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You are 31 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby is continuing to grow each week that you remain pregnant. Your baby's crown-to-rump length is nearly 11.2 inches and total length is approximately 18 inches. Your baby weighs approximately 3.5 pounds at this point. Your uterus is about 4.4 inches above your bellybutton and continues to get larger. An average weight gain at this point is between 21 and 27 pounds. The weight that you gain is made up of your baby, placenta, blood supply, uterus, breasts, fat, water storage and amniotic fluid.

Because the ligaments and muscles supporting the small of your back relax and loosen in order to get ready for childbirth, your back may be aching from now on. There is usually nothing that can be done to prevent backaches, only to make them more comfortable. Many women get heartburn during these last few weeks of pregnancy because the oversized uterus leaves less room for the stomach and the contents within the stomach. Eating smaller, more frequent meals can help relieve the discomforts of heartburn.

This week marks an incredible milestone in your baby's lung development. Before now, the air sacs and branches in your baby's lungs were present but not functional. The lungs were not able to inflate properly. However, now there is surfactant being produced in your baby's lungs. Surfactant prevents your baby's lungs from collapsing outside of the uterus and the baby is able to take in air and breathe properly. The fetal ear is almost completely developed both inside and out. Your baby can hear your voice and other familiar sounds that she will recognize after birth. Your baby is putting on white fat under the skin and the skin's color is pink instead of red at this point. Your baby's fingernails have grown to the end of her fingers and she may scratch herself while she is in the womb.

Comments on week 31

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nycnaz23 - 41 days ago
Hi All, not much activities on this forum at all :/ I was wondering, I am preg with #4 at 27wks and i am having strong BH. I went to get it checked out and all is well. Only thing is the doc said that my Interior OS is closed but my Exterior OS is open .. has anyone else had this before? I was told not to worry that it usually happens after multiple births. After looking it up, it looks like the distance between the inner and outer cervix is where the mucus plug usually is so if the outer is open then i guess there is no mucus plug? Some feed back with anyone that has experience this would be great. Thanks ladies and Congrats to all of you on making it to week 31!!!

monkeymomma - 42 days ago
Finally making progress in the baby's room! Not feeling so overwhelmed anymore.

TaraR - 54 days ago
My ribs have been aching all day!! I believe Mr Oliver gets his feet caught up in them! He's definitely running out of room!!

treadingwater - 55 days ago
TaraR - I am in the same boat. I can't get off the sofa or get out of bed. I feel like a ball that needs to roll. Lol. I love being pregnant too but it's getting to the part where I can't wait to see my LO.

treadingwater - 55 days ago
RowdyRandi and Kekea - I walked out of the room before my pregnancy hormones get the best of me. He is always questioning if what I am feeling is really in fact because of the babies. When I cry like a baby he would say it's not because I'm pregnant. I cried to Grey's Anatomy when Derek died and hubby called right when I was watching the episode. He couldn't stop laughing at me. All I can say is I can't wait till this pregnancy is over lol.

TaraR - 56 days ago
Hi!! I had my appt and ultrasound yesterday. Oliver is weighing in at 4lbs 8oz and has very long arms and legs. Went for the 3D ultrasound but his face was against my placenta and he had his arms and hands blocking his face. He was a tad stubborn! LOL His room is now completed and ready!! I absolutely love being pregnant but I'm so very done this time!! It's getting more difficult getting out of bed, getting off the couch or bending over!! But my nesting is still in high gear! I hope everyone has a great week!

Kekea - 57 days ago
Lol. They have no idea what we go through and its sad. I swear mine look at me like I'm faking and I can't seriously be in that much discomfort.

RowdyRandi - 57 days ago
A few hrs really a few hours?! I can't believe u didn't kick him treadingwater. I want to kick him right now

treadingwater - 57 days ago
I am so tired. The last two months is forever. I'm tired of rolling out of bed, having to push myself off the sofa, and bending down in a way that looks awkward. Lol. My hubby was putting up the dresser last night in our room last night so we would have a place for baby stuff and we were talking about being pregnant. He says it's not all that bad carrying around the weight in front of me. :O Being pregnant I seriously wanted to kick him in the rear. I told him he was lucky he won't experience this. He said he did when he took a child development class in high school. He wore a weighted chest for a few hours. arghh! Lol a few hours?! I really wanted to kick him then.

RowdyRandi - 58 days ago
Yep mine was 153 after breakfast so gonna be good from now on. It helps that my hubby is doing this with me

Kekea - 59 days ago
RowdyRandi you just bought back so many memories from gd to weight watchers. Lol. My peek was at one our after eating. I still check my sugar occasionally now to be on the safe side. An hour after lunch yesterday it was 149 and that freaked me out because o wasn't expecting it to be that high.

