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You are 10 weeks pregnant.

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At this point of your pregnancy, the crown-to-rump length of your developing baby is 1.25 to 1.68 inches. It is now easier to tell how much the baby weighs since he is beginning to put on some weight. Your baby weighs approximately 5 grams and is the size of a small plum! The baby has grown an incredible amount during these past few weeks, but you still are not showing too much yet.

Fetus in pregnancy week 10 Click for a bigger movie of this busy boy

This week is somewhat of a landmark for your developing baby. By now, your babys complete body plan is laid down. Your baby will continue to develop and grow for the remainder of the pregnancy. The fingers and toes have separated and the tail has disappeared now. Your baby has taste and tooth buds at this point, which will continue to develop. The brain will continue to grow at an amazing rate and nearly a quarter of a million new neurons are produced every minute! The embryonic heart is completely developed. External genitalia are not apparent until next week, but the testes in baby boys will already be producing testosterone.

Because you have high hormone levels at this time, you may notice an abundance of emotional and physical effects. Most pregnant women find themselves getting distressed easily and have frequent mood swings. Common physical changes include the beginning of real weight gain, potential softening of the gums and slightly swollen thyroid glands. Common emotional changes include feelings of unattractiveness, feelings of inadequacy and concerns about what the future holds. Some women are not excited about their pregnancy at first and question the condition. Moodswings are not uncommon and many pregnancy women tend to get upset easily, cry at the slightest things, feel moody or drift on daydreams.

You may have gained a little weight already. Average weight gain during pregnancy is about 28lbs(13kgs), but most of that is gained in the second and third trimester.

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Fetal Development

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Comments on week 10

Comments 1-49 of about 869 from week 10
2 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Show latest comments from all weeks - 16 days ago
Babyflump- my daughter apparently shared the news with her whole class hahaha she is 6 she is beyond excited xx - 16 days ago
10 weeks yesterday had loads of bleeding and didn't think it was going to settle down at all but it has! Yay. Xxx

babyflump - 22 days ago
Had an ultrasound today and baby was wriggling about so much! This is baby number 3 for me and my husband and we're over the moon <3 our 4 year old son noticed my belly had got bigger and asked if I had a baby in there, now he's telling everyone! Woops! I'm 10 weeks 5 days today and finding it so hard to keep it secret! Any body else really showing? And is it true the more children you have, the earlier you show? There's no hiding my bump at all!! :-) my 2 year old daughter is so excited - she's baby mad!!

mamaford77 - 27 days ago
I think I'm finally in a place where I am accepting that this pregnancy will end in a baby. I've stayed emotionally guarded until now and tried to plan for best, but expect the worst. I've seen the heartbeat twice now, been sick as a dog and even hospitalized for dehydration. Being Baby #6, I can feel my uterus rising up out of my pubic bone and I finally bought something for the baby! I think that after I pass the 20 week mark, I'll start stocking up on cloth diapers again! I was certain #5 was it, so I got rid of EVERYTHING!

tazzysmumma - 27 days ago
happy quarter of the way through day for me and my little mini me. What a nice milestone :D x

Preciousgift2 - 32 days ago
Finally hit the double digits, I am so happy. Still experiencing the nausea and I wonder when it will end. The taste in the my mouth is bad, but the worst of all is the smell of my two and half years old DS's bath soap. After he's taken a bath I can hardly stand being in the bathroom and can hardly stand him being near me soon after. I don't know what to do because this soap has been good for his skin, he used to get rashes with other products until I tried out this one and its been good for him. What should I do?

maryamz - 40 days ago
Klawest2 I really want to join in but is it public or private? I don't want others to know I'm pregnant yet. I am waiting till my first trimester ends.

klawest2 - 40 days ago
Come join the Facebook group! Click on the link It's a lot of fun to share pics and get to know each other more!

maryamz - 41 days ago
Wow sher-baby..We are in the same boat then :) your daughter would love the surprise on her birthday! I'm wishing for a baby girl this time though :) any old wives tale about guessing the sex of the baby are welcome!btw this forum used to be much more active when I was pregnant with my son! What happened ladies? Get up and talkkkk! :)

mandykat760 - 41 days ago
I told everyone last week.

