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You are 11 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby continues to grow and is now approximately the size of a large lime! The crown-to-rump length of your developing child is 1.75 to 2.4 inches. The weight of the fetus is approximately 8 grams at this point. The growth of your baby is phenomenal now and your babys length will double in the next three weeks. The head is grossly out of proportion and is almost half of the babys length.

You are almost at the end of your first trimester and while changes continue to occur quickly in your baby, they are happening at a slower rate in you. Your uterus has been growing with the fetus inside of it and is now almost big enough to fill your pelvis. Your uterus may be able to be felt in your lower abdomen, above the middle of your pubic bone. You are not able to feel the baby moving inside of you at this time. Some women think that they have felt fetal movements now, but it is either gas or a wrongly dated pregnancy. You might also be noticing changes in your hair, fingernails, or skin around this time. Some women notice an increase in hair growth and nail growth during pregnancy and others lose small amounts of hair. You are burning up calories at a faster rate than you did before you became pregnant! The amount of blood being pumped around your body will increase and you might feel warmer than usual.

This is the last week of the embryonic period. From now on, your baby will be called a fetus. As development continues, the fingernails appear this week. External genitalia are beginning to show distinguishing features and the development of male or female will be complete in three weeks. The placentas blood vessels increase to provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen he needs for continued growth. The ears are gradually moving from the neck towards the sides of his head. Inside of the developing abdomen, the intestines are developing. Because the intestines are so large, some of them project into the umbilical cord and they will return to the abdomen within the next week or two.

At the size of a plum, your baby is now able to swallow. The urinary system functions. The baby swallows and urinates the amniotic fluid and the fluid is continually replaced. The baby is kicking but the mother cannot feel it yet. All vital organs are formed and, for the most part, function normally. From now on, they will grow in size and efficiency.

As a preparation for breastfeeding, your baby now has learned to swallow. Babies swallow amniotic fluid in the uterus.

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Comments on week 11

Comments 1-49 of about 941 from week 11
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EmbracingNumber2 - 68 days ago
So I had one ultrasound and apparently my due date is off or this baby is big like my son (8-12). Hoping that ultrasound on Friday will clear things up. Meanwhile nausea has returned, my back is hurting still, and migraines & allergies suck. On a brighter note watermelon is my best friend (full of B6, helps with nausea) and I'm excited about cherry season!!! Happy prenancies loves!

jory927 - 72 days ago
@pookalou I'm with you! Week 11 hit and I'm crying at everything!! Hoping it passes soon!

JC.GriffHuddle - 73 days ago
Thank you weber3 and sparks717 for your feedback i will be sure to ask the doctor next visit, which is June 1st btw. I cant wait!

pookalou - 73 days ago
Well I'm now in wk 11. I'm tired, usually feel cold, and my emotional level is off the charts. The throwing up is abating but I still get very nauseous. Today I feel so weepy just wanna curl up, cry and sleep lol.

weber3 - 75 days ago
@jc.griffhuddle that is normal for me. I always out on at least 10 pounds by this time. Every pregnancy I gain fifty or sixty. It's just what my body does.

sparks717 - 76 days ago
You will have to ask your dr if that is too much weight or if he is pleased with that. I wouldn't be too worried about it though. Doctors are usually pretty good at telling you if they are satisfied with weight gain/loss. - 76 days ago
Hurray! Week 11! only 29ish more to go, right? I'm actually excited for a December baby. I keep trying to convince DH that we need to choose a Christmasy type name. He isn't sold yet, good thing I've got a few months to talk him into it. :)

JC.GriffHuddle - 76 days ago
Hello ladies! I am 11 weeks TODAY and i am so excited! I have a story and one question, I have had extreme nausea so far but I have been so afraid of loosing weight because my doctor told me i was under weight for my height and frame pre-pregnancy and that it is very important that I put some on soon. Well some how I have gained 12 lbs already due to stuffing myself when I'm not sick, does this seem normal and or ok?

flojoe - 78 days ago
Hey everyone, had a nice time with my first pregnancy back in 2011- so thought I would check it out this time too :( sadly it's not as popular as it used to be.... Well to all the lovely mommas to be - a big hug as you go through all the joys of pregnancy!

