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You are 32 weeks pregnant.

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By week 32, your baby weighs nearly 4 pounds! The crown-to-rump length of your baby is approximately 11.7 inches and the total length is about 18.9 inches. Your uterus is now 5 inches above your bellybutton. Some doctors do not see their patients every other week until now. So, if you were going to the doctor monthly, you may begin going once every other week now.

Sleeping boy. the baby sleeps 90-95% of the day, and sometimes experiences REM sleep, an indication of dreaming.

Now that your baby has grown so long and your uterus is higher, you might notice a new discomfort. Your baby is probably head-down and may occasionally stretch out and kick you in the ribs. The pressure on your rib cage can make you sore, especially if one of your baby's feet becomes caught. You can prevent this by sitting up straight as much as possible. Because your baby's demands for vitamins and minerals are higher than ever right now, you should continue to take your parental vitamins for the entire pregnancy.

This week your baby's movements will peak. You should continue to monitor the fetal movements daily and address any concerns with your caregiver. The wrinkles in your baby's face are disappearing and fat is still being deposited throughout the baby's body.

The body growth slows down from now on.

Because of the lack of space in the uterus, the legs are drawn up in what is known as the fetal position.

As a preparation for breastfeeding, your baby has learned to root for the breast. The baby will turn its head if touched on the cheek and open its mouth if the bottom lip is tickled. By this time the baby can also suck and swallow in a coordinated way.

Comments on week 32

Comments 1-49 of about 852 from week 32
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nycnaz23 - 43 days ago
Hi All, not much activities on this forum at all :/ I was wondering, I am preg with #4 at 27wks and i am having strong BH. I went to get it checked out and all is well. Only thing is the doc said that my Interior OS is closed but my Exterior OS is open .. has anyone else had this before? I was told not to worry that it usually happens after multiple births. After looking it up, it looks like the distance between the inner and outer cervix is where the mucus plug usually is so if the outer is open then i guess there is no mucus plug? Some feed back with anyone that has experience this would be great. Thanks ladies and Congrats to all of you on making it to week 32!!!

treadingwater - 44 days ago
I have also had membrane sweep in the past. The first one I had, i went into labor the next day. The second one, it didn't have any changes at all. I dilated a little and I effaced a little but it did not induce labor...but still I will still want to get a sweep first before an induction. Has anyone tried primrose oil or raspberry leaf tea?

kekea - 47 days ago
Hang in there TaraR!!! I feel like given up... I am physically and ,mentally drained.

TaraR - 49 days ago
I've been so uncomfortable this week! I'm not sure I can make it 7 more weeks! :( I hope everyone is doing well!

PaulaSoon2b8 - 51 days ago
No date yet...somewhere between Sept. 28 and Oct. 2. Will know as we get closer. Treading...I have had membrane sweeps in the past...but they haven't worked thus far. I know my doctor is trying to save me from a baby to big for my body to deliver. If my body isn't ready by the induction date(no dilation, no ripening etc., things may change) time will tell all :)

TaraR - 51 days ago
So Paula....when will you be getting induced. Have they talked about a date yet?

treadingwater - 51 days ago
I'll probably ask for a membrane sweep first before an induction...

PaulaSoon2b8 - 52 days ago
My doctor is inducing for a precautionary sake. Hoping to avoid an unnecessary C-section if possible. After all my last 3 had some shoulder dysplasia...and almost ended up emergency C-sections, or vacuum assist which at times a single or double episiotomy is required. With my last 3 4 babies...Ive been 4 or more cm dialated a few weeks before due dates anyhow, and only once has my water broke on its own. With the last little was just a breaking of the waters...walking around for a few hours then la our started all on its own, no drugs needed to assist. My one little guy, I went to a scheduled appointment with regular, painless contractions...thought they were Braxton hicks. I was literally 8+ cm dialated...but waters still very much intact. He broke waters and baby was delivered within the next hour :) The one time my waters did break on there own I was 8.5-9 cm in full blown labour before it decided to break. I guess my body just needs that little helping hand :)

1morefor4 - 55 days ago
RowdyRandi--my midwife won't schedule an induction unless I have gone into labor on my own by my due date. she will do a membrane sweep starting at 38 weeks to see if that will help me go into spontaneous labor. but if by my due date no baby has arrived she will schedule my induction for the day that she is scheduled to work labor and delivery. i'm not rushing it. babies come when they're ready although i've never had a baby born on or after his/her due date.

