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You are 20 weeks pregnant.

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Congratulations! This week marks the half way point of your pregnancy. It has been 18 weeks since the date of conception and your baby's crown-to-rump length is 5.6 to 6.4 inches. The fetus weighs about 9 ounces and your belly definitely has an obvious bulge. Your waistline has expanded and is no longer visible. Your uterus has now moved up enough that it is pushing your abdomen outwards. The top of your uterus is even with or just below your navel.

Sex organs are showing clearly on this girl

For the remainder of your pregnancy, the growing uterus puts pressure on your lungs, stomach and kidneys. This will make you feel short of breath, the need to urinate more frequently and can cause indigestion. The added pressure on your abdomen can also cause your bellybutton to protrude and cause an `outy` instead of an `inny`. Many pregnant women begin to notice stretch marks around this time as well. Your abdominal muscles are being stretched and pushed apart as your baby grows inside of you.

Your baby's skin begins to thicken this week and will develop four layers. Your baby's sebaceous glands secrete a waxy substance called vernix caseosa. Your baby will be born with this wax and it will look like paste. The vernix caseosa is crucial because it protects the fetus' fragile skin from the continuous immersion in amniotic fluid. Lanugo hairs secure the vernix caseosa in place and it is thick around the eyebrows. Scalp hair and toenails are beginning to form at this point. Hair can also be seen on the upper lip and eyebrows.

Around twenty weeks, most doctors will order a routine ultrasound to check the baby's development. Measurements will be taken and the sonogram technician will check to make sure there are no defects or abnormalities. Your ultrasound technician can also see how long your cervix is and can tell you approximately how much your baby weighs at this time. Most expectant women also find out the sex of their baby during this time! If your sonographer does not offer pictures, ask them for a copy of the photos.

Comments on week 20

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anxiousmami - 8.3 hours ago
Hey mama's, sorry I've been MIA lately. I've relocated to a teensy tiny town in Geary,Ok. It's the country and I get ZERO internet. I could cry, but it's nice at the same time. I am in town today and kinda update. I finally got medical and set up an appt but that's about 21/2 wks out! That will be my initial prenatal appt. If I waited this long it shouldn't be no biggie to wait a bit more. Can't wait to see whats inside me.

Juliemom24 - 1 days ago
It's so nice to say that I'm over halfway through this pregnancy! Wohoo! Two of my sister-in-laws announced they are pregnant too and due two months after me. So crazy! We were all preggo together last time too. I'm hoping that there is at least on baby boy in that group for our little guy.

lissie**** - 5 days ago
That's funny Letroise we could trade clothing lol.

letroise11 - 6 days ago
Good luck lissie. I know we will all be wishing you the best! To bad we all don't live in the same area and could trade clothing. I'm constantly shopping for baby clothes, it's a very bad habit. Unfortunately the company I work for supports this and I'm always getting great deals. Like most of our kids mine have more clothes than I do. 😬

lissie**** - 6 days ago
Yes I think placenta will likely move up. Just bad experience with my 3rd pregnancy. Prob be fine though. That's why I'm not too too worried. But will be if bleeding or it doesn't move up.

lissie**** - 6 days ago
And I will prob ues boy clothes some too and dress it up with pink etc lol. And sleepers/sleep sacks etc. And some onsies are unisex. Or at least I can make them work. Like a camo jacket with pink shirt etc. But I plan to get some really girly clothes too...DH is the fashionista in our family and will surely be spoiling this girl with all kids of things! :) He's been hoping for a girl every time haha!

lissie**** - 6 days ago
//Juliesmom//I am pretty much starting over but I do have a few things. And they will be born just a month apart seasonally so that's helpful too ;)

Juliemom24 - 6 days ago
Oh no, Lissie! I know a lot of people end up having the placenta move up so I hope that's the case for you! You should just be focusing on that sweet little girl you're about to have. Did you save clothes from your first daughter or are you starting over with this one?

