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You are 20 weeks pregnant.

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Congratulations! This week marks the half way point of your pregnancy. It has been 18 weeks since the date of conception and your baby's crown-to-rump length is 5.6 to 6.4 inches. The fetus weighs about 9 ounces and your belly definitely has an obvious bulge. Your waistline has expanded and is no longer visible. Your uterus has now moved up enough that it is pushing your abdomen outwards. The top of your uterus is even with or just below your navel.

Sex organs are showing clearly on this girl

For the remainder of your pregnancy, the growing uterus puts pressure on your lungs, stomach and kidneys. This will make you feel short of breath, the need to urinate more frequently and can cause indigestion. The added pressure on your abdomen can also cause your bellybutton to protrude and cause an `outy` instead of an `inny`. Many pregnant women begin to notice stretch marks around this time as well. Your abdominal muscles are being stretched and pushed apart as your baby grows inside of you.

Your baby's skin begins to thicken this week and will develop four layers. Your baby's sebaceous glands secrete a waxy substance called vernix caseosa. Your baby will be born with this wax and it will look like paste. The vernix caseosa is crucial because it protects the fetus' fragile skin from the continuous immersion in amniotic fluid. Lanugo hairs secure the vernix caseosa in place and it is thick around the eyebrows. Scalp hair and toenails are beginning to form at this point. Hair can also be seen on the upper lip and eyebrows.

Around twenty weeks, most doctors will order a routine ultrasound to check the baby's development. Measurements will be taken and the sonogram technician will check to make sure there are no defects or abnormalities. Your ultrasound technician can also see how long your cervix is and can tell you approximately how much your baby weighs at this time. Most expectant women also find out the sex of their baby during this time! If your sonographer does not offer pictures, ask them for a copy of the photos.

Comments on week 20

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monika01 - 14.9 hours ago
i did the chart and was rich tfor all of mine.. my gf is same age and due same day but boy for her….. it would be cool to have a boy and girl but 2 girls is good:O) 3d on sat so excited my lil toddler 2.5 will see her sister for the first time ...

sarah6485 - 1 days ago
I did find it hard at first but im sort of over it now haha plus it will get me through the labour the whole excitement of about to find out what it is :-) i think it's a boy said it from from day one although I really do not mind what i have im just as excited either way got names ready stuff ready luckily alot of the main bits was unisex so i dont really need to buy alot. Can't believe how fast its going aswell and if i was asked if I wanted to know the gender now id definatly say no as i love the excitement of not knowing and people keep guessing

Baby ali - 1 days ago
this time I done the Chinese gender prediction online and it predicted a BOY and I am having a boy lol it got it right for me :0)

Baby ali - 1 days ago
I dnt like secrets and superises lol it kills me lol I have to know i found out for both my previous pregnancies and found out this time aswell am sooooo happy I know :0)

sarah6485 - 1 days ago
Monika01 i found out with my last 6 pregnancies and last 3 at 16 weeks couldn't wait but as this is my last and i have all my last baby girls stuff and my friend has just kept all her baby boy stuff i have a chance for a surprise baby :-) be my first surprise and its pretty exciting

monika01 - 2 days ago
you lades are brave of rnot knowing.. thats the first thing want to know always…. glad took as i didn't buy boy clothes another girl for me and my dh is well.. thinking maybe #3 in a few yrs… lol… i told him no. unless he gets like a 40 $ raise and i get all of the extra cash bc there is no way i can afford 3 kids in privateer school .. 2 ok ( my mom pays for one) but not 3.. what about vac a s and all the other stuff like sirloin and organic gmo free living.. i just can't do it.. i plan on asking my ob to tie my tubes after this one.. thankfully my dh won't new there for the appointment.. i don't want to take birth control hate condoms and hoping is not ok … so thats it… its funny bc i am done at two and my bff just got a surprise she is expecting #5 !!!! lol i can always borrow her kids...

sarah6485 - 2 days ago
Mash i have mine next week and keeping it a surprise too. Had a lovely dream had a baby boy last night though and now i cant wait to see what I have at the end :-) - 3 days ago
20 weeks today and i went for my u/s this morning. i made it clear before she started that i did not want to find out and i didnt :) got to see some cute little pics though of the profile and i saw a yawn :) and an attempted summersault lol....whatever it is...its adorable :)

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
Finally feeling baby move funny how it all of a suddon starts wiggling and kicking :-) lovely to feel and reassuring. But have to say this is longest I've gone waiting for movements usually 14- 16 weeks i really feel the baby

