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You are 40 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

You are definitely considered full-term now and you are probably anticipating the arrival of your newborn. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is around 15 inches and your baby is now about 21.5 inches long total. Your baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and your uterus is about 8 inches above the top of your bellybutton.

Your official due date will be sometime this week and you probably have a prenatal check up this week to check for labor progress. Try to stay calm while you are waiting for labor to begin. You should have all of your bags packed and ready to go and your birth plan should be in place. Your labor coach should know what your wishes are and you should be able to get in touch with your labor coach at all times. Use false labor contractions to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that you will use during the actual labor itself.

Your baby continues to move further down the birth canal and this is measured in stations. Station describes the degree to which the presenting part of the baby has descended into the birth canal. The 0 point is a bone landmark in the pelvis, the starting point of the birth canal. If your baby's head is at a -2 station, it means the head is higher inside of you than if your baby were at a +2 station.

After your baby is born, she will be weighed and measured. Your baby may cry loudly or she may be dazed from medications. The doctor will suction your baby's mouth and throat with an aspirator. The nurses will dry her off and place a hat on her head to help keep her warm. Security tags will be placed around her arms and ankles and your baby will be swaddled in a blanket. You will be given the chance to hold your baby right after you have delivered. Shortly after, the nurses generally take the baby to the nursery for a bath and other routine procedures. Your baby will be given Apgar scores according to her condition at 1 and 5 minutes of birth. A total of 10 points can be scored. A score of 10 is unusual and most babies receive scores of 7, 8 or 9. A baby with a low 1-minute score might need to be resuscitated and usually the 5 minute score is much higher after he has time to adjust to life outside of the uterus. APGAR SCORE:
*Heart rate of baby-If your baby does not have a heart rate a score of 0 is given. If the baby's heart rate is less than 100 bpm, a score of 1 is given. If the heart rate is over 100 bpm, a score of 2 is given.
*Respiratory effort of the baby- If your baby is not breathing, a score of 0 is given. If breathing is slow and irregular, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby is crying and breathing well, a score of 2 is recorded.
*Baby's muscle tone-If your baby's arms and legs are limp and flabby, the score is 0. If some movement is observed and the arms and legs bend a little, a score of 1 is recorded. A score of 2 is given to babies that are active and moving.
*Reflex irritability of the baby-If your baby does not respond to stimulus, a score of 0 is given. If there is a small reflex when the baby is stimulated, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby responds vigorously when stimulated, 2 points are given.
*Baby's color- If your baby is blue or pale, a score of 0 is given. A score of 1 is given if your baby's body is pink and the arms and legs are blue. If your baby's entire body is pink, a score of 2 is recorded.

At the time of birth, the baby has a total of 300 bones. Some bones will fuse together later, which is why an adult has only 206 bones.

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

Comments on week 40

Comments 1-49 of about 1138 from week 40
4 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Kekea - 9.9 hours ago
Mrscephas your in ny thoughts. Im excited gor you!!!

mrscephas - 12.9 hours ago
I know beckym, so close yet not close enough...

beckym - 13.5 hours ago
Mrscephas, you sound so close!

mrscephas - 13.8 hours ago
Hello 40 weeks!!! I've been admitted, hooked on monitors and baby's doing well and head down 3/5. So they've stuck a balloon up my cervix to get things going. I'll be reviewed in 6 hrs and if dilation is good, they'll break my water +/- start a hormone drip. Keep you posted. Xx

lil.pumpkins - 2 days ago
sounds very exciting mrscephas, can't wait ti hear your birth story :)

mrscephas - 2 days ago
Cervix was posterior and long (1cm) but soft... I've had painless contractions all day, don't know if they've been shifting things in there or not. One. More. Day.

Kekea - 3 days ago
So exciting Mrscephas. How was your cervix before the sweep...

mrscephas - 3 days ago
Had my sweep today so fingers crossed xxx

lil.pumpkins - 4 days ago
Thank you, I so can't believe that my lil one is a week old all ready :)

mrscephas - 4 days ago
Congrats lil.pumpkin and Shoppnhelpsd on your newborn babies. Can't wait to meet my lil man...

kekea - 6 days ago
Happy due date Claraxx. Shoppnhelpsd Congrats, isn't it amazing how we can go from little progress to having a baby in such a short time.

lil.pumpkins - 6 days ago
kekea- I did write a blog about my son's birth feel free to go and read it if you like. & claraxx happy due date, hopefully it wont be to much longer before your lil one comes :)

lil.pumpkins - 6 days ago
Congrats ShoppNhelpsD on your new baby girl...and thank you I thought that my lil one was going to be way over due but I was shocked that he came right after my due date. was in labour for about 8 hours before he was born.

claraxx - 6 days ago
Well today is my due date. Looks like she is going to be overdue as no signs of labour happening today. Come out baby!!!

