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You are 18 weeks pregnant.

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Thumb-sucking at 18 weeks....

By week 18 of your pregnancy, your baby's crown-to-rump length is 5 to 5.5 inches long. Your baby continues to develop fat layers and weighs about 5.25 ounces. Your baby will continue to grow and develop, but the rapid growth will slow down for a little while. You will be able to feel your uterus just below your bellybutton. If you put your fingers sideways to measure, you can feel your uterus about two finger-widths below your bellybutton. At this point of your pregnancy, your uterus is approximately the size of a cantaloupe. Although weight gain varies from woman to woman, your total weight gain at this point should be 10 to 13 pounds.

At this time if you had an ultrasound, heart abnormalities can be detected. If the ultrasound technician detects abnormalities, further ultrasound exams may be ordered to follow the baby's development. There is still space available in your uterus and your baby will be active for periods at a time. Your baby may sit cross legged or turn somersaults.

Around this time, your baby becomes more sensitive to the outside world and shows her presence through powerful kicks and prods. The bones through which sound is passed to the inner ear have hardened and the parts of the brain that receives and processes nerve signals from the ears are developing. This means that your baby can hear now. Your baby will get used to familiar sounds, such as your heart beating, familiar voices, blood rushing through the umbilical cord and other daily routine sounds. Your baby will become startled if he hears a loud sound.

If you have a stethoscope at home, you can now hear the baby's heartbeat yourself.

Comments on week 18

Comments 1-49 of about 902 from week 18
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stephysbaby - 2 days ago
Hello week 18...loralb congrats on your baby girl!! said you bet it was a girl you were right!!I have 2 girls myself and sister bond is sooo cute!!..was your pregnancys the same with both of your daughters and diff with your son??

loralb - 4 days ago
It's a GIRL! Great, now we'll have three moody divas and two poor boys dressed up in tutus and tiaras. So excited!

patiently waiting - 13 days ago
COngrats on your baby girl! I am hoping for a boy this time to even out my numbers...2 boys and 2 girls would be perfect. I keep trying to explain that i wouldnt be really disappointed if it is a girl because obviously i'd love her...but, i would be disappointed if it isn't a boy...because thats what i want.

Chicanita7 - 14 days ago
I just found out I'm having a Girl! Which was exactly what I was hoping for! Good luck to everyone, I hope everyone gets what they want too! ♡♡♡

Pinkbowstinytoes - 44 days ago
Congrats on all your genders... I'm holding out for the surprise.

cnjsmum - 50 days ago
hey kristi, i get quite a few flutters when im laying still on the couch at night, thats a bout it right now. can't wait till it gets stronger and i can feel it all day long!

KristiW - 51 days ago
I am feeling this baby move all the time now! Anybody else?

mamaford77 - 52 days ago
Aw, that's great! I really thought this one would be a girl, but I was totally wrong lol. MY youngest daughter is 11 and she actually started crying when we told her she's getting ANOTHER brother. Poor thing lol.

KristiW - 53 days ago
Congrats Mamaford!!!!! I just found out I am having a baby girl!!! This will make it my 3rd girl!!! We fell blessed:)

mamaford77 - 53 days ago
It's a BOY!!!! I am so excited! That makes 4 boys, 2 girls for me. :-) I have my ultrasound next week to confirm the blood test, but results are supposed to be 99.5% accurate, so I feel pretty confident that it's a boy. :-)

KristinaA - 56 days ago
Tomorrow is the big day. Excited for the ultrasound. I've been worried about the baby b/c I've been sick, but I'm finally starting to feel flutters, so that makes me feel better. I've only gained 3 lbs. And I came back from an all inclusive vacation where I figured I would have gained 5 lbs in one week.

mamaford77 - 57 days ago
Still don't know gender, but I'm hitting up a big sale today at my local consignment shop. Hoping to score some cloth diapers!

KristinaA - 58 days ago
Anyone else finding out gender this week? We will be (hopefully) on Monday!

supermom87 - 74 days ago
Thank you 😊

lexy-b - 74 days ago
Congratulation Supermom!!! Go team pink!

supermom87 - 75 days ago
Thanks 😇

babylove5 - 75 days ago
Supermom congrats on your little girl!!

sher-baby - 75 days ago
Mandy- me too! Just for me DH is never home when baby is going nuts!! Then I'm sure he/she tires them self out and sleeps for hrs! Lol so DH hasn't been able to feel it yet.

mandykat760 - 75 days ago
Sorry I've been MIA. I'm happy to report I can now feel kicks on the outside and my husband has been able to feel them.

supermom87 - 76 days ago
Found out today my cervix is normal length and we are having a Girl 😁

sher-baby - 76 days ago
Sunshine-I know!!! Growing a human being is hard work, I must say! Lol

Sunshinebaby8 - 76 days ago
I am soooooooooooo tired today... ugh. I am tired of being

supermom87 - 76 days ago
Oh and my youngest says the baby is going to be a girl lol guess we will see eventually

supermom87 - 76 days ago
Finally felt a good kick lol my youngest felt it too he was holding my belly and talking to the baby and the baby started kicking he jumped up said the baby kicked me haha so sweet he was just as excited as me about feeling the baby move

sher-baby - 77 days ago
So I don't feel a lot of kicks through out the days...maybe 3 times, if that. But does anyon feel a complete shift from the baby??? Omg...I feel this lil guy/gal move from one side to the next or from the top to the bottom and sometimes it almost takes my breath away, the feeling is sooo drastic!!! I hope that's normal but boy oh boy...for only weighing apprx 5oz. This baby knows how to throw his/her weight around!

