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Iud is now out!!

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So my IUD is out! I had Mirena and the doctor said it`ll take a month or 2 before im fertile… So i decided i`d ask you gals…
1.Should I count today as CD1 or when i have the first day (unless it`s the last day of period?) of my period??
2. Am I fertile now?!?! Please excuse my ignorance i am not yet familiar with the TTC Lingo!

i-am-pregnant asked

    A friend of mine got pregnant when she was on the IUD. I would probably wait til u have a period then start counting from there? When I first got off my b/c, I didn’t even count, lol we just had sex every other day and hope for the best but it’s recommended u have at least 1 period b4 ttc for dating purposes and believe me, it’s a hassle when u don’t know when ur last LMP was! GL!

    ohsosilly answered

      hey :) i had my iud taken out after 4 years to get pregnant the doc said it could take up to a year i was devestated but i waited to have one period and thought wed try. i ovulated 2 weeks later did the test soon after that and we were pregnant. im now 20 weeks pregnant. so good luck for you :) xx

      michellek87 answered