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Since im already 45 cm dilated what can help me dilate more

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what are some good ways to make me dialte more i be 39 weeks tomorrow no sign of baby yet still 4.5 cm dilated with irregular contractions i wonder what can i do to start my labor is crazy that im dilated without being in actual labor any suggestions thanks!!!!

zuly24 asked

    have you had a stretch and sweep??? these are totally personal prefernce, they not everyones cup of tea. but they work wonder if things are already pregressing, especially considering how far dilated you are. i worked both time for me when my labour were niggling away and not really going anywhere, then had a s+s and bam full blown labour!! GL x

    faybebaby answered

      I’m surprised they haven’t sent you to the hospital. With my 2nd daughter, I went to the hospital because I saw alittle blood, at 39w 2d & when they checked me I was 4cm & the dr asked me if I wanted him to break my water.. I’m not sure what to say, because with my 1st we tried all the things to get labor to start & nothing worked. They say sperm helps to thin out the cervix, so if you can possibly having sex may help. Good Luck, Hopefully not much longer :))

      VickiesSecret answered

        Walking! Just keep walking for hours non-stop. At the hospital if you aren’t dilating but having contractions, they make you walk for an hour or two and then check you again. Grab your walking shoes and plan a good mile or 2 walk. I know people who walked themselves into labor

        lilyxox19 answered

          Oh sweetie! I feel you! I was 4 with irregular with my last. Walk steps, have sex, walk more, have more sex, rub nipples, have an orgasm, walk some more steps…bounce and walk! A good sweep right now would most likley make you 5 and have a good bloody show where you’d have to have your baby.

          Stay answered

            have sex then take a hot bath as soon as u get out the tub get a foot massage while totally relax. This could help your water break.

            superwoman3 answered

              You will be in labor soon enough, so I say get some rest!! I went to the doc and was 4cm- later that night I went into labor. good luck when the time comes.

              Angie2008 answered

                hey well i have done all that even the spicy food, pineaple juice, i walked for 2 hours at the mall yesterday and im still dilated the same another thing is that i have my 39 week check up this friday 11/18 so ima wait and see unless i go into labor before but ima have sex tonight to see well when i got checked my doc said im not in active labor just early labor but im 4.5 cm and that my cervix was thick and posterior and i was -4 station so idk if that alot of progress she said that to check my cervix she had to go over the baby head which is weird lol but i know im progressing becuase sunday i was 3cm only and yesterday and today im 4.5 cm so hopefully soon im having little contractions but i dont feel them i just feel my tummy get hard a lots of pressure im hoping soon ill go only god knows im just glad i made it this far for being my 2nd baby i be 39 weeks tomorrow when i had my first kid i had her at 39 weeks and 6 days so soon i know he will be here thanks for the support.

                zuly24 answered

                  I walked around for several hours, contracting along the way. I took my husband along and he timed the contractions on an Iphone app.

                  Debra answered