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You are 24 weeks pregnant.

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This week your baby's crown-to-rump length is around 8.4 inches and your baby will weigh approximately 1.2 pounds. Although it weighs a little over a pound at this point, your growing baby is still tiny. Your uterus can easily be felt 1.5 to 2 inches above your bellybutton. The fetus does not appear to have much room in the uterus anymore, but as your pregnancy progresses, space gets much tighter!

Because your uterus is expanding and putting a great amount of pressure on your abdomen, you might get stretch marks. Your weight gain may also be taking a toll on your body at this point. Many pregnant women experience backaches, bladder problems, sore feet and fatigue that affect their daily routines. You might also have some nasal stuffiness or nosebleeds.

Your baby's face is basically complete now. The fetus's eyes are close together on the front of his face and they are still shut. Your baby's ears have moved into their final position on the sides of his head. Where they are now is where they will be when your baby is born! Hair will continue to grow on his scalp and his eyelashes are well developed. Most of your baby's features look the same as they will at birth. Because your growing baby is getting plumper, he no longer has room in your tummy to do cartwheels and somersaults.

Now is a good time to ask about prenatal classes being offered in your area. Many local hospitals offer classes for expectant women and their families. You should aim to complete the classes approximately one month before your due date.

You may sometimes get a stitch-like pain in your side from time to time. It's simply the muscles of the uterus stretching.
the unborn child is covered with a fine, downy hair called lanugo. Its tender skin is protected by a waxy substance called vernix. Some of this substance may still be on the child's skin at birth at which time it will be quickly absorbed.

The child practices breathing by inhaling (up to a liter/day) amniotic fluid into developing lungs.

Comments on week 24

Comments 1-49 of about 457 from week 24
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Ruee - 12.8 hours ago
hello ladies. I'm getting up 4 to 5 times and waking up extremely tired because It takes some time for me to sleep again afterwards - 15.9 hours ago
Surprisingly I am only getting up once and sometimes not at all to pee. Some nights i do have to get up several times, but right now its rare...I'm sure that will change soon though!

Dec Baby - 1 days ago
24 weeks and feeling more like 28!! Still working on a boys name😩 O.K, this is a bit of a random question, but how many times do you girls get up in the night/early hours to pee? I'm going 2-3 times, it's seriously destroying my sleep! - 5 days ago
cant wait 4 my 3D of my babygirl

lynt - 10 days ago
it seems as if my baby spends all of the tome in the same position. I feel all movements in the lowest part of my abdomen. My stomach feels so heavy. I need to look into getting a support band. I hope my growth stops or at least slows down.

lynt - 13 days ago
Week 24 already. Hopefully the other weeks will past quickly. I am so ready to have this baby. - 45 days ago
Hi everyone, I am 24 weeks and I am so scared. I have a RH negative blood type which cause me to loose my baby boy last year. I understand that my rh negative blood type will never change and so I am asking you all to pray for me

lissie**** - 78 days ago
I do notice baby more when I am not moving around. **Kathy** I am so happy you have made it this far :) Just knowing baby is in viable range is awesome. HOpe you aren't having any more bleeding.

kimmyb579 - 79 days ago
Hey Ladies- I often feel my little guy moving around late at night or first thing in the morning- someone once told me that it could be the rocking motion of us walking during the day that keeps them quiet, and when that stops as we relax, baby wakes up and parties!!

kathy=^.^= - 82 days ago
Hello ladies hope everyone is doing good. I have been doin good. I love feelin the baby move it's so exciting getting closer to my due date :)

lissie**** - 84 days ago
deebo// yes me too. I have Placenta Previa. I'm hoping everyday that it moves up! I want to be able to be more active and not worry. I haven't had as many issues as you this pregnancy. I had low lying placenta with massive bleeding two babies ago so I can relate. So sorry you going through that. Glad baby is doing well though! :) I seriously am counting the days until Sept 15th when we have our repeat ultrasound to check on the placenta and on some anatomy issues (her heart).

