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You are 10 weeks pregnant.

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At this point of your pregnancy, the crown-to-rump length of your developing baby is 1.25 to 1.68 inches. It is now easier to tell how much the baby weighs since he is beginning to put on some weight. Your baby weighs approximately 5 grams and is the size of a small plum! The baby has grown an incredible amount during these past few weeks, but you still are not showing too much yet.

Fetus in pregnancy week 10 Click for a bigger movie of this busy boy

This week is somewhat of a landmark for your developing baby. By now, your babys complete body plan is laid down. Your baby will continue to develop and grow for the remainder of the pregnancy. The fingers and toes have separated and the tail has disappeared now. Your baby has taste and tooth buds at this point, which will continue to develop. The brain will continue to grow at an amazing rate and nearly a quarter of a million new neurons are produced every minute! The embryonic heart is completely developed. External genitalia are not apparent until next week, but the testes in baby boys will already be producing testosterone.

Because you have high hormone levels at this time, you may notice an abundance of emotional and physical effects. Most pregnant women find themselves getting distressed easily and have frequent mood swings. Common physical changes include the beginning of real weight gain, potential softening of the gums and slightly swollen thyroid glands. Common emotional changes include feelings of unattractiveness, feelings of inadequacy and concerns about what the future holds. Some women are not excited about their pregnancy at first and question the condition. Moodswings are not uncommon and many pregnancy women tend to get upset easily, cry at the slightest things, feel moody or drift on daydreams.

You may have gained a little weight already. Average weight gain during pregnancy is about 28lbs(13kgs), but most of that is gained in the second and third trimester.

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Fetal Development

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Comments on week 10

Comments 1-49 of about 954 from week 10
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*dcsfantasticfour - 36 days ago
To my and DH's surprise we are expecting baby 6.... We were not trying so when I thought I was coming down with what I seriously thought was a flu my co-workers just instantly knew somehow I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test to shut them all up and bam... here I am LOL. I don't have cycles (odd I know) so I guessed approx how far based on the fact I usually get morning sickness around 6 weeks (that was back on June 9th). The first available DR appointment will be on June 30th... I guess I'm still in shock buy now I'm full blown morning, noon, and night sickness, sore boobs, and just exhausted to no end -_- Here's to 30+ weeks with ya'll

littlemamadit - 59 days ago
Anybody notice how everything SMELLS bad? People smell bad, clothes smell bad, carpet smells bad. How LONG till this goes away? I have a feeling that's why I feel so bad.

shoot4-2 - 60 days ago
Hey there mamas! Hoping all is well with u ladies... I've been awfully stressed and overwhelmed dealing with my son and my bf (father of this baby but not my first) i love then dearly but they are insensitive and arent understanding what I'm going through. .. i may be a little hard to deal with at times... I've been so moody... crying over things i would usually ignore. ..smh i have my good days... but lately its been hard to deal... ive never felt so fragile. This pregnancy is complete opposite of my first... maybebit a girl :)

r-baby3 - 62 days ago
The last few days have been ok. I am living offf of fruit and peanut butter on toast. My first child It only was the first few weeks and it was mostly just a terrible headache. My second child It was pretty mild but it was from week 7 to 14. This time the ms started at 7 weeks and is way worse. Hopefully it ends soon. Hoping since its so much worse it means its a boy finally! Have my first appt next friday! Cant wait! First time I had an epidural and the second time I didnt. I am def wanting an epidural with this one!

mamadownoz - 63 days ago
Rbaby, same here I had a few good days and got excited and it all came crashing down! I spent the last 3 days actually vomiting. I made such a big effort to cook decent healthy meals and they were all wasted! So far I've lost 2.5 kgs this pregnancy. I'm really looking forward to leaving this trimester, my last pregnancy the sickness stopped at 12 weeks so hoping the same for this one. I hit 11 weeks tomorrow and have my first hospital appt in Friday. I have to choose if I want midwife care or OB care.. I'm still so undecided! My last birth I wanted natural and was with midwives, ended up a Caesarian. Not sure if this time I should just request epidural, oh there's so much to consider! Hope you're feeling better now!

