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You are 40 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

You are definitely considered full-term now and you are probably anticipating the arrival of your newborn. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is around 15 inches and your baby is now about 21.5 inches long total. Your baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and your uterus is about 8 inches above the top of your bellybutton.

Your official due date will be sometime this week and you probably have a prenatal check up this week to check for labor progress. Try to stay calm while you are waiting for labor to begin. You should have all of your bags packed and ready to go and your birth plan should be in place. Your labor coach should know what your wishes are and you should be able to get in touch with your labor coach at all times. Use false labor contractions to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that you will use during the actual labor itself.

Your baby continues to move further down the birth canal and this is measured in stations. Station describes the degree to which the presenting part of the baby has descended into the birth canal. The 0 point is a bone landmark in the pelvis, the starting point of the birth canal. If your baby's head is at a -2 station, it means the head is higher inside of you than if your baby were at a +2 station.

After your baby is born, she will be weighed and measured. Your baby may cry loudly or she may be dazed from medications. The doctor will suction your baby's mouth and throat with an aspirator. The nurses will dry her off and place a hat on her head to help keep her warm. Security tags will be placed around her arms and ankles and your baby will be swaddled in a blanket. You will be given the chance to hold your baby right after you have delivered. Shortly after, the nurses generally take the baby to the nursery for a bath and other routine procedures. Your baby will be given Apgar scores according to her condition at 1 and 5 minutes of birth. A total of 10 points can be scored. A score of 10 is unusual and most babies receive scores of 7, 8 or 9. A baby with a low 1-minute score might need to be resuscitated and usually the 5 minute score is much higher after he has time to adjust to life outside of the uterus. APGAR SCORE:
*Heart rate of baby-If your baby does not have a heart rate a score of 0 is given. If the baby's heart rate is less than 100 bpm, a score of 1 is given. If the heart rate is over 100 bpm, a score of 2 is given.
*Respiratory effort of the baby- If your baby is not breathing, a score of 0 is given. If breathing is slow and irregular, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby is crying and breathing well, a score of 2 is recorded.
*Baby's muscle tone-If your baby's arms and legs are limp and flabby, the score is 0. If some movement is observed and the arms and legs bend a little, a score of 1 is recorded. A score of 2 is given to babies that are active and moving.
*Reflex irritability of the baby-If your baby does not respond to stimulus, a score of 0 is given. If there is a small reflex when the baby is stimulated, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby responds vigorously when stimulated, 2 points are given.
*Baby's color- If your baby is blue or pale, a score of 0 is given. A score of 1 is given if your baby's body is pink and the arms and legs are blue. If your baby's entire body is pink, a score of 2 is recorded.

At the time of birth, the baby has a total of 300 bones. Some bones will fuse together later, which is why an adult has only 206 bones.

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

Comments on week 40

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Baby ali - 11 hours ago
hello ladies, wat can I say about my labour, it was horrible 18 hours of horror lol I didn't dilate from 3cm they did 2 sweeps and nothing happened I walked the whole of hospital to get contractions going but nothing then they broke my waters it was the most painful experience I ever had they put a hook inside but cudnt get to the womb they were literally stiring it like it was a pot of stew inside, finally they did manage to break the water but still after many hours didn't dilate from 3cm so my worst nightmear was put on yes! the drip aaarrggghhh the pain was sever so had an epidural and they increased the dose on the drip after 18 hours of pain and torture lol he was born with no stitches πŸ˜„ one good thing tho I didn't need no stichesπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ he is gorjus his weight is 8lbs 2 looks like his father. goodluck to all who r in the waiting and hope u have easy labour and birth xxxxx

sarah6485 - 15.8 hours ago
Haha yeh I keep saying mine will start first day back at school just to be awkward

fnouf - 17.7 hours ago
My eldest, Katie, is back to school today, this one a suprise too. Katie's bday is on Thursday, she has requested a brother not to be born on her birthday ... Bets are on for a girl on Thursday haha

sarah6485 - 18.4 hours ago
Know the feeling I'm dying for cuddles now and to see what it is I've been carrying all this time as it's a surprise baby. I'm due tomorrow but can't see much happening yet :(. The kids go back to school tomorrow too πŸ‘ my son needs it his been a aright terror past week

fnouf - 20.5 hours ago
41 weeks today, come on baby we want cuddles!

oopixiesticks - 22.8 hours ago
Congrats TNT nice birth story! My belly still hasn't dropped so it's nice to hear that it can happen right at labor. It's just a few of us left still have until the 5th but thinking it will happen after.