Baby ali - 4 days ago
oopixiesticks- I thought as my hubby sort of in a good mood il ask him how many children he wants lolzzz he dsnt want more Than 3 so NO more for him as he knows it's a boy so he's happy with his 3 children, I was like well I ain't gonna go on contraception and ruin my system you do something to ur body and he refuses to do anything lolz but he very strongly believes he dsnt want any more, I dnt believe in wat one wants and not I believe it's in Gods hands and if it's ment to be it's ment to be :0)

kadyrae1107 - 5 days ago
Hello to the two ladies that jumped up a week! Unfortunately all of us move to week 21 today so join us over there!!

oopixiesticks - 5 days ago
Hello ladies! I moved up I should be in week 19...hopefully I have this baby a week early I would hate to hold him back a whole year in school over 5 days of being born passed the cutoff age. Kadyrae- I had hypermesis gravidarium with both my daughters I couldn't even eat or drink water the whole 9months and both babies were 8lbs the second 8.5lbs

baby ali - 5 days ago
thankyou ladies :0) am soo happy it's a boy it's a lucky year for me and majority of ladies who want boys and got boys, but girls are brilliant to raise in my experience lol hope everyone is doing good and all babies are healthy. My baby got abit of fluid on his brain but they told us not to worry they will call us on Monday to tell us if it's okay or they need to see me, please make prayer for my baby as we are very worried :0(

NixSA - 5 days ago
Oh and to add I only started feeling proper kicks on Thursday at 18.6. First time i could say oh yes thats her

NixSA - 5 days ago
What an active week. Im from 19 hope u dont mind if I join u ladies :) Ali congrats... have been waiting out in 19 to hear lol I love my son he is such a joy so Im sure he will be the best thing ever. I am having a girl and its what I really wanted! I have only gained like a pound and a bit so far. Well 600grams u guys can do the maths haha. How did I do it? Easy, I just started out really large haha. No all jokes aside I was pretty sick the first 26 weeks n i think thats why.

kadyrae1107 - 6 days ago
Congrats Ali! Yayyy for team blue. I think there's only 3 ladies having a girl!! Did you pick a name yet? And I've only gained 2lbs so far (I lost 11 in early pregnancy from MS) I was so scared and nervous that baby wasn't growing okay and gaining weight etc .. But at my 18 week scan he was actually measuring bigger than my due date so that's a bigggg relief!! I go back for another scan on Wednesday because during the 18 week scan the lady was waiting for him to swallow to measure his stomach or something that like? And he wouldn't. Her and my OB doc said its nothing to be concerned about sometimes it just takes away from the baby to swallow. I have no idea. But of course I'm still worried why wouldn't I be!!! Lol. The lady was very inpatient and didn't want to wait for him to swallow. I'm still very confused. But y doc assured me nothing to worry about! So I'm excited to see my baby boy again and get more pictures but still nervous :( - 6 days ago
Tlc- no idea! I was just as surprised because I feel like a beached whale compared to my normal self. I am tall and thin normally so having a belly is weirding me out! I'm sure I'll gain in the next few weeks. I eat like a crazy person. The dh is usually waiting for me to finish my plate so he can move in on my plate but now he has to hurry and eat his before I attack his plate haha.

tlc - 6 days ago
Ali - Welcome to TEAM BLUE!!! I think that's the majority of us here.

tlc - 6 days ago
4 pounds!!! How? I've gained about 15!!! It's mostly in my belly. I don't think I look that different otherwise.

Baby ali - 6 days ago
had my scan today and am glad to say am having a BOY lol my 3 year old was right all along, we r all over the moon :0) - 6 days ago
I have gained 4 lbs during this preg so I'm pretty happy about that. I am hungry non stop haha so I'm hoping my slow weight gain continues. Kadyrae- that is so funny about your husband! Those are awesome names ;) I am actually 19 weeks preg (20 on Monday) and def look preg if in a right tank or dress. If I lay on my back I can see my uterus protruding and no addtl fat... Yet... I'm also feeling baby move from outside finally! Thought it would be forever because of the anterior placenta!

tlc - 7 days ago
I don't think I'm gaining fat. The belly is tight but every day I surprise myself how prominent it is when I look in the mirror.

kadyrae1107 - 7 days ago
Tlc- me too!!! I've feel feeling little man kick and move for over a month now but just recently started actually looking pregnant the last few weeks! I had morning sickness so bad I was losing weight!

tlc - 7 days ago
I swear my belly grows everyday!

