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Vagina hurting when i wipe 30 weeks pregnant!

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Its like everytime I use the bathroom and wipe it hurts like I just had sex or something. Is this because im swollen down there? I know that I am swollen from what I can see anyways. I dont think I have any type of infection as I have no other symptoms or burning when I pee or anything like that, Im thinking it has to just be because of the pressure, and how swollen it is! He is head down and has been for a few weeks now! Also my next appointment I will be a little over 21 weeks and then I start every 2 weeks from there, is that when my DR will start checking me down there?

Emgirl225 asked

    i would say swollen. there is so much blood and the nerves are going crazy. too much of any contact is going to hurt.

    i-am-pregnant answered

      I meant I will be a little over 31 weeks.. Dont want to back track 😉

      Emgirl225 answered

        Let your dr now how you are feeling down there at your next appointment…more than likly it is just because you are swollen from all the pressure down there but it never hurts to ask. Not for sure when your dr will check you, mine were all different, one started and 36 weeks, one never checked me, and my third started checking my a 34. I would say they’d start checking around 36 weeks

        ajoke answered

          I would definately tell your doctor about it! When I was 29 weeks I had the same problem and I went to the dr asap and she checked me and I was 2 cm dialated and 85% effaced! I ended up being on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy! It’s better to have it checked out then not! Good Luck!

          Mommytolilmiss answered