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You are 15 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 4 inches and she now weighs approximately 1.75 ounces. Your baby is close to the size of a softball and you can easily tell that you are pregnant now! If you wear maternity clothes or a swimming suit, other people will be able to tell that you are pregnant also. You can probably feel your uterus about three to four inches below your bellybutton.

Your baby, 25 weeks to go.....

If you do not yet have a due date, your doctor can easily determine an accurate due date based on the measurement of your baby's head. This is done by an ultrasound examination. Your doctor will be discussing upcoming tests and procedures with you around this time that are able to diagnose or confirm birth defects and other abnormalities.

Your baby is growing at an amazing rate and looking more like a human every day. Because your baby's skin is so thin, you are able to see blood vessels through the skin. Lanugo hair covers your baby's body, but it will be gone when your baby is born. The hair on the eyebrows and head continues to grow. Some babies are born with little or no hair and others have a head full of hair! If you have an ultrasound at this point, you might be able to see your baby sucking its thumb. Even though the eyes continue to move to the front of the face, they are still widely separated. Your baby's ears look like normal ears and continue to develop externally. The bones that have already formed continue to get harder and retain calcium. The baby is very mobile and flexible at this point. She can bend her arms at the elbows and wrists and she can also make a fist with her hands.

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austinjeanxo - 3 days ago
Hahaha it sounds silly but even everyone at worm is noticing it!!! Hahaha I literally didn't look pregnant A few days ago lol

beckym - 3 days ago
Lol austin, belly came out of nowhere

austinjeanxo - 4 days ago
I'm only feeling baby ball up and change positions.... At night I'll sometimes dream Of stronger kicks.... Wonder if that's baby actually doing It and me not realizing? I can't wait to actually know for sure that is a baby movement..... No one else can feel anything but me. I'm jealous of those of you that can feel..... My mother said I JUST started to look pregnant today.... It's like a belly came out of nowhere

beckym - 7 days ago
Congrats jamie! Thank you baby love. Good luck at your u/s holtz, I hope the kids love it.

holz8519 - 7 days ago
just scheduled a 3d/4d elective ultrasound to find out babys gender and so my kids can see the baby and make it more real for them. i will be going Saturday.

jamie86 - 7 days ago
Babylove thank you! So far so good. I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and that's the farthest I've gotten in the last year. So I have hope and I'm praying.

babylove5 - 8 days ago
Becky and Jamie I will pray for you to have healthy pregnancies and babies this time around and hopefully you will get close to God again. Idk why these things happen but I know that sometimes it's a medical condition or something else. Have faith that you will hv your baby.

jamie86 - 8 days ago
Becky I have actually been nervous about that but I've had little cuts since starting them and I'm not bleeding anymore than I normally do. They haven't been big cuts though so maybe with them being so small is why. 3times- yes I feel little pokes here and there. I love it and can't wait until they are stronger.

holz8519 - 8 days ago
Yes really last night was the first time i felt little kicks and for a good while. I have felt slight flutters during the past week or so but these were very prominent I kept my hands on my belly trying to see if they were strong enough to feel . My almost 4 yr old daughter can't wait till shes able to feel the baby move.

beckym - 8 days ago
I am, love the baby moves!

3timesthecharm - 9 days ago
anyone else feeling the small little kicks.. sometimes not so little

beckym - 9 days ago
Jamie, I am glad they have a medicine to give you to protect against that happening again, drink lots of water also, and be extra careful, my mom is on blood thinners because of risk of heart attack and if she gets a cut it is very hard for her body to clot and heal, so the bleeding is had to stop.

jamie86 - 9 days ago
Texasmama- I would love to be able to wait to see them until after 20 weeks but the last two losses were from suspected blood clots. The babies were doing great and then all of a sudden their hearts stopped. So I'm on meds to help prevent any blood clots. Becky- I was happy with the 3 we had. Then found out I was pregnant with our 4th, we were excited but then lost her. Decided to try again and at the time was told it was a cord issue. Then we lost our son too. I found out I have MTHFR and that can cause blood clots. My aunt also had losses because of clots so it makes sense. I'm feeling hopeful. This is my 8th pregnancy since I lost 2 early on years ago. I lost religion too after we lost our Daughter, we had just started going back to church the week we lost her so its hard to understand it. I'm trying to find God again but its been a struggle.

