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Sleeping on stomach

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I am 24 weeks and I am still sleeping on my stomach, it is usually the only way I can sleep. I start out asleep on my sides, but when i wake up I am on my stomach. does anyone know if this will hurt my baby?

i-am-pregnant asked

    no it wont hurt your baby!! You’ll be just fine and so will your baby! : )

    cassiebear711 answered

      I sleep on my stomach for the most part, with the help of pillows of course with my big ol 36w bump. no problems here

      ajoke answered

        wish I could sleep on my stomach. It hurts to be on my stomach!! I havn’t been able to do that since like 10 weeks!!

        zem6 answered

          your baby will be fine, anything that is hurting the baby will wake you up. if it makes you feel any better i am 37 weeks and still wake up on my belly. i don’t think i am like that very long, it gets uncomfortable quick and wakes me up. my baby is still fine and kicking away. just make sure you move when you do feel discomfort.

          naomifaith answered

            I don’t know how you can! As soon as I’m pregnant I’m very protective of my stomach. I guess as long as it doesn’t hurt that would be okay, however late pregnancy I think I would be mindful not too. I always sleep with a pillow between my knees to correct posture and keep my hips aligned anyway.

            Farramh answered

              yea same here! with my first I couldnt sleep on my stomach at 12 weeks but now with this one i’m 24 weeks and still find myself on my stomach. its bliss!

              kourtne answered

                I am just over 31 weeks and I am still sleeping mainly on my stomach, just slightly turned to one side. Best sleeping position ever (other than flat on my tummy haha)

                brittanys2nd answered

                  Thanks guys. I couldn’t remember how I slept when I was pregnant with my son.

                  i-am-pregnant answered

                    It will be impossible to sleep on your stomach when it can hurt your baby. Please enjoy it while you can. I feel uncomfortable sleeping on mine and I’m only 20wks! I’m jealous.

                    Alisan answered

                      I agree it won’t hurt your baby, with my first pregnancy, I was close to 20 weeks, I went to go lay down on my belly and I was like “oh wow” it felt like I had a basketball between me and the So it just felt uncomfortable to me, it won’t hurt the baby, If it gets uncomfortable for you then you won’t be able to do it :)

                      VickiesSecret answered

                        when it will you will be unable to

                        katmoma answered

                          im 34 weeks and still find myself waking up on my tummy. it has not hurt my lil girl at all.

                          amandahall48 answered

                            no it wont my doctor said that as long as i can get onto my stomach means it wont hurt baby he said by the time u may be able to hurt the baby there is no way you will be able to sleep on ur belly lol i slept on mines for the longest but now at 32 weeks i cant do it any longer and i have the hardest time sleeping so enjoy it

                            yolene answered

                              I kept waking up mostly on my stomach up until a couple of weeks before I delivered (would wake up that way, slightly to the side). No problems with my son!

                              KFinTX answered