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Pregnant before first period after birth

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Has anyone gotten pregnant before getting thier first period after giving birth? How did you find out?

BunnyJ asked

    After my first baby, i didnt get my period for 1 year as I was breastfeeding. I then had one period and fell pregnant. It doesnt really answer your question but it shows that as soon as you are able to fall pregnant if you are not careful, you can.

    riknlee answered

      I actually got pregnant RIGHT AFTER my first period and the only reason I knew was cause I felt like I had the flu. My body was sore, I felt weak and sick and I figured I should head to the Dr to do something about it as I had 2 children to look after. LOW AND BEHOLD here I am at 16weeks+ with a 5 months old baby. I was so shocked I cried at the thought of having another soon, but Iam happy and excited now. Good luck!

      Baby3OnWay answered

        My freind DID! She realised when she was feeling pucky! And thinking ” but I’m only like this when pregnant” and took a test! How surprised was SHE! LOL

        Vikki answered

          Yes meny women get pregnat before getting their first period. Youll have to take a test to confirm. A blood test can tell as early as 10 days pregnant, or a normal over the counter pregnancy test can tell at about 3-4 weeks pregnant.

          CourtneyR26 answered

            Hi everyone, another question: How did people find out or why did they suspect they were preggers if they didn’t get their period again?

            BunnyJ answered

              I know a few girls who have gotten pgt before their period returns–doctors advise you wait 6 weeks to have sex but my midwife told me you can have sex as soon as you are comfortable- they ask you wait so in the chance you become pregnant they know how far you are by LMP date.

              hhall answered

                You do not have to have your first period after a birth inorder to get pregnant.

                i-am-pregnant answered

                  A girl that i worked with got pregnant immediately after she got home from having her first child. so yes it is possible you are very fertile after you have a baby

                  LMO answered

                    I believe that anytime within the first 6 weeks after giving birth you can get pregnant again. I read that in a journal somewhere.

                    Carmione answered

                      yep i did i got concerned after not having my period for about 3/4 months and did a pregnancy test the thing was i wasnt breastfeeding and i was on the pill eventually i did a test and found out that the pill didnt work but you are very very fertile once you’ve had a baby xx

                      kayleighrobo answered

                        I have heard you are really fertile right after being pregnant so I could see this happening.

                        mommyof3 answered