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You are 24 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

This week your baby's crown-to-rump length is around 8.4 inches and your baby will weigh approximately 1.2 pounds. Although it weighs a little over a pound at this point, your growing baby is still tiny. Your uterus can easily be felt 1.5 to 2 inches above your bellybutton. The fetus does not appear to have much room in the uterus anymore, but as your pregnancy progresses, space gets much tighter!

Because your uterus is expanding and putting a great amount of pressure on your abdomen, you might get stretch marks. Your weight gain may also be taking a toll on your body at this point. Many pregnant women experience backaches, bladder problems, sore feet and fatigue that affect their daily routines. You might also have some nasal stuffiness or nosebleeds.

Your baby's face is basically complete now. The fetus's eyes are close together on the front of his face and they are still shut. Your baby's ears have moved into their final position on the sides of his head. Where they are now is where they will be when your baby is born! Hair will continue to grow on his scalp and his eyelashes are well developed. Most of your baby's features look the same as they will at birth. Because your growing baby is getting plumper, he no longer has room in your tummy to do cartwheels and somersaults.

Now is a good time to ask about prenatal classes being offered in your area. Many local hospitals offer classes for expectant women and their families. You should aim to complete the classes approximately one month before your due date.

You may sometimes get a stitch-like pain in your side from time to time. It's simply the muscles of the uterus stretching.
the unborn child is covered with a fine, downy hair called lanugo. Its tender skin is protected by a waxy substance called vernix. Some of this substance may still be on the child's skin at birth at which time it will be quickly absorbed.

The child practices breathing by inhaling (up to a liter/day) amniotic fluid into developing lungs.

Comments on week 24

Comments 1-49 of about 543 from week 24
1 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Ryskay - 9 days ago
just a few days away then I'll be 24 weeks :) so far feeling good.

maimai88 - 13 days ago
24 weeks today! How is everyone doing? Charcharsuperstar, are you still on bedrest?

charcharsuperstar - 15 days ago
Anyone here? I love that baby pic doing the macarena!

jesswithtwins - 34 days ago
Are any other mommy's on here experiencing major spamming going on to your profile? I've tried reporting it and the person but seems like the administration is never actually on the website - 34 days ago
Thankfully the stomach bug didn't last too long....over a period of 48 hours everyone was all better. How's everything going on with you Flybear?

flybear - 34 days ago
24 weeks. 15 more weeks for me. :D

flybear - 36 days ago
We had several stomach bugs go through the house during my first trimester. It was awful. Hope everyone in you household is feeling better soon! - 37 days ago
So the stomach bug is running through my home. It started with my four year old son and now it git me and my oldest daughter. As soon as I feel well enough I'm going to get up and Lysol everything in sight!! - 38 days ago
I can see how prepping for twins can be scary and overwhelming. My sister has twins and she went through the same emotions as you when she was pregnant. After she had the babies she had to adjust but after she settled into a routine her stress level went down. I can remember wanting twins...having kids 14 months a part though is as close as I will get.

jesswithtwins - 39 days ago
Wow can't believe I'm already in my 24th week as exciting as it is and as much as I couldn't wait to get here I think I need this pregnancy to slow down now I getting a little overwhelmed and nervous about how much our world is gonna change with 2 babies coming into our home so soon one baby never felt so scary as I feel right now knowing we are about to have 2 at one time

liltyke7 - 41 days ago
WOOOHOOO Week 24!! Baby boy is really moving now! love feeling him. - 42 days ago
24 weeks today =)

loralb - 57 days ago
Hooray 24 weeks! Just a few weeks until the exciting 3rd trimester. Well, besides potty training my boy, I am not doing much to prepare for baby yet. Gimme a month though, then I'll go crazy and be way over prepared like always. Also tired of fighting about what to name her. My hubby and I can't decide on anything!

KristinaA - 111 days ago
Even with my first pregnancy, I didn't even start w/ the nursery until the last trimester. Same now. We still don't even know where we're going to put this baby, and I already got rid of my bassinnet, baby bath tub, bottles, 0-6 month clothes, infant car seats, etc. I have gotten 2 infant car seats from a friend of mine, so I'm good there, but woefully behind on everything else.

mamaford77 - 116 days ago
Honestly, I can't even wrap my mind around the nursery. I have all the big ticket items for Simon (carseat, stroller, co-sleeper, swing, and cloth diapers) but still need to get the smaller things. I'll probably start putting things together once I hit the third trimester.