beckym - 10 days ago
Jamie to be honest I have been gloomy since last April when we lost little one, it was a combination of our loss, my feeling of inadequacy that I couldn't carry on with a natural womenly function when we really wanted him, I felt broken and lost, my religion was even damaged as other people in church were having children and saying how blessed they were, suffering through child dedication during our time of loss, and wondering what I did or didn't do. But it has been extrodinarily healing to be pregnant again, not at first, because I still felt broken, and feared it would just happen again, but later I felt wonderful that we are really having another one, whom will never replace our precious little guy we lost, we originally didn't plan to have a 4th, but embraced the idea before we lost him, and then we felt empty armed, and really wanted a fourth child in our home. But I gave up on the idea, still randomly crying and at a loss for words to talk it out, I never really thought we would have a fourth, but here we are, well, fifth.

texasmamaof5 - 10 days ago
What I tell myself is worry does not prevent loss, knowing doesn't change anything. If baby is going to pass it will, we simply don't have control over it. I do though want to be sure I play it as safe as possible...and safe to me means leaving it as natural as possible. I won't even go see my midwife until I'm well past 20 weeks, but she knows me well and respects my wishes. Since I don't do anything, prenatal visits are pretty pointless for me. Like I said though I didn't start this way, I know worry is a big issue and we are all going to do what we feel is best. Stress is bad for baby so if making sure baby is safe relieves stress maybe that is less risky than if you worried and had no ultrasound. Bottom line we all love our babies and make the best choices with what info we have available to us. I have been feeling flutters too but its number 5 so I remember well the feeling, otherwise I wouldn't know that is what it is. I was like 25 weeks with my first before I actually figured out what baby felt like!

jamie86 - 10 days ago
Becky it's been rough this week and last but I'm getting there. I'm hoping that once I hit 16 weeks I feel that sense of relief. It's always hard getting pass the milestones.

beckym - 11 days ago
Jamie, I know how you feel, I was scared to death until week 12 with this one because that is when we found out we lost our last baby, I was so relieved when we made it past that milestone, now I feel like I can really enjoy the pregnancy, I hope you will soon feel that same sense of relief when you are out of your danger milestone time. The last few days I have been feeling quite a few flutters, I missed baby movement so much, such a wonderful bond before we even see each other, and a welcome nudge of, hey, I'm in here and I am happy, or cramped, lol, one of those two.

jamie86 - 11 days ago
I wish I could be that laid back during pregnancy. I would go crazy with out my doppler though but losing 2 babies back to back around 15 weeks will do that to you. I try not to use it much but the past week I've been using it once a day for about 20 seconds. Just long enough to know the baby is still doing ok.

beckym - 13 days ago
I'm happy with my choice, and I have also been happy in the past getting ultrasounds, my son has focus issues, but he is fine other than that, when he applies himself, he can do anything. My middle child is quick as a whip, a very intelligent child. My youngest is bright and a sweetheart. I stopped having caffeine even though the doctors say a little is fine. I opt for no pain medicine in the labor and delivery room for my last 2 and minor Pain killer with my son when they said I had to have pitocin, which I regretted, all precautionary, it made me feel good to try to eat healthier for the baby and all the little things, counteract the guilt of that glass of wine I had before I knew I was pregnant. I really didn't want to find out the sex anyway, and this just makes that decision easier, I'm going to avoid doppler as well, thanks for saying the fetoscope, I never heard of that and researched it today, it is just a stethoscope with an attachment for hearing easier in bellies for babies, I will bring that up at my next obgyn appt, they used those before doppler were invented and let the mommy sometimes hear the baby too.

texasmamaof5 - 13 days ago
Since we don't know what causes it and we don't know what other harm it may cause, the risk is just not worth it for me. Doppler is an even more concentrated form of ultrasound waves so you aren't just being exposed during sonograms, every visit they use the Doppler to check heartbeat is further exposure. My midwife is great she uses the leff or a fetoscope so I get zero exposure. With my first I did everything pretty conventional, got more and more hands off with each one, trying to do it how God intended. I find the husbands are usually the hardest to convince. Believe me I'm not judging as I did them before, just food for thought, wish I would have done more research with my earlier pregnancies.

