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You are 11 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby continues to grow and is now approximately the size of a large lime! The crown-to-rump length of your developing child is 1.75 to 2.4 inches. The weight of the fetus is approximately 8 grams at this point. The growth of your baby is phenomenal now and your babys length will double in the next three weeks. The head is grossly out of proportion and is almost half of the babys length.

You are almost at the end of your first trimester and while changes continue to occur quickly in your baby, they are happening at a slower rate in you. Your uterus has been growing with the fetus inside of it and is now almost big enough to fill your pelvis. Your uterus may be able to be felt in your lower abdomen, above the middle of your pubic bone. You are not able to feel the baby moving inside of you at this time. Some women think that they have felt fetal movements now, but it is either gas or a wrongly dated pregnancy. You might also be noticing changes in your hair, fingernails, or skin around this time. Some women notice an increase in hair growth and nail growth during pregnancy and others lose small amounts of hair. You are burning up calories at a faster rate than you did before you became pregnant! The amount of blood being pumped around your body will increase and you might feel warmer than usual.

This is the last week of the embryonic period. From now on, your baby will be called a fetus. As development continues, the fingernails appear this week. External genitalia are beginning to show distinguishing features and the development of male or female will be complete in three weeks. The placentas blood vessels increase to provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen he needs for continued growth. The ears are gradually moving from the neck towards the sides of his head. Inside of the developing abdomen, the intestines are developing. Because the intestines are so large, some of them project into the umbilical cord and they will return to the abdomen within the next week or two.

At the size of a plum, your baby is now able to swallow. The urinary system functions. The baby swallows and urinates the amniotic fluid and the fluid is continually replaced. The baby is kicking but the mother cannot feel it yet. All vital organs are formed and, for the most part, function normally. From now on, they will grow in size and efficiency.

As a preparation for breastfeeding, your baby now has learned to swallow. Babies swallow amniotic fluid in the uterus.

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Comments on week 11

Comments 1-49 of about 802 from week 11
4 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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babylove5 - 17.2 hours ago
My main worry is that it will be to much stress or pressure having another child. I get overwhelmed now with my three boys and daughter, so when I add another into the mix I wonder if I will be just Overwhelmed. I'm sure everybody worries about money aspect.

floydianslip2 - 19.1 hours ago
Klawest, I’ll admit that I run into the same doubts as well… How can we afford this, is our house too small, will the other kids adjust okay, is 34 too old to do this again, will we be okay as a couple, was this a mistake… it’s a new concern every day. I chalk it up to hormones, and I think that as soon as things even out and the pregnancy advances, those doubts will ease. Which is good because I feel incredibly guilty every time I think of these things!

klawest2 - 1 days ago
... Does anyone else ever run into doubts about their pregnancy? Like what was I thinking, this was a mistake, how the hell will we afford this, how will I juggle another kid, etc? I've been feeling very overwhelmed the past few days with all of it. Pregnancy is exciting, but also for me has the vibe of 'there's no going back now' I find myself very scared and overwhelmed

BethQ - 2 days ago
Hooray, week 11! Setting up an appointment with a midwife hopefully this week, so we can finally hear the heart beat and tell people! This is the longest I've ever waited. In some ways, it's nice having a secret. In others, I'm just ready for people to know. I'm still not feeling hot, either. Nausea comes and goes, and brushing my teeth every day is torture. I have to remind myself it's all worth it in the end, but I'm ready to feel better for sure. I'm also exhausted all the time. Ready for that 2nd trimester energy burst!

klawest2 - 2 days ago
11 weeks yesterday! Had an OB appointment and it went well. Baby's heartbeat was really easy to find and at 160!

