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Nt scan 23 is it high risk

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I`m 12w4d pregnant. Yesterday I went for my 12 weeks NT ultrasound where they test the risk for having a down syndrome baby. My NT scan result was 2.3mm. The high risk of down syndrome is at 2.5mm. There is only that o.3 gap, does that mean I`m having a risk of having a down syndrome baby? I went at 10 weeks for the blood test for down syndrome, now the docter will take that blood results together with my NT results and my age (I`m 32) and determine the overall risk. But I`m very worried that my NT is so close to the warning number. Does anyone know if that mean something bad?

EldaM asked

    its usually only if its at 2.5 or greater. but they will compare it with your blood work anyway and let you know but im sure everything is fine :)

    mrsjmickens1 answered

      I think when you’re comparing measurements in an embryo-almost-fetus, it’s important to keep in mind just how tiny everything is. The entire body part being measured was only two-and-3-tenths millimeters. Pull out your ruler and see how tiny that really is. A couple of tenths of a millimeter can certainly make a difference in interpretation. Also, to balance out the information, and make sure they don’t cause undue alarm, the pinprick bloodwork will aid in supporting the findings. Hearing your bloodwork results will help a lot.

      i-am-pregnant answered

        Just an FYI there are alot of false positives on this test. I opted out of getting it for that reason. I am sure everything is fine but wait for your bloodwork that is the way the test is designed to go together.

        i-am-pregnant answered