TaraR - 56 days ago
My ribs have been aching all day!! I believe Mr Oliver gets his feet caught up in them! He's definitely running out of room!!

RowdyRandi - 57 days ago
It's crazy to hear how so many of you already know when your lil ones coming. My dr hasn't even begun to think of induction yet. Maybe he's thinking he won't have to since my first was early

1morefor4 - 57 days ago
I had a midwife appointment today and posted a blog update to my profile.

TaraR - 57 days ago
My oldest was 7.1 and was born at 39 weeks. She was face up and I had some problems getting her out. My 2nd was induced at 38 weeks 4 days because of the issues with #1. But my 2nd came out being 7.10 and I had no problems whatsoever. My doctor really didn't say anything about inducing early with this one so I guess we will wait to see what he says at my next appointment. I'm so ready to meet Mr Oliver!!

PaulaSoon2b8 - 57 days ago
What have the sizes of your other been?? My biggest so far has been 9.5lbs...and he was hard for me to push out :( He had some shoulder dysplasia. We are hoping since this one is a girl that even if she's plump her shoulders won't be as broad being female...but doc is going to keep a close eye, ad plans to induce around 38 weeks if she's growing to big. I was due the 14th of October originally, but now we know we'll meet her somewhere around the 1st instead. My 9.5lber was induced at 38 weeks....if they let him go term or even over due he could've been 11-12 lbs :P That's just crazy !!

TaraR - 58 days ago
I know, Paula!! I'm a little afraid now!!!

PaulaSoon2b8 - 58 days ago
That's a good sized lil pumpkin you have baking Tara!!

TaraR - 58 days ago
Hi!! I had my appt and ultrasound yesterday. Oliver is weighing in at 4lbs 8oz and has very long arms and legs. Went for the 3D ultrasound but his face was against my placenta and he had his arms and hands blocking his face. He was a tad stubborn! LOL His room is now completed and ready!! I absolutely love being pregnant but I'm so very done this time!! It's getting more difficult getting out of bed, getting off the couch or bending over!! But my nesting is still in high gear! I hope everyone has a great week!

mzdallas06 - 59 days ago
Hello ladies! I hope everyone is staying cool! It's been 100-103 degrees here so needless to say, I've been inside. But being inside has sent me into cleaning & organizing frenzy. Everything is clean and smelling fresh :) however last night my contractions went into overdrive. I was getting really nervous, then I remembered my doc gave me some pills that help stop contractions. They really worked! THANK GOD! But 8 weeks or less now ladies!!!! We can do this!!!

1morefor4 - 59 days ago
I've been nesting. Still have a little more cleaning to do. But my back hurts so bad that I'm resting today. Going to get to work on my hospital bag in the next week or so. I have a midwife appointment Wednesday. I still can't believe we're at the every 2 weeks mark.

PaulaSoon2b8 - 59 days ago
Getting closer and closer!! Hope everyone is hanging in there and doing well!! Have a great week!! We are headed in to see the OB this week on the 13th, get results about size from the last U/ exciting:)) 8 weeks maximum or less until we meet our sweet pea...:))

Kekea - 63 days ago
Thank you RowdyRandi so much. I've actually been doing quite well with managing, even better then I did pre pregnancy.

