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You are 18 weeks pregnant.

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Thumb-sucking at 18 weeks....

By week 18 of your pregnancy, your baby's crown-to-rump length is 5 to 5.5 inches long. Your baby continues to develop fat layers and weighs about 5.25 ounces. Your baby will continue to grow and develop, but the rapid growth will slow down for a little while. You will be able to feel your uterus just below your bellybutton. If you put your fingers sideways to measure, you can feel your uterus about two finger-widths below your bellybutton. At this point of your pregnancy, your uterus is approximately the size of a cantaloupe. Although weight gain varies from woman to woman, your total weight gain at this point should be 10 to 13 pounds.

At this time if you had an ultrasound, heart abnormalities can be detected. If the ultrasound technician detects abnormalities, further ultrasound exams may be ordered to follow the baby's development. There is still space available in your uterus and your baby will be active for periods at a time. Your baby may sit cross legged or turn somersaults.

Around this time, your baby becomes more sensitive to the outside world and shows her presence through powerful kicks and prods. The bones through which sound is passed to the inner ear have hardened and the parts of the brain that receives and processes nerve signals from the ears are developing. This means that your baby can hear now. Your baby will get used to familiar sounds, such as your heart beating, familiar voices, blood rushing through the umbilical cord and other daily routine sounds. Your baby will become startled if he hears a loud sound.

If you have a stethoscope at home, you can now hear the baby's heartbeat yourself.

Comments on week 18

Comments 1-49 of about 849 from week 18
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1st.time.momma - 11.9 hours ago
Headed off to week 19 tomorrow. Time is just flying by.

1st.time.momma - 4 days ago
Week 18 yay...just a few more and I get to see my princess again!

Dec Baby - 7 days ago
Hello week 18!! I'm so tired...from morning to night aww...I'm still waiting for my second trimester boost!! - 50 days ago
klawest2 - Sounds great thank you! Off to week 19 today!

klawest2 - 50 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

NICOLA2010 - 50 days ago i see u in week 19 tommrow.. yay.. almost ultrasound time.. whens ur next ultrasound?

NICOLA2010 - 50 days ago
konepich... wow well well.. like i said dont expext girl.. he will loobe a brotber im sure.. bet u would loved a girl eh? either way its a blessing

NICOLA2010 - 50 days ago its nicola packnoski - 50 days ago
Congratulations konepich! So it's a boy?? Nicola2010 - yep I have facebook :) Under Christie Wagstaffe..I'm not sure if you can look me up or not i may have my privacy too high. but I can look you up?

konepich - 50 days ago
Well, its official. Jr pulled out a blue ribbon bootie and asked, why I didn't make a pink one 😄. Momma's expression was 'what?!' I honestly was expecting the pink one to be in there. My Dr said she should have taken the video because of my expression! We also did our 18 week u/s baby looks great. Once again we have placenta previa. One positive note, we'll have the baby at 37 weeks. 😄😊

NICOLA2010 - 50 days ago
a friend is gonna give me a bag of maternity clothes today.. excited to see what she has.. i love hand me downs

NICOLA2010 - 50 days ago oh ok.. cool! ha yec u may well be surprised lol.. my mind is set on boy so i will be surprised too.. yes i cant believe we r 19 weeks tommorow either crazy eh! do u have facebook? - 50 days ago
NICOLA2010 - I can't believe we will be 19 weeks tomorrow already woo hoo..! - 50 days ago
konepich - Looking forward to the big reveal!!!! - 50 days ago
NICOLA2010 - the other ultrasound is my mid pregnancy one! The one we did this weekend we paid for because im very impatient! LOL But it'll be nice to have two ultrasounds hoping they come out with the same response in gender! I just know she's a girl though I have always felt it. So if they find a penis..i guess i'll be pretty shocked! haha.

