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Wher can i buy kest tablets

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im going to breast feed my daughter when she comes but i used kest tablets [to dryup my milk when i wean]with my other 2 kids but it seems to have dissapeared of the face of the planet,can anyone tell me where i can get them

nrance asked

    i have never heard of those have you tried looking it up on the internet?

    LMO answered

      tried internet without much lusk just lots of reviews on how good they were[also used as a mild laxative]no advice on where to buy them.any other suggestions on how to dry up milk im open to ideas

      nrance answered

        I could not find anything on those when I searched the web, but I found this site that has helpful info on drying up milk. Hope this helps

        BrandiJ answered

          Hmmm.. I have never heard of those how long does it take for the milk to dry up?

          mommyof3 answered

            I know you can google it and find other products you can take to dry the milk up, I know doctors can prescribe something also for that when you go to the OB.

            Mommyof2boys answered

              i know they dont prescribe it any longer. You can always do a search on the internet or look for a natural remedy. I had to do the ol hurt like heck way…lol so if you find something send me a comment telling me where to go so i can have some…lol It seemed that with each baby i nursed longer since i knew that it was gonna be a pain (literally) when i stopped…lol.

              mattie4 answered

                FYI – According to the hospital I delivered at, they no longer give a shot or pills to dry up B milk because it has been linked to strokes in many cases.

                i-am-pregnant answered

                  This would have been a medication that was avail like in the 70’s. It’s not on the market anymore.

                  Carmione answered

                    My doc said that they have found that that stuff can cause stroke. I was asking about it a couple weeks ago. I am still leaking. I quit nursing towards the end of Jan. He said it may take a few months. The best way to wean is just do it slowly. Taking away one feeding every few days. I did not have any pain. I just sometimes leak a little from my right breast.

                    Melanie07 answered