RowdyRandi - 63 days ago
How exciting kekea. I hope your HTN is staying maintained and that baby stays in til full term. My first was late preterm and it was very stressful

Kekea - 63 days ago
I had an appointment with the specialist today. Everything is looking great.I did get word that I was going to deliver in the 38th week because of my hypertension. With that being said I have about six more weeks until I meet my bundle of joy. I have decided to work until the 38th week as well. Her head is so low that the tech could not get a good picture. Hopefully she will not come before I take my leave.

Kekea - 68 days ago
32 weeks for me and I am feeling it. I did some volunteer work today at a big community event that gives school supplies and back packs to the children. Needless to say my hips, pelvic, and back are killing me. I'm going to be in debilitating pain by the time I reach my due date if I'm feeling this bad now.

beckym - 79 days ago
Contraction timer

mrscephas - 79 days ago
What's the name of the app, beckym?

beckym - 82 days ago
Glad to share! 😊

Kekea - 82 days ago
Beckym What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing

beckym - 82 days ago
Something different I am doing this time than any of my other pregnancies is using a free app on my tablet to time my contractions, so much easier than writing them down! Someone in my labor and delivery class suggested this to everyone. 😊

beckym - 84 days ago
I'm bored of being pregnant, I can't wait til the big day. I picked up some more baby supplies today. Finished the labor and birth series. Next week is the hospital tour, 2 weeks from now is the sibling tour. I am 10 lbs over what my max ever pregnancy weight has been, that is a bit discouraging. I am going to do water labor til 7 or 8 cm. Delayed clamping until the placenta is birthed for the optimal amount of cord blood to the baby. We are going to take the placenta home, cut it into 8ths, and cook it over time, it is supposed to be chalk full of nutrients good for keeping away post partum depression, plus I am anemic with this pregnancy and it may take a bit of a toll on me during the labor as far as recoop, and it will help me get rebalanced iron wise. I hope all of you ladies are doing well!

Free2Bmom - 87 days ago
Thank goodness the end is creeping near. Baby girl is so active and strong but too big for me. She gets a foot caught in my ribs and feels like I'm being torn up inside. She sits so high my belly is like a hard shelf under my bust. And the heat! Oh my the heat here has been ridiculous! I have mostly enjoyed this pregnancy but I'm getting pretty uncomfortable now.

beckym - 87 days ago
32 weeks today! My son is away for a week with our church volunteering in a serve week where the 6th through 12th graders help the community. I miss him already! Just me and the girls while Johnny is at work, they have vacation bible school tonight, but nothing else really planned today.

mrscephas - 95 days ago
32 weeks, 3 days!!! Excited to be here. I'd a growth scan last week, which showed everything was on track, with baby weighing 4lb 4oz so nearly 2kg :). The gestational diabetes is mostly well controlled by diet and I've reduced the number of times I test to twice a day. I've also packed a suitcase for hospital... Still a few bits and bobs but major stuff is all catered for. Now to work for another 4 weeks before I take my maternity leave.

claraxx - 103 days ago
32 weeks today 💗 getting ready to hold my baby now. Want to enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible as this will be my last but also feel so impatient to hit the finish line! Hope everyone else is feeling and doing ok 😊

xEricaLynn - 109 days ago
32 weeks today :-)

jesswithtwins - 139 days ago
32 weeks today with my twin boys they measured at 3 and a half pounds in my 29th week I'm going in on Tuesday to see how they are doing and how much they've grown definitely excited about our two new blessings coming into this world and because of our loving family and friends we finally have lots and lots of stuff to prepare ourselves for their arrival but I'm definitely getting more and more nervous as the days and weeks fly by about bringing 2 new lives home :-) prayers for all the mommas for safe deliveries and healthy babies and mommas l - 139 days ago
In my other ultrasounds he measured a week ahead. On Tuesday's ultrasound he measured right on target and weighed in at 3 lbs 15 ozs so it looks like his growth is starting to slow down

liltyke7 - 141 days ago
Anything4nikki - what size did they say he was? at my last u/s mine was around 4lbs..i was running 3 weeks ahead. But then my doc said it is +/- 3 weeks so more than likely by end I will have a 8lb baby. My second was 8lb 11oz. - 141 days ago
I know the feeling liltyke7. I'm just ready for my son to be in my arms. I got an ultrasound yesterday...the more I see him the more in love I become

liltyke7 - 141 days ago
32 weeks! Can it be July yet! getting anxious to be dine and see my little boy.

