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Very confused

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Ladies, um… Help me with this please?? I had a c-section on 7 November 2013. My period was 4 days late last month. It was from 20 February to 27 February. Today is 7 March, but I`m bleeding again! What on earth is going on?? I`ve had my period nine days ago!! Plus, I have always been extremely regular – never later, never early. I know I`m not pregnant (obviously not), but I`m worried. This is weird for me. Any suggestions?? TIA.

Wiandi asked

    7 November 2012 I mean;P

    Wiandi answered

      Your body is probably still adjusting. It takes awhile for everything to get back on track. Are you breastfeeding? That can mess things up even more. I had a c section July 2011. I was breastfeeding, but had a slight period in September ( it lasted 2-3 days), then did not have another period until August 2012.

      MommytobeSL answered

        that happened to me when I had a uterine infection with after my son, you might want to give the doctor a ring and see what they say.

        LovelyYoungMama answered

          I had a C-section and have had similar occurances, but I also have hormonal imbalances. Sometimes i have them regular and close together then I go 40+ days without a period too. I was told it can take up to 12 months to become regular after your last breastfeed/deliver

          jjjenny answered

            Hate to worry anyone but this happened to me had my daughter then my periods were ok again then i was late and had a massive bleed thought everything was fine then bled again went to the docs after 2 months of this turned out i was 5 months pregnant and didnt no cause i was bleeding irregularly

            georgexx answered

              just because you are bleeding does not mean your not pregnant …. Have you taken a pregnancy test Wiandi ?

              KristyKyle answered