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Is it possible im pregnant

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well ladies my lmp was oct 15th my cycles are usually 31-33 days so i told myself i will give it a few days after the 15th before i test but deff no later than the 17th well ive been cramping last week and this week and now this is the only day im not cramping last week i had sharp pains in my left boob and this week ive been feeling nausea but no throw up. i took 2 dollar store test wed the day before my expected period but of course it was bfn(but i heard u cant take them untill ur period is late)ughhh im so frustrated i want to take a test but im scared to see a bfn and my husband and i will be sooooo devastated!!!does it sound like preganancy to you guys?

Trulyblessed2012 asked

    Sounds like u r to me but only way to know for sure is to test? Good luck!

    Bgscoobyluver answered

      IDK, I took 6 dollar store tests before AF and they all showed a positive. Maybe you tested too early and your body hasn’t produced enough hormones. I can’t say if it sounds like preggo symtoms because I don’t want to get your hopes up. The preggo symtoms are the same as AF being due so it’s really tough. Good luck and I hope it is a +!

      Allynne7Jaime answered

        WELL THANK YOU LADIES!!!!I got my BFP today!!!im so excited!!

        Trulyblessed2012 answered

          Congrats!!! Sounds like ur mommy intuition kicked in extra early! Good luck

          i-am-pregnant answered