lissie**** - 7 days ago
Was going to say that we found out we are having a girl but I also found out I have placenta previa :( We will go back to have another ultrasound in 2 months if we haven't had any bleeds etc before then. Hoping placenta will grow up and away from the cervix! boo. I've already had low placenta and then an abruption. FInding out this was a girl sort of put off the worry of p. previa. I am just hoping that it will be better at our next ultrasound and NO BLEEDING please!!! I told my mom I'm concerned but not worried at this point. If I still have p. previa in two months or any bleeding issues I will be very upset.

lissie**** - 13 days ago
Jessica it will be a new adventure having a girl :) Congratulations!!! It will be fun to dress her up! :)

jezzicarabbit1 - 14 days ago
I am for sure having a girl! I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around that. I am so used to boy stuff everywhere I am kind of nervous lol

lissie**** - 14 days ago
Congratulations April! :)

aprilrose - 14 days ago
I found out baby no. 3 is a boy :) That's boy-girl-boy for me

lissie**** - 15 days ago
I know I keep waiting for week 20. Almost there! Baby measures 20 on Wed but lmp due date will put it to Saturday. //jessicarabbit// let us know if you find out girl for sure tomorrow!!! exciting!!!

daisyreh - 15 days ago
Wow! Halfway tomorrow I can hardly believe it!! I feel like this pregnancy is going by faster than the other two…likely because I have 2 young ones keeping me very busy!! :) Hope you're all doing well!

jezzicarabbit1 - 17 days ago
I had an early ultrasound at 17 weeks that said girl but I am not sure I totally believe it yet. Have our anatomy scan on Monday so looking forward to knowing the sex for sure. I don't want to get too excited about it being a girl until I get confirmation.

lissie**** - 20 days ago
Yay!!! :)))

kayte-berk - 23 days ago
Found out this past Wednesday we're having a Boy!!

lissie**** - 35 days ago
congratulations!!!! yay a girl! :)))

aksnods - 36 days ago
Were having another little girl. We r over the moon:)

matoks - 39 days ago
Thank u ladies,I tried to spend time with some friends just 2make myself happy,u know men can be so funny at times,today dey are nice tommorrow dey are wild........ok i just felt a strange pain in my tommy think baby was turning,it was so painful dat I didn't know when I shouted nd d next person knew sth was wrong,what a sharp pain!this baby though.

bonitadiane - 40 days ago
Twinny... Love her name a lot. :) I can see how your moms excited. I named my first daughter after my moms mom too. My grandmother passed in January of 09 and my first born was born in November of that year. It just felt so right my daughter take my grandmothers maiden name of Tome. My mom was happy. Matoks I must of missed something ? How did hubby upset you? :( hope you feel better. Thank you so much for kind words. I'm going to try and post this weekend. My parents have wifi and I usually take my iPad. It's just finding the time. Lol but I'm going to try even just to update you ladies after app. As I know you ladies would love to know. Ok. Is it 21 week time? Lol it's toooo quiet in there

jojo - 40 days ago
Awe bonita I'm so glad they were good with you and can get you seen as soon as.. will be waiting on an update when you can hun xx twinny Kacy Jane is so pretty, and so nice to use your grandmothers name I can imagine how special that was for your mum to hear.. like you said hun see how you feel as the weeks go on.. matoks glad your appointment went well I'm sure you csn forgive your hubby

matoks - 40 days ago
Hey ladies my apmt went well,didn't repeat d scan u know I did last week when baba scared me,bonita dnt worry all is well,just av faith,hoping 2hear a peaceful outcome,wish u save journey to canada.I'm so sad dis morning as hubby provoked me with my condition,ill just try nd do what will make me forget what he did nd make myself happy.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 40 days ago
Arh Bonita thats really good news...thankfully u got someone understanding to get u in that quickly and then u can go and enjoy ur weekend with ur family. Please if u get a chance let us know how u get on? Ur both rite, I know I have 3 best friends for life...I always wanted 3 daughters but when I got my Thomas I was amazed how he made me feel so either way I was going to be blessed with the sex of this one! Jojo I think its was hubbys suggestion at the start of the pregnancy and I loved it then...I just dont think i'm as in love with it as I was but he wont really consider thinking of another possibility? I have 19 wks left so if I go off it completely then we will have to wait and see...but as of today, yes shes Kacy Jane - the Jane is after my mums mum who passed away when I was 6mths so my mum is delighted :o) Speaking of weeks....moving over 21 today wooohoooo xxx!

