this heart rate thing, with my last pregnancy. He said the only way it would come close to predicting gender, is if you listen to the hear rate every minute (take a minute by minute reading), for about 12 hours straight, the divided to get an ‘average’. That the 30 seconds it takes to get the heart rate is not an accurate way of telling gender.

        christina76 answered

          high 160’s low 170’s and its a boy

          i-am-pregnant answered

            157 and we are having a boy, or so they said!will only know for sure when he makes an apperance. hes always had a high heart beat mymidwife says its cause he moves all the time! ha

            paula23 answered

              The doctor told me if the heartbeat is real fast, it’s likely to be a girl. My fast heartbeat baby at 12 weeks turned out to be a boy at 20 Really no telling.

              NinaBoBina answered

                Right now I am almost 16 weeks and I don’t know what the gender of my child is, this will be my second baby. My husband and I are going in on December 10th, but when I was 12 weeks the baby heart beat was over 150 and when I was in for my 8 week it was 167. My doctor is betting that we are having a girl.

                shyangel0295 answered

                  Mine was 170 at my 12 week and im having a boy

                  Cjg2010 answered