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You are 40 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

You are definitely considered full-term now and you are probably anticipating the arrival of your newborn. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is around 15 inches and your baby is now about 21.5 inches long total. Your baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and your uterus is about 8 inches above the top of your bellybutton.

Your official due date will be sometime this week and you probably have a prenatal check up this week to check for labor progress. Try to stay calm while you are waiting for labor to begin. You should have all of your bags packed and ready to go and your birth plan should be in place. Your labor coach should know what your wishes are and you should be able to get in touch with your labor coach at all times. Use false labor contractions to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that you will use during the actual labor itself.

Your baby continues to move further down the birth canal and this is measured in stations. Station describes the degree to which the presenting part of the baby has descended into the birth canal. The 0 point is a bone landmark in the pelvis, the starting point of the birth canal. If your baby's head is at a -2 station, it means the head is higher inside of you than if your baby were at a +2 station.

After your baby is born, she will be weighed and measured. Your baby may cry loudly or she may be dazed from medications. The doctor will suction your baby's mouth and throat with an aspirator. The nurses will dry her off and place a hat on her head to help keep her warm. Security tags will be placed around her arms and ankles and your baby will be swaddled in a blanket. You will be given the chance to hold your baby right after you have delivered. Shortly after, the nurses generally take the baby to the nursery for a bath and other routine procedures. Your baby will be given Apgar scores according to her condition at 1 and 5 minutes of birth. A total of 10 points can be scored. A score of 10 is unusual and most babies receive scores of 7, 8 or 9. A baby with a low 1-minute score might need to be resuscitated and usually the 5 minute score is much higher after he has time to adjust to life outside of the uterus. APGAR SCORE:
*Heart rate of baby-If your baby does not have a heart rate a score of 0 is given. If the baby's heart rate is less than 100 bpm, a score of 1 is given. If the heart rate is over 100 bpm, a score of 2 is given.
*Respiratory effort of the baby- If your baby is not breathing, a score of 0 is given. If breathing is slow and irregular, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby is crying and breathing well, a score of 2 is recorded.
*Baby's muscle tone-If your baby's arms and legs are limp and flabby, the score is 0. If some movement is observed and the arms and legs bend a little, a score of 1 is recorded. A score of 2 is given to babies that are active and moving.
*Reflex irritability of the baby-If your baby does not respond to stimulus, a score of 0 is given. If there is a small reflex when the baby is stimulated, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby responds vigorously when stimulated, 2 points are given.
*Baby's color- If your baby is blue or pale, a score of 0 is given. A score of 1 is given if your baby's body is pink and the arms and legs are blue. If your baby's entire body is pink, a score of 2 is recorded.

At the time of birth, the baby has a total of 300 bones. Some bones will fuse together later, which is why an adult has only 206 bones.

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

Comments on week 40

Comments 1-49 of about 926 from week 40
4 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Show latest comments from all weeks - 10.1 hours ago
this site is beyond messed up lol....i havent once been able to get onto my profile lol....every time i try it tells me the page is unavailable...i even tried messaging laura ward to delete my profile and i would make a new one and i couldnt even message her...i hope everyone is doing well :) malcolm is 4 weeks old today...i cant believe it :( he seems to be a bit backwards when it comes to day vs night, but we will work on that lol. he's still nursing every 2 hours or so and is growing like a weed...he has his one month checkup on excited to see how big he is, but not looking forward to his needles :( i have a question im going to ask my dr but i would like to ask you ladies too....for those of you who are nursing, do you ever get a really weird feeling when you nurse? the only way i can describe it is like, as soon as he starts sucking i experience a LOT of weird emotions at's like instantaneously im beyond exhausted, im sad, im anxious, frustrated (but i know im not),'s just such a weird feeling and i remember that i experienced this the first 2 times's just one of those things you forget about....

Baby ali - 1 days ago
can u imagen in few years time if I do decide to come back there will be no1 here this site might not even exist :0(

Baby ali - 1 days ago
this site is soo messed up now :0(

sarah6485 - 1 days ago
I express into a bottle aswell so I know she's had a good feed :) my profile won't let me upload pics and wouldn't let me say 2014 had a baby only went to 2012 :-/

Baby ali - 1 days ago
Sarah- that's goodπŸ˜ƒ am doing bottle n breast my son dsnt get full after breast dnt think I produce much milk so have to top up with formula. are you going to put a pic of the baby on ur profile? xx

sarah6485 - 2 days ago
Baby Ali yes I'm breast feeding my milk has just come in instant woke with a instant boob job lol I had a epidural, back now feels fine was just bit achey after but better now

Baby ali - 2 days ago
I had an epidural this time not of choice tho wudnt have coped with the drip, now my back keeps feeling cold dunno why 😣 got hot water bottle on my back πŸ˜–