NICOLA2010 - 51 days ago
so my ribs r hurting.. this baby is growing i tell u.. i get pelvic pain too.. but had that sinse first trimester

NICOLA2010 - 51 days ago
konepich... what a great idea! well all u can do is expect a boy and be a suprise if its a girl... cant wait to find out.. i will check the site tommorow.. eek exciting

NICOLA2010 - 51 days ago thats coolir gonna have another ultrasound.. im sure its girl.. i mesn its 95 percent accurate if u have a gender reveal at. 14 weeks... i was told boy and i was almozt 14 weeks.. im preety certain its a boy

konepich - 51 days ago
Well, ladies tomorrow is the revealing day... I'm trying to crochet a pair of booties- one will have a pink ribbon and the other will have blue. I'll have the Dr give either the pink or blue ribbon bootie to my oldest son. Fingers cross he gets the pink otherwise there'll be a lot of trucks coming his way to ease his disappointment. - 53 days ago
NICOLA2010 - no we didn't get a photo it wasn't part of the package!! But we will get one on the 12th! I sure hope they dont find a different result on the 12th now that im excited..but I Just know she's a girl..i saw her parts clear as day! Baby has been also kicking up a storm with me..i cant' believe how active this peanut is!! I'm glad you are feeling baby now and feeling good :) Me I still dont feel wonderful getting sick from time to time...i haven't had that moment where I just feel normal and good yet..starting to think it wont happen this pregnancy lol

NICOLA2010 - 53 days ago
baby is kicking up a storm this evening serisouky lost count how many times he or she kicked.. and i felt from the outside for first time! wow

NICOLA2010 - 53 days ago omg omg thats awesome news!! wow do have a pic of her? yay!!. i had lower back pain and hip pain with my other two around this time.. itsbthe relaxin hormones it happends from abiut now on.. i get pelvic pain hadit most the pregnancy thats the pelvis stretching out.. also aannoying mine is muscular though.. never had pain in pelvis area before - 53 days ago we went for a gender assessment..and it's a.....GIRL!!! I had a strong feeling it was a girl so we are sooo excited one of each! She said she would only give it a 90% garuntee because i'm still early and baby is we go in two weeks for our actual anatomy scan if they dont say girl she said we can come back and she will check again for free..but she said she's pretty sure it's a girl! Right away I could see the three lines between the legs and it was clear as day! There was a little puffiness at some angles but still three lines and couldn't find a scrotum or penis hiding lol! So we are pretty confident it's a GIRL! Sooo excited :) I've been getting hip pain and lower back pain this week..boooo this didn't happen with my son until much further along..anyone else notice you get these symptoms faster the second time?

NICOLA2010 - 54 days ago
minibubpink... i think most men dont like the idea of home births.. but if ur first two birthd went fine.. im sure home birth would be fitting.. especially with ur hot spa sounds perfext.. and ur hubby can rest in comfort of his own home not on uncomfy chair.. try and convince him

NICOLA2010 - 54 days ago
minibubpink i took a look at ur photos.. bubs is so cute! awesome seeing those pics cos that what all ours look like at this point.. awww

NICOLA2010 - 54 days ago yeah i hope so too.. i was expecting a natural labour with my 2nd..but i guess my body couldnt do it.. i was on highest amount of pitocin too! i was really hoping my waters broke and for it all to be spontaneous partners hate that.. i know my hubby wouod rather.. in a sense have a set date lol... aww boo i hate it when my kids get sick.. my son had constant cough and colds last winter.. i was verry sleep deprived..

minibub(pink) - 55 days ago
As for a birth plan I am a go with the flow sort of person and have known so many people to have written one up and it has gone out the window. With my son I didn't have any drugs at all. With my daughter I had the gas. It didn't do anything but help me breath, could have been turned off for all I knew. I have contemplated a home birth though. Both of my previous births have been very straight forward and I got to the hospital with only half an hr to spare with my daughter so I'm thinking a home birth would be a breeze. We have just bought a new house with a spa in it so I see my self laying in it whilst labouring. My partner doesn't like the idea of a home birth though so we will see.

minibub(pink) - 55 days ago
Nicola2010- I uploaded some scan photos to my profile. Feel free to check them out - 55 days ago
NICOLA2010 - well I hope it all works out the way you hope it to this time around!!! My little guy just started a darn cold i'm predicting a rough night ahead...sooo much harder being pregnant and having a toddler! I was just helping him settle to sleep in his rocking chair and my hips and legs started aching..and all i could think was wow i just started getting this belly..what will I feel like in a couple months!! I'm scared lol

