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Low hcg level

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I`ve found out I`m pregnant yesterday morning with a pregnancy test. Then I went for a blood test to check my hcg levels. It was only 180. According to that 180 hcg level I`m only 2 weeks pregnant, but its supposed to be MUCH higher, because according to my last menstrual cicle I must be 4 weeks pregnant. Why is it so low, is there something wrong with my pregnancy or the baby? Or am I not really pregnant?!

My2ndbaby asked

    Well, actually I’m struggling with the same question. When I’ve had my hcg levels tested, I was suppossed to be 4 weeks pregnant, but my hcg level was 177, which put me in the 1-2 weeks pregnancy level. I also want an answer, will get my levels checked again to see if there were enoug progress. I really pray and beleive so.

    EldaM answered

      If the hcg levels are over 25 then you are definetly pregnant.As for your levels being low all I know is there is a wide range of normal hcg levels in pregnancy and some pregnancies that have low hcg levels will still deliver normal healthy babies so dotn worry too much about your hcg levels, the more you worry over it the more stress your putting on yourself and your pregnnacy so maybe try and relax and not put to much emphasis on what the levels are?

      i-am-pregnant answered

        and also you could have ovulated later than normal which would make you not as far along as you might think you are. Happens all the time!

        kjcecil06 answered

          When I had been 4wks 2 days since my LMP. I got my levels checked and they were 25. Just enough to show on a home test. Then 2 weeks later they were like in the 9000. Each person is different. Good luck and sticky baby dust to you.

          mamag07 answered