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If I feel menstral cramps and feel I`m dilating and he is gonna come very soon and he is moving kinda differnt and have lil pians like 1c or more than that a day and I just turned 37 wks does that mean he may come by the end of the wk or am I just so anxious for him to b here its all in my head I just want him to b here already so it might just b me but have n e of u felt this way and the baby come like u thought just need some advice

kathrien asked

    Well, really it could be a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Everyone is so different in this area! I sure hope for you that it is sooner than later so you get to cuddle your little man!!!

    i-am-pregnant answered

      my friend was having contractions for over a month and was dilated at 2cms a month, didnt deliver until the day before her due date. im already having cramps and contractions at 32 weeks, and no sign of him coming early, but my friend with no symptoms just delivered her baby boy at 7.5 pounds three weeks early, so u really never know, if your ready just walk around a lot! it will speed up the process of contractions and thinning the cervix, good luck

      i-am-pregnant answered