Juliemom24 - 85 days ago
Ah Deebo, that has to be the worst. At 18 weeks my placenta was in the front somewhere. I guess that I'll find out more at my next ultrasound on Monday. Hope you feel better!

deebo - 85 days ago
Anyone else have a low lying placenta??I hope it goes up, I am worried. This pregnancy has been the absolute pits! My SCH hasn't healed either! Boo. Back on rest. My baby is super active too, Especially at night! She's already hurting me.

lissie**** - 85 days ago
hope you feel at least a little better soon Morigan

lissie**** - 86 days ago
not so much anymore at this point but I have been having m/s which leaves me not wanting to eat much of anything when it hits. But I'm not having problem gaining weight now.

moriganshound - 87 days ago
Hey all, is anyone else having severe food aversions, as in its a struggle to eat anything? Losing weight and dizzy all the time.

lissie**** - 92 days ago
I also notice baby more at night. I often feel her during the day lots too. But on days that I am busy or preoccupied I don't notice her in the day so much and then at night she's having a party it seems!

brittplus3 - 93 days ago
Youngmom- that's when I feel my little girl move the most too. When I'm relaxing, which isn't much except before bed!

youngmom01 - 94 days ago
My baby didn't move until 20 weeks and now everyone in my family has felt him move and lots of my friends, he doesn't stop! It's usually when I'm laying down or relaxing so it's late at night... Is it normal that he moves a lot at night but not so much in the day?

Juliemom24 - 94 days ago
I'm back from vacation! I haven't been feeling the baby very much lately, probably because I haven't had much down time. I'm really looking forward to going to the doctor soon. I can't believe that September is next week. December still feels reeeeealllly far away.

lissie**** - 101 days ago
Juliesmom// My DH just felt baby with his hand the other night for the first time. I guess he has felt it when we cuddle but I didn't even know that till I said he had finally felt baby and he told me he has felt her before when we sleeping etc. Probably soon for you too I'd bet!

Juliemom24 - 102 days ago
This baby is moving more and more. I would love if it was strong enough to see on the outside. Hubby still hasn't felt baby and people are always making comments that I don't even look pregnant enough to feel the baby (which is crazy because I gained so much weight in the first trimester and then it just stopped). I'm not complaining because I know in the next few weeks I'm going to get huge!

lissie**** - 102 days ago
I'm 24 weeks today too. I am not getting the lower pain but I am getting lots of BH and ligament pain and sore abs for weeks too with splitting. Baby girl moves a ton. One of my more wiggly babies.

begin.again - 103 days ago
I can see my belly move when the baby moves!! I love seeing my baby move. My baby is really active especially at night. Sometimes the movement/kicks are painful because they're near my vagina. Right now my baby is moving around a lot and it hurts. Is anyone else experiencing painful lower kicks/movement? The kicks are below my c-section incision. Happy 24 weeks ladies! :)

2xmommy2b - 103 days ago
24 weeks's so quiet here! Hope everyone is doing well!

matoks - 133 days ago
ok is ds malaria or what?not feeling good no matter ao i rest still not feeling alright#sad

jojo - 134 days ago
24 weeks today :) feel like I've reached another milestone as here in Wales my little girl is now classed as viable :)

jojo - 134 days ago
Exactly hun.. home from work now just had tea.. think I'll have a nose online at the Next sale haha xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 134 days ago
Arh thats lovely news everything went well today at ur apmt Jojo, glad baba was active and having a good reassuring bounce round haha I've got my midwife tomorrow, didnt know til yesterday when I rang to check when it was dozy lately!! Am with u on the tiredness hun, doesnt matter how much rest I get either. As for ur work, I agree better to get it done when the kids r at their dads, at least that will b one less thing for u to worry about hey chick!! Xx

jojo - 134 days ago
Oh my goodness ladies I feel absolutely shattered today.. so can't wait to go to bed lol midwife appointment was good all ok with baby, she did not stop wriggling the whole time she was trying to time the heartbeat haha glad the gaviscon is working for you twinny. I'm not stressing over the building work guys.. I've purposely arranged it for when the kids are not home so I can let them get on with it and clean the mess once they're done :) thanks lovely ladies xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 135 days ago
Hello my lovely ladies! Bonita I think we've pinched ur sun we're having abit of a heatwave at the moment and its fantastic!! I bought some liquid for heartburn last nite, i've only had it once and it improved the way I felt straight away...guna get it on tap from the doctors now haha. Jojo I dont envy u getting all that work done but how fab u will beable to start decorating ur 'girls' room :o) made up for u hun. Hope u all have a lovely day!! Xx