r-baby3 - 67 days ago
Ok-I spoke to soon! My ms is back and worse than before!!!! Soo ready for the 1st trimester to be over! Soo tired and I have a horrible headache as well. I dont usually have energy to make dinner so I decided to put dinner in the crockpot. Now I can smell it..all day....and it is making me sooo sick! Bad idea!

r-baby3 - 68 days ago
My sickness has eased up a bit. Glad to be in week 10! This first trimester takes forever! Cant wait to get some energy back! And I can not wait to find out the gender but I know that is still a while.

mamadownoz - 69 days ago
Yay I've reached 10 wks today. I can't believe it. Apart from all the sickness it just doesn't feel real. How's everyone doing?

weber3 - 73 days ago
@amy so happy to hear of your great results especially since you had a scare earlier on.

amy110 - 74 days ago
Finally through the first appointment. Took forever to get here! What appears to be a healthy active little nugget, complete with beautiful heartbeat. SUCH A RELIEF!! Praying that babe stays strong and healthy throughout. Pookalou - so sorry to hear about your dog. Hugs :(

weber3 - 75 days ago
@pookalou so sorry to hear about your dog. The grief the is so real. You just lost a family member. Take life easy right now and don't expect too much out of yourself. Hoping you get cheered up soon when you feel that little one kicking around inside. Big hugs to you right now.

pookalou - 76 days ago
Thx for all the kind thoughts. The vet called us yesterday morning, our dog died. We were all upset, my son (5yrs old) cried too. Its very hard to watch your children grieve.

EmbracingNumber2 - 77 days ago
Back pain is the newest staple of this pregnancy. Could be the rain and epidural side effects of the last preganancy. My son is 5 and NOT excited about a new baby. Praying that it changes. My bf has been getting super frisky lately while my emotions regarding becoming a mother of two varies from both extremes. Trusting that GOD still doesn't put more onnus than we can bear. Happy to hear everyone else is well. Praying for doggie. ♡

amy110 - 78 days ago
So good to hear Pookalou, what a relief!

weber3 - 78 days ago
@pookalou so sorry to hear your dog is sick. Happy for you about the baby's heartbeat. I think it's gonna be OK for you. Enjoy your pregnancy. With my last baby that I birthed I spotted brown at 7 1/2 weeks and then at 10 weeks I had pink spotting but all was well.

pookalou - 79 days ago
So I have good news. This afternoon we heard a good strong heartbeat. The dr. said she isn't sure why I was bleeding, and the results from the HCG test could have been cause by the lab, that she is not concerned with me having a miscarriage. Of course because of my age I am still a higher risk pregnancy but a strong heartbeat has given her enough to not be concerned with the things that had happened earlier this week.

sparks717 - 79 days ago
So sorry to hear about your Rottie pooka loo. Hope it turns out all right.

sparks717 - 79 days ago
Hello fellow 10 weekers. This is my second pregnancy. I have a 4 year old girl. I'm also experiencing the nausea on top of a cold. I've been coughing/throwing up so hard I burst a blood vessel in my eye. So a nice lovely bright red sore eye on top of the morning sickness/cold. Aren't we glad that all these aches and pains are totally worth it in the end. :)

pookalou - 79 days ago
Got the call from the doctor this morning. My test showed my HCG levels have dropped slightly. I have to go in this afternoon to check for the heartbeat. I will let you know later. I am really trying not to stress but late last night our Rottie got sick, we took him to the vet first thing and he has Parvovirus even though he has been fully vaccinated for it. The vet is treating him this week he has 50/50 chance......tears.....there is just too much happening right now.

