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You are 34 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length this week is approximately 12.8 inches and the total length is around 19.8 inches at this time. Your baby now weighs almost 5 pounds. From your bellybutton, it is about 5.6 inches to the top of your uterus. Measurements of your uterus vary from woman to woman. You should not worry if you do not measure the exact same as your pregnancy friends or family members as long as you are growing appropriately. When your uterus grows and gets larger at an appropriate rate, it shows that your baby is growing well inside of your uterus.

Growth of the womb during pregnancyBraxton-Hicks contractions are going to get stronger and more frequent within the next few weeks. Braxton-Hicks contractions feel like a tightening at the top of your uterus that spreads down and then relaxes. Many women mistake Braxton-Hicks contractions for true labor contractions, but this is rarely the case. Braxton-Hicks contractions will diminish if you get up and walk around and they should not be painful.

Your baby's hair continues to get longer and thicker. Your baby's hair color probably is not going to be the same color from birth onwards, so you should expect it to change in color. Your baby is shedding most of lanugo, but the amount of vernix caseosa is increasing. Your baby is taking calcium from you to lay down lots of bone. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins and drink milk to ensure that you receive enough calcium.

If you were to deliver your baby now, it would probably be called a pre-term infant instead of premature. The only difference is in the maturity, particularly lung maturity. A pre-term baby is less likely to need intensive care because its lungs have developed. Doctors can test lung maturity with an amniocentesis that checks levels of surfactant.

The baby now rests on your uterus and is no longer floating.

Fingernails now reach over the finger tips and the baby can scratch itself.

Comments on week 34

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kentsmommy - 14 days ago
Wow Angel, that's crazy! Us on the other hand, we were so excited to be snowed in but ended up with about 4 inches. We still pretended that we were snowed in for the kids sake:) They played in the snow and had hot chocolate so they didn't know any different. Ha! We didn't even get out the snow blower; my husband shoveled it all in about 15 minutes. He said it would have taken longer to get the snow blower out and running than it did to push the shovel around:) I'm on to week 33 this week. Feeling okay, just tired all of the time.

angelfree77 - 15 days ago
Yup...and we got every bit of 30 inches too. I'm just outside of Gettysburg right on the MD/PA line. Fortunately, I didn't go into labor, so onto 35 weeks!!! We just purchased a snow-blower at auction in October. It couldn't have been timed any better since this is the first snow storm I wouldn't have been able to help my husband shovel! How did Pittsburgh make out?

Maceesmomma - 15 days ago Facebook page created for Iap 2016 mommas. The admins are also from Iap 2014.

kentsmommy - 17 days ago
Oh my angel! 30 inches?! We are only expecting 3:) They've downgraded Pittsburg from 12 to 3 overnight. Kids were getting excited to play in it. But they'll be happy with 3 inches too. Good luck and don't go into labor!!

angelfree77 - 18 days ago
He is wiggling around! My mom saw me a few hours after the episode and said that I didn't look well, but I haven't felt that way since. I'll definitely mention it to my docs just to be safe. I was getting a little worried about the snow storm that's coming this weekend. They are calling for up to 30 inches in my area. I don't want the barometer to drop sending me into early labor in a snow storm!

kentsmommy - 18 days ago
Angel - I haven't heard of this either. Something to mention on your next visit though for sure. As long as that little bundle is wiggling around, I doubt there's anything to worry about.

avg2012 - 18 days ago
angel- I've not experienced this myself but have recently read that getting up suddenly post waking up in the morning can lead upto this experience due to sudden increase in blood flow to various parts.

angelfree77 - 19 days ago
My doctor starts weekly appointments at 36 weeks too. This morning just after getting out of bed, I started having cramping very low and into my thighs and nausea at the same time. I had to sit down, it was getting that uncomfortable. It lasted about 20 minutes or so but stopped once I sat down. Has anyone experienced this?

avg2012 - 19 days ago
34 weeks today!!

kentsmommy - 20 days ago
Nice! This really is the homestretch for you! Did you start weekly appts yet? I think my doc starts that at 36 wks. How exciting!!

angelfree77 - 21 days ago
34 weeks yesterday!!!! 6 weeks to go!!!!!

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