babylove5 - 77 days ago
Congrats lexyb! It seemed like everybody was having boys, it will be fun to dress a little girl! I always loved doing the bows and dresses.

supermom87 - 77 days ago
I'm hoping to find out what I am having tomorrow I'm only going in for them to check the length of my cervix but I got my fingers crossed that just maybe we will see what we're having its a long shot but still got hope

sher-baby - 77 days ago
Congrats lexy! The first girl I think in a few weeks!! There has been lots of boys.

lexy-b - 78 days ago
We are having a little GIRL!!!!

babylove5 - 78 days ago
Supama I forgot to send prayers for you and your healing, renewal, and strength during the grieving process. I pray that will come. I was sad that freak accident happened to you. I hope you conceive again quick if you wish.

lexy-b - 79 days ago
supama I'm sorry to hear about your baby, my heart goes out to you & your family. - 79 days ago
Supama, I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you during this tough time. Praying for your comfort and peace. - 79 days ago
Thank you ladies, I have felts some more little kicks/punches today! I just have to be patient! :-) He/She had a strong heart beat of 154 at my last appt 2 weeks ago...I have my gender u/s on 11/20!

babylove5 - 79 days ago
Machala I had my hubby take some nude pregnant photos for me. If you look online at the pregnant photos a lot of them are that way. I was covered so you couldn't see anything inappropriate but it was beautiful because you get full effect. The ones at the photo studio were pretty with the women in night gowns looking out a window.

babylove5 - 79 days ago
Supama Im so sorry. I hope you are holding up ok and your hubby is back soon.

sher-baby - 79 days ago
Machala-I've been thinking about getting maternity photos done, I'm thinking maybe towards the end of feb?!?...I don't know because I've never don't them before bit I'm assuming we'd have a good size bump by then..

supermom87 - 80 days ago
Supama sorry to hear it 😢 well wishes and speedy healing physically and emotionally and you get back to ttc soon as you're ready if you wish to take care

supama - 80 days ago
Lost baby this week.had to have an U/S today at my reg dr appt, and no heartbeat. Admitting me Sat to induce me. Said it looked like cord, and just happened in the last couple days. <3broken, but just wanted to share. My honey is out of town for work. This sucks.

supermom87 - 80 days ago
Felt the first little kick today 😏

babylove5 - 80 days ago
I think my lil guy has his days and nights mixed up. He starts kicking in the morning once I'm up and moving it seems to put him to sleep. At 9pm when I sit down he starts again. I better sleep while he is still small... Lol I know with my last baby he would start kicking as soon as I got in bed and he would keep me up. After he was born he still had his days and nights confused. I had to work hard to keep him up during the day.

supermom87 - 81 days ago
I still haven't felt any movement just gas I will be 18wks tomorrow but the baby has a strong heart beat

sher-baby - 81 days ago
I agree spacy!! I just started feeling mine. I also feel mine when I have an empty stomach and lay flat on my back. I can very easily feel my uterus and I feel baby shifting from one spot to another....if he/she's awake.

babylove5 - 81 days ago
Hi staci! I don't feel mine often normally twice a day. I normally feel him in the morning when I'm lying in bed with a full bladder. I also feel him at night when I drink chocolate milk or hot tea. I wouldn't worry until yours gets bigger and their kicks are noticeable. If you felt them everyday and then you didn't it could be something to check out or maybe they sleep during the day and stay up at night. - 81 days ago
Hi Everyone! I am new here! Well, I was on here with my last two babies, but they are now 3 (almost 4) and 5 (almost 6). I am 18 1/2 weeks pregnant. I feel like I should be feeling baby move more than I am, but I am also bigger than I was with the first two so maybe he/she just has more room and I dont feel it as much yet. Should I be concerned? Are you ladies feeling your little bundle a lot?

supermom87 - 81 days ago
I lost baby last year 17 1/2 weeks they were able to tell me it was boy I had a natural birth then d&C it does leave you feeling empty even if you already have kids my Dr told me my baby quit growing but they couldn't tell me why just something was most likely wrong with the baby took me a year to wanna try again and every little thing I get jumpy and I stay nervous and scared now my heart goes out to you I've been there it's not easy losing a baby at any stage

lexy-b - 82 days ago
mayathebee I am so sorry too :( I can't imagine what you're going through right now. My heart is breaking for you.

babylove5 - 83 days ago
Mayathabee I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage a while ago but I can't imagine losing the baby so far along. My cousin lost her baby at 38 weeks and it was due to the cord getting wrapped around her neck. Sometimes the unexplainable happens like the cord. I hope you have support and conceive again quickly if you would like.

mayathebee - 83 days ago
I lost my baby, was 18 weeks pregnant. The doctor said he does not know what went wrong. I had the baby removed October the 31st. I am not myself... I am empty... and life has not taste... I do have 2 beautiful children... but the emptiness is inevitable.

floydianslip2 - 83 days ago
Babylove, I don’t know, I am leaning towards thinking it’s a boy for some reason… Maybe because I’m sort of afraid to have a girl, lol! Either way I don’t have a set preference because there are great things about both genders! I love the duck outfits, they are so cute. I’m going to laugh because I saved so many outfits from my boys that if this is a girl she’s going to be wearing a lot of blue!

babylove5 - 83 days ago
Floy I bet you will be the first one on here to have a girl. If it's another boy then I will be surprised! It's 55 in TN and Gatlinburg had a record snow fall last night. I started shopping for clothes for the baby wven though I have everything. I bought the cutest yellow duck outfit with a duck hat and slippers. I have all blue from my three boys so I have to buy some yellow and green just to change the outfits up. I really like the yellow for spring!

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