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How much should my 6 week old be eating

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I am formula feeding my son and want to know what other people`s babies were eating at 6 weeks. Don`t even try to give me crap about not breast feeding him—I’m on medication for severe post partum depression and choose not to expose my tiny son to the SSRI in my breast milk. My son pounds back about 4oz per feeding and eats ever two hours. He`s 11lbs already and nobody can believe he`s only 6 weeks. I feel like 4oz is more appropriate for a baby who is a couple months old, but he`s hungry and that`s the bottom line. Any thoughts? My mother in law keeps telling me to give him water but that just seems stupid to me. He’s a big kid. He was born a month early and still weighed 7lbs 9oz.

professorpreggers asked

    My daughter took about 4 oz at 6 weeks old. I also formula fed… She started taking 6 oz soon after she was 2months.

    MommieKayla answered

      my son was about 5 weeks and was eating 4-5 ounce bottles every 2 hours he is now 2 yrs old and weighs 38 lbs so i say if they are hungry feed them and what with the water at least with the milk he is getting nutrition the water wont do anything to him i asked the doctor if my son is to big and he said no. so i say feed them let them eat and i understand about the anitdepressants i had to be on them to good luck to you.

      Kyrsten answered

        My daughter is 5 weeks and she drinks 5 ounces every 4 hrs in the day and goes 5-6 hrs at night.. My doctor said if shes hungry feed her what she wants ! I dont breast feed either only formula but I do give her 2 ounces of warm water once every couple of days because she has lots of gas…

        sc00by1432 answered

          what about feeding him small portions of formula throughout the day… calculate how much you think he should have each day and divide it into small, but necessary portions.

          i-am-pregnant answered

            water is not something they need unless its super hot outside and they are over 6 months. Otherwise the sodium in water is too much for them at this point. I dont’ know if formula should fill them up more, but if i pumped and gave my baby a bottle at that point, he was taking about 5 oz of breastmilk every 3 hours or so- sometimes more if he was going through a growth spurt. If he’s hungry- you feed them. That’s what i’ve learned. That and babies are always hungry :) But seriously, a growth spurt is expected at about now anyways.

            Debra answered

              My 7 week old drink about 5.5 oz every 3 hours and goes about 5 hours at night. He is right at 12 pounds and was 8.1 at birth 2 and a half weeks early

              aulrobbri answered

                I say feed him when he is hungry and feed as much as he will take till he seems satisfied. As for the water, I wouldn’t give him any water at all. He is getting it in the formula. My MIL says to give babies water too I think it may be a remedy of some sort from way back when to keep the babies from getting too big. Follow your instincts and he’ll be just fine.

                momstheword answered

                  Just because breast is best doesen’t mean every can, or should do it. It is far better for you to treat that depression and don’t let the advocates hurt your feelings, you are doing what is best for him, great job!!! I would say to feed him until he is hungry, they aren’t wired to over feed that early. The only problem I could see happening is if it turns into a passifyer which can happen even with breast feeding. If he’s hungry feed him.

                  juels101 answered

                    i was told not to give my son water. It should only be breastmilk/formual only.My son is 6 weeks old i breastpump but he takes about 4 1/2 to 5oz. Depands if your son is still looking around for more. if he seems okay i’d leave it. if he looks like he wants more add an other 1/2-1 oz and see. Good luck

                    kaybaby answered

                      There is never an apporiate # of oz per baby, the appropriate amount is what your baby needs. Bottom line is he should be eating what he needs and if 4 oz isnt enough its time to increase an oz or two. :) Esp duriing growth spurts where they cansuddenly eat alot more for a few days (()) Water is very dangerous, different then once thought, only 1 oz per month is safe per day. (being 41 I remember how is was when my oldest was born) Water has no nutritional value ~ (())

                      RobinG answered

                        When my son was 6 weeks old, he was still eating 2oz. every 2-3 hours

                        ArkansasTechMommy answered

                          My son was taking at least 5 oz per feeding at 6 weeks. He was born at 9lbs 5 ounces. By the time he was 2 months he was taking 6 oz and at 3-1.2 months he took 8 oz per feeding. It was usually about 4-1/2-5 hours between bottles at that point. As long as he’s not throwing it up, I’d make a 6 oz bottle and let him eat until he refuses it. Then do the same at the next few feedings. This will give you a true sense of how much he needs to get full each time you feed him. I also formula fed. I tried to breast feed, but He got thrush and transfered it to me within a couple days of his birth….it wasn’t worth the fight for me to even try since I had to go back to work when he was 6 weeks old. I’d rather bottle feed & get that special time wiht him than fight to clear up an infection and then just have to wean him amyhow because I had to go back to work. Let me know how it goes. I’m curious how much he’s gonna actually eat :)

                          Julianna answered

                            Hi my son is 7 weeks old on monday and he weighs 10lbs he also drinks 4oz but not every two hours sometimes he sleeps for 5 hours (at night) before waking and during the day he only sleeps 3-4 hours only once a day, he is picking up good weight and is growing like he should I don’t think you need to worry all babies are different if he needs more he will let you know that he is hungery. My son also drinks more sometimes if he is growing good and he is healty I wouldn’t worry !

                            Bienks answered