NICOLA2010 - 56 days ago haha aww i prob wouldnt be sble to sleep either! ah ok.. yeah usually best to go by what they say with the first.. yeah has its pros and cons eh! i loved being able to nap with the epidural but then i felt like crap from so kuch medication i threw up.. and i hate throwing up.. with my son was just gas n air and i got to walk around the first few hours but coulsnt after i had really bad back labour.. i was so high off of gas n air it barely did anything for me.. if anything it was more a placebo and helped me breathe better.. overall i dont want epidural again.. but ifnits a long labour i may have to - 56 days ago
NICOLA2010 - I'm so excited for the ultrasound im loosing sleep lol! They pushed me for a epidural because they were going to break my water and said it could progress fast from there and i may not get a chance to get one...WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED LOL i didn't progress fast AT ALL..So I listened to them..I was inexperienced and figured they knew what they were talking about! It just sucked because I hated not being able to walk around..but I did LOVE not feeling contractions

NICOLA2010 - 56 days ago oh is good! bet u cant wait for ur ultrasound sundsy - 56 days ago
NICOLA2010 - woo hoo almost half way there!!!

NICOLA2010 - 57 days ago
i will prob pop into week 17 as i think we r the knky ones in week 18 for a while

NICOLA2010 - 57 days ago
hello week 18 also yay getting there awesome feeling - 57 days ago
Hello week 18!!!!!

lissie**** - 75 days ago
My daughter felt the baby kick last night! :) she's the only one to feel her sister :)

lissie**** - 84 days ago
I also feel kicks/hiccups all the time but no one has felt them from the outside yet. HOpefully soon

jh1983 - 86 days ago
Been feeling some baby kicks lately. Im waiting for the day my hubby gets to feel them too. Bad headache today as well :/

lissie**** - 89 days ago
I am not currently having emotions out of wack. But I definitely have felt that way before b/c of hormones. Hope you feel better soon.

jk85 - 89 days ago
Dont know if its the hormones but I feel really emotional, like I get really angry lately. Anybody else experiencing this?

lissie**** - 90 days ago
Lol, right? you shouldn't have to wear pads when pregnant! Isn't that supposed to be one of the perks!?

lissie**** - 90 days ago
Yes I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you :) Thats awesome that the bleeding has turned to brown!!! Old blood finally!!! Once that happened for me things got better! I had to be on strict bed rest for quite a while but you know it helped me heal up! Maybe you are starting to finally heal :) Of course you'll be at risk whole time but still that is great progress! So happy to hear it :)

kathy=^.^= - 90 days ago
Lissie the bleeding is just brown spotting not it still sucks to have to wear pads every day! That's awful finding out you have p. previa make sure you take it easy. Hope everything goes good for you your just a couple weeks ahead of me right? I go to the dr on August 4 and I'm soo excited.

lissie**** - 92 days ago
Kathy, I am always happy to see you post that you are still hanging in there! I found out I have p.previa and thought of you b/c your already experiencing bleeding placenta problems and I've been there and now they saying I might have issues again. But then again I might just avoid them yet :) How are you feeling? Is the bleeding taking a toll on your body? I was SOOO tired. couldn't walk across the room without being winded. eventually it will be over and just keep baby in long enough to be healthy at least! you've come so far!!!

kathy=^.^= - 92 days ago
So excited to have made it this far! Sometimes I feel the baby move then I go a day or so and don't feel anything. Can't wait until my u/s in 2 weeks wanting to know if my subchornic hematoma is resolving. Soooo tired of bleeding it drives me nuts. I'm just happy that I have made it to 18 weeks and praying that I make it all the way. Hope everyone is doing well :)

lissie**** - 99 days ago
You should be able to hear baby with a stethoscope or if you get your own Fetal Doppler if that would be comforting to you. My DH has a stethoscope and since i hadn't felt baby in days he tried to find hb. It took a long while but he eventually found baby's HB!

youngmom01 - 99 days ago
Thanks girls !! Helps a lot , I'll deff ask at my next appointment (:

Juliemom24 - 99 days ago
Youngmom- I felt the baby early on like you and then haven't felt it since. I found out at the ultrasound today that it's because my placenta is in the front. That's probably the case with you too but it's always nice to get it confirmed on an ultrasound. Seeing that heartbeat was so reassuring for me.

Juliemom24 - 99 days ago
Well, the ultrasound tech *thinks* it's a boy!!! She wasn't sure though so I'm going back at 25 weeks to make sure (which means I have to wait 7 more weeks to buy boys clothes...darn it) She was 80% sure so I think it is a boy. Oh my heck, what am I going to do with a boy?! So excited, nervous, etc!

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