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Membrane sweep

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I just came home from my 36 week Dr. Appointment and my Dr. had to measure my belly twice and then when he did his internal exam he told me that I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. My Dr. also did a membrane sweep and told me that it was okay to have my baby now and then gave me the rules. I am confused could I go into labor soon or is this just to help me dilate a little faster. I just thought that it was weird that he measured my belly twice with a weird look and then when he did the exam he mixed things up and told me the rules of when to go to the hospital. Please comment I haven`t go my bag ready and I have not gotten everything that I need done done.

johnsokor asked

    Get your bag ready just in case it isn’t for sure but it is very possible specially not being your first baby! It isn’t a bad thing but if you make it to the 37wks then you are term anyway. No worries, I’m 36wks and 3 days and I don’t even know if I’m dilated or effaced and this is my second and I simply would like to know, to be more prepared. So, consider it a good thing to know. You might be measuring a bit bigger or you might have dropped which in second and third pregnancies usually happens closer to labor. So just be ready and note I really wish I could be you! Good luck!

    MrsMH answered

      It is supposed to help stimulate you cervix to soften and make it easier for you to dialate, yes you were correct in thinking that. Maybe he thinks your baby is going to be large? That could explain the weird look? Get your bag ready just in case but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work that well. I had my membranes swept at 40 weeks with my first and I ended up being induced 12 days later! Don’t get me wrong, for some gals, it works great and they go into labor realitively quickly but for others like me, it didn’t help. Good luck and here’s hoping for a quick and painless delivery! (we can always hope can’t we?)

      momstheword answered

        You could go into labour fairly soon, but then again as everyone is different it may just soften your cervix more and not actually bring on labour, but get a bag ready anyways, if you need quite a bit of stuff to get ready then accept help from whomever, if u need to get moses basket etc then get help with it and stuff, but you need to make sure your bag is ready. good luck x x

        dawnispregz answered

          hey yeah you could go into labour, if not within 2 days of gettin ur membranes sweeped you probably wont. i got mine sweeped and nopthing happened,so im getting induced on wednesday. he was prob lookin at u weird cuz u measured a bit more that 36 weeks. he wudnt have dun ur membranes if he didnt think u were ready! pack ur bag for hosp just in case hun! x

          RobynKitten answered

            I thought I would just add that today I lost my mucus plug. Ya maybe soon.

            johnsokor answered