babylove5 - 13 days ago
Jamie you are correct if you don't hv the gene then it's not a concern and if you do it would be hard to avoid.

jamie86 - 13 days ago
I fully believe it's genetic and there's not much you can do to avoid that. Although I don't judge anyone for their choices when it comes to raising their kids or how they handle pregnancy. We are all doing the best we can for our family. 😊

babylove5 - 13 days ago
Becky if you study autism you will see genetics and environmental triggers cause it. It is shown to be a combonation of the two together. They say Mercury from the fish, can food additives, and some air freshener, among many other things including the spray on fruits and veggies. These are all educated guesses. I believe every parent should do as they see best for their child. Best wishes in your journey!

beckym - 13 days ago
I'm just going to suffer through not knowing and opt out of the test, my son has major focus issues, if I can avoid that even theoretically this time through, I'll take it. When they were scared about the shots having thimerosal and causing autism, I opted for the alternative preservative they had out or waited until they could get it, it was better that they phased out that ingredient even if it wasn't causing autism, because any level of mercury in children should be avoided, sometimes they were giving 4 shots at one time. Now it is replaced in most shots, all infant shots. I am probably being paranoid, the the medical field has screwed me over in the past and I am more weary now with them.

jamie86 - 14 days ago
Becky the thing about that is you would have to have a long u/s for it to overheat the baby. Also going to the specialty places for the keepsake ones are not recommended.

beckym - 14 days ago Wow, this said that tests on female pregnant lab rodents showed similar brain patterns to human brains with autism when exposed to ultrasounds. That ultrasounds increase the temperature of the fetus that can cause damage, and it is the equivalent sound of a freight train in the womb. This is making me rethink getting further ultrasounds during this pregnancy to be safe, if it means putting my little one in danger, not worth it.

beckym - 14 days ago
They have always claimed how safe ultrasounds are but I do wonder, my neighbors in care nurse has had 8 miscarriages, she is pregnant now and refused any testing, she is now 6 months and the baby is kicking and doing fine. She is wondering if it was a sensitivity to the ultrasounds. That is a scary thought, and now you saying about the autism, this wouldn't be the first thing the medical world has misled us on. Even if there was something wrong with my baby they are testing for, I doubt my insurance would cover in womb surgery, I guess it is a frivolous test other than knowing internal growth problems for when they are born to fix. I am so used to this routine though, we'll my kids don't have autism, but we inexplicably lost our last child at 14 weeks, but that could have been anything, not necessarily the ultrasound.

texasmamaof5 - 14 days ago
No ultrasound for me. It hasn't been proven safe, I actually think it might be part of the spike in autism going on now. My husband basically made me for the first three to find put what they were but put my foot down #4 and now no arguments from him it was also so incredible the moment after birth when we remembered to lift and see what baby was. That was my favorite part of the whole birth experience.

beckym - 15 days ago
Congrats on he baby girl redhead!

beckym - 15 days ago
Mrscephas, it could take me another 5 weeks too, I learned r his week that I really don't want to wait to find out what we are having so the kids know. All depends on when they schedule that ultrasound when we go in for our next appointment on the 26th.

beckym - 15 days ago
Hello week 15!

redhead-mama - 16 days ago
Just found out Thursday that we are having a baby girl! So excited! We have no space in our tiny apartment so hoping now that we both have steady full time jobs, we can save up for a down payment to get a house. 5 1/2 more months to save, lol!

kirty - 24 days ago
Hey Ladies :) ive booked a 17week 3d/4d scan for the 21st I hope thats not too early to find out. I found out with my other 4 at 19weeks. The wait takes forever. This is the first time ive been able to book a non medical just for fun scan they didnt do them with my first 3 but #4 i had a 19 week 3d/4d scan but it was for the doctors records etc.

mrscephas - 25 days ago
Jealous of all those finding out now what they're having. I've got another 5 weeks till my USS!!!

maimai88 - 27 days ago
Congratulations on your baby girl, raindrop!! I think four of a kind is super special, and I'm sure your newest baby girl will bring you lots of love and joy!

claraxx - 32 days ago
15 weeks today! Find out a week today what we are having :)

raindrop0208 - 32 days ago
Found out that I having a Fourth girl!!!! Ahhhhh! I am feeling good about it now but the first day it hit me a little hard. My husband cried.