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 23.8 hours ago
Thank you! Yes, it was insane how fast it happened. He was ready to come out! But I'd been having early labor signs for days, and even though I hadn't dilated or effaced, I could tell it was close! I'd had false contractions, really loose stools, could not sleep at all, and was very irritable for about 4 days before I went into labor. Every woman's body is different, but that's what mine did! And in the end, it hadn't mattered that the baby hadn't dropped, I hadn't softened or dilated, there seemed to have been plenty of time for that in the few hours of active labor I had. Hope you ladies have your babies soon :-)

sarah6485 - 1 days ago
TNT can't believe how fast that happened for you wow.

sarah6485 - 1 days ago
Congrats TNT :)

fnouf - 1 days ago
Congrats tnt, we had same due date ... I'm still waiting lol

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 1 days ago
Well, I finally had my baby boy! I made the birth story if anyone wants to check it out, good luck to everyone still waiting to have their bundles of joy. Once they're born, time flies by so fast!

sarah6485 - 2 days ago
Well done 3cm already good luck baby Ali

fnouf - 2 days ago
Yay Ali, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck xx

Baby ali - 2 days ago
hello ladies nice of you to be waiting for my reply, I came yesturday to the hospital to be induce but aftr keeping me in for 3 hours they told me to go home because the ward was completely full with emergency delivery, so came back today Sunday at 3pm was monitored and scanned doctor checked me to put a pessary inside but sed am already 3cm so dnt need any of thatπŸ˜ƒ she did a membrane sweep and now waiting till 8pm wen they will break my waters. will update after i have the baby hopefuly keep me in ur thoughts n prayers. xx

fnouf - 3 days ago
Sarah, I keep checking back, dying to know how Ali is getting on lol

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
Baby Ali hope your doing well will look out for a update :)

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
Oopix I reckon so as had real bad cramp in my groin last night had to take painkillers for it :(

oopixiesticks - 3 days ago
Thanks ladies il give it a try and hope it works. Sarah I get those pinching feelings too but the doctor said they are round ligament pains that shoot down to the groin area that it wasn't necessarily the cervix dialating. Although I remember with my second baby I got those pains a few days before she was born

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
Fnouf that's right the going on all fours that will help get baby off the back aswell. Yes the cramping is coming going coming going it's going into my legs aswell like my groin area and I'm having very very sharp cervix stabbing pain to point I screamed n jumped up off sofa so I don't have a clue what's happening down there but feels like something maybe be stirring up πŸ‘

fnouf - 3 days ago
Like Sarah said, midwife said slouching on sofa is what causes it. Best exercise I've found is all fours, wiggle hips, arch back, drop back down. Repeat, eases back pain too. Sit forward on sofa so legs are open and belly between knees, sit on exercise ball the same or sit on chair backwards so you lean on the back leg each side of the back. Lie on left side when in bed or Lie on sofa on left side

oopixiesticks - 3 days ago
At least you have some cramping! All I get is swollen feet lol

oopixiesticks - 3 days ago
Really? I haven't heard that before it's probably because I like to sleep on my back and I do lean back when I sit because I feel I can't breath if I sit up my belly so huge. I'm going to have to do some serious walking

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
My midwife told me back to back is caused by bad posture slouching on sofa arched back etc baby finds it more comfortable to sit back to back if that's the case she said being on your feet and sitting back straight not arched all encourage baby not to go back to back. And the walking and birth ball encourage baby's head down. I went out today done a bit of walking around and it's started some cramping off but I refuse to think anything of it cos it will most likely just stop soon and be nothing :(

oopixiesticks - 3 days ago
I been losing part of my mucus plug for a few weeks now and today a lot more but still nothing! I thought that meant something was happening with my cervix. My doctor last week said they would do a sweep for my apt yesterday but of course it couldn't be reached. :/ fnouf- any suggestion to get baby to flip into right position? I don't think my belly has space for flipping.

sarah6485 - 4 days ago
Oopix with last baby they tried to sweep me and couldn't reach cervix at 39 weeks was high closed but sweep at 40 weeks was successful it gave me few cramps lost plug so my cervix did change I that week and then few days later had another sweep and that got me into labour had her that night

fnouf - 4 days ago
Good luck Ali

fnouf - 4 days ago
Pixie, mine was back to back until this appointment too x

oopixiesticks - 4 days ago
Good luck baby Ali :) I just had my doctor appt today and baby is still high she couldn't even reach my cervix and plus baby is face up. I'm sad I still have to wait I was really thinking baby would be here by now

fnouf - 4 days ago
Good luck Ali, were your waters still intact?