KristiW - 117 days ago
Is anyone else really excited about getting the nursery together? I can't wait! I also feel really close to this little one already!! With my second baby it took me longer to get here?

KristiW - 117 days ago
Mamaford you beat me to the punch I was going to say something about being 6 months! I would have been terrified to have pain like that. So glad to hear you are ok! Dialated already, you better take it easy!

mamaford77 - 117 days ago
We made it to 24 weeks! I had a big scare the other day with lots of contractions and pain, but it was from kidney stones. Everything has settled down now, but I did learn that I am already dilated to about 1 1/2 cm.

sher-baby - 134 days ago
Decbaby- at the moment I don't feel rib shots too often but if I'm sitting up straight for an extended length of time, I deff feel them in my ribs. But when I'm home, I usually recline my chair and I don't feel the rib shots, but it also takes the pressure off my lower back; that is just killing 80% of the day!!!! My ribs are super sore today too, so baby was deff giving me some good shots yesterday! My DH had his hand on my belly last night while we were relaxing watching football and I got some strong kicks and DH was like 'oh!!....babe, are you ok!?!?!'....'damn! Did that hurt?!?' was pretty funny, like '....ya!!! This is a normal day....getting the sh*** kicked outta me! Lol! But it's all good signs so I can't complain! Baby is getting bigger and strong, just like he should be. Babylove- I'm glad ur son is doing better!! Sunshine baby- that's my biggest fear so far about delivery!!! Tearing again or getting cut! ...ugh! I just wanna stretch nicely and bounce right back! ;-) (lol....don't we all!! Lol) but ladies..incase ur not on very much over the next few days, I hope you and your families have a great holiday!!

sher-baby - 134 days ago
I think no matter how many children a woman has, there will always be a bit of fear; for a number of different reasons!! This is baby #2 for me and as much as I'm not too nervous about the delivery (for now!!), I'm worried and nervous about being able to provide for 2 babies. I lost my job the week after I got my bfp and have only been working odd temp. jobs ever since. I try to stay optimistic and just keep in mind 'things will work out..' But sometimes I'm like ' are we going to do this!!!!!!'

babylove5 - 134 days ago
It's 230 am.....why am I up. Christmas is kicking my butt!!! I have been running like crazy, between Christmas parties for the kids and programs I am exhausted. Today hit me like a freight train, after 3 days of non stop I passed out at 6 pm. I couldn't even get to the grocery store because I am tired!!! I miss my energy burst that was here. I feel like I'm in third tri right now. I'm 25 weeks and I need to slow down! The baby is feeling great! He is super active because I'm resting. If I'm walking he goes to sleep. As soon as I sit he wakes up! He is kicking really high too. He is staying in the middle, I am so glad because I hate the rib kicks. He is back to head down and seems more comfortable! He is trying so hard to find a good spot. Is everybody cooking for family? Any ideas on easy appetizers? I'm doing pigs in a blanket, pies, and cheese far. My family is coming to my house because my mother doesn't cook!!! Ugh I don't want to cook either! My son is better though the Scarlett fever is gone!!! Yay

sunshinebaby8 - 134 days ago
Dec Baby... all my babies were VERY VERY VERY Fast labors/and deliveries. I think my longest was 2 hours. beginning to end. NO JOKE!! I almost delivered two of my kids in the Easy deliveries. Recovery with one was not so great.. I had an episiotomy.. it was PAINFUL and will NEVER have another one again. All vaginal births. I am TERRIFIED of a c section. I had a midwife for three of my kids and LOVED HIM!! Unfortunately he moved.. so I'm back to an ob. I hate it. but this is going to be my last baby, so I am going to make the most out of everything :) I am hoping for another fast delivery because if I had to labor for HOURS.. I would not have more than one

Dec Baby - 134 days ago
haha...wait till you girlies hit 28 weeks, then you're really going to get some rib action;) Well, I'm kinda writing posts to myself in my I keep popping back to see how you girls are going! I'm starting to think about the birth and even after delivering 8 babies, it still makes me nervous:S have your births been...easy or difficult? Nice to see another here with a big family:))

sher-baby - 134 days ago
I'm prep'ing for an early delivery. This baby is very active, my body already feels pretty beat up, I have BH's every day, and my daughter was 3weeks I'm prep'ing for this one to also come early. If not, than at least we'll be ready!!