halesss7410 - 2 days ago
I havd felt sick all day but otherwise I've been ok. Super tired... Exhausted, but I wake up during the night and can't fall back to sleep. I ate a salad for breakfast:-/ big no no. Gag! I am, however, glad I have my Doppler to check in baby:) I find it so easy now and I can tell that baby is getting bigger because the hb is so strong and loud! I'm ready for the next few weeks to hurry so that I can feel a lot better show more:)

mommylh - 4 days ago
Had my first Dr. appointment yesterday FINALY! I was able to hear baby's heart beat, what a relief that was :) Have both my ultrasounds scheduled, dating and detail, so I am super stoked. My nausea has gone away just this week, but fatigue is still going strong with me. Anyone else feeling pooped all the time still?

floydianslip2 - 5 days ago
Well, I had a craving for mac and cheese, and boy am I regretting that choice right now! I feel like absolute crap now. I'm with you halesss, can't wait to start feeling better! Just a few more weeks... I can make it! :)

halesss7410 - 5 days ago
Floydianslip: I feel the same. It's hard to plan meals do I just buy chicken and look on Pinterest for something everyone will like. I've been wanting hamburgers- not the fast food kind. I'm afraid my eating habits during the day are getting a little expensive. I can find things to snack in at home- it's justmy 1 year old and I during the day while my oldest school- dh work. :-/. I had my 1st dr appt Tuesday. My next will be at 15 weeks. I'm ready to get farther along so I feel just a tad better.

floydianslip2 - 5 days ago
I’m at 11 weeks 1 day today. The nausea is definitely gone (unless I eat a big meal in the afternoon/evening), but my appetite still isn’t back. I’m still having a hard time planning meals because nothing sounds good. I’m sure that in a few weeks that will pass and I’ll be stuffing everything I see into my face. In the meantime I’m making myself a fruit smoothie every morning to at least jump start the day with something nutritious. How is everyone else feeling?

elequin - 8 days ago
Ultrasound this morning was fun :) Dates starting to get closer to what they should be, am now only 4 days behind instead of 10, so that's a relief. I get to go back in a week to get one mire picture of the brain, because Te sonographer couldn't get a clear enough pic. Had a great appt with midwife too, where she told me they have a new dr that would be happy to break my waters if I asked during labour, providing they were ready to go. I had issues with last two labours where I went full throttle for 17 hrs with virtually no dilation, because I always have a huge bag of forewaters that stops the baby's head from dilating my cervix. So all in all a good morning :)

elequin - 9 days ago
hi ladies :) ive been celebrating not being sick anymore and the sun coming out for the start of spring here by spending a whole four days in my garden with the kids getting a tan... planted herbs and veggies, my kids had a ball, and im feeling a bit better about my parenting now that i can actually get out of bed by 9am! ultrasound tomorrow for me... its supposed to be the 11-13 week nuchal fold testing one... im a bit nervous that theyll move me back date-wise... all my pregnancies start this way - i measure a week behind until about 16 weeks, even though i know my dates of ovulation pretty accurately :/ hope youre all starting to feel a bit better.

1st.time.momma - 13 days ago
Oh hun its alright to be emotional. I had my first real emotional moment at work. We were getting grilled about something in our manager meeting and i just couldnt take it. I left early and started balling/hyperventilating in the bathroom. I knew i didnt want to cry but i couldnt make it stop. So far that was one of the worst days ever!

klawest2 - 13 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

elequin - 14 days ago
Oh, and in other awesome family news, it appears my 3 yr old is now daytime toilet trained (finally!!!) and I've also started feeling the baby move :) about this time for my other two kids as well :) it's getting real :)