sarah6485 - 4 days ago
Good luck baby Ali x x x

Baby ali - 4 days ago

Baby ali - 4 days ago
hello ladies, went hospital got sent home as there's no beds available in the ward, have to go 2mrw morning to be induced, everything's good with the baby still need to be induced tho

fnouf - 4 days ago
Ali, you're keeping us in suspense! What happened? xx

fnouf - 5 days ago
ashley, sending labor dust your way :-) Yay Isabelle woke up and seems much better, she's actually eaten her breakfast today :-D

sarah6485 - 5 days ago
Ashley wow baby is really hanging in there haha and baby Ali have you had moe water coming out ?

ashley3 - 5 days ago
So went back to the doctors today for the second time this week because he was worried about my blood pressure, everything seemed to be okay. He did another check/sweep which by the way was my fourth sweep and said I was now 4cm dilated and my membrane sac is bulging, he can't figure out why I haven't had the baby yet. I'm 40+5 days over. My scheduled induction date is for September 2, I really hope I have this baby before then, I'm so tired guys!!!

fnouf - 5 days ago
Good luck oh my, Ali my friends waters broke 2 days before her labor started. She had strep b and passed it to baby who then had to spend a week in NICU. Better to be safe than sorry. You'll have your bundle soon enough :-) good luck hope all goes well! All my niggles seem to have gone, really hope can make it to Monday. Feel better today than have done in about a month!

Baby ali - 5 days ago
hello ladies I couldn't go last night to the hospital as my kids were asleep and husband was away so will be going today for a check up, I still got no pains am thinking could it really be my waters??? ave always thought if ur waters break contractions or some sort of pain start??? I have no pain at all wish me luck, keep me in ur prayers and thoughts if they dnt keep me in hospital today will have to go early morning 2mrw to be induced. ohmy- goodluck for today wishing you all the best

sarah6485 - 5 days ago
Baby Ali keep us posted sounds like waters gone πŸ‘

ohmynotagain - 5 days ago
Sounds like the rest of you are amazing because I have had no energy to clean more than just the usual. The only problem I seem to be having is my little one while not engage she is still way to high. Went to hospital to get all paper work and blood drawn for my c-section tomorrow. The whole time there all I want to yell out is one more week! But I know it is the best to get her out safe and sound. Good luck to you all stick in there

ohmynotagain - 5 days ago
Ali with the rest of the ladies I would just check it out. With my first my water broke when I had other symptoms of labor before or a little while afters

oopixiesticks - 5 days ago
Baby Ali- sounds like your water broke you will probably feel more leaks or gushes. I would just go into labor n delivery to make sure

fnouf - 5 days ago
Ali, call L&D they will want to check you. Waters can break without labor starting and puts risk of infection up. I should of had sweep today Sarah as I'm 40+2 but as I want a September baby she has put sweep off till next week. Will only have one sweep on 4th then induced on 8th. Got a feeling all g ping to happen soon tho. Period cramps back tonight. Still nothing else

Baby ali - 5 days ago
dnt no if my water broke abit or I simple pissed myself (sorry) was in the kitchen and I felt like I needed to urinate but then water gushed out all over the floor didn't hear no pop tho, water was clear and no smell cleaned kitchen up and myself, put a pad on and in bed now no pains or anything wat should I do??? I dnt no wat it is

sarah6485 - 5 days ago
Fnouf we are very similar my baby is 3/5 engaged low I feel pressure n slight cramps but soon stops I have my 19 month old bella who has just got a cold n waking in night :( I have midwife next Thursday if still pregnant il get offered a sweep if I want one then she sweeps every 2 days think ? And They induce at 40 +12. I've had tones of braxtons for past month now but still no plug although I do get a pinching in the cervix area or like baby is gona burst through or pop my waters

fnouf - 5 days ago
Had midwife today, baby gone from 2/5 engaged to 3/5 so popped back out lol. Not back to back any more. Sweep next Thursday and Induction set for 8th September if nothing happened by then. Still no loss of plug but lots of pressure, none painful Braxtons, was awake half the night with period cramps. Back a bit achey. Isabelle is almost 19 months, she isn't well at mo, not sure what's up, May need to take her docs for check up. She's sleeping again tho :-) how's everyone else?

sarah6485 - 5 days ago
Baby Ali baby is low half engaged I too have pinching in cervix and sometimes baby goes so made I feel my water should break but it doesn't :( done loads today and had a lot of pinching in cervix but nothing to say anything is starting or going to start yet :(

Baby ali - 6 days ago
fnouf- anything happening for you??

Baby ali - 6 days ago
Sarah- how did ur midwife appointment go???

Baby ali - 6 days ago
ohmy- my blood pressures normal had it checked my midwife last week, it's very dull pain wen I had paracetamol last night it went, been very active today from morning till now gonna have a nap as I have sleeping problems during nights, cleaned the house and now feel exhausted, but still no sign of labour pains or any kind of pains. just got abit just a little tiny bit of achey boobs lol weird body

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