Dixie3 - 87 days ago
Hi everyone- haven't been on here in a few weeks- so glad there's some activity! I have lost a couple of kilos so far due to all day nausea- so hoping it starts to go away soon. My nuchal scan is booked for next Wednesday - fingers crossed its all ok. I would continue with the pregnancy as well if there was an issue- I guess I'd just like to be prepared if there was something not quite right. Telling my other children tomorrow they have a little brother/sister on the way.

mommashavin11 - 88 days ago
No, no testing for me. I made the decision long ago that I get what I get, and if it turned out my child did have an issue, I would not terminate, but I would carry it until the baby decided to come and give the time of pregnancy to loving that child, even if there was no chance of survival. I have seen so many women go thru false positives as well, needless worry! I don't want to put myself thru that. so far every baby of mine has been in perfect health, so I have been fully blessed! All that morning sickness paid off. LOL

DerbyQueenDill - 88 days ago
Yikes, I lost 10lbs in just a week from puking! Seems to be subsiding, thankfully. I didn't know it lessens the MC chance, good to know! I'm jealous, I've gained over 50lbs per pregnancy, hoping to control that a bit better this time around, but each time I've craved MEALS not snacks, so I know that had a part to play in it LoL Are you doing the Nuchal Translucency?

mommashavin11 - 88 days ago
So many people have hg. It's such a blessing and curse! I know it means things are going right, and hormones are really good, and lessens your chance of miscarriage by having it, but it's no piece of cake! I lost 8 lbs so far. I usually only gain 8 lbs per pregnancy total, so hopefully I gain it back and go right back to where I started!

DerbyQueenDill - 88 days ago
Yay! Finally some life on the site! mommashavin11, I have HG with this pregnancy (didn't with previous 2). My due date is Nov 19th, I've got a Nuchal Translucency in a couple weeks, and just had someone tell me that they can test for baby's gender at the same time. Has anyone done this before?

mommashavin11 - 89 days ago
Yes, I am hyperthyroid, and usually only in first trimester where it makes my heart rate skyrocket. Then it gradually settles down in pregnancy. Have horrible hyperemesis graviderium with all pregnancies,, and they are all full term , this is number 11 for us! Never took meds for it.refused to.

daffymtz22 - 89 days ago
Hello! I really enjoyed this site with my 2nd baby. I'm now on my 3rd! I currently have two due dates. I need to check with my Dr. to see which is correct. I was originally told November 26th. Yesterday I received a call to schedule an appointment and the nurse mentioned my due date was November 21st. Either way I hope to see some activity in here.

lilgibber22 - 89 days ago
Hello. I loved this site with my first and now I am back with my 2nd. I am 11.6. And due Nov. 21st. Anyone else here with me?

nycnaz23 - 90 days ago
Hello All, Seems like nothing is happening in my week :( I have to ask, does anyone suffer from Hyperthyroidism? I knew I had it, I never started meds due to insurance issues. And then I got pregg, totally wasnt planned. Has anyone gone full term with it?

DerbyQueenDill - 90 days ago
How about now? Anyone here?

DerbyQueenDill - 92 days ago
Hello? Hello? Anybody here?

SarahMVR - 100 days ago
My scan today put me at 11 weeks! Yay! I was only off by a day, so that's cool. Morning sickness is worse than ever this go. It kept me up. I so look forward to this trimester ending.

mummakristy - 110 days ago
Hello ladies I'm Kristy from Australia been with my husband 13 years and will be 12 weeks tomorrow with baby #8 I have had bleeding this time around but baby so far is good hb170 I see doctors tomorrow they are saying the bleeding is a SCH hope you are all well and baby's are growing awesome

monkeymomma - 115 days ago
Had my weekly appt today. Still can't hear the heartbeat because baby is hiding behind a blood vessel! So stubborn already!

monkeymomma - 117 days ago

amw050383 - 124 days ago
I still feel like crap haha! Nauseous all day every day. Hoping this will pass soon :) - 127 days ago appears motion sickness is added to my list of fun lol. I can' seem to handle a car ride that exceeds 15 mins or so or I start feeling horribly nauseous....this is just so strange...I guess this little one knows its going to be my they're going out with a bang!

kerry1983 - 129 days ago
Hi everyone, thought I'd introduce myself, I'm kerry pregnant with baby number 2, my daughter is now 6. I did use this site a lot when I w as s carrying her! I'm still waiting for my first scan, finally had the date through which is Thursday 2nd April, I cannot wait! As far as I can work out from my last period I should be 11 weeks and 2 days! I'm so so tired all the time! But no other signs apart from a very noticeable bump!! Ha. I hope you're well.

treadingwater - 129 days ago
LittleAussie-I am having no nausea but I suffer food aversion. I don't like meat any more. :( PAULA- I also have a 1 yr old. She's been super clingy and is like my little shadow. She does not want to part from me and cries each time I'm gone. I think she knows something is wrong. I toss and turn throughout the night and my sleep is light so i've been extremely exhausted. - 129 days ago
I am still suffering extreme fatigue, although having a 1 year old who still wakes through the night does not help. My nausea and headaches still continue...I sat down the other evening to have a nice steak and baked potato dinner, 5 mins after eating...I was in the washroom getting sick for 10 mins...didn't keep one bite in :( My dinner ended up being a bowl of cornflakes at 8pm that the joys:)