RowdyRandi - 59 days ago
kekea id probably be more if it wasn't for gd diet lol. I actually experimented this morning by eating what i normally wouldve eaten for breakfast and my sugar was high after 1 hr. Normal after 2 so now i know for sure for myself and I'm weird cuz that's really helped me to accept eating low sugar and pricking my finger cuz i know it is necessary for my health and the health of my baby. And thank goodness I've done weight watchers plenty of times before cuz that's pretty much the same as the gestational diabetes diet lol. And now i know too that occasionally i can splurge and have a little chocolate or mac n cheese just as long as its after 12 noon

Kekea - 60 days ago
That's so sweet RowdyRandi. Right on track. I'm jealouse of your weight gain. I'm at a 13 lb gain as of now.

RowdyRandi - 60 days ago
Had my ultrasound today. Andrew is about 3lb 14oz and is in 32% so baby is right where he should be. My total weight gain now is 7 lbs.

TaraR - 60 days ago
Hello 31 weeks!!!!!! Nesting set in two days ago and I've been going crazy!! I'm sitting at work right now thinking about scrubbing toilets!! I think I've lost it!! LOL Getting soooo close!! So very excited!! His little feet are now up in my ribs so I'm a little achy! Can't wait for the 3D ultrasound on Monday!

treadingwater - 60 days ago
I'm not in full nesting mode yet but I have been experiencing braxton hicks. We are getting closer! Seems like yesterday I was only 4 weeks pregnant!

PaulaSoon2b8 - 60 days ago
My nesting started at my work office lol :) Trying to get everything in order and organized for when I'm gone...I know where everything is, but I need to make sure everyone else can find it :)

Kekea - 61 days ago
I'm with you ladies. I plan to do a lot this weekend. I wish I had a live in nanny for the next few weeks, that would make nesting more

RowdyRandi - 62 days ago
Good luck 1morefor4. I plan to clean my spare room for our new arrival this weekend:)

1morefor4 - 63 days ago
So apparently hitting single digit weeks has kicked my nesting urge into gear. Unfortunately my sciatic nerve pain and back pain have also reared their ugly heads rendering me mostly immobile at times. But, DH and I agreed to clean the house this weekend so hopefully we get to it and through it.

PaulaSoon2b8 - 63 days ago
Went for the was not very much She says well babies not too huge too I wouldn't worry :P Well I wasn't expecting a giant at 30 weeks but we need to take in account that average baby puts on .5 lb or more per week over the next few us a guesstimate of what to expect. I go see my OB in the 13th..he will be able to shed more light :) On the remains head down my last little guy didn't turn head down until 37 weeks...hoping Leyla stays this 9 lbs I remember feeling very explicitly when he was a little on the painful side. Am definitely curious to find out what weight range doctor thinks she is at right now. Shes got some pretty heavy kicks and punches going thinking at least around the 4 lb mark.

RowdyRandi - 64 days ago
So lost some more weight doing this gestational diabetes diet. Puts my total weight gain down to 6 lbs. Get to find out how big baby is on friday. Can't imagine he's but so big. I can still fit in my pre pregnancy pants. Buttoned em and everything without sucking in lol

Kekea - 67 days ago
Wow Paula. I'm excited to hear the results of your scan. I usually measure about 2 weeks a head, but 6 weeks wow. I love to see a BIG heathy new born. Hopefully you will not need csection though...

PaulaSoon2b8 - 67 days ago
went in for what was to have been my 29 week check up...fundal height was at 35 weeks, they have booked me for a scan on 2nd of August. Although I just had my last one at 25 weeks...can't see the baby haven grown that much over the past 4 weeks. All my blood came back clear no sugar I guess time will tell. I do feel awfully large right now...but it is number eight I would think its expected. the doctor did get right in there and check the head and bumb size with her hands...said she did feel a little on the plump side...but...we had already talked about inducing 2 weeks I think that's early enough, if she ends up big and we need to do a c-sec...then that's what must be. I jut want everything to be developed and her to be healthy and strong :)

Kekea - 71 days ago
31 weeks!!! About 7 more weeks for me. So excited about having another baby girl to complete our family.

beckym - 89 days ago
60 days left

beckym - 92 days ago
31 weeks today, at the library, two of my 3 kids are enrolled in science in the summer.

mrscephas - 103 days ago
31 weeks today!

beckym - 107 days ago
Erica, I hope everything goes well for you and your family, my friend lost 8 children and just gave birth 2 weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl, they are overjoyed!