sher-baby - 42 days ago
hi maryamz!!i am pregnant with my second as well and my daughter will be 6 in Nov. im planning on announcing the news to my daughter and most of my family at my daughters 6th birthday party!! i figured she would appreciate this surprise considering shes been asking santa for a baby brother! LOL

maryamz - 42 days ago
Hello ladies! This is my first comment here in this pregnancy. I just found out my exact due date. Came back after listening to my baby's heartbeat for the first time. Saw the baby moving and kicking. I am finally getting excited! When are you ladies planning to announce? This is my 2nd pregnancy. I have a 6 year old son :)

mandykat760 - 42 days ago
I keep having cravings for salad but if I try to make them myself it turns my stomach. My body only wants take out.

sher-baby - 43 days ago
Cold is an understatement! It's unreal! - 43 days ago
hey just being nostaligic and checking up in different lo is 4 weeks old today....i live just northwest of orangeville :) it is getting bloody cold isnt it? :(

sher-baby - 44 days ago
I hate that I love the food network!! Everything I watch them make or fry or grill I'm like 'oh I want that!!!.' And do u think I can think of anything else other than baby back ribs and coleslaw...and roast beef sandwiches...or smoked wings..Uugh!!! this must be a boy!!!

sher-baby - 44 days ago
Nicolemarie- hey girl!!! I'll be 11 weeks on Saturday! I've been feeling ok...tired, more tire than usual. But a lot of the time I haven't really felt pregnant since maybe week 8. Congrats to u too girl! I know it's been a long time coming for you!!

nicolemarie22 - 44 days ago
sher-baby!! congrats girl!! Not sure if you remember me lol we were in the TTC forum at the same time for quite a while....we are both here now! This is the first time I logged on in a while, trying to see names I recognize :) Happy to see you in here! I will be 11 weeks tomorrow...

babylove5 - 46 days ago
Supama, I live 20 min from Nashville. They are getting a Sweetie Pies in Memphis, which has that yummy soul food. I am going to have to check it out. I am sure Cali is pretty just more expensive! I'm 11 weeks today, so close to the second tri!!

supama - 47 days ago
Babylove-my family's in Memphis. I miss going to Nashville and the mountains...the mountains here are so different.

babylove5 - 47 days ago
I have a stuffy nose ever since getting pregnant! We had football all day and it was freezing in TN. Well to me 60 is freezing but we are getting ready for fall and I love it! We are going to the smokey mountains in a few weeks to stay in a cabin and I can't wait. It's beautiful w the leaves changing. I absolutely hated being 9 months pregnant in the summer so this one will be born around Easter before the heat gets here.

sher-baby - 47 days ago
Well its freezing here already in Toronto, Canada and I too really don't care to eat...I just want smoothie. It's after 10pm here and I know o should of eaten something for dinner but nothing sounds appetizing to me! If rather be hungry but when I'm too hungry, that's when I feel sick.

supama - 48 days ago
Ohhh, i wish my sickness would go away already, lol. It's been 103degrees here (So Cali) without any let up, & i cant figure out if it's worse to be 8 mos preggo in this heat or pukey with morning sickness all day long in this heat, arrgggg. Lol.Alllll i want is fruit and smoothies.

sher-baby - 48 days ago
Whoo hoo! Into the double digits today!...hello 10weeks!

supermom87 - 48 days ago
My boobs are a cup size bigger I have people asking am I having twins I feel huge as a house but I don't over eat and by the end of the day I am exhausted bout the only thing I am feeling right now my breast haven't started leaking but my left is bigger than my right I feel odd balled lol

sher-baby - 49 days ago
My boobs are deff full! They don't giggle as much now so I can kinda feel their fullness but they still look the same in my bras...thankfully! I had a breast reduction 4 years ago so I'd love for them to stay the exact same! Ha!!....wishful thinking, I know!

babylove5 - 49 days ago
Sher I only picked mine up for a second and I don't believe the heartbeat is very accurate this early on. I felt my breast leaking this morning it's only one though, It's the one my son favored. This site is a little off on when things are suppose to happen. I'm already wearing my pant extender since my baby bump is noticeable and my one breast is leaking plus the veins are more pronounced in my boobs. Everything is happening so quick this time around.