babylove5 - 212 days ago
Beana I said a prayer for you and your baby to have good health! If they put the baby in the nicu borrow a medela pump and get breast milk to the baby. It helps them so much! Best wishes!

KristinaA - 212 days ago
Beana - will pray. Stay strong. Just a few more days to go for you now!

beanaleena - 213 days ago
hello other preggers!!! Hopefully everyone is feeling well!! We just received more bad news. Asking for prayers from everyone. We have placenta previa with a possible accrita. That was what we did know. We just found vasa previa. so they are scheduling a c section when we are 34 weeks. I am so full of anxiety its unreal. So if you all are praying can you please include our family? thank you to all the mommies!!! I hope all of you are getting through these last few weeks with little to no heartburn, and getting some sleep! sending all love!!!!

mamaford77 - 213 days ago
We toured the hospital today and I just cannot wait until it is my turn. :-) We toured it as group with other women due in May and this one dumb chick was being so obnoxious. When they said that baby will be placed on your chest to clean up, she was all, 'oh no they don't. They better take that nasty somewhere else. I don't do dirty.' Then, when they said that you do the first nursing moments after birth, she says, 'Those are mine! Ain't nobody sucking on my girls!'. It was ridiculous.

KristinaA - 213 days ago
mamaford -- I know. When you're expecting for the first time, it's like you need 9 months to prepare, but when it's your 4th, 5th, 6th baby, it's like hurry up and get here already so we can get started as a family with you!

mamaford77 - 213 days ago
Set up the nursery this weekend! I have to say, having the carseat just sitting there empty is making me feel like it's taunting me!

sher-baby - 233 days ago
Oh boy babylump!! I have nooooo clue. Plus, I'm in a completely different country! I know here, my daughters father is no where on any legal documentation! We were never married so my last name had never changed and my daughter had my last name. With this baby, he will have dh's last name. I have no suggestions!! Sorry, good luck!

babylove5 - 233 days ago
Baby lump I got the birth certificate info packet in the mail a while ago and it states that in the state of TN if you are married regardless if you're soon to be divorced, or if you know your hubby is not the father he is legally the father and you must put his name on the birth certificate. After you can have a genetic test to prove the father. Really your ex is the only one that should be concerned. You can always refuse to give your ex hubby's name and they will put on the birth certificate that you refused. Idk in the case of child support I would talk to a lawyer.

babylumpp2015 - 233 days ago
oh my babylove!My girls are going a little nuts since they see snow & want to play outside but it is SO COLD right now I think they'll freeze so I'm entertaining them with baking cookies and painting today. Does anybody know anything about birth certificate names? I am going through a divorce for almost 2 years now & it will be final in June. Baby will obviously be here before then but I have to keep my married name until paper are signed & official. & I can't believe I'm saying this but at the moment I am not comfortable with giving this baby her dads last name due to many reasons, maybe in the future if things go well. I know it seems selfish but I can't believe I would have 3 babies & not share a last name with any of them. My exhusband is a fantastically great father & deserves every bit of having his kids named after him. As far as the bf goes he's just not all there yet. For the birth certificate would they allow me to use my maiden name for baby's last name although mine won't be legally changed for another 2 months?

babylove5 - 233 days ago
We are in a state of emergency here too. Cars are piling up on the interstate, it is wreck after wreck. My hubby couldn't even pull up the driveway since we are on a small hill. He was stuck near the road. He left work at lunch. The boys are driving me nuts fighting.

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