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Throbbing pain in vagina 55 weeks

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I have been having throbbing pain in my vagina for at least a week now on and off. Is this normal? This is my 6th pregnancy and 5th baby if that matters. I don`t remember this. Anyone have this this early in preg?

MyAngelTwins asked

    Yes, I chalk it up to increased blood flow.

    zookeeper answered

      I would say that theres just a lot of pressure build up in that area. I get it during my period as well. It even aches to stand. Ive been told pelvic floor muscle workouts strengthens your bits and help hold everything up, decreasing the pressure build up. I do them when I’m laying in bed at night lol … I think I’ve noticed a difference already. I’ve only been doing them for about 2wks now

      BabyLoveStory answered

        yeh i did with this pregnancy and this is my 3rd its the cervix closing up and rising up and thickening up and extra blood flow in the area to build it all up to carry the baby and keep it protected it could even be ther mucus plug forming aswell i had that for about a month pelvic floor excersizes and a hot water bottle should ease the discomfort until it calms down xxxxxx

        babybrookes answered