DerbyQueenDill - 101 days ago
Hello to whoever still uses this site, seems to have lost popularity since I first discovered it in 2006 with my first, even my second in 2013 saw more action on here. Well, it's round 3 for me and I'm just looking for some conversation with fellow preggos. Hope everyone's having a better first trimester than I am!

SarahMVR - 103 days ago
I guess not a lot of people use this site anymore. I loved it with my first. My first scan is on Friday. I am stoked to see bean..but mostly so I know s/he is alive! It will be such a relief.

happybrownie - 108 days ago
I had my first scan today after insisting I don't want to wait till my 12th week booking scan. The baby is well and I got to see the heartbeat! Amazing and special moment after two losses last year! According to the scan I'm 10 weeks on the dot today (which is 2 days more than I counted based on my last period!). Morning sicnkess is in the full swing, I vomit first thing in the morning and then in the evening too. During the day Im nauseaus and queasy, and it eases after I eat. Looking forward to 2nd trimester and having some more energy! Hope you are all keeping well ladies!

monkeymomma - 122 days ago
Had an ultrasound today! Heartbeat is 179 and baby is busy!

monkeymomma - 124 days ago
Hello 10 wks! I am beyond tired...more so than any other pregnancy and even once my babies arrived! Hoping it changes during the 2nd trimester.

PaulaPlus8 - 136 days ago
I could be totally wrong....may just be a difficult boy...but ya never know! Wouldn't mind shopping for pink:) I still feel lousy most of the time right now...nausea, headaches, tired...feeling pretty yucky...I hope it comes to a halt soon...I couldn't do this for 30 more weeks :(

kekea - 138 days ago
Paulaplus8 I was thinking the same thing about the sex. I was fine with my boys. I didn't even know I was pregnant with my last one until I started feeling movement. I do recall feeling worn out with my daughter. I am in the 12th week and still extremely fatigued. 1morefor1 I'm excited for the 2nd trimester as well.

1morefor4 - 139 days ago
I have a do over on my first prenatal appointment on Wednesday. I'll be 11 weeks on that day according to my dating scan. Getting so close to being out of the 1st trimester and I honestly hope the 2nd is better than the first.

PaulaPlus8 - 139 days ago
Well here is it is Monday morning....back to work after the weekend that didn't feel like a weekend...always so much to do :p I am feeling exhausted still...really hoping this comes to an end...I don't think I can handle this the entire 40 weeks :( Here's hoping for some hidden energy!! Leads me to think this may be a last 2 boys I barely knew I was pregnant...this one is all round different

TaraR - 142 days ago
Hi! I'm expecting Baby #3 which was a very very big surprise! My situation is probably a bit different than everyone else's but I'm getting more excited day by day. I just entered Week 10 today. I hope everyone is doing well! :)

1morefor4 - 144 days ago
Hi all. First day in this week and just as miserable as the last 6 weeks. Nausea all day every day it seems. I've found some ways to control it but I vomit at least once a week. And I'm so exhausted every day. My first prenatal appointment is Friday afternoon. I just feel drained.

PaulaPlus8 - 145 days ago
Mamalira...fatigue and nausea pretty regular here as well...and breast sensitivity...the first trimester is usually the worst...then it usually fade away until the last few weeks...where your just exhausted and just ready for the babe to make his or her arrival. I hope you start feeling better soon :)I don't know about the rest of you...but it feels like just yesterday I got my positive result...and now here I am 10 weeks...I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes that quick! I didn't take my maternity leave with the last baby who just turned 1...I am taking my full year this time...and looking forward to it!! I will be able to spend time with all my babies :)

kekea - 146 days ago
Hey mamalira I am just super fatigued. I had some nausea and vomiting this weekend which doesn't happen often, ugh. We are almost to the second trimester thankfully!!!

mamalira - 148 days ago
So I haven't posted yet but thought I would say hi and see if I can start getting to know some of you mamas. How is everyone feeling?? I thought my symptoms were subsiding but they are all back with a vengeance today. Super nauseous and pains in my left breast. Just the one which seems strange.

kekea - 148 days ago
Us, Georgia... I spoke with someone who said that her insurance covered the majority of the cost. I think it is interesting, im opting not to find out the gender until birth ;-)

Free2Bmom - 148 days ago
Kekea- where do you live? I live in Alberta canada and the nipt blood test cost us $815. Insurance doesn't cover it here either.

kekea - 149 days ago
Rowdy it's 320 but a lot of insurance cover the price. It is about 99% accurate if done after week 10. The test detects the presence of the y chromosome.