sher-baby - 49 days ago
So I tried my Doppler again this morning and I think I heard 2 different hb rhythms but they were both pretty low...occationally around 128 but mostly under 100... :-/ I'm not going to stress over it to much because I know it's still early to hear the fetal hb but still has me thinking a bit... I have my u/s scheduled for sept 30 so hopefully everything turns out ok then and my second prenatal appt for oct 2nd.

sher-baby - 49 days ago
I'm not feeling very symptomatic either Supermom, but I understand ur uneasiness. Maybe try to remember that that lil baby only has one way out! So try and stay positive and optimistic that he/she is still in there!

mandykat760 - 49 days ago
Just be thankful the symptoms are gone. I get that feeling but then just have to look at my boobs. They're huge! Yup still prego haha

supermom87 - 50 days ago
Hello week 10 bit nervous about not feeling pregnant ehh it's like I dropped all my symptoms at once I'd like to at least feel nauseous or have cravings or be tired I just don't feel anything it creeps me out I keep cramping alot I go back to work tomorrow and I don't see my doctor again until October 2 which I find strange being I have been going in every 2wks due to my pregnancy being high risk I didn't realize how hard it was going to be getting pregnant after loss I don't like feeling overwhelmed with worry

Jas77 - 50 days ago
10 weeks today! Feeling 100 percent better. I can keep up with the kids and the housework again yay!

babylove5 - 50 days ago
Today is football and I am so over it. Does anyone else Hv boys playing? It's to much practice, I like soccer better. I am hoping they will want to do something else next year!

pumpkinfairy - 50 days ago
hi ladies, woke up feeling slightly feverish and a lump in my throat? guess I'm catching a cold....going to take a day off from work just to rest, hope everyone else is doing great!, had my first appointment last week baby was great and heartbeat was 183 bpm

BethQ - 51 days ago
I'm a bit jealous. I haven't seen a doc yet at all, as we found out we were expecting and then moved 2 weeks later across the country! We've been here almost 3 weeks, but I'm waiting for insurance to kick in before I find someone. Being my last baby, I can't see the sense in buying a Doppler, but I'm feeling 'normal' for this stage. Sleepy, Nauseous and gassy lol. Glad to hear everyone else is doing well.

klawest2 - 51 days ago
Also still lagging in the energy department. Trying not to consume to much coffee but sometimes it's an emergency! I'm part of a professional choral group and practice started Monday. I was seriously worried about it because it goes from 7:30pm-9:30pm sometimes 10 and then I have a 20min drive! Don't these peole know my bed time these days is 7pm!? Luckily I only have to sing through Christmas then I'm on leave for maternity. I can't keep up!

halesss7410 - 51 days ago
Had my appt today. I was nervous about the pap and such but it all went well. I'm not a fan of pap exams- even with this being my third, I'm modest. We had a long wait time- it was 2 hrs past my appt but once I fit back it wasn't bad. We went over my history and talked about my youngest blood disorder. We did the pap, weight, bp, bloodwork and he did the heartbeat. It was really faint and baby was super low... He only caught it for one second- I wasn't worried because I have a Doppler and find it quickly every time. I dint think I'm getting an early scan- just my 20 week, which is ok. Ill try to find out the gender in about 4-5 weeks through my friend that's an ultrasound tech. I'm excited about that:) next appt oct 9. It's funny how fast the next appt will be here- I'll be 15wks.

bean79 - 52 days ago
Arggghhh! My first dr. appointment got pushed back another week. They don't see patients till 10 weeks, and my appointment was going to be when I was almost 11 weeks. They called to reschedule today, so now I will be 12 weeks when I have my first appointment. I feel like all I do is wait!! Then again, it's just with the nurse, so I don't know if I would hear the heartbeat or anything anyway. Thankfully I have heard it at home a couple times. Last night my husband happened to be there when I tried again, and I found it in about 2 seconds so he actually got to hear it. He seemed very emotional (4th baby). Today I couldn't find it at all. It's so weird. I seriously don't remember what goes on when you just see the nurse for the first time. Do they do anything other than urine/blood pressure checks?