Baby ali - 7 days ago
my scan 2mrw will find out the gender lol am actually feeling nervous now eeeekkkksssss :/

Baby ali - 7 days ago
lol I think it's just us handful of ladies that keep talking and follow one another to the next week am actually not in week 20 till another 2 days lol

lil.pigz - 7 days ago
I always liked 'J' names for boys:) Jason, Joshua, Jesse, Joseph and Jack, for instance. After having 6 girls though, I never imagined having a boy, so by the time he came, a 'J' wouldve been an oddball in our sea of 'A's',lol..funtimemum80- Indeed it is empty over there! I just checked in to week 21 today and saw the last post was 7 days ago!! Sheeeesh, what a gap. That's why I hang out here until everyone shuffles over there together,lol.....4 more days until my scan on Monday. Hope this weekened flies by!

kadyrae1107 - 8 days ago
Tassie- I love that your son is named Joseph Jonathan. My Hubby's name is Jonathan Joseph!!!! We might name this baby Jonathan Joseph Jr!! How neat is that lol - 8 days ago
I wasn't able to name my first son although his name suits him (Joseph Jonathan, aka Jojo). It was his dad's dad who passed away so I couldn't really say no with good conscience. So this one, even though it is my dh's first child, I have to be a part of the naming. We like both those names so we are both waiting until the baby is born to see which one matches him more. I'm liking all the names you ladies are coming up with! It's so hard to pick a name for someone else to live with their whole life. I hated my parents for my name growing up. Now I love it. (It really is Tassie), not sure why I am here under my email but no biggie.

baby ali - 8 days ago
I think mens mentality is 'she carried it for 9 months I didn't have anything to do with the baby, was left out for 9 months SO I SHALL Keep the name' probably makes them feel better lolol bless them they have no clue wat we go through and the feelings we have growing the baby inside us, my hubby acts like he's dying if he gets headaches or a cramp in his leg, am like try being pregnant!!!! aaarrgghhhhhhhhh

funtimemum80 - 8 days ago
Totally empty in week 21 : ((

funtimemum80 - 8 days ago
Tassie, I love the name William, I wanted William with number 5 ( if male) but she came out willow instead. My husband has this thing that we pick names starting with a letter we don't already have, unfortunately for his weird OCD name thing we ( ok I ) have chosen Niamh when we already have an N name haha

kadyrae1107 - 8 days ago
Lil- I know exactly what you mean about the 'a' thing! My hubby and all his siblings start with J. Some how I got him to agree on Kennadie. He wanted Jameson if it was a boy. But now that its a boy this time he keeps bringing up the J thing. If this one was a girl he picked Emma. So I'm sooo confused on his thing about this J thing. Like is it just for boys then?? Lol Kennadie and Emma definitely don't start with a J. Lol.

baby ali - 8 days ago
probably will end up with 10 the way my husband going with names LOL

baby ali - 8 days ago
I thought the sight was fixed it sez I got 6 childrens on my profile lol only got 2 and only want 5 LOLOLOL

baby ali - 8 days ago
I dnt understand mens at all lol me and my daughters are the same dnt no where the man in our house came from LOL surely out numbered - 8 days ago
We have chosen William Pierce or Pierce Dalton. My son and I love Finley but dh wasn't having it.

funtimemum80 - 8 days ago
Seems like everyone is picking boys names on here.......I love the names xavier, calieb and ruben but I've always got a no from his lordship

funtimemum80 - 8 days ago
Had my growth scan today and all is well, she has the same face structure as my 4 th daughter it was honestly history repeating itself, she also appears slightly smaller than the others but she's on date for measurements, I wonder how they work that one out if one baby is smaller than the other yet may have the same due date?? I have good sized baby's, anywhere between 8.3 lbs to 9.7lbs so if she comes out weeny I will be so happy !! My 1st little chicken....... My husband will only fight me with boys names, I've had the pleasure of naming my last 2 ( now 3 ) daughters names in full yet if this one was a boy I'd be stamping my feet and refusing his horrible yuk names lol he is too boring with names and constantly wants to use his for a boy, he lucked out with me! Happy birthday TLC xx

lil.pigz - 8 days ago
kadyrae1107- I liked Jackson too, Jax for short:) Hubby wanted to stay with our trending 'A' name thing we got going though,lol...Baby ali - Lol, My husband and I had that same compromise one time! I wanted to name our 4th daughter Arianna, he had his heart set on Amber. I fought him, and argued, then I finally said 'OK,if you let me name her Arianna, you can name the next one Amber.' This was on the way to the c/section. There was NOOOOOO way I was even considering having another baby at that point when I had'nt even delivered the one we were arguing about, but it pacified him and I got Arianna:).... I also have an Amber now too, so you can guess how that compromise played out and he held me to it:)