elequin - 14 days ago
Glad you're still alive Decbaby ;) I'm starting to regularly feel a bit more sprightly, I think having some sun the last three days, and doing some healthy meal prep (lunch jars with kale salad, olives, bocconcini, cherey tomatoes and rhubarb binegar dressing, and bircher muesli breakfast jars with yoghurt and fresh blueberries and raspberries - yum!) has meant my heartburn has gone totally now thank god, and I've had it a bit easier getting a meal into myself in the mornings. Still tired, but once I'm up I seem to be okay now. Cooked up a storm yesterday (chicken casserole for dinner, and also lasagna - half for tonight's dinner and other half froze for next Tuesday's dinner) only to have my DH ruin my well made plans :/ accidental, but I still felt like screaming at him because I don't think he realised just how monumental an effort I'd made while feelng crappy to prepare so if I was still crappy today or tomorrow then dinner was sorted for us all... My genius hubby (despite me even showing him the dish that had our dinner in it last night when I put it in the fridge) managed to defrost next weeek's lasagna from the freezer instead of cooking the one that I had deliberately not frozen so we could have it tonight. So it appears we're having lasagna tomorrow now as well :) I know it's totally 'first world problems' and in the grand scheme of things not a big deal, but could have cried :( I worked so hard at planning it out this week :/ reading this over I sound so hormonal lol!

Dec Baby - 14 days ago
I have finally got myself out of bed and into the land of the living...still feel like crap though! I'm so going to be getting a flu shot next year!!! My goodness I don't think I've ever felt so sick in my life! Hey, I felt like it was a triumph getting the kids dressed and fed! I figure that the extra t.v they've watched won't kill them, it's just for a time and once some normalcy comes back, then it will be the usual routine again! I tell you what, I'm thankful for our kids DVD's been a huge help this last week or so;)) Are you ladies going to find out the gender of your baby? My girlfriend said she found out what she was having at her 12 week scan, although they wouldn't say it was a definite 100% one way or the other! I have never asked because I thought it was way too early to be sure! Elequin...I haven't bonded to this baby either...been way too sick! I think the excitement of getting a bfp is awesome but apart from that, I hate the first 12 weeks of pregnancy! I'm looking forward to 2nd trimester! Hey, if I were a school teacher, I'd arm myself with a can of glen 20 and spay any student that even tried to cough in my direction...haha perhaps classrooms should have compulsory hand sanitising upon entry?! JK

1st.time.momma - 14 days ago
Yeah I know what you mean, my tiredness is starting to go away. Thank god. Now my emotions not so much. Im a big cry baby lately.

elequin - 14 days ago
I thinkn having a girl too. Although I haven't started bonding with this baby at all yet :/ I think I've been too resentful because of being sick. I know that sounds really selfish :( have not been enjoying this at all though. Cannot wait until the sickness is passed. If for some terrible reason this preg doesn't stick, I will not be trying again - I feel lousy that my kids have had to be just shoved in front of a iPad or tv until 10am most mornings for the last 3 weeks :( I get up to make them breakfast and change them, but pretty mucho have to lie down again straight away :/

1st.time.momma - 15 days ago
No I just have a feeling its a girl this time. Of course I sometimes say him but this time around is completely different so im thinking its a girl.

elequin - 15 days ago
that's a lovely surprise :) you say 'her'... could you tell that early?

1st.time.momma - 15 days ago
Well got a surprise ultrasound on my second dr appt friday due to the dr not finding the heart beat and her thinking i was freaking out (which I wasnt but not gonna complain) pleasantly surprised when baby actually looked like a baby. And she was even waving. Another 5 more weeks and hubby/I have decided we'll do a 3D gender scan. I hope time goes by quickly.

elequin - 18 days ago
:( no good decbaby. Hoping you recover quickly. Always feels a million times worse when preg.

Dec Baby - 18 days ago
Oh my...still sick in bed with the flu! I have got such a temp, terrible disgusting cough and the most intense headache of all time! I can not believe how much medication I've had to consume...I really hope my little bean is O.K! I'm going to start some antibiotics tonight and hope for some improvement in the next few days!