mandykat760 - 134 days ago
I've had some kick super high already even tho I carry low. I went to the doctor today and I'm measuring a week and a half ahead! With both of my girls I was always a week behind. My first daught was 5lbs when she was born. They started to freak out like she was a premi. Haha nope I just have small kids. I bet me due date is off.

sher-baby - 134 days ago
Most of mine are pretty low, but today I got hit with some cheap rib shots !!

sunshinebaby8 - 134 days ago
I feel most of my movement down LOW... so no rib kicking yet. I too loose all ability to stay awake after NAP TIME for sure!!! But that happens even when I'm not

sher-baby - 134 days ago
Ugh...anyone getting kicked or punched in the ribs already?!??....wth!!! He shouldn't be that big YET....

sher-baby - 135 days ago
Woow!!! are a trooper!!! I have 1 and some times wanna change my name to anything but mom or mommy!! Lmao! I too have most of my energy back but by the evenings I'm usually beat! I start cooking dinner in the morning and do everything I need to do in the morning because once 4-5pm hits....I'm not getting much done!

sunshinebaby8 - 135 days ago
Hello all :) I was going to say that I have entered the days of panty The discharge is normal, and can even been tinted a different color.. example.. green. NORMAL.. gross but normal. Mine is TMI.. white. Or clear. I can't stand that 'wet' feeling so I have reduced myself to using panty liners. As long as your discharge is not red/pink.. then your fine. I hope everyone is doing well! I feel great, and have most of my energy back.. well as much energy you can have with 7

sher-baby - 135 days ago
Some days I have odd discharge. mine is usually white and thick...but (tmi warning) sometimes when I go to the washroom I'll see a 'glob' in the bottom of the toilet! It's kinda gross....I think it's normal but maybe I'm jut producing a lot of cm! I don't know... So no Mandy, ur not alone!

babylove5 - 135 days ago
Mandy I'm pretty sure it's normal to have discharge like a white substance. It should not have a smell either, otherwise it could be a uti or yeast infection.

mandykat760 - 136 days ago
Anyone else have odd discharge?

babylove5 - 137 days ago
Wow supermom that's awful but I'm sure you weren't the first and you won't be the last. I hope you didnt drink castor oil to induce labor, thsts the worst at causing dirrhea. I considered it w my last but decided against it because of that. I know when I start having labor pains at home I always have to go at least twice before I go to the hospital.

sher-baby - 137 days ago
Oh ya!!! I was Forsure double fisting it!!! I didn't have an epi and had my daughter out in about 3-4 who knows what the magic trick is..let's just hope everything goes smooth for all of us. I also fear poo'ing my self! Lol :-/ not that it hurts, it's just embarrassing!

floydianslip2 - 137 days ago
Babylove, my oldest was stuck for about a half an hour, and I got very lucky with my youngest, he was born in 4 pushes. I had an epi with my youngest, but not with my oldest, so I always thought that the epi let me relax more and that’s why he was born so much faster. Lol, guess everyone has different results with that! Sher, that is hilarious, two bottles at once!

sher-baby - 137 days ago
Feeling soooo tired today!!! But I promises my daughter we'd take her ice skating!!....wwwhhyyyyyyy!!! Ugh

sher-baby - 138 days ago
Ya I has 2 squeez bottles and was squeezing as hard as I could and was still burning like hell it's self!!!! I took the lid off one and just poured one was spraying and the other was pouring!!! Unreal! I has to freeze my pads too!! I'd wet them and make pad-sickles...not that was heaven!!!! Lmao!

babylove5 - 138 days ago
I am cleaning today and I Hv to make meatballs and veggie pizza for Xmas eve. Christmas morning we are doing a huge breakfast! Yum it's my favorite meal!

babylove5 - 138 days ago
Floy they give me a squirt bottle too and it helps some but with all that swelling and tear it hurts like crazy. I think if I can push him out sooner maybe the swelling won't be as bad. Are your babies stuck crowning for a while too? What's funny is the labor pain the mind seems to block some but after the birth I can remember the horrible pain well. When I see my doctor again next month I'm going to ask him if I don't get the epi what they can give me for pain to sew me back up. Maybe not having the epi will make it go faster. It wasn't as bad swelling and stiches with Luke when I didn't Hv a epidural but he was 35 weeks.

