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You are 40 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

You are definitely considered full-term now and you are probably anticipating the arrival of your newborn. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is around 15 inches and your baby is now about 21.5 inches long total. Your baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and your uterus is about 8 inches above the top of your bellybutton.

Your official due date will be sometime this week and you probably have a prenatal check up this week to check for labor progress. Try to stay calm while you are waiting for labor to begin. You should have all of your bags packed and ready to go and your birth plan should be in place. Your labor coach should know what your wishes are and you should be able to get in touch with your labor coach at all times. Use false labor contractions to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that you will use during the actual labor itself.

Your baby continues to move further down the birth canal and this is measured in stations. Station describes the degree to which the presenting part of the baby has descended into the birth canal. The 0 point is a bone landmark in the pelvis, the starting point of the birth canal. If your baby's head is at a -2 station, it means the head is higher inside of you than if your baby were at a +2 station.

After your baby is born, she will be weighed and measured. Your baby may cry loudly or she may be dazed from medications. