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Membrane sweep/stripping

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Has anyone had a membrane sweep that was dilated and effaced more than 50% that it did not work for? I am 2.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced and wanna know if i have a good chance of it working next week?

i-am-pregnant asked

    it took me too membrane sweeps before mine worked

    MommyQuimby answered

      i was 4-5 cm and 75% effaced and i had it done twice my ob joked that she thought i would be in labor by the time i hit the parking lot but nope i made it to my induction date

      3girls2008 answered

        I had a stretch and sweep at 41 weeks with my 3rd baby, Midwife said she had given it a good one lol, Didnt work unfortunately and was induced at 42 weeks :)

        Number44us answered

          i wasnt dilated or efaced when i had one n a few hours later contractions started. i eventually had to have pitocin n gel but it did kick start labor for me. good luck.

          on5omg answered