bonitadiane - 40 days ago
Awwee she's so precious Twinny. I love girls. I agree with JoJo mommies best buddies. :))) I'm set for my level 2 scan for Friday, the lady who called to schedule was amazing. She tried getting me in today but I was literally headed to beach with sister in law and kids. Then she tried for tomorrow but my hubby is sooo busy he said he wouldn't be able to make it. She had a 3:00 app. Friday but we are to leave early am fir Canada. When I told her we'd just have to take the 3:00 and leave after she felt bad and put us in first thing in the morning. 7:45. :) how sweet of her!!!! She knew I was so anxious to get a scan and didn't want to wait till next week. Praying all goes well.

jojo - 40 days ago
Haha. . Didn't think of that lol aww it be fab hun you'll have 3 best friends I'm sure in your girls and just think of the shopping days you'll have together. . So pleased for you hun and her pics are gorgeous.. so is she your little Kacy?? xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 40 days ago
Thanks Jojo I cant believe how excited I am to b having another girl :o) They r such characters no dull moments in this house hahaha...just imagine 3 hormonal teenagers, ave got me work cut out of me!!! Hahahaha :op Xx

jojo - 40 days ago
Awww twinny I'm so made up for you. . Team pink yaayy.. how gorgeous is she.. aww hun she looks absolutely perfect xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 40 days ago
Hi girls....finally PINK!! Haha...another Missy :o) Would have been delighted either way but mega excited I got my 3rd little girl. I had a trainey sonographer so I got to have a 45 minute scan!! :op Missy was turning, kicking her legs and waving her arms and at one point she had her fingers in her mouth...sooo cute. I've uploaded 2 piccys, profile piccy with an arm and a leg up and a piccy of her back, this is the one where she had her fingers in her mouth. Am so in awe of how these little miracles grow, she was measuring spot on so I can stop worrying about her not gaining weight as i'm loosing it!! Yey Xxl

bonitadiane - 41 days ago
Thank you so much ladies!!! I truly am staying positive and calm. Worrying or stressing is definitely not going to do me any good. I'll just have to wait on the level 2 ultrasound. Twinny... I'm anxious to hear about your scan. Matoks I know you have a scan too... Keep us posted. Off to spend the day at the beach with kiddos. Thanks again ladies for positive words and thoughts. I too have never heard about this till last night.

jojo - 41 days ago
What time is your scan today twinny?? Can't wait to hear the hear and see some pics :) bonita I've not heard of white spot before but it's good they are sending you for a more detailed scan.. you have such the right attitude staying positive when it's so easy to panic. I have so taken yours and twinnys advice and not worry anymore. I know a colleague in work was sent for a detailed scan of her babies heart with her pregnancy because the sonographer saw a problem. . I'm not sure what it was but when she went for the detailed scan they said everything was fine so hopefully the same will be for you hun. Keep us posted big hugs xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 41 days ago
Good.morning girls...Jojo thats a brilliant piccy, very clear! Baba looks.mega cosy :o) Bonita, boo on ur news...i've never heard of white spot - sometimes the information on the internet can be a dangerous thing, try not to get too absorbed in it and follow the advice from ur doctors...fingers crossed the level 2 scan shows its not as bad as it can be...? I dont really know what to say without knowing anything about the condition except little baba Bonita is in my prayers hoping it turns out nothing too serious. Keep us updated hun and u defo have the right attitude...stay positive! Big hugs to u girls going thru an unsettling time :o( Xx I'll update tonight with scan results and hopefully some decent piccys and a definate gender!! Xx

bonitadiane - 41 days ago
Awwwwee JoJo what a cutie. Yeaaah on the fibroid moving upwards. Great news!!!! And booo to having to redo blood and wait. :( sorry. I know how anxious you maybe. But it does appear time is zooming by. So before you know it, you'll get your results. :) I had an OB appointment this evening and was told that baby had a white spot seen in heart. It's called EIF. Fetal Echogenic intracardiac focus. I have to go for a level 2 scan. I'm Still googling it too. I guess this can be a sign of chromosome abnormality ... Low percentage. I'm not going to stress or even over think it. I'm just going to pray all is well and baby is healthy. Wondering if any of you ladies have ever heard of this? So excited for scan day tomorrow for you ladies. Good luck and keep us posted. Twinny waiting to hear the confirmation that baby is girl OR boy. :) hope baby cooperates this time. Good luck

jojo - 41 days ago
Added a pic from today of my little princess :) xx

matoks - 41 days ago
Oh ok happy 2hear dat,was worried before as some people do talk about how it can affect delivery,all is well by the grace of God.

