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You are 15 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 4 inches and she now weighs approximately 1.75 ounces. Your baby is close to the size of a softball and you can easily tell that you are pregnant now! If you wear maternity clothes or a swimming suit, other people will be able to tell that you are pregnant also. You can probably feel your uterus about three to four inches below your bellybutton.

Your baby, 25 weeks to go.....

If you do not yet have a due date, your doctor can easily determine an accurate due date based on the measurement of your baby's head. This is done by an ultrasound examination. Your doctor will be discussing upcoming tests and procedures with you around this time that are able to diagnose or confirm birth defects and other abnormalities.

Your baby is growing at an amazing rate and looking more like a human every day. Because your baby's skin is so thin, you are able to see blood vessels through the skin. Lanugo hair covers your baby's body, but it will be gone when your baby is born. The hair on the eyebrows and head continues to grow. Some babies are born with little or no hair and others have a head full of hair! If you have an ultrasound at this point, you might be able to see your baby sucking its thumb. Even though the eyes continue to move to the front of the face, they are still widely separated. Your baby's ears look like normal ears and continue to develop externally. The bones that have already formed continue to get harder and retain calcium. The baby is very mobile and flexible at this point. She can bend her arms at the elbows and wrists and she can also make a fist with her hands.

Comments on week 15

Comments 1-49 of about 725 from week 15
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KristinaA - 10 days ago
Hi Theresaporter. We're not a terribly active group anymore. I think most of the forum moved to FB. But welcome nonetheless!

theresaporter - 11 days ago
Hello everyone! I used this forum with my last pregnancy-which was about 5 years ago-made some very good friends. Hope to make more! I am expecting baby #3, I hope everyone is doing well :)

supermom87 - 30 days ago
Yeah I hope so too and sunshine I have been going through same thing and my baby still had heart beat in the hospital tho I quit feeling movement hope that is some reassurance that it don't always mean something bad

babylove5 - 30 days ago
Congrats Mandy on your boy!! I cant get over all the boys! Supermom hopefully it's just where you were sick.

Sunshinebaby8 - 30 days ago
Is everyone feeling the baby move now? I was.. and now I don't feel it anymore. I know it is okay.. but still a little unnerving.

supermom87 - 30 days ago
My Bp dropped down to 60/30something and my heart rate was 33 the heart specialist wants to make sure it was just dehydration that caused it all and not a underlying heart condition that could be potentially deadly so I can be healthy enough to have my C-section done and healthy enough to carry my baby to term kinda feel like this pregnancy is getting extra special care I still feel on edge bout new things but at the same I feel like I can breathe cause I got so many doctors doing everything they can to help me keep this pregnancy I am trying to dig and find faith that me and this baby will be ok

pumpkinfairy - 30 days ago
welcome sunshine! I work retail thank God nobody rubs my belly yet lol dont think I would like that too much .hope everyone is well, been feeling Miles moving alot specially toward the evening. off to week 16 tomorrow see you all there :)

mandykat760 - 31 days ago
It's been confirmed we are having a boy. I'm over the moon! I'm officially excited about having a baby now. Hurry up April!

Babylove5 - 32 days ago
Supermom why do you have to see a heart specialist?

Sunshinebaby8 - 32 days ago
Hello everyone. I wanted to say hello and congrats to all!! Having a baby is such wonderful thing!!! We are welcoming baby number 8!! this will be our last one! I have four boys and three girls!! Just wanted to introduce myself. Hope everyone is feeling well!

sher-baby - 33 days ago
That's kind of funny supama...hopefully ur not too upset about telling ur boss. I get my belly rubbed the time at work!!! I wish I could charge for it! Lol ha!!

supama - 33 days ago
So, a lady asked me yesterday at the harvest festival if she could touch my belly...i guess i need to tell my boss tomorrow. Man, we havent told anyone yet. JUST sent pic announcements to family yesterday. Ahhhhhh!!!!

