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Greasy hair

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For the past week or two I have had extremely greasy/oily hair and never used to. Does anyone know if it could be pregnancy related or something else? I regularly change shampoos so its not a build up of shampoo or something. Also, I tried not using conditioner for a few days to see if it helped and it didn`t. As soon as my hair dries after taking a shower it looks greasy! Its so gross, any suggestions?

xidja asked

    Well I grew up with that problem and it runs in the family. I found the right shampoo first one that will clean my scalp well and I message not scrub. It is more than likely hormonal, and nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t have to change your shampoo if you have a shampoo that does it’s job. Panteen Volumizing shampoo is one I used to use and now I love Redken All Soft. I wash every day too. Don’t skip the conditioner though, big mistake to not use a moisturizer on your scalp! It can cause your scalp to try to over compensate, always rinse until you don’t have a lot of slippery hair left, though. I haven’t had to change my shampoo in almost a year now, even after I got prego I’ve had no trouble! I hope that this will help you! Here’s to beauty!

    MrsMH answered

      You can use baby powder in your hair. Sprinkle a little big on the roots and blow dry. This is a trick that I learned from my hair dresser. I have blonde fine hair that I have to wash everyday. If I don’t want to wash it or it looks greasy, I use baby powder and it works wonders

      MindieSwan answered

        yes. pregnancy can cause your hair to be greasy, oily, it can appear thinner, or more brittle. some women complain of some hair loss……………..Taking your prenatal vitamins daily, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water (at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day) may be your best line of defense. For problems with dry hair, use a stronger conditioner and do deep-conditioning often. If your hair is brittle you may want to stay away from the hair dryer and allow it to simply air dry. If you must blow dry your hair or use other heated instruments, use a cooler or lower setting. If your hair is extra greasy, use a mild shampoo and wash it more frequently to get rid of excess oil. Avoid wearing your hair in ponytails, pigtails or braiding it, because it may pull your hair and place added stress on it, causing breakage.

        i-am-pregnant answered

          This is pregnancy related. You can add a few drops of pure tea tree oil in your favorite shampoo and this will help, or you could do a vinegar rinse after shampooing your hair. Rinse you hair then pour one cup vinegar and massage into your hair then rinse this out. Hope this helps, my hair also gets oily w/ pregnancy.

          BrandiJ answered

            yes, some woman get greasy hair, some get dry hair, some lucky woman get full shiny hair and others their hair falls out. My hair actually looks better so far after giving birth. hopefully it stays that way

            monica9 answered