Ryskay - 32 days ago
that is awesome news eliciamadora, I have to wait until my 20 week u/s to find out what our baby is if the baby will let us find out. Wit our daughter her legs were cross and the lady was having a hard time finding out what she was lol so we had to wait until she was born to find out what she was lol.

eliciamadora - 34 days ago
Found out last week that I'm carrying a baby girl! The intended parents are so excited! Name will be Violet.

--saudia- - 34 days ago
@EricaLyn, congrats on your successful progression. I hope everything continues to go well for you this time around. As far as movements, I normally start to notice them around 18 weeks, I think. It's been a while since I was last preggo, lol. Keep me posted ladies, have a good day. Oh yeah and I think morning sickness is gone. The only time I get sick is when If I don't eat for more than 3 hours. At the beginning I was on complete bed rest......

xEricaLynn - 35 days ago
@saudia ~ Congrats on your boy! We don't know what we are having yet. Haven't gotten this far with any of our 6 prior pregnancies. #7 here, hoping our little one still has a beating heart. Very anxious and scared about what the future holds, but also in awe that a life is growing inside me. Would love to be able to feel movement to reassure me that our baby is doing okay :-)

--saudia- - 35 days ago
I guess I'll start posting here, i'lI be 15 weeks in 2 days. So excited to chat with you ladies. I have been a member of this site for almost 8 years, since I was preggo with my 2nd child. He'll be be 8 years old soon. We found out at 13 weeks that this baby is a boy, through blood tests, also genetics test came back normal. Have a good day ladies....

xEricaLynn - 36 days ago
Congrats @maimai88! Yay! I'm so glad everything is working out for you :-)

maimai88 - 36 days ago
I had my 15 week appointment today, everything looked great! I have my big ultrasound set for March 19:) so excited!

xEricaLynn - 38 days ago
I might as well move here, since I'll be 15 weeks on 2/22. Haven't felt any movements yet. I'm on pregnancy #7, with six prior first trimester losses. Won't have another appointment until March 2, when, if God allows it to be, I can hopefully hear the heartbeat with doppler. It's so hard for me, not knowing how our baby is doing. It's too early to hear anything with my stethoscope either. And NO, I'm not buying or renting a home doppler. Anyway... Best of luck to you ladies.

faith-star-x - 39 days ago
Hi everyone first time I've posted during this pregnancy . This is our 6th baby and we found out Tuesday we are having a little boy :) hope everyone's feeling ok ? I've been feeling a few movements here and there but I've anterior placenta so not very strong just yet x

maimai88 - 39 days ago
So happy to be in week 15! We're all getting so much closer to the halfway point now:) Charcharsuperstar- so glad you had a great ultrasound appointment! I'm not feeling any movement yet...with my two girls, I started to notice movement at 16 weeks, so I'm hoping that next week I will starts feeling this bubs move. I have my 15-week appointment on Monday! I imagine then I will also get to set the date for the big ultrasound:)Hope everyone is having a great day!

charcharsuperstar - 41 days ago
Ultrasound today.. things look beautiful! Any mom's who have been preggers before starting to feel little thumps? I am! Usually at night when I lay down to go to bed.

soontobemommyof6 - 42 days ago
Dates moved, I'm now 15+3! Super excited, I'm almost at my half way point! ( my baby will be delivered once my cerclage is removed at 37 weeks). It is very quiet on here, I've been a member since 2009, and back then I could t keep up! I'm still close to about 20 of the ladies from that pregnancy, we have a fb group. My last preg, the boards were just like this, extremely quiet!

maimai88 - 43 days ago
I'm 14+4, but since its a bit quiet in week 14, I'm posting here as well! charcharsuperstar- it was the same way when I was pregnant with DD1 and DD2 ( 2011 and 2013)- super busy on this site. But it already began to taper off a bit in 2013...I think its because a lot of people join FB groups. I much prefer coming here though!

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