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You are 19 weeks pregnant.

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Close up of the face and hands The right foot, including the developing bones, are clearly visible in the middle of the screen

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is 5.2 to 6 inches this week. Your baby weighs approximately 7 ounces and will increase its weight more than 15 times between now and birth!

Most women can feel their uterus about a half of an inch below their bellybutton at this point of pregnancy. If you turn to the side, you can really tell that your body is changing! Most women have gained up to 14 pounds now and only 7 ounces of that is your baby! The placenta weighs about 6 ounces and the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby weighs 11 ounces. Your breasts have increased in weight by 6 ounces each and the uterus has grown to 11 ounces! You may be gaining weight in places other than your abdomen and this may be affecting your posture and sleeping habits.

One of the most amazing aspects of your baby's growth and development is that of the fetal brain. Your baby's brain is one of the first organs to appear. Your baby's oversized head shows the brain's importance in his development. Because the nerves that connect the muscles to the brain have grown into place, your baby's movements are consciously directed. Your baby's ears stand out from the sides of the head and the buds for your baby's permanent teeth appear. Your baby's arms and legs have reached their relative proportions and his feet are approximately one inch long.

Comments on week 19

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Rissa1 - 3 days ago
Join me, taylorsbunno2! I'm feeling a bit lonely here in Team Pink! :/

Taylorsbunno2 - 4 days ago
Oooo there's lots of boys. I wwonder if I will follow or break the chain and have a pink!

Taylorsbunno2 - 6 days ago
Aussie- seems like you have a lovely weekend planned and Monday comes quick. It's only Friday AM here :( I feel like that to its been 7 weeks since we see our baby! o

AussieDanni - 6 days ago
I'm hoping the weekend goes fast; never do I hope for that!! Lol! We have a visit from my in laws tomorrow :( and the Christmas parade, nothing really planned for Sunday but I have a zillion house hold jobs to do. I am really excited to see bub again! Feels likes ages since we got a peak!

Taylorsbunno2 - 6 days ago
I've never carried a boy so I've got nothing to compare it to. I'm trying not to think about Monday lol. I'm working all day today and then me and my boyfriend are of to the cinema and dinner tonight for DATE NIGHT! Then tomorrow I'm working 7 hours. Sunday we have my boyfriends little girl so that day will go quick. Trying to keep busy so Monday comes quickly haha. But also nervous. ..

AussieDanni - 6 days ago
I cant wait til Monday! I'm dying to know what gender this bubba is. Out of all my pregnancies it is most like my son, so I think boy still! Have a stupid sinus infection at the moment, making me feel really average :( Cant seem to catch a break at the moment!

Taylorsbunno2 - 6 days ago
So that's 2 for team blue now? I'm so curious with the heartbeats. What was your bbaby's if u know? Was the myth right for u

Tryingfor4 - 6 days ago
Congrats to those of you that know what your having. Some of you are so close to knowing. How exciting! Team Blue for me.

Taylorsbunno2 - 7 days ago
4 days until we find out if we're having a boy or girl. I see my midwife yesterday and on her doppler baby was 125. Must of been sleeping as I've never seen it that low before. My mum thinks I've got a boy or just a very lazy girl lol

Taylorsbunno2 - 8 days ago
They say it comes in 3s. I wonder if we're be joining you on team pink too.

AussieDanni - 9 days ago
Congrats rissa! I cant wait to find out! 6 sleeps! I am half way now, I know ill get a csection in week 38.

Taylorsbunno2 - 9 days ago
Rissa- congrats on ffinding out u got a sweet little princess. What is baby's heartbeat? I love wondering if the heartbeat myth is right? This baby heart rate goes no higher than 145.

Rissa1 - 9 days ago
I found out that I'm having a girl! I thought it was going to be a boy this time, so I was shocked initially, but I'm excited that my daughter will have a sister. Can't wait to hear what everyone else is having! (Even though there are only 3 or so of us that post in our weeks right now!)

Taylorsbunno2 - 10 days ago
19 weeks to day!!!! 8 days until we know if we're pink or blue and this mummy can go shopping!!! 7 days till were half way through. Woo how

JDH - 34 days ago
I know! All you hear is 'Every pregnancy is different' so then let them be different! Oh well. I've learned so much through three pregnancies I'm much more confident and able to stand up for myself and my family.

kentsmommy - 34 days ago
JDH - That's great!! I love hearing all of the good news:) I had the same issue with my first baby - it was so stressful. They labeled him SGA - Small for gestational age. It turns out that all three of my babies were born within an ounce of each other. I guess it is more nature and less scientific than they think sometimes:) They always preach that all pregnancies are different yet when it comes to scans, they want everyone to be the same and to be average. Same thing with the pediatrician; they want all kids to be right on average for everything. No diversity.

JDH - 36 days ago
It was great Kentsmommy! So exciting to see baby again. Everything looked good! Hopefully there won't be any phone calls from my midwife tomorrow. My last pregnancy, there were so many little things they wanted to keep an eye on. It stressed us out! I'm ready to relax this time around.

angelfree77 - 36 days ago
We'll see on Friday if her sixth sense can predict baby gender ;)

kentsmommy - 36 days ago
Angel - That's crazy that your stepdaughter has that sixth sense! I'm with her, I'll be its a girl:) It is so sweet that you are calling 'her' Holly! It's great to keep big sis engaged:) Good for you!! Hope you ladies have a wonderful day!

kentsmommy - 36 days ago
JDH - Enjoy your scan today!!

JDH - 39 days ago
Uck! I thought, hey, I'll get a head start on supper and get things chopped up for soup later! Now, I have the WORST stomach ache! I think it's from chopping a red onion. Gross!!

JDH - 40 days ago
I just feel bad for my kids. We've been watching a lot of movies. And doing puzzles : ) things that don't take a lot of energy. Tonight, my husbands back is out and he's in terrible pain so I've basically got 4 kids! We had pizza for supper. Probably will have pizza for lunch tomorrow! I'm not going to make the cut for mom of the year that's for sure! I hope everyone is feeling well. I'm so excited for my anatomy scan Tuesday!!!

angelfree77 - 40 days ago
Very exhausted! I was fine early in my pregnancy, but around 16 weeks, I started getting really tired. I am very tired after lunch and in the evening. Last Friday, my husband and I went to bed at 7pm. We're so lame lol

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