Baby ali - 2 days ago
Sarah r u breast feeding?? glad ur both well xx

Baby ali - 2 days ago
thinking of another baby in 3 years time lolllzZz if anyone wants to join me then πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

sarah6485 - 2 days ago
Can't believe how quick the pregnancy went feeling the emotions and over whelmed right now haha :) totally smitten with esmè ❀️

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
Thanks girls yes we are both doing well I'm still in hospital hopefully be let home later I will write a birth story soon x

cheerlover2003 - 3 days ago
Congratulations Sarah!! And I second that- Esme is a beautiful name! :) did you write a birth story on your profile? I'd love to hear all about it if you have time :)

Baby ali - 3 days ago
congratulations Sarah xx hope both are wellπŸ˜ƒ

melody123 - 3 days ago
Bless you Sarah, many congratulations, I can finally sign off now! I hope it went well : )

fnouf - 3 days ago
Congratulations Sarah,she certainly took her time to arrive! Beautiful name. Hope you're both doing well :-)

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
I had my baby a surprise 5th girl :) esmΓ¨ dulcie field weight 7.3 and born 4 am today πŸ‘ totally in love x x

cheerlover2003 - 4 days ago
Good luck Sarah!! I hope this is the real thing too and I can't wait to hear all about it! :)

fnouf - 4 days ago
ah no worries Ali, maybe you can save the link to my profile in case you ever get it in the future? Sarah sounds like you were well on your way to holding your beautiful baby. I hope you have them in your arms now xx

Baby ali - 4 days ago
melody- lol with the experience I had i thought it would put me off having another for good πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ but I dnt think it has lolz maybe one last one b4 am 35 am 31 in December

melody123 - 5 days ago
Sarah sounds like you deffo getting somewhere, I recon they will burst your waters if you have dialated a bit and all systems will be go!! Exciting πŸ‘ baby Ali, I'm sure we will see each other floating around on this board at some point, we are not finished making babies and I have an inkling you aren't either, all the best to you... Sarah, I wish you the best birth experience, enjoy x

Baby ali - 5 days ago
goodluck Sarah xxxxxx

sarah6485 - 5 days ago
I know I didn't think I'd take this long had 4th sweep and more on off contractions then got woke up at 2am and so far been contracting since so it's 4 am now and I'm still being kept awake by contractions there ranging every 10 to 6 mins bit irratic still so wAiting to see if they pick up the pace being very calm so far πŸ‘ think I may have finally calmed myself down deep breaths relax and all so hopefully this Is early labour and it doesn't fizzle out or il be going in Monday 10.30 to start me off. Glad your breast feedings are going well girls and babies sound very good and settled means a lot your all checking on me I will keep you posted x x x

Baby ali - 5 days ago
I dnt have Facebook girls, I no I must be the only person on this world that dsnt like Facebook lol so good luck with everything, it was such a wonderful journey with u all, loved it through the 9 months and even now seems like ave known u ladies for a long time lolzz hope everyone's babies become wonderful people, maybe few years down the line il be here again with one of you lolz xxxx

melody123 - 5 days ago
I've requested you fnouf, I'm also hanging about here for Sarah : ) if anyone wants to add me my name is Sarah Mitchell x

fnouf - 5 days ago
Would love people to add me on Facebook cus I won't be on here much longer (just waiting on your news Sarah! lol) My name is Jen Haw my profile can be found at

fnouf - 5 days ago
She got a real good latch quite quick so my nipples were painful for a couple of days but then they were fine. The production is still working out so keep gettting quite engorged, especially if she has slept a long period over night. She clears them down quite quickly tho.

melody123 - 5 days ago
Sarah I really thought you had your baby by now! I'm also breast and bottle but I'm looking to faze the breast out from next week, Niamh is 3 weeks old on Monday and it's gone far too quick, have such a lovely baby she sleeps through most nights bed by 8.30pm and wakes around 4am for a feed then back to sleep again until I wake her to come on the school run, last night she woke twice for a feed so I think it may be the start of a growth spurt. As for future babies it's all I can think about with so many pregnant women around at the mo I have definite bump envy but I'm not going to try again until next year (around this time) Sarah, it's going to hurt... But you know what it's like we get on with it, I can't remember the pain or even remember the feeling of being so heavily pregnant and uncomfortable anymore my body and energy are back, plus you know how much baby is worth it, that feeling you get when they are on your skin when they come out, the sweet smell and the instant rush of love.... I'm actually jealous that you will be experiencing that within the next few hours/days!! How lucky are you!!

sarah6485 - 5 days ago
Fnouf are boobs ok with feeding il be breast feeding again the first 2 weeks I always feel like I'm breaking my nipples in so painfull but once sussed it they go like leather haha x

fnouf - 6 days ago
Feeding brilliant, sometimes sleeps great at night, had 7 hours other night, had to wake her, shame Isabelle decided to throw an hour long hissy fit at midnight lol. I'm just breast feeding, too disorganized for formula haha. Sarah, you'll be fantastic! Just picture holding that beautiful baby! Can't believe Amelia is a week old today!