RowdyRandi - 149 days ago
Wow finding gender out early sounds cool and pricey. I wonder how accurate it is

Free2Bmom - 150 days ago
Lanaele, popping in from week 13, I opted for the NIPT (non invasive prenatal testing) testing over the amnio and paid the big bucks for it. I've had a total of 10 miscarriages so the amnio is too risky for me but the blood draw, even though it's expensive, is highly accurate and I had mine drawn yesterday as well and can't wait for the results. Good luck to you dear!

kekea - 150 days ago
Lanaela oh wow that is awesome. My OB has not mentioned it. I will ask her during my next visit... Keep us posted on tge gender.

lanaela - 150 days ago
Hello ladies! Just wondering if anyone is doing this new blood test that checks for chromosomal abnormalities, and confirms the gender with 99% accuracy? No one is talking about it, and I can't find any info on it online. Just had my blood taken yesterday, so I'll know what I'm having in about a week. Much faster than two years ago, had to wait till 20th week ultrasound....

kekea - 155 days ago
How is everyone feeling? Almost to the second trimester. My ultrasound put me a week behind but I have not had a doctors appointment to confirm whether she wanted to Chane my edd or not.

kekea - 155 days ago
Mami2beofI am just extremely fatigue. No movement for me other that had. How areally you feelong?

mami2beof3 - 158 days ago
Hi ladies! Excited to be moving up in weeks with you all! Is anyone going through any specific symptoms? Also, if this is your 2nd or 3rd, do you feel as you have felt movement?

holz8519 - 164 days ago
Sorry to hear Texasmamaof5 I have had 24/7 sickness but luckily I have only puked once so far. The exhaustion is killing me. I need a nap after being up for 5-6 hrs then after an 60-90 min nap im good for another 5-6 hrs before needing to go to bed for the night. Normal days I'm up 16 hrs straight with no problem.

texasmamaof5 - 166 days ago
I'm soooo sick. Evening sickness is kicking my butt. Puking so much. :(

beckym - 173 days ago
Hello ladies :) I would like to say congratulations to all of the lucky women on here that will be sharing this amazing journey. I am excited to be here with you. :)

LuqBear - 173 days ago
Hiya I'm new here, found out 2 weeks ago that I am expecting again but really freaking out as I have been bleeding since yesterday which was light and today heavy bleeding with tiny clots and cramps. Yes I am freaking out as I had a miscarriage last August I called my Doctor and she has made an appointment for me to get a scan this Thursday, I am so anxious and full of worry.

mrscephas - 179 days ago
I had an ultrasound scan this afternoon and I'm measuring 4 days ahead, which puts me at 10 w, 3d. Still nauseous and I've been sick a few times but otherwise recovering from the exhaustion and still managing to work, somehow :)

kirty - 180 days ago
10wks 3days :D yay feeling movement more some days then others baby#5 Cant wait to find out if i have another boy or girl..

xEricaLynn - 187 days ago
That's encouraging to know, maimai, thanks! Glad to hear you and baby are doing better too! I've been exhausted ever since I found out. Growing a life is hard work! I feel like the nausea has passed, then a half an hour ago I almost lose my pb&j sandwich. Sorry for TMI, but I haven't thrown up at all, with any of the pregnancies. But I've been real nauseous with this one, so I hope God will be gracious to us and bless us with a healthy baby in August. We weren't trying with this one, so maybe that is the ticket to a healthy baby? Time can only tell! :-)

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