floydianslip2 - 138 days ago
Sher, I remember that burn too! You know what helped me out? The hospital gave me this squeezy bottle thing, so I’d fill it with warm water first, then squeeze it so that it sprayed me as I was peeing. It was heaven! Maybe try something like that? Babylove, YAY! So glad everything worked out and you’re good to go! Sharper, sorry about the failed glucose. I’ve never failed one either. 5 points doesn’t seem like much, fingers crossed for you to have good results on the next one! So last night DH got to see our little guy in full action. I was laying in bed and had my phone on my belly and DH was talking to me, the phone was bouncing and shaking all over. DH just laughed and said he doesn’t think that looks very comfortable.

sher-baby - 138 days ago
Sharper-lol@the dr pepper and biscuit!!! Hopefully u pass your next sugar test. I'll be going for mine some time in jan.

babylove5 - 138 days ago
Oh I forgot the baby was going wild the other day and I couldn't figure out what he was doing he has turned breech. His head is straight up with his feet above his head he looks very uncomfortable. He needs to get back to head down. The good news is I'm not in pain on my pelvic bone from the head but he has to get back down there.

sher-baby - 138 days ago
That's great news Babylove!!! Congrats. They say the average weight gain at this point is 15lbs, so 18 doesn't sound too bad to me, but I understand changing what you eat just so that your baby isn't too big so I get it!!! I feel like my baby will be a lil big too...his movements are very strong, sometimes it takes my breath away. Last night DH was talking to was really cute. He was kicking like crazy and DH was like 'do you think I'm scaring him??' Lol...I was like no...maybe he's just getting excited!

sharper53 - 138 days ago
Failed my 1 hour glucose test. :-o Now I have to take the 3 hour one next Tuesday. I never failed the 1st test with my first two babies. I am kinda nervous. I think it will be fine though. They want it at 140 or less and mine was 145...probably the dr pepper and the biscuit I had about 1 1/2 hours before my test. I couldn't help it, I was hungry! This next test is a fasting one, so hopefully I will pass! I think I would know if my sugar was up?!

babylove5 - 138 days ago
I went this morning for the ultra sound and the cervix has returned to the length it should be. My baby weighs 1 pound 13 ounces almost 2 pounds! He is so long and his stomach is quite plump. I am good to go. I quit picking up My toddler as much and it seems to have worked. I have gained 18 pounds and they said the baby is looking bigger than he should but as long as he's health that's what counts. I am going to stop eating chocolate and chips and I should be fine. I don't want him bigger than 8 pounds and I'm eating to much. I am hungry though.

sher-baby - 139 days ago
Soo I hate complaining while pregnant only because I know there are soooo many woman that would so anything humanly possible to be in my position. Having said that, I also know that growing a human is a lot of work mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. So can I just say, my back is completely busted today!!! I don't even have to move and it....just....kills!!!! Woow!!! Any whoo moving on! I don't remember swelling up that bad after my daughter. I DO however remember the BURNING when I did finally have my first felt like I was peeing out razor blades sideways!!!!! Omg!!! Excruciating....prob worse than the actual labour and pushing it's self!!! For me at least. That's why my sits bath is a must!!!!

floydianslip2 - 139 days ago
I’m so late to chime in here, but good luck babylove! I always have swelling after birth, but I’ve had episiotomies with both so I’m not sure if it’s from that or just a normal part of childbirth. I just used tucks pads, sitz baths, and ice packs for relief. As far as holidays go I’m almost ready! I just have to make one more run today for some more wrapping paper, finish my wrapping, and head to the store for all of the things we need for Xmas dinner. I imagine that this weekend I’ll be cleaning like a crazy woman!

sher-baby - 139 days ago
Yes good luck Babylove! My Xmas shopping is all done and wrapped, so I'm all set! My mom lives next door to me so we don't have to pack anything to go to her house for Christmas dinner....then we just walk back home! I would like to get DH some more for Christmas but I need a job first! until then, he'll need to wait a lil bit.

RJean - 139 days ago
Oh, and good luck tomorrow babylove. Heres hoping that everything looks well with your cervix!

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