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You are 15 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 4 inches and she now weighs approximately 1.75 ounces. Your baby is close to the size of a softball and you can easily tell that you are pregnant now! If you wear maternity clothes or a swimming suit, other people will be able to tell that you are pregnant also. You can probably feel your uterus about three to four inches below your bellybutton.

Your baby, 25 weeks to go.....

If you do not yet have a due date, your doctor can easily determine an accurate due date based on the measurement of your baby's head. This is done by an ultrasound examination. Your doctor will be discussing upcoming tests and procedures with you around this time that are able to diagnose or confirm birth defects and other abnormalities.

Your baby is growing at an amazing rate and looking more like a human every day. Because your baby's skin is so thin, you are able to see blood vessels through the skin. Lanugo hair covers your baby's body, but it will be gone when your baby is born. The hair on the eyebrows and head continues to grow. Some babies are born with little or no hair and others have a head full of hair! If you have an ultrasound at this point, you might be able to see your baby sucking its thumb. Even though the eyes continue to move to the front of the face, they are still widely separated. Your baby's ears look like normal ears and continue to develop externally. The bones that have already formed continue to get harder and retain calcium. The baby is very mobile and flexible at this point. She can bend her arms at the elbows and wrists and she can also make a fist with her hands.

Comments on week 15

Comments 1-49 of about 613 from week 15
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alaina698 - 5 days ago
I'm not sure where to look to find your pic. I checked your profile but didn't see anything. - 5 days ago
Ultrasound photobook sorry ..titled 'leg shot boy or gir?!l' - 5 days ago
Hi ladies....iv not commented this pregnancy but with my first was on here daily so going to start checking in mor and was wondering if anyonr could do me a favour and guess the sex of my baby please?! Iv posted a piccy of the ultrasound in the 14week pregnancy photobool...its a leg shot titled boy or girl help...would be sooo happy if someone could help...the lady at the ultrasound was so unsure so im now constantly thinking about it! Going in sane!

alaina698 - 8 days ago
I pee every time I vomit. lol

jh1983 - 22 days ago
Mel I thought the same too, maybe you peed. Pretty much happens to me every time I throw up unless I have just gone to the bathroom.

lissie**** - 23 days ago
Mel, maybe you just peed? Sometimes that happens when prego and forceful like vomiting etc. Hope you are okay!! Laurensandtyesmomma// I have the ultersound on the 21st too. Seems like it's been FOREVER. Can't wait. Nervous about it too! ///deebo// yikes headaches :( //jh1983// LOL after the pregnancy you've had I don't blame you for detesting hot dogs etc and now you have 30! Your comment made me laugh

jh1983 - 23 days ago
No hotdogs or beef jerky or any meat for me, thank you! I will gladly go without it. I have my sons birthday party yesterday and we had 80 hotdogs with about 30 left over. I refuse to eat any of them. Ugh. Hope everyone is feeling better and not having issues.

laurentyesmomma - 25 days ago
15 weeks still having awful morning sickness every morning, but I have more energy. Feeling baby move for a few weeks now which is cool, I'm hoping doctor books my gender u/s at my next apt on the 21st I really just want to see my baby since I wasn't shown the screen at my 8 week one

brittplus3 - 25 days ago
Mel- did you end up going to the doc? I hope everything is okay!

deebo - 25 days ago
Finally had my first real obsetrical visit. I just was referred to a doctor where I live, and She's pretty awesome. I haven't felt movement yet.. I didn't start feeling my girls until 20 weeks with my first and 16 weeks with my second.. This pregnancy has been rough! I've been so sick.. last night I had some hotdogs WORST IDEA EVER. Nitrates. OMFG. Now I'm down with a migraine. I had Bacon a few days ago, and noticed I got a headache from it too, and I was thinking maybe I have a pork allergy... aghh never had issues before with nitrates, No more beef jerky, hotdogs, or bacon for me! Lmao, so sad. When will the morning sickness end, lol..

mel90 - 26 days ago
Need a help Iwas tthrowing up and had a gush wat felt like water come out should I be worried

lissie**** - 27 days ago
Jh// hope you feel baby soon too. Glad you are off the Zofran pump that's great! Hopefully you will feel even better soon. I have been so so much better that when I am feeing m/s I'm like, what, dang it! And I'm gaining the weight I lost back. and this time in my belly not my bum ha ha! ;)

lissie**** - 27 days ago
Kathy// glad they did the ultrasound. It's okay if you aren't feeling baby. It really is harder to feel when that dang placenta is in front! Mine has been in front every time but the first! I didn't feel my 3rd for a while longer like 18+ weeks. I think? I hope you feel baby soon.

