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Hands arms feet & legs falling asleep a lot!

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My limbs always fall asleep. Anyone else? Or have any ideas why? Im 10 weeks 5 days

amberb84 asked

    Hi Amberb84 – I tend to loose feeling in my arms when i sleep.. this happened in my first pregnancy too and it went away after bubs was born..

    Pantira answered

      Possible low blood pressure? Bring it up with your doctor at your next visit.

      hazebeyond answered

        I am almost 35 weeks and my limbs have been doing that for about 12 weeks now. I have high blood pressure that I take meds for. I think it has to do with how the baby is laying. I notice some nights this does not happen and some nights it does. It also happens sometimes during the day depending on how I am sitting. I am hoping it goes away once baby is here. I mentioned it to my midwife and she seemed to think the same thing.

        Sweetpea102802 answered

          I have carpal tunnel and it causes my arms and hands to go completely numb when I go to sleep at night. Even some times while holding my cell phone to my ear or doing different things. But im starting to notice its getting worse with my pregnancy. Im not saying in your case it carpal tunnel, especially if its your legs too. I just know that’s what causes mine.

          i-am-pregnant answered

            Yes. It’s been happening to me a lot this pregnancy. I’m 24 wks and even something as simple as sitting on the toilet makes me legs and feet fall asleep. It’s pretty ridiclous. You’re not alone for sure. Talk to your doctor at you next appointment about it.

            Alisan answered

              Yes this only happens when im fully awake! like if i have my legs crossed. or if im doing my hair and my arm is over my head!

              amberb84 answered

                hi, yes its very common in pregnancy to get numbness in all extremities of the body and as your pregnancy progresses many may develop carpal tunnel syndrome and some times in the legs if you cross them. Reason: We end up with extra blood building up in your body, this is to help with the baby growing and getting nutrients to it. Our hearts in response, responds by pumping slightly quicker to push it around the body. It only takes the slightest change in posture to inpinge on the nerve endings and restrict the flow – thus causing numbness. The only way to stop it is to not cross our legs and trying not to sleep with our arms across our tummy – which is hard to do when your subconscious is doing something else when your sleeping. Its also important to keep healthy and well hydrated too. Because with the extra blood flow comes the risk of clotting if we are well hydrated and keeping healthy too. As for after birth, Carpal Tunnel will disappear too. best of luck everyone!!

                jjjenny answered