ShoppNhelpsD - 6 days ago
Hi guys! Sorry it took for ever to come back and announce my baby being born :) so its a GIRL! (So sure it was a boy, had all my son's baby clothes out and organized) So Monday night after my business class (9:30pm) I posted on here that I was still only one centameter dilated and was hoping to hear 2 at my appt earlier that day. Well I started to have contractions but I wasnt even sure that I should go in because earlier that day I was still only 1 centimeter dilated and I was worried it was fake contrations. So I waited until 1amish to go in and they admited me and after a little less than an hour of pushing she was born on the 11th at 1:24pm 7lbs 11oz. with epidural but I felt everything! I swear it had worn off! It was painful but no tearing so the recovery has been pretty easy. Her name is Rose-Azul and she is just precious! Congrats lil.pumkins! Funny how we both gave birth a day after our due dates!

lil.pumpkins - 8 days ago
thanks ladies :)

kekea - 9 days ago
Whenever you get a chance I would love to hear your birth story...

kekea - 9 days ago
lil.pumkins congrats!!!

beckym - 9 days ago
Lil pumpkins, congratulations!

lil.pumpkins - 9 days ago
Well ladies my journey has come to an end, my lil one was boring August 17 2015 at 9:07am, has anyone else else had their babies yet?

eliciamadora - 9 days ago
Prodromal labor is tough stuff! 3 days past the EDD. Trying to just accept things and let my body do it's own thing. How is everyone else holding up ?

lil.pumpkins - 12 days ago
Today is my due date and still no baby :( this is my 2nd that I have went over my due date with as my youngest son was 2 and half weeks over due!! I'm really hoping that this lil one comes soon getting really anxious now. How is everyone else feeling??

maimai88 - 12 days ago
Hi ladies, I haven't posted in a while, but I'm also hanging in there still at 40+2. My third baby also and first to make it past the due date- my older girls were both born 2/3 days before due date. No real signs of labor for me yet:/ How is everyone else feeling? any signs if labor?

kekea - 12 days ago
Seems like going over is the trend. The little babies are just so comfortable that they do not want to budge. Wishing you ladies a safe a delivery...

eliciamadora - 13 days ago
40 weeks today. Whyyy am I still pregnant. Out of 3 kids, this is the only one I've made it to the due date for.

lil.pumpkins - 13 days ago
Not yet still waiting on baby to come.

kekea - 14 days ago
Any exciting news ladies?

lil.pumpkins - 17 days ago
The lovely back pains I have the same problem and half the time it hurts really bad. I donno if I'm dilated yet most likely wont find out until tomorrow I have my appointment in the morning I'm so crossing my fingers to hear some good news as I have 5 more days left to go before I hit my due date :)

ShoppNhelpsD - 17 days ago
Thanks lil.pumkins Went to the doctor today to be checked and still only 1 centimeter dilated since Friday. I was hopingto hear 2 centimeters dilated but no. Things are moving slowly, although I have really bad lower back pain. I feel like I tweaked my back so I'm guessing that means baby is heading down into position. It hurts to bend over and hurts to get up from any position...

lil.pumpkins - 18 days ago
ShoppNhelpsD- best of luck hopefully your lil one will be here before you know it :)

ShoppNhelpsD - 18 days ago
Thanks kekea!

Kekea - 18 days ago
Happy due date ShopsnhelpsD!!!

ShoppNhelpsD - 18 days ago
Its midnight and im officially due now! Still pregnant guess I'll be making my business class after all :) unless I go into labor today. Baby has been moving around a bit. I felt like it had slowed down but in the last couple days it has been moving around more...

ShoppNhelpsD - 19 days ago
I really thought that maybe yesterday I would have had this baby by now but no... still pregnant... yesterday i was 1 centimeter dilated and 30% effaced. And today still nothing, not feeling contractions or anything.. I just hope I dont miss my class on Monday! I really like my business class :) so i better have this baby tonight or tuesday lol

lil.pumpkins - 22 days ago
all the other ladies in this week had their babies so they don't come in much or for some others well they moved to facebook groups. For me I so want to have one more so I might still be around for a little while yet. Wishing you luck ladies and hope to hear some birth stories soon :)

beckym - 22 days ago
Good luck to all of you too, let's hope that labor is easier since this isn't our first time through. And I'm with kekea, this is my last pregnancy, after the baby is born healthy and we come home, my husband is going to get the surgery done that completes our direct family lineage. We shall save any future ancestry from our line for grandchildren.