supermom87 - 34 days ago
I'm doing so much better been hectic I'm getting released from the hospital today I'm ecstatic I have to see a heart specialist as an outpatient once I get out of here didn't know it was that serious but I do now and I gotta start getting progesterone shots so this makes me have to see 2 specialists and my ob

babylove5 - 34 days ago
I felt the first good kick this morning! I still don't feel the little movements when listening with my Doppler. He must have to kick really hard for me to feel it.

babylove5 - 34 days ago
I hope you are doing better supermom.

supermom87 - 35 days ago
I haven't found out what I'm having yet when the hospital did ultrasound baby's legs were crossed and baby wouldn't move to a position to try and see what were having

Dec Baby - 35 days ago
Haha...babylove5! I have 6 girls and 2 boys and you are sooo right!! It's so true about the banging and crashing of toys:)) But I love them all the same! Congrats to those on blue team:)

halesss7410 - 35 days ago
I originally wanted to be surprised but I have a friend that scans me and it was too tempting. It would have been epic though already having two girks and getting our boy, but I'm glad I found out because u have nothing for a boy and we don't have family that would have bought a whole lot so we would have had to buy stuff immediately. Plus, I get to plan a boy nursery and prep for a boy! How fun. If only we could pick a name. We are both stuck. The Chinese calendar was correct for all 3 and also other signs that were diff in comparison to my girls.

sher-baby - 36 days ago
Lost of boys!!! I'm Kmfx that we to get a healthy baby boy too!!

machala-b - 36 days ago
Congrats babylove on your Lil prince!!

babylove5 - 36 days ago
Congrats machala and pumpkin on your boys! I will say that my boys are all mommas boys but they have destroyed my house! They bang their cars on the wood furniture. Plus they slide down the rail and mess up the paint. I also don't recommend football unless you are ready to spend a lot of time at practice. They are awesome though!

sher-baby - 36 days ago
Oh and duh!! Congrats on ur baby boy!

sher-baby - 36 days ago
Oh I hope I can wait!! We usually only get 1 u/s during pregnancy unless they fear something is wrong or I can pay to have as long as I minimize the temptation (ie. only the 1 u/s), I should be able to do it!!!

babylove5 - 36 days ago
Sher I will be surprised if you can wait! Most people give in and find out. My mom didn't find out with my sister, and she only had a boy name picked out at birth. I am going to wash all my baby clothes and put them up until he gets here.

babylove5 - 36 days ago
It's a boy!!! I can't believe everybody is having boys, I wonder if they can tell sooner with boys. He was asleep and she shook him with the probe to see between his legs. She took one blurry shot!

sher-baby - 36 days ago
I agree dec baby! Sometimes I want to know but Then I decided that I REALLY don't want to know!!! It will be hard during any scan not to ask or even look to see if I see anything!! So far everything we have bought has been neutral color. And I plan on keeping it that way! :-)

Dec Baby - 36 days ago
Hi, just crashing in from week 18;) We've decided to have a surprise too! My scan is next will be hard not to ask, but I agree with you sherbaby! This will be one surprise worth waiting for:))

sher-baby - 36 days ago
Congrats ladies on having healthy lil baby's and also on finding out the gender!!

sher-baby - 36 days ago
Hi ladies, I tried 2 different Chinese gender predictors one said boy and one said girl :-/ lol (sorry lexy-b if that totally screws up ur plan! ) we don't plan on finding out the gender!! I know, DH thinks it's crazy to! I kind of want to be surprised! There Are not too many good surprises in life, so I want to be able to enjoy atleast 1 good surprise in my life :-). Anyone else letting the gender be a surprise or am I the only crazy one?? Lol

machala-b - 36 days ago
Lexy-b mine matched up with it, maybe there's some truth to it

machala-b - 36 days ago
Pumpkinfairy that's great news, congrats on the baby boy Im having a boy as well and couldn't be more excited as I already have a little girl. n hope u feel better soon.