sarah6485 - 6 days ago
Hi girls had few practice contractions last night got my 4th sweep today absoloutly pooping it I panicked with the pains last night I'm such a wimp I just have it in my head that I can't do it I know that sounds funny with being 7th birth but I'm terrified il be induced Monday if nothing this weekend. Hope your all enjoying your new baby bundles x x. X

Baby ali - 6 days ago
fnouf- how's ur baby?? is she sleeping and feeding well? am breast and bottle feeding it seems to be going okay, night time feeds r taking me time to get used to again😣😣 missing the lovely sleeps lol

fnouf - 6 days ago
lol Ali, I felt like that after Isabelle. We feel complete this time tho, a little sad that I will never experience pregnancy again but I know we are done.

Baby ali - 6 days ago
this might sound weird and abnormal LOL but does anyone else feel like they want another baby?? I dnt no why I feel like I want another one am I going crazy??? still aches and pains and not even 2 weeks since I had this baby, I hope I get over this feeling as I dnt want to go through the pregnancy and labour I went through lol

Baby ali - 7 days ago
Sarah wishing you all the best Hun xxxxx can't wait for ur baby to come into the world :0)

Baby ali - 7 days ago
hello ladies hope ur all well and babies have settled, my son is sooo cute want to kiss him all day lolol my daughters r being nightmears am at my parents house for two weeks so they helping with kids while I have a rest, my body is still battered and bruised.

melody123 - 7 days ago
Hi Sarah, this is funtimemum80 using an old account as I cannot get into my profile for some reason?!?! I cannot believe baby hasn't arrived yet but Niamh was 9 days over so I know how these babies like to keep us waiting, I have bump envy already can u believe!! but my 18 month old son is being such a terror I won't be rushing into anything soon, all the best with your labour it will happen wether baby likes it or not lol x

sarah6485 - 7 days ago
Fnouf thank you I will post still when I have the baby but it's definatly hanging in there for now haha x

fnouf - 8 days ago
Good luck Sarah xx

sarah6485 - 9 days ago
Had a 3rd sweep today I'm 1cm cervix soft and all the way to the front now she managed a good sweep round said hopefully this starts something off now so fingers crossed and my mum lands in a hour so she will be here by afternoon aswell so I can relax now knowing mums here cervix has changed and and I am slowly progressing haha. If nothing happens will get a 4th sweep Saturday and booked to be induced Monday but something has to happen now haha x

fnouf - 9 days ago
How you getting on Sarah?

sarah6485 - 10 days ago
2nd sweep today still don't feel much she said cervix softened abit but I ain't counting on nothing this baby never goes into my pelvis to help things along :-/

fnouf - 11 days ago
Thanks guys, Sarah I'm hoping baby arrives soon for you xx

Baby ali - 11 days ago
Sarah hope u have ur baby soon the only one left nowπŸ˜ƒ

Baby ali - 11 days ago
fnouf- congratulations beautiful name πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

sarah6485 - 11 days ago
I know no pressure haha last one standing 2nd sweep Tomo let's see what that brings πŸ‘x

funtimemum80 - 11 days ago
Congratulations fnouf, glad it went quickly for you....and you had your September baby! We are all waiting for you now Sarah x

sarah6485 - 12 days ago
Fnouf congrats my friend also delivered yest think I'm last one standing now :( x

fnouf - 12 days ago
Hey ladies, Amelia James Briony Haw was born at 745am on 6th September. I had a bloody show at midnight then light irregular contractions till about 330, managed a little interrupted sleep in this time. The contractions then came on stronger about every 9 mins. I got in the shower and very quickly contractions were every 2 mins. Was in hospital by 430 contractions came thick and fast waters finally went and 4 contractions and pushes later, our gorgeous daughter was here 8lb 14oz just using gas and air. Sarah when we booked in midwife guessed boy from heart rate of 119, Isabelle had a lazy boy heart beat too lol. Amelia born with a full head of hair, my first baby not totally bald also my first pregnancy with no heart burn lol.

sarah6485 - 12 days ago
Fnouf while we are waiting what's your babies heart rate ? And what do you think your having ? I was set I was having a boy at start but now I think it's a girl might be cos keep dreaming it's a girl and heart rate is 130- 150 it varies so going by myth it's going boy girl boy girl haha but last 2 visits it's been 130s for a boy but I'm still saying a girl. I don't mind what I have though be just as excited either way just fun to guess

sarah6485 - 12 days ago
Ah Funtime enjoy they grow too fast and thanks for checking in think that's why I'm so impatient as I'm so eager to find out what it is now πŸ‘ still no signs yet and I'm active but fingers crossed Mondays sweep does something

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