LittleAussieChick - 129 days ago
TREADING - I'm weirdly feeling fine. The intense fatigue lasted from week 7 to 10 for me and pretty much stopped overnight. I have no nausea either which is new territory for me with pregnancy. I'm on pregnancy 4. I'v never had the nausea awful bad but i certainly have never had a pregnancy completely scott free of it like this time. Im hanging out for that first scan next Thursday to confirm all is well in there. Is anyone else having their Nuchal scan in this coming week?

treadingwater - 130 days ago
How is everyone in week 11? I feel great aside from being exhausted constantly!

kekea - 130 days ago
1morefor4 Okay That Does make sense because your cycle was shorter than average . Have you spoke with your midwife about which date to use?

1morefor4 - 131 days ago
Kekea--I think it went something like I was going to have a 21 day cycle (like I did from Dec to Jan) and the spotting (Jan 8-11) was a light period and then I ovulated the week my period ended (on Jan 15) and implanted the next week (cramping Jan 22). When I use an online calculator that allows you to adjust cycle length it lines up to being due Oct 7 with a 21 day cycle same as my first u/s.

1morefor4 - 131 days ago
RowdyRandi--happy you got checked out hopefully the meds clear it up quickly.

kekea - 131 days ago
1morefor1 Maybe What You Experienced Was Implantation bleeding rather that a period.

RowdyRandi - 132 days ago
Saw my dr today i do have a yeast infection. First one I've had in my life. Dr gave me diflucan. Heard heartbeat too it was 164. Nurse had said we might not hear it or could take a while to find but found it immediately so that was comforting

1morefor4 - 132 days ago
I'm still on limbo on my real due date. My cycles were sketchy when I got pregnant so I waited for an u/s date and was given Oct 7. But the closest thing I had to a period that would put me due in Oct has me due Oct 15. I had another u/s done that gave me a due date of Oct 4. I'm waiting to hear from my midwife about what date we should really use. I just feel like for diagnostic testing reasons I don't want to be tested too late because their using the wrong due date and then get a false test result.

1morefor4 - 132 days ago
rowdyrandi-- I hope that things are ok. At the worst I hope it's no more than an infection.

RowdyRandi - 133 days ago
Thanks paulabrellisford and kekea. I'm still gonna call my dr tomorrow i read it could sometimes be a sign of bacterial or yeast infection. Only other symptom i have is my vaginal area feels tender and i haven't had sex for weeks so id feel better if i go ahead and get checked out. Better safe than sorry - 133 days ago
I cant get onto my profile? Anyone else having that issue?

kekea - 133 days ago
Hip pain for me as well. Rowdyrandy praying for you. Just take it easy don't stress yourself out. I am sure all is well... - 134 days ago
Best thing you can do is sit back and relax...take it easy and stay positive...easier said then done I know, but try not to even think about it :) All will b well....

RowdyRandi - 134 days ago
So had a scare in wee hours this morning. Woke up to use potty and noticed a lil blood when i wiped. Called on call ob she said if its not heavy and I'm not having cramping no need to rush to hospital its what they call a threatened miscarriage and it'll either stop or get worse nothing they can do. So far haven't seen anymore this morning but i am stressed and upset and fearful. Please please i need lots of prayers

treadingwater - 135 days ago
1morefor4 I am in the same boat! I am exhausted, grumpy, moody, and I get hip pains once in a while.

treadingwater - 135 days ago
Ok so got my u/s yay! However, when my doc did a pelvic exam she did touch my cervix with her that normal? I have never experienced that with my last three at all.

1morefor4 - 135 days ago
Ugh! And now hip pain has settled in. Anyone else?

1morefor4 - 137 days ago
Hi all. I had a long day of appointments today. And I wrote a blog update to explain all the crazy things that have happened. I hope everyone is doing okay. And that, for those of you like me with morning sickness and extreme fatigue, there is relief in the near future.

kekea - 137 days ago
Rowdyrandy sorry to hear about you all illness. I had a four day headache which would not ease from Tylenol excedrine is the only thing that stops my headaches.

RowdyRandi - 138 days ago
Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Dd has been sick and I've had a headache that will not go away for 3 days now. So wish i could take something other than Tylenol cuz it does nothing for me. Might as well be eating pez. I wonder why ibuprofen is forbidden while pregnant but fine while breastfeeding and fine for baby once born

kekea - 144 days ago
Mamalira yes the fatigue and nausea are all unfortunate but good signs. And I think that it is nice that you are taking your babies to your appointment. I may take my daughter occasionally but my children get so impatient. I make all of my appointments for early in the morning while they are at daycare or school though... At any rate I am excited to hear the heart beat again. Today is the first day that I was not extremely exhausted and it was a busy day.

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