floydianslip2 - 52 days ago
Babylove, I went to Disney Land when I was 30 weeks along. It was kind of rough with the miles of walking and being unable to go on the good rides, but I was able to do mild rides that went very slow like the Peter Pan ride and It’s a Small World. I just had to take it really easy and rest a lot. Sounds like a fun time, enjoy!

babylove5 - 52 days ago
I am feeling much better with the nausea but I have waves of exhaustion. My other pregnancies weren't this tiring, maybe it has to do with running with my other 4 kids. Hope everyone else is well.

babylove5 - 52 days ago
We are going to Dollywood when I am 14 weeks pregnant. I really want to ride some rides, I researched it and there is no evidence that it causes problems for the baby. I was thinking about doing some mild rides without jarring motions. Would you guys do the same?

floydianslip2 - 52 days ago
Good luck halesss, can't wait to hear all about it!

halesss7410 - 52 days ago
I have a hook up, thankfully:) I'm pretty sure I'm having another girl- I dint think I make boys- lol but we shall see. I'm 11 weeks today- first drs appt at 10am... I'm nervous. I know we have to do the pap:-/ not the most fun thing. I hate that part. Is rather just go and hear the hb and weigh in. Blah- :)

babylove5 - 53 days ago
Haless I am for sure going to find out. They told me with my last at 15 weeks that it was a boy and they were right! I am going to Hv to find a way to get a ultrasound at 15 weeks. I want to get all my boy stuff picked out and if it's a girl I will be in shock then buy everything pink!

halesss7410 - 53 days ago
Yay babylove!!!!! It's an awesome feeling huh? I was dumb and kept trying to get the heartbeat starting at 8 wks because others said they found there. So discouraging. I didn't take into account that I had a tilted uterus (harder to find any). Now I can put it on there and can find it in 5 seconds:) such a nice feeling! As far as wives take.... When I did my early ultrasounds with my girls (9 weeks, 12 weeks) the hb was 178, 179:) the first ultrasound with this baby was hb 157. Hmmmm... I'm beginning to think boy too, although dh and I both have it in our heads that we only make girls! lol I was going to wait until birth to find out the sex, but now I'm just going to find out with or without my husband- lol I'm ready to know and plan:) so exciting!

RJean - 53 days ago
I was getting dressed for church today and had a fun time trying to find a skirt that fit. I tend to wear tailored skirts and they are NOT fitting right anymore lol. Time to move onto dresses until I can fit into my maternity skirts. I really hate the awkward phase between the normal clothes not fitting and being weeks away from maternity clothes fitting.

babylove5 - 54 days ago
Haless I picked up the heart beat for a brief time after searching for several minutes it was like 158 to160. The baby was moving a lot and hard to keep track of, I picked my heart up on the left or something it was like 90. Ill be 10 weeks tomorrow. This is early to hear it with my Doppler. It sounds like a boy according to the old wives tale!

klawest2 - 54 days ago
rJean yay for progressing pregnancy. Your comment reminded me I have my OB appointment this week and while I'm excited for it, I'm not looking forward to the pap!

halesss7410 - 54 days ago
Klawest: don't worry about weight. Eat as healthy as possible and just embrace your body- there just isn't much you can do about gaining weight and a belly:) I'm sure you look cute. Rjean: my uterus is always tipped but it corrects itself. Mine has already began to straighten out- I can tell when I check my cervix. And babylove: baby's heartbeat is loud and strong below my bellybutton about an inch to the right- pretty much on my hairline or above. Stay low- that's where I always have luck this early. Sometimes baby is higher but most of the time it's low. **i have had the worst stomach pains today- not fun. I over are and something didn't sit well, I took tums. It was mostly nausea. Not fun. Hoping for a better day tomorrow- I just need energy, I need to feel productive- my house is a mess.

babylove5 - 55 days ago
klaw I know what you mean its hard watching your clothes not look as good and the cute dresses that you use to wear are to tight! Its only a short period so I guess we should try to enjoy it. I am going to try my Doppler to see if I can find a heartbeat even though I normally don't until 12 weeks. Rjean it sounds like a girl not that I believe it but you know the saying.

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