bonitadiane - 135 days ago
Aksnods- I too am getting BH but not all the time. I'd say 2-3 times a day. Still so tired doesn't help the suns been hiding on us. Blah. I too never use middle names. So, I agree with Twinny. Don't stress if it flows or not. :) As for construction...eeeeek. I'm not so sure I'd handle it in this stage. Wishing you luck my friend!! It will be super exciting to finally have it done. And just in time for baby. I'll have to book my glucose in 2 weeks. Dreading it but it needs to get done. :)

aksnods - 135 days ago
I'm getting bh sll the Time

jojo - 135 days ago
Twinny your funny aye but so true what you said about names lol I too only ever call the kids by their first name unless my youngest is naughty which is quite often and then he is called Kian Rhys hahaha sorry to hear you girls are so exhausted. . Hope the next 2wks goes quick for you to get your well deserved break. I'm off work mon-wed next wk but we have builders in while my kids are with their Dad to get the garage conversion finished so not sure how relaxing that will be but so can't wait to get it done. Means we can then concentrate on the 'girls room' haha how mad does that sound :) :) xx

matoks - 136 days ago
thank u ladies for d response,its so funny when u hear some people's superstition ahahhaaha,bonita am having same movement with baby,i feel baba every hr,especially while lying down with left side,its so interesting,but i feel much hiccup while sitting am worried if this is normal,my apmt tomoro,just for check up nothing serious.really anticipating to c baby,3months to go kindda far to me.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 136 days ago
Good morning girls. Sooooo tired today, Bonita I hear u on the tiredness!!Jojo I love Imogen and Ebony, I also like Harper....doesnt matter if u think the name will go with Jeanette unless ur planning on using the full name, like 'Ebony Jeanette come get ur tea' :op Mine have got middle names but we only use their first. As for the break I finish 2wks on Friday and I cant wait. I've already got my glucose booked as i've had it before so will wait and see what happens from that. Have a fun day girls if we stay awake haha xx

bonitadiane - 136 days ago
Hello ladies ... Glad to hear all is well. I've been SOoooo exhausted lately. What gives?!?! I was never this tired with my girls. I mean 1st trimester exhausted. Not good. I'm forcing myself daily to move. Lol Matoks I'm not so sure how true that it but will say I had some serious BH with my second starting real early like 27 weeks. And I had a 5 hour labor. Super fast. My first I never had BH till few weeks before her arrival. So, in my case I'd say it maybe true. Lol I'm praying this time is as quick as last. Twinny... Way to go on Vacation coming up. So so so deserved!!! I hope you enjoy yourself. I too will be going away with my sweet family back to Canada to my parents cottage. Can't wait to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. I've had some serious movements more so when I go to bed and lay on left side. He wiggles, kicks and moves like crazy. It's it's as if he's telling me to move. JoJo I'm still sooo in love with Isabelle. But not sure how well it goes with Jeanette??They are all beautiful names. That's a tough one. Tomorrow makes 25 weeks for me. Crazy. I too have OB appointment. Wondering when he'll schedule the glucose. Ewww. Not looking forward to it.

jojo - 136 days ago
Time off sounds fab hun hope the weather stays good for you..Glad you've said that about the low movements hun.. alot of my movements are still very low esp throughout the day and only when I lie in bed that her movements move higher. She is a real wriggler tho lol i actually video'd my belly moving a few days ago.. you can even see her movements through my clothes sometimes haha our shortlist atm includes Isabelle, Imogen, Seren & Lilly although I do really like Ebony and Stu also likes Eva lol what do you girls think? Which goes best with Jeanette as this will be her middle name ( Stu's mums name) I love Imogen Harper but Stu is set on using his mums name which will mean alot to his family :-)

