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My hubby and i are trying to conceive. We stoppe trying for a while, but started again this month. I was due to ovulate on the 6th of July, and we tried on the 3rd. I haven`t taken a test as yet, as i don`t want to be disappointed like before. I`m due to menstruate on the 20th, so i thought i should wait until then to take a test. I have been feeling a bit tired during the day, but i`m not sure if it`s just all in my head. I don`t have any kids and have never been pregnant. Is there anything i should look out for?

Will really appreciate some advice.

Rehana asked

    It’s probably in your head, as symptoms don’t usually come this soon. Should you not conceive this month, I would try earlier next month and more than once. I always ovulate sooner than the 14 day mark. So if you get your cycle on the 20th, try on the 27th, 29th & 31st. That’s what I always do and prego I am. Not sure which day does it, but I always end up pregnant. Good luck.

    lskill answered

      Once hus. and I started trying to conceive, I had a couple months where I thought I had every early pregnancy symptom. When we actually did conceive, I had no idea until the test was positive (a few days after I’d missed my period, which is very regular). Some women may get early symptoms, but many don’t have any until a week or two after they’ve missed a period. I didn’t actually feel any different until about week 6 or 7. Good luck!

      MelissaJoanne answered

        I agree with lskill that you should “try” more often – my hubby and I tried every day for 5 days, with day 3 being my expected ovulation day. This was only the second month we had tried – the first month was only 2 or 3 days of trying. I’m now 7 mos preggo!

        windchime answered

          i have heard it is possible to feel symptoms this early, but your mind may be playing tricks on you. you really dont need to try every day but every other day or every two days as the sperm can live inside you up to 72 hours. tiredness can definitely be a sign as well as sore breasts, those are the only two early symptoms i had and i didn’t even think about being prego until i got the positive a few days after my missed period, which was not regular at all!

          xidja answered

            oh yeah..i felt a lot tired during the first 2 weeks after conception.O god i remember waking up at 10 am feeing really tired all day.I had this voracious appetite and i used to sleep like a baby.

            Teenztina answered