jojo - 41 days ago
Awww thanks twinny.. it was amazing she was so active lol just got back from having my bloods redone.. gonna keep myself busy and push it to the back of my mind.. your right tho hun I'd rather them recall me than give inaccurate results xxx matoks do you have to mention you had a scan last week?? ;) I knew about my fibroid a year ago well before I was pregnant so I don't think you have anything to worry about.. plus mine is no longer an issue so yaaaayyy haha I wouldn't worry about them hun I never had anything in my other pregnancies it's just something I've developed as I've got older but I've known for ages about it xx

matoks - 41 days ago
Jojo did u just notice d fibroid in ds pregnancy or it has been their in your previous pregnancy?please tell me more about pregnant woman with apmt is tommorrow but might not repeat scan has av done lastweek when baby scared me,but would definately see my doc.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 41 days ago
Arh Jojo....MASSIVE YEY and BIG BOO for u!! Fantastic news about ur fibroid, am delighted u have had some good news after ur uncertain few weeks with the concerns about ur readings...such a shame they have to start again but at least they are being accurate and not guessing with what they already have...those 3wks will soon fly by once u start enjoying babas movements chick try and stay positive! Bonita ur little munchkin will prob sleep those 8hrs away travelling if anything like mine haha...cant wait to hear all about ur familys reactions to their first blue from u...u have a fab weekend to look forward too!! Thanks Matoks for the advice, I was exactly the same during my previous pregnancys with heartburn so i'm not concerned...apparently old myth is that baba is growing hair - mine havent been born baldy so it may be true haha...still yucky tho! As for tomorrow,we both have our scans wooohooo...I defo think pink for me but will update as soon as I can. My apmt is early evening our time so will b a much lata than usual post from me. Hope alls well at ur scan too Matoks. Have a lovely evening girls and thanks for all the support, u girls r fab :o) Xx

jojo - 41 days ago
Aww glad to hear from you all :) twinny I'm gutted to hear you've been feeling so sick.. nothing worse. Hope work has eased up a little for you.. scan day tomorrow for you and matoks.. yaaayy.. twinny can't wait to hear if you're definitely in the pink club with us ;) just came out of my scan. She's still a she :-) and she did not stop moving haha she looks good tho and is growing well. Will post some pics later.. had excellent news.. my fibroid has started to move upwards out of the way and the hospital are not at all worried about it. They said my cervix is now clear. Yaay me lol so relieved. . Was gutted earlier today as I received a phone call ftom the private clinic to say there was not enough frtal dna in the blood sample they took so I'm now on my way back there to have more blood taken which means I have to start the 3 week wait for results all over again :( :( have a fab time away visiting your family bonita.. I absolutely love your gender reveal idea.. soo exciting xx

bonitadiane - 42 days ago
Hi ladies... Sorry been busy around house. We are leaving for Canada Thursday night to see my family. It's an 8 hour drive, yikes. Hoping my 17 month does great. I'm sooooo excited as Saturday is gender reveal at my nephews Graduation party. I calked a party store and the box and balloons are set!! Woo hoo. Yippppie to you JoJo it's scan day. Let us know how you make out. I have my doctors app. This evening. Looking forward to see how the U/S results are. Twinny you have 1 more sleep. These scans are exciting. :))) hoping all is well. I felt an amazing movement from baby yesterday. Loved it!!!!! So excited to be feeling stronger movements. Best.part.of.pregnancy!!! Have great day ladies. I'm in 21 weeks today... Waiting for you all. :)