Baby ali - 8 days ago
my husband dsnt like any names I pick ever, he picked both my daughters name and each time he picks a name he sez wen I have next baby I can pick and same again I picked names from both gender and the man dsnt agree! so at the end he wil pick the name and tell me il pick the next I think I no his system of picking names, I never will get to pick the names LOL aargh such weirdo!

kadyrae1107 - 8 days ago
Lil- I like Abel! And we both watch SOA too!!! I always really liked Jackson but since SOA everyone is naming their son Jackson from SOA! I liked it before I watched the show but if I would name my son that now everyone would think its because of SOA lol. He doesn't like Jackson though so that name is definitely out!

lil.pigz - 8 days ago
Baby ali - It is hard sometimes when our mom's arent around to help. My mom used to be awesome with my kids but then we had a major fallout and now I see her only once every few months, and she lives right up the road,lol...jackie87 -YAY, I recognize the name list now,lol. Before, wasnt it people who were due almost 3 months before us? Hopefully they fix the other issues too, like the pictures...tlc - Sorry hubby is giving you a challenge for the names. He sounds exactly like my husbnad though with the reference to 'I want my son to have a normal name.' I hear that every pregnancy and mine wasnt a fan of my daughter Arianna's name either. We havent even discussed names yet, Im waiting until my scan on the 14th to narrow the fight down to only one gender list,lol. He swears it is another boy, which kind of sucks for names, because the list is short for what I like and they are the leftover ones he hated from when I was trying to name our last son:)...kadyrae1107- I like Jameson, it is unique and yet still 'normal',lol. Im trying for 'Abel' again. I got it from Sons of Anarchy, which we BOTH watch, and he was all for it too, until family and friends pulled the b.s. religion card and pissed my husband off, so he wouldnt do it. I refuse to tell friends and family this time around because I honestly dont want to hear their sh*t,lol. I personally HATE half of their names but dont make a big deal out of it:)

kadyrae1107 - 9 days ago
Tlc- I'm in the same boat as you with talking about baby names. We were hoping for another girl and had her name picked out but now that its a boy every name I suggest he doesn't like. I REALLY like Brantley but of course he doesn't. Hs also wants a 'normal' name. I like the different unusual names. Our daughters name is Kennadie. I don't know any other Kennedy's. So dar he suggested Jonathan Jr, Jacob and Jameson. If Kennadie was a boy she was going to be named Jameson. I like Jameson & Jacob but his like 4th cousin who he never sees ortalks to just nnamed his son Jacob so now Jon doesn't want to use Jacob. He said he gets to pick the name this time because I picked Kennadie. So I'm reallllyyyy hoping he'll pick Jameson. If not a Jr will be good too! But I hope he doesn't come up with any other names that I may not like!! Lol

tlc - 9 days ago
We are actually working in our respective home offices tonight and communicating about names via instant messenger. That sounds really creepy but I think it is actually keeping our emotions in check. He just told me that one of my top names, Milo, sounds like a dog's name. That's how it's going so far. To his credit, he was avoiding talking about it on my bday, but he asked me how I'd like to spend the evening and I asked him to talk names with me. He wants something more 'normal' for his son. He wasn't a fan of naming my second daughter Audrina.

jackie87 - 9 days ago
Happy birthday, Tlc!!! And boo to him not liking any names. What if you subliminally added your favorite names into conversation casually...he may know what you're trying to do but it may be worth a shot...sometimes looking at a name on paper turns you off but hearing it over time can make it grow on you.

tlc - 9 days ago
Got my husband to look at my list of baby names. It's my bday today so I got him to tell me what he thinks. He didn't like ANY. Ugh. - 9 days ago
Kadyrae; yes, haha that's my episode. They didn't use me as much as I thought they had because I have no drama. They actually made zuzy the head bartender but in life; she sucks. Lol been there for 14 yrs but she only poured beer. But I had a few lines (salty ass fries and hot stripper sandwich lol) you can tell I'm pissed through out the show because they made things seem different then what was really happening. The manager were never there. The bartenders (myself excluded) sucked and were slow. The owners were never there so the bartenders ran their own shifts and gave alcohol away for extra tips. That was the real issue besides the place being a dark hole. I'm starting to feel so good during this preg! 2nd tri has finally set in. Only wish I didn't poo glass shards. Lol

tlc - 9 days ago
They didn't fix the upload function for the pictures though.....

tlc - 9 days ago
HOLY CRAP!!! The site is alive again!!!!!

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