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 136 days ago
Oooh down to the final few excited to hear what you's pick :o) I seen a beautiful snowsuit to bring baba home in reduced from £30 to £9, baby pink velour with hearts on and they only had size 3-6 mths so was gutted couldnt get a 0-3 seens as shes another winter baby. I picked up a couple of sleep suits aswell but no coming home outfit yet. Glad ur apmt is just routine...the movements r fab arnt they altho alot of mine r veryvery low down towards underneath, I havent had any major visuals yet, just the odd random kick or punch haha love it tho - will love it more when shes in my arms hahaha Funny u shud mention time off, i'm having a 2wk break first 2wks in August and I CAN NOT WAIT!! haha roll on summer days relaxing in thr garden with my brood!! Love it xxx

jojo - 136 days ago
Aww twinny you so deserve a week off lol funny you should mention the mothercare sale I just bought my lil girls coming home outfit from there lol humphreys corner one half price, bargain :-) midwife appoint is just my routine 24wk check hun alls good with baby getting lots of movement. Loving that. We finally chose our pram over the weekend and have actually started seriously short listing names :) exciting stuff but think we might have to take another mortgage out to buy everything haha xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 136 days ago
Hello girls. Glad to hear u r all doing well and everything is progressing as it shud b. I have been checking in on a daily basis but I feel like most of my posts r moaning ones and i'm fed up listening to myself hahaha I am still feeling crappy and heartburn has kicked in big time so as per usual alls I can say is roll on 16wks!! :o) Besides that I do actually think the time is flying! I bought my first baby item of clothing last week - a gorgeous little.mothercare cardigan...Jojo have u seen their sale? Up to 70% off...some of the items r beautiful! Evie picked a fab little.pair of pram shoes reduced from £12 down to £3...cant grumble at that hey! The Next sale is on next week aswell....oh I am so skint but will cave in and go - I LOVE their clothes! Haha. What is ur midwife apmt for? Hope everything is ok? My next apmts r 8th August- got 3 seperate apmts on the same bonus next scan which fingers crossed shows baba has put some beef on...sure feels like it haha!! Cant wait!! Matoks Jojo is right - braxton hicks r in no way a reflection of ur length of labour. I was induced both times with my labours, first one took me nearly 24hrs- 5 of those active labour, my next labour with the twins lasted 5hrs IN TOTAL!!!, fingers crossed its another quick one for me this time round hehe...hope its quick for all of us!!!! Xx

jojo - 136 days ago
Midwife appointment Wed.. can't believe how quick these weeks are going or that it's Mon morning again! Feeling fantastic. Heartburn is manageable so all in all I can't complain. Hope you ladies had a good weekend xx

jojo - 136 days ago
Hi matoks glad your well.. try not to pay too much attention hun to stories you hear.. braxton hicks are normal and just your bodys way of getting ready but it doesn't have any bearing on how quick your labour and delivery will go on the day. Every birth is different. I had BH from 20wks on my last baby, even had stop and starts of labour from 36 wks, he still ended up being 9 days overdue and I was in slow labour for 36hrs 11hrs established. . Yet with my middle child I had Bh the same yet she was born on her DD 8hrs start to finish absolutely text book lol when it's your time you'll cope and you'll be fine. It's all worth it when that little one is in your arms :) xx

matoks - 137 days ago
hey ladies,its been a while we no more communicate like before,guess everybody is kindda busy lately,i trust u are all doing great as well as family really miss our chats......ok,i heard when one experience contraction months before delivery it quicken delivery,i know u guys are experience mothers,so tell me how true it is.i wish u all a gr8 week ahead.#hug

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 141 days ago
Good morning week 24....another 14wks let in work :op wooohoooo haha xx

bonitadiane - 142 days ago
Hello week 24!!!

matoks - 143 days ago
woops,its 24weeks..........

afshanm07 - 149 days ago
Finally week 24 yay.

mammaramirez - 157 days ago
Last day in 24 weeks and then I'm off to 25 weeks!

jeudyjoanna90 - 159 days ago
24 weeks today, 16 weeks to go!!! Can't wait to meet my little jitterbug. Wish October was here already!

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