ShoppNhelpsD - 22 days ago
I hear u guys, my son was born 5 days early so that means he would of been born today, who knows about this one. Im paying more attention to symptoms and signs this time around so i think my body is getting ready for it anyday now but idk. I have no clue. Lots of ladies in week 40! Seems pretty quiet.. good luck to all!

Kekea - 23 days ago
Becky I'm anxious to no as well. #1 was 6 days before his due date, #2 11 days early, #3 and #4 exactly 14 days early. I'm thinking she is going to stay in closer to her due date. This is my last pregnancy so I'm trying to cherish it...

beckym - 23 days ago
My first born was 3 days early, second born was 3 days late, third born was 1 day early, I am curious to see when this one will be here.

lil.pumpkins - 66 days ago
with my first born I was 4 weeks early, my daughter was born 2 days early and my youngest I went past my due date had to be induced. I'm crossing my fingers that this lil one will come on time.

skydivedoc - 67 days ago
My 1st was born 6 days before my 'due date', my 2nd- 3 weeks early. So... you can imagine my surprise & discomfort at being 3 days PAST my due date. This episode of WHINING is now done. :)

babylove5 - 78 days ago
Babylump, that's great you are able to manage all that! I'm glad your baby is doing well! Sher, I hope they can figure out what's going on. I took Jacob for hisv8 week appt. yesterday and he is in the 75 percentile on his height almost 24 inches but his weight is only the 20 percentile. He is right at 12 pounds. The dr wasn't worried he said it's because he is exclusively breastfeed. I'm still breastfeeding every 2 hours. He didn't like the tube so the only formula he gets is 1 bottle a day and I still fight with him to drink it. He's doing well though. The pregnancy weight has left everywhere except my butt. I normally lose all of it but I still hv another 7 pounds there. I'm going to start the stair climber.

sher-baby - 78 days ago
I'm still bleeding!! Haven't stopped...its been 12 weeks! Ugh! But I'm going to th dr next week to get checked out. I'm pretty sure I also have a blocked milk duct!!! Omg it sucks and hurts!! WTH next...and my supply has been almost cut in half for the last day or so, so now I'm trying to pump as often as possible...which with 2 kids, it's not that often! Uughhhh.....

babylumpp2015 - 85 days ago
so glad to see you all here and see all babies doing well! School work and the three babes have been keeping me quite busy. I weighed Emma today and shes right around 10 lbs and is 9 weeks today which means shes doubled her birth weight. I want her to stay little forever but my 5 year old keeps telling me they all have to grow big and grow up, I do not like it! haha I exclusively breastfeed and got my period last week, totally unhappy about this! I thought for sure wth bf I would get to skip it for awhile.

sher-baby - 95 days ago
Dallas is now over 13lbs!! He's long and chubby!! I love it! He's wearing 3-6months and we are about to start size 2 diapers!!! Lol but he's just over 2 months old now!!

sher-baby - 95 days ago
The hospital gave me the feeding tube and the lactation clinic gave me one too. U might be able to get one at a drug/medical store

babylove5 - 95 days ago
Thanks sher! Where do you get that tube? That poor mom her boobs have been through it😳! I shouldn't complain but to keep him happy I breastfeed every 2 hours during the day. At night he will go 5 hours without eating. He is gaining weight and he is very long but not that fat. He wears 3 months and size 1 diapers. I was breastfeeding all my babies but this one is wearing me out. The others would take a bottle too, but not Jacob.

sher-baby - 95 days ago
Babylove- youtube 'breastfeeding using lactation aid' (I watched this one If your ok with still breastfeeding, this method allows the baby to continue to breastfeed while supplementing with formula or Breast milk. I tried this method to try and stimulate to increase my milk rather that using a bottle but it didn't work...I still have a very low supply and in order for him to be somewhat satisfied, he needs to be on the Breast for 45mins every 30mins...which is not feasible!!! but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for you.

babylove5 - 95 days ago
I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I want Jacob to take one bottle of formula a day for vitamins and to fill him up. I can't get him to drink the formula because it's not breast milk, so I put corn syrup in it. He really liked it, with the sweets but it gave him the runs. Any ideas on what I can put in the formula to make him drink it?

sher-baby - 95 days ago
preciousgift- I'm gonna give it a couple more weeks and see. I too notice I bleed more when I wear my waist cincher. If u are EBF then I'd wait until my baby is a master at BF'ing before introducing the paci. My son is on the bottle and loves loves loves his paci. We almost can't get him to sleep with out it...I guess that's good and bad because breaking that habit in a couple yrs will suck!!

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