lexy-b - 36 days ago
I'm so jealous some of you know what you're having! My ultrasound isn't until Nov. 6th.... It's been booked for only 2 weeks & already feels like forever. Does your babies gender match up with the chinese calander? Lol

pumpkinfairy - 36 days ago
hi ladies cant believe week 15 already. had my harmony test and babys perfectly healthy and a boy :) hope you all are doing ok, I been hit with a very nasty cold, I been coughing so hard I think I pulled a muscle near my ribs

machala-b - 37 days ago
babylove, the ultrasound tech says she is convinced its a boy. From my ultrasound pic its really no denying it if u know what I mean, lol...

babylove5 - 37 days ago
Machala have you found out what you're having?

machala-b - 37 days ago
15 weeks 2day yay!! This pregnancy is moving right along everything's going well, my little prince is doing awesome in there Thank God!! How are you ladies??

babylove5 - 37 days ago
Floy I am glad things are going well for you! I go tomorrow to the dr for a check up. The ultra sound tech told me to drop by tomorrow and she will look to see if it's a boy or girl!!I hope she can see something! I will flip out if its a girl. I have everything for boys.

floydianslip2 - 38 days ago
Well, I had my dr apt today, it went really well! Seems I have a stubborn baby in there because it wouldn’t cooperate for the Doppler again and it took them 4 minutes to find it! She could hear it echoing and said that the baby was “running” from it. We finally found it hiding behind my bladder. HB today was 157. So all is well, my BP is still in normal ranges, and my 24 hour urine test came back good, but I have to repeat it at the end of the 2nd trimester to make sure levels are all normal. And three weeks from today we find out the gender of our little peanut! I can’t wait!

halesss7410 - 38 days ago
Dopplers are def a lifesaver!! I use it daily, but literally for no more than 1 min tops. I've read things about them and my dr said they are great for peace of mind but dint just leave it on the heartbeat. I usually move it around to hear kicks. I feel kicks, more than flutters, but it's far between. I felt some this morning (3:30am) but I couldn't focus on them because my 1 yr old woke up- that's prob why I'm not feeling as many...always distracted. I look pregnant- nice round, all tummy belly, but I feel like baby is so small and low. He will be growing soon.... Can't wait!

halesss7410 - 38 days ago
Dopplers are def a lifesaver!! I use it daily, but literally for no more than 1 min tops. I've read things about them and my dr said they are great for peace of mind but dint just leave it on the heartbeat. I usually move it around to hear kicks. I feel kicks, more than flutters, but it's far between. I felt some this morning (3:30am) but I couldn't focus on them because my 1 yr old woke up- that's prob why I'm not feeling as many...always distracted. I look pregnant- nice round, all tummy belly, but I feel like baby is so small and low. He will be growing soon.... Can't wait!

floydianslip2 - 39 days ago
Ladies, I’m in the same boat with the movement. I’ve felt it a few times, and then it seemed to just stop. So naturally over the weekend I ended up convincing myself that something is wrong, ha ha! Good thing DH is a very level headed person and managed to convince me otherwise. Maybe I should get a Doppler too… I’d talked myself out of it because this is my last baby, and they’re so expensive. But now I want one!

bean79 - 39 days ago
halesss7410 and RJean: I'm 15 weeks just today with my 4th baby. I looked back at a journal I kept with my 2nd, and it said I felt movement at 15 weeks. I don't remember with my third, but was probably around 15-16 weeks. With this one, I THINK I have felt tiny movements, but I'm honestly not positive, so I'm trying to be patient and not thinking about it too much. It will be soon! :) And no way can you feel it from the outside yet, so nothing to worry about there. I'm sure there are the rare people who can, but that is not typical. What's really cool is listening with the doppler and hearing the baby kicking, and trying to see if I can feel what I hear. That's the only times I've been pretty sure I've felt baby. This is one of the most exciting times though...knowing you will feel baby soon!

