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You are 24 weeks pregnant.

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This week your baby's crown-to-rump length is around 8.4 inches and your baby will weigh approximately 1.2 pounds. Although it weighs a little over a pound at this point, your growing baby is still tiny. Your uterus can easily be felt 1.5 to 2 inches above your bellybutton. The fetus does not appear to have much room in the uterus anymore, but as your pregnancy progresses, space gets much tighter!

Because your uterus is expanding and putting a great amount of pressure on your abdomen, you might get stretch marks. Your weight gain may also be taking a toll on your body at this point. Many pregnant women experience backaches, bladder problems, sore feet and fatigue that affect their daily routines. You might also have some nasal stuffiness or nosebleeds.

Your baby's face is basically complete now. The fetus's eyes are close together on the front of his face and they are still shut. Your baby's ears have moved into their final position on the sides of his head. Where they are now is where they will be when your baby is born! Hair will continue to grow on his scalp and his eyelashes are well developed. Most of your baby's features look the same as they will at birth. Because your growing baby is getting plumper, he no longer has room in your tummy to do cartwheels and somersaults.

Now is a good time to ask about prenatal classes being offered in your area. Many local hospitals offer classes for expectant women and their families. You should aim to complete the classes approximately one month before your due date.

You may sometimes get a stitch-like pain in your side from time to time. It's simply the muscles of the uterus stretching.
the unborn child is covered with a fine, downy hair called lanugo. Its tender skin is protected by a waxy substance called vernix. Some of this substance may still be on the child's skin at birth at which time it will be quickly absorbed.

The child practices breathing by inhaling (up to a liter/day) amniotic fluid into developing lungs.

Comments on week 24

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avg2012 - 22.1 hours ago
I know, I am still dealing with constipation right from the beginning of this pregnancy. it was so easy with my baby#1...sigh..i feel so big and about to burst already :P

JDH - 5 days ago
It's so gross right?! I didn't deal with any of this with my other 3.

june2012 - 8 days ago
JDH i am experiencing indigestion too... the feeling is blah, especially at night... i am just trying to eat healthy and light...

Gigix - 8 days ago
Hi JDH! I hear you regarding the indigestion/dyspepsia! Problem is I had it before the pregnancy, but cannot take my usual lansoprazole because it isn't licensed for pregnancy. So I've been drinking lots of Gaviscon Double Effect, which isn't helping much. I have 3 pillows at night, and drink Gaviscon (10ml) following my evening meal to try and reduce the symptoms at least. Bad news is.... it's only going get worse until baby is delivered.

angelfree77 - 9 days ago
Yay for making it to 24 weeks!!! I am so sorry you are feeling so bad, JDH. I have really bad indigestion too :( I don't have it during the day, but I have it all evening and 1/2 the night. TMI, but nearly every night and sometimes twice/night, I wake up thinking I am getting sick, so I run to the bathroom (waking up my husband and throwing cats off the bed) and it's really just acid reflux. It's been awful and I worry about the damage to my throat. I feel like it happens no matter what I eat.

june2012 - 11 days ago
Onto week24... I give thanks to God for this far we have all come... Looking forward to 30weeks now...

JDH - 11 days ago
24 weeks isn't being so kind to me...I have awful indigestionALL THE TIME! Just hoping hat baby is happy and healthy. It's hard to think everything is OK when I feel crappy. Anyone have any suggestions on what to eat? I'm going to try a mini detox/diet for the next few days. Try to eat mostly fruits and veggies and drink water.

JDH - 15 days ago
Thats so amazing!

angelfree77 - 16 days ago
I found this chart about viability that I thought I would share:

angelfree77 - 17 days ago
Thank you! I didn't know that 24 weeks means viability! For some reason, knowing that just made me cry...happy tears, of course!

june2012 - 17 days ago
i am looking forward to next week since i will be 24weeks... which means viability!!! congratulations angel on hitting 24weeks already...

angelfree77 - 18 days ago
24 weeks as of yesterday! 16 weeks to go!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!

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