matoks - 42 days ago
hi twinny,am doing great likewise baby,i find it difficult to sleep and eat for some days too if i force myself to eat then i will be stooling ,but i can nw sleep but cnt eat like my 1st trimester.i believe is the baby dats changing us dnt be panic everything will still come back to normal.try and take enough water to get rid of the heartburn,and to what i read heartburn is nothing to worry about at this period for some women,its normal for som pregnant women to experience it nd to baby been silence dnt worry ursef hes just having his quiet time lol,it happened to me last week,i was antsy had 2rush nd book for scan,nd baby was just bouncing,so dnt worry i guess he is having his quiet time.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 42 days ago
Hi girls! Sorry, change of routine for me today so only just getting a chance to type. How r u all? Jojo 1 sleep to see ur little princess how fab!! Fingers crossed ur fibroid hasnt grown hun. Matoks, Bonita hope ur both doing well and babys r behaving! I've hardly ate for 3 days, I dont know why i'm not hungry and in effect the baby hasnt been as active and i'm ridddled with heartburn...not nice!! I'm goin for my scan on wednesday and have booked my midwife apmt for a week on thursday as need my matb form for work so will see the doc at the same time and get some gaviscon. Fingers crossed babas growing as it shud b and getting all the goodness it needs from what little i'm eating!! Sleep well girls xx

matoks - 42 days ago
hey jojo,hope the fibroid is not disturbing the baby?did u just notice with ds pregnancy or it has been their from ur 1st pregnancy?doc once told my friend in her 1st trimester dat she has but when she later do scan in 2nd trimester scan cnt c it again.

jojo - 42 days ago
Where's everybody gone?? Think I'm talking to myself Lol hope your ok starting to get a bit worried xxx scan day tomorrow!!! Excited to see baby Morgan and double checking she's still a she haha really hoping my fibroid is playing ball.. soon find out

jojo - 44 days ago
Happy Father's day to all you lovely dads out there.. Stu felt our baby girl for the first time last night and again this morning. His reaction was lovely think he was a little shocked lol maybe she's sending him a happy fatfather's day wish too haha have a fab day ladies xx

jojo - 44 days ago
I am absolutely shattered. . My Daughter can't half shop :) I'm sooo ready for bed lol I can imagine bonita how excited you were looking through all those lovely clothes. . I bought a few bits in town today. I love Kacy, I also love it spelt Kacie but it's already in the family.. 3 sleeps til my scan.. 4 for you twinny. Can't wait to hear what they say :) :) just had our bbq stuffed now and very sleepy - not a good combination Lol x

bonitadiane - 45 days ago
I ordered a huge lot of baby boys clothes from caters last week. It came in lyesterday. My heart skipped a beat with excitement seeing all those blues. Soooo exciting!!!!

bonitadiane - 45 days ago
Twinny... Oh man you had to watch all 3 games. I'd be super that's torture. My parents are from Portugal. Soccer is huge to the Portuguese like a religion. Although my parents weren't nutty fans.., thank god. They do enjoying watching. As do I. But I refuse to spend all my time watching all games. Eeeekkk. That's crazy. I am looking forward to see How everything plays out. I remember one year it was Portugal and England, right? I could be wrong. Well ladies... I'm going to be getting ready soon for my hair appointment. I'm actually pretty excited about getting pampered. Not excited about the money I'll spend. Have a great day mamas!!!

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 45 days ago
Good morning girls. Jojo, I love Freya! We had decided on Kacy for this baba if its a girl but until I know for definate ON WEDNESDAY!!!! Haha i'll probably change my mind ten times!! Bonita am so jealous ur escaping the 3 football matches a nite...I mean, who can seriously sit watching football for 270 minutes and NOT help me out with the kids after i've been in work all day...grrrr Was not a happy bunny last nite! Haha. Bonita r u originally from Portugal with u saying thats ur team? Ours apparently is England but as usual they probably wont get thru the group stages. Here's hoping the sun keeps shining this weekend for a lovely fathers day for our other halves. Mine had the choice of going out with the kids but has decided too on a bbq...I hadnt thought of buying non alcholic ale...sounds gooooood I so want a glass of wine! Thats my craving and has been for the past 20 weeks! Haha Have fun girls whatever the weekend brings. Xx

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