RJean - 40 days ago
I'm right there with you on movement. I have felt baby maybe twice, and I still question if that was true movement or not. I am also on baby number three and I really thought that I would feel honest continual movement by now. It'll come soon (and in spades) and I keep telling myself that in four months I'll be desperate to sleep without being woken up by a rolling baby...still, I really want to feel the baby now. :)

halesss7410 - 40 days ago
How many of y'all are really feeling movement? Mine isn't all the time- worries me even though I have a Doppler. It says on one app that next week husband should be able to feel movement too and I'm like? Ummm.... I dint even feel it and this is number 3. I can't wait I guess, impatient.

RJean - 40 days ago
I'm right there on the SUV train as well. We just got a Yukon...although I do miss the gas mileage of my former car, it's great to have more room.

BethQ - 41 days ago
Hahaha, it's funny you should mention SUV'S. My husband was just saying we'll have to get a bus next, since this baby fills ours!

halesss7410 - 41 days ago
Wow! An svu is next on our list! Lol my car is small with two kids, but it's paid off and I hate car notes:-/ so I'm ok to wait until after the holidays. I had the ultrasound, he is still a boy! Yay- and he looked even sweeter than the week before:) I got a couple of cute profile pics - so sweet! I can't wait to start getting the nursery together, but first I need to finish painting the living and dining room. My next u/s is at 19 weeks and then I have my dr appt at 20. It seems everything us going to fast, prob because I have to much to get done!!!!!! I'm about to get up and start getting my house together- I have a friend dropping off baby clothes I loaned her that I'll go through and give away. It's going to be hard saying buy to the cute outfits:( I'll miss the girl stuff but I'm happy to get to go a diff direction, blue:) I think I'll keep my fav outfits of the girls:) maybe incorporate them in a quilt or something

floydianslip2 - 42 days ago
Halesss, enjoy! I’m on pins and needles for my next u/s. Keep us posted on how the little guy is doing in there! I’ve had Braxton hicks over the past couple of days too, but I majorly over did it at work… I’ve just been drinking lots of water, staying down as much as possible, and trying not to stress. Congrats on the new house, that’s awesome! We just got a new car yesterday, traded in the 4 door sedan for an SUV with lots more room in it, which we definitely need now. So I’m pretty excited.

floydianslip2 - 42 days ago
Beth, to be honest, I’m not convinced that his doctor is on the right path. I’m familiar with the symptoms, and his aren’t nearly as severe as they can get. His doctor wants to look into it as a possibility and said if he has it it’s a mild case. Now I’m not an expert by any means, but I don’t know if there is such a thing as a mild case when it comes to ODD! I think in my son’s case it’s all ADHD combined with changing hormones. I definitely feel for you, I have a close friend who’s 16 year old ODD and she’s had to battle with many of the same things you’re talking about, and has the same fears! Her son has shown a lot of improvement over the past year though, and she’s very hopeful that the doctors are right about kids growing out of it. Hang in there!

halesss7410 - 42 days ago
Hey hey! I'm going in for another ultrasound today to make sure it's a boy still!! Lol I'm excited- I'm going to drink some Starbucks before my appt in hopes that baby boy isn't so mellow and opens his legs a little more:) haha My brain has been getting the best of me:( I forgot to pay my directtv bill! Yikes! I never forget stuff like that- I feel the need to write stuff down all the time. It's like my brain is in a fog! I've also been nesting. I'm not sure if it's nesting or me just catching up on cleaning that I have been lax on for the last 3 months. I feel great nkw and have a lot to do:) we just bought a house in the country and it needs paint and little updates inside, plus I want to get a fall garden started or at least till down my summer garden and cover it for next year. My husband works a lot and I dint get as much done as I hope to. I'm learning to just take my time. I've been having a few Braxton hicks in my uterus about 1 min apart and they last until I can relax and drink a ton of water. I think I overdid myself moving furniture. It stinks to have a ton to do, plus chase around my toddler and plan the day around my older daughter being in -1st grade. I tend to overdo myself in such a short window of time and I need to stop that:) Ok- I'm going to shower and her ready to make a trip to town!

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