kathy=^.^= - 27 days ago
My dr told me since my plcenta is in the front that it is probably absorbing most of the kicks. I keep laying on my back too.

jh1983 - 27 days ago
I haven't felt any movement yet. This is my third. I don't think I started feeling movement with my second until around 18 weeks. I keep forgetting not to sleep on my back. That has been pretty hard on me. I need to put a tennis ball on my back so I don't forget :)

kathy=^.^= - 28 days ago
My dr appt was good the dr did do an u/s but just to look at the baby he did no measurements or nothing then he asked me if I was feeling the baby move and I haven't yet so that made me nervous anyone feeling baby move?

jh1983 - 28 days ago
Had another dr visit yesterday. Baby heart rate was 156 and everything is getting better. I haven't been on my zofran pump since Monday morning, but I did almost have an incident this morning in which my floor became covered in vomit. It was barely controlled. Feeling a little better now and need to remember to keep my zofran pills handy tomorrow morning. Yay week 15!!!

lissie**** - 30 days ago
Thinking about you Kathy! Seriously my <3 goes out to you and your stress. Hope they do an u/s!!! You legitimately need one. Hearing the hb will be good too :)

jh1983 - 31 days ago
Kathy// let us know how the appt goes. I'm assuming you will get an U/S??

kathy=^.^= - 31 days ago
Made it to week 15! Get to go to the dr in the morning. Hope everyone is doing good

Juliemom24 - 34 days ago
I second Nordstrom. They have great nursing bras!

begin.again - 36 days ago
Thank you!

lissie**** - 36 days ago

lissie**** - 36 days ago

begin.again - 36 days ago
I know what you mean (mommy2mason) about the duct tape. Sometimes I want to tape mine down. I agree and I've said it for awhile now tops don't look the right when you have big boobs. I can't even look down to see my belly moving because all I see are my boobs! Lissie- I looked online yesterday at Dillard's to see if they have my size and they have two that might fit. I'll have to check out nordstorms. Other than those two I don't know where to go.

mommy2mason - 37 days ago
Perhaps duct tape is the key... it's very tempting right now - cheap and supportive. I feel like everyone I talk to just stares at my chest. Every top is 'sexual' looking with a large chest - even a turtle neck!

lissie**** - 37 days ago
Mine are sore this pregnancy too. Just purchased a bra online and it is a size too small grr. I'm wearing it though. I also have to order mine b/c my rib cage is very small and my bbs are not. Hate it..Nordstrom has bigger sizes if you live near one you can try there! I don't live near that store any more though ;/

Juliemom24 - 37 days ago
I'm still in my nursing bras from last pregnancy. My 19 month old just weaned herself. I haven't had any soreness in my breast yet and I was attributing that to breastfeeding but I guess that's not it if you are sore and breastfeeding, anxiousmami. I finally broke down after I had DD and bought some good bras after the ones from Motherhood Maternity weren't cutting it. Best investment ever!

begin.again - 38 days ago
Mommy2Mason- I'm normally an H cup but they don't fit me anymore. I'm assuming I'm an I cup now but I don't know. I had tried on an XL breast feeding/ pregnancy bra at target and it did fit but it wasn't enough support so I didn't buy it. That was two weeks ago I doubt it would fit me now. Bras are really expensive. I'm sure I'm going to pay $80-100 for a new one. I wonder if Motherhood has bras in my size? I've always had big boobs and a small frame but pregnancy makes my boob grow galore. With my first I went from a full c cup to an F cup. I don't want them to get any bigger than they already are!

mommy2mason - 38 days ago
begin.again - I am normally a 36DDD (The biggest size at Victoria Secret and most department stores). I refuse to buy new bras because they are so damn expensive, and having a large chest and huge bras is embarrassing :( I went to Walmart and purchased three sports bras in a 40 to wear over my normal bras. They give me the support I need and help hold everything in place :) Wearing just a sports bra is not enough support.

begin.again - 38 days ago
I've been wearing sports bra lately. Mine are swollen to the point where they're perkier than usual. I can't fit into any of my bras anymore and I need to buy new ones but I'm not sure if I can find my size in the stores.