xEricaLynn - 113 days ago
31 weeks as of yesterday :-) 9 more weeks (give or take a day) until we can meet our baby boy, our first earthly child! His 6 siblings in Heaven are already rejoicing :-) - 141 days ago
5 more weeks until my c section. I'm getting so anxious! After months of holding off the time has come to finally start buying baby items. Also, my family just got a new home so it's time to start moving and setting up.

liltyke7 - 144 days ago
60 days from today to go!!!

jesswithtwins - 144 days ago
31 weeks today I'm starting to feel really uncomfortable these days carrying my two beautiful boys! I'm definitely excited to be bringing them into the world but I definitely want them to bake as long as they need and the more time I have the better for me because I believe emotionally and physically I'm not ready I'm just hoping my fear doesn't take over my joy sending prayers to all the mommas!

KristiW - 214 days ago
KristinaA...I know exactly how you feel about the guilt. I feel the same way. I said that yesterday...I don't know which one drives me more crazy the baby's or my own hiccups?

KristinaA - 214 days ago
Kristi -- the hiccups drive me crazy. I've always felt a little mom-guilt for not appreciating it, but I hate the feeling of the little rythmic beating when she has hiccups, and I've felt that way w/ all of my kids.

KristiW - 215 days ago
I had an ultrasound today because I am measuring a head but the baby is actually right on and even on the small side. This little girl gets the hiccups ALL the time. Sometimes 3-4 times in a day!! LOL! In the ultrasound her mouth was open the whole time its no wonder she always has the hiccups!

mamaford77 - 216 days ago
I wish I could just go naturally and let labor build. The only one I've ever been able to do that with is my first, 20 years ago! I will still labor as naturally as possible, even with an induction. I'm usually able to just have my water broken to get things going and not have any pitocin.

KristiW - 216 days ago
I got a massage on last weekend. My back aches 24/7, upper and lower. And my MIL is a massage therapist... I have been counting days since the moment I found out I was expecting!LOL! My doc says I can be induced at 39 weeks and I am taking up on that!!!

KristinaA - 217 days ago
I've been pretty miserable lately too, but hoping that pains are going to get better with mgmt. I'm planning to start using clary sage at 37 weeks so we'll see if that gets me anywhere sooner than May 1 :)

mamaford77 - 217 days ago
Since they are planning to deliver me at 37 weeks, I have a little less time left. I'm so miserable that I have started waking up each morning and quickly doing a count lol. 5 weeks 4 days left...that's just 39 days!

KristinaA - 218 days ago
60 days to go... Not that I've been counting or anything... since 250 days! I'm just hoping not to get laid off from my job before baby comes. Last time I had a baby, they did a massive lay-off the next day, and my job would have been eliminated except I was covered under FMLA so they had to find a new position for me when I came back.

sher-baby - 238 days ago
Lol...I know right?!?...wth is sleep!! I think my baby dropped a while ago and as a result; I've had this ridiculous and sureal pubic pain! My breathing has been ok...I can't say that I've had to deal with breathing restrictions. But I think I've always carried low..

mandykat760 - 238 days ago
Sleep? What's that? Good news, the baby dropped and I can breath!

sher-baby - 238 days ago
I could never do this! My DH is as miserable as cat poop if he doesn't get enought sleep...I on the other hand, haven't slept decent in months!!!

babylove5 - 238 days ago
Sher, it will be very uncomfortable! Each pregnancy seems to take a toll on your bones! It's worth it in the end. If men had babies every family would Hv 1 child.. Lol I Hv always thought women were the stronger sex! It's funny that I Hv 4 boys and it's my job to teach them to respect women in a culture that doesn't.

babylove5 - 238 days ago
I like the graco frame stroller the best because its small and easy! I need the ready 2 grow stroller for my 2 year and baby old but I don't like big strollers. I can't make a decision.

sher-baby - 238 days ago
Ya I hope so too...but boy these next few weeks are going to be ROUGH!! I was never this uncomfortable with my daughter...

babylove5 - 239 days ago
I hope we all make it to 39 weeks. I'm sure all our precious babies will be ready to be born then!!

sher-baby - 239 days ago
Pressure is an understatement! Walking and changing position at night feels like a vajayjay is snapping in two! It actually snap, crackles, and rice crispies! Lmao! I'll ask my dr next Wednesday when we go to check my cervix...I don't know if they routinely do cervical checks here...I Didn't receive any with my daughter.

babylove5 - 239 days ago
Floy I have everything too but I still can't decide on the Graco ready 2 grow stroller or the graco frame stroller just for the seat. If I get both that's 300.... Ugh It's either go big or really small.

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