Dec Baby - 20 days ago
Yay for 11 weeks, just wish I wasn't dying from the flu:(

2bBlessedw2 - 32 days ago
Ok. Going to accept u then I'll add u.

lisseo - 32 days ago
Nevermind. I see it's secret haha. Friended you ;)

lisseo - 32 days ago
2blessed-- I tried looking for it and couldn't see! Seriously? 12 days?? My goodness poor thing! Brandy-- you're lucky. I had a looser shirt on on Tuesday and my SIL said I was starting to show -.-. Pretty sure it's because if I stop stuffing my face I feel sick lol.

brandyleigh - 32 days ago
I know I had a baggy shirt on Sunday and my mom said I didn't even look pregnant but put a fitted one and there's a bump especially at night! I did mow the grass tonight so that was a huge work out.

2bBlessedw2 - 32 days ago
LISSEO-Thanks for asking! She is doing much better. 12 days with a fever. Crazy! You should come join our preggo group on facebook! I had my scan is looking great! It was such a relief! Quite active I must say!

lisseo - 32 days ago
Saw your picture Brandy!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one showing already haha

lisseo - 32 days ago
2blessed how's your daughter doing now? I'm so off on times, I always forget to come on here until I want to verify what week I'm in haha.

2bBlessedw2 - 33 days ago
Yup...secret...NO ONE can see us...LOL

brandyleigh - 33 days ago
It's a secret group right? Add me brandy Leigh Moore Davison thanks!!

2bBlessedw2 - 33 days ago
I added u Erin. 😀

2bBlessedw2 - 33 days ago
Brandy-r u joining us?

2bBlessedw2 - 33 days ago
Dec-I think u are going to have to join us. We talk so much already.

rainbowbaby2 - 33 days ago
2bBlessed I sent u a FR I am erin Trainham

Dec Baby - 33 days ago
Hi girls..hope you're not all leaving to FB, I love jumping around the weeks and catching up on how you're all doing!

2bBlessedw2 - 34 days ago
I just created a Secret fb group for IAP mommies...Feb/March. My name is Alicia Iandolo Delia. Lets be friends(lol) and I'll add you. We have 3 people so far. I made it so members can add people too!

brandyleigh - 34 days ago
Posted a belly pic in the belly album but for some reason it keeps putting it in upside down

rainbowbaby2 - 36 days ago
Well goodbye week 11 tomorrow I enter week 12!

rainbowbaby2 - 38 days ago
:-( man it's quiet in here

Timefor2 - 45 days ago
Room4--We are not telling family the name this time! We told with DS and luckily didn't hear anything bad about it so I guess either everyone liked his name or they were smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves lol. This time though we want it to be a surprise! I'm just hoping we won't hear anything bad about it in the hospital...that is the last thing I want after just giving birth!

Timefor2 - 45 days ago
Thanks ladies! I am just glad DH has a decent style when it comes to names! I see so many people complain that their DH's pick some crazy names and they have to talk them out of it lol. DH and I have never seemed to have too much trouble agreeing on names.

room4onemore - 45 days ago
I was measuring a week ahead but I am waiting to move up because I am pretty certain about conception. I logged every time we did anything and track my cycles. If the 20 week mark one is still ahead I will do it then.

dre32 - 45 days ago
Timefor2--I have never met any Callie's or Caroline's but I think its super cute for a little girl :) And i think you can pick any nickname for your child that you like! did anyone find out at their ultrasound that their baby was measuring ahead a bit? I thought I was 11 weeks but baby was measuring 12 weeks, 2 days...not a big change just wondering if anyone else had the same....i doubt my midwife will change my dud date though.

room4onemore - 45 days ago
LOL yes!! You will find out the perfect name. My mom is my worst critic with names so we never tell before the baby is born. She said my sons name sounded like toilet paper... Glad I could help

room4onemore - 46 days ago
Timefor2- I have a friend named Caroline that we call Callie, but she is older like in her 40's. I have met a handful of Callie's also. I think it stands as a name alone.

dre32 - 46 days ago
moved my u/s to this afternoon instead of went well (i think??). Feel relieved to know there is actually a baby in there and that there is only 1 :) Heartbeat was 171....hoping thats a good sign for another girl :)

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