shaym007 - 38 days ago
My boobs actually stopped being so sore, and so swollen!! My husband noticed they haven't grown at which is weird... With my first it was like 26 weeks, with my second it was about wed, under 20 weeks, somewhere in the teens I started leaking, my dr suggests always wearing a tight bra, like sports bra, when it rubs like a shirt or whatever, it causes it to start leaking, so just wear so ething tight fitting for a bra, haven't started leaking yet this pregnancy

begin.again - 39 days ago
My boobs are really sore (than usual) and my nipples are tender. Around 15 weeks (I'm not 15 weeks anymore) I noticed that I was leaking milk/colostrum. Anyone else have this happen yet?

anxiousmami - 40 days ago
So am I the only one who just started the insane breast tenderness? They hurt so bad, and I'm actively still nursing my 19mon old. I am still very tired and get headaches often...I just these annoying things to go away so I can just enjoy this pregnancy. Blah

letroise11 - 41 days ago
Babies-r-us has a fetal heart monitor but it says best for third trimester.

lissie**** - 41 days ago
Online will probably be cheaper but i am sure you can go to the store and get one if you want it asap. Maybe babies-r-us?

shaym007 - 41 days ago
I got my Doppler from Craigslist ... But I got a sonoline B doppler.. I know there are a few places Including eBay you can get them from, but I don't remember the exact website for the sonoline b.. Just google it and til come up. I thought it was fertility clinic or something I dunno

begin.again - 41 days ago
Where can I buy a Doppler?

Juliemom24 - 41 days ago
begin.again- I agree with almostebony. Get the doppler! Worry stinks but I'm sure that everything will be okay! //meggz- You have your ultrasound next week? Lucky!

begin.again - 42 days ago
Almostebony- I've been looking for a doppler but I haven't found out yet. My S/O said he will buy it for me I just need to tell him where to get it from. Where di you get your doppler from? I was having a really hard time last night. I got a call first things this morning from my doctor with my lab results. All my labs came back normal (they checked for DS & other abnormalities) :D That literally made my day and that phone call was heaven sent because I needed that. Sorry to hear about the subchorionic hemorrhage--I know just how terrify that can be. I hope you have a great rest of your pregnancy.

almostebony - 42 days ago
Awww. I'm sorry things are so tough this time around. And hey, at least you made it this far, yeah? Maybe you should get a doppler to listen to the baby. I had a subchronic hemorrhage in my first trimester that I worried about, so I got a little heart monitor so I could hear the baby when I started to get worried. It helps a lot to hear the baby's heartbeat.

begin.again - 42 days ago
I'm having a tough time right now. I'm really emotional. I wish I could have an ultrasound right now so I could see my baby. All I want is to have a healthy baby and a safe delivery. I've loss a child before and I'm scared it is going to happen again!!! :( my doctor told me that it wouldn't but he doesn't honestly know that for sure! I'm terrified of having a girl because I don't want to feel like I'm 'replacing' the child I lost. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this because my friends don't know I'm pregnant, none of my family members do except for my mom, and my S/O doesn't know about the loss. Nobody knows because I'm worried what happened last time will happen again and it is better for me if no one knows in case something does happen. I have a fetal echo and a level 2 ultrasound next month but it feels like forever!!! I want my due date to be here already so I can hold my baby and not have to worry. Also I hate that I had a c-section last time because now it had limited the number of children I can have and I'm scared about having a third c-section. I guess it was meant for me to have a second c-section because I couldn't imagine giving delivery my child after she had pass. :( this is the first successful pregnancy I've had since the loss. In the past my babies didn't make it pass 7 weeks.

begin.again - 42 days ago
I ha a blood test done for gender and blood test done for other things (down sydrome and other things). I haven't got the results back.

shaym007 - 42 days ago
The blood test is supposed to be 99% accurate because they are checking baby's DNA

letroise11 - 42 days ago
Took blood test for gender. Wondering how accurate test is?

meggz - 42 days ago
Im not making any guesses on gender over here because I will be finding out in one week! Yay!!!

meggz - 43 days ago
Im not making any guesses on gender over here because I will be finding out in one week! Yay!!!

lissie**** - 47 days ago
Intelligender looks like it might be either girl or boy.. but I think it is more of a girl result.

lissie**** - 47 days ago
maybe if you are tall it will help with belly size. One of my bff wa an 85 pound woman and just about 5'tall...and she had twin boys 6-7 pounds... he tummy was really big as you might imagine!

mommy2mason - 49 days ago
emily - I really, really hope that isn't the case for me!

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