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Pregnant wanna take a bubble bath safe

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Im almost 6 weeks pregnant and i love bubble baths.. i forgot to ask my doctor about this.. is it safe to take a bubble bath maybe 1 once a week? AND can i put bubbles in it or does it have to be JUST water??? thanks!!!

readytobemommy asked

    the bubbles are fine, its the temperature of the water that could harm the baby. don’t have the water too hot! ive been having a bubble bath several times a week before becoming prego and still continue after. i just dont have them as hot as i used to. maybe instead of bubbles if you are worried about an UTI use shampoo as your bubbles. best of luck

    Spencerbaby1 answered

      100 degrees F is the recommended cutoff on temperature, so it’s just ever so slightly warmer than body temperature. Dunno about you, but that’s not warm enough to make me feel pampered, so I’ve switched to showers…. :(

      i-am-pregnant answered

        you can have a bath every nigh if you want even with the bubbles just dont make the bath too hot, anything hot enough to make your skin red or make you sweat is way too hot and can cause the baby to over heat and possibly cause brain damage if the temperature in the womb exeeds 45 c (not sure what that is in f) just remember that the babys tempreature is allready 2-3c warmer than your anyway, so they can overheat faster than you can

        Spike answered

          As others have mentioned, as long as the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees you should be fine. Another concern though is that bubbles can cause urinary tract infections—and being pregnant can also make you susceptible to uti’s–I would try to bath without the bubbles just to be safe. Uti’s are extremely painful and will need antibiotics to treat which isn’t the best for pregnancy. Maybe treat yourself every once in a blue moon to the bubbles:)

          Allioop answered

            yes. and if you start feeling too hot, you will naturally want to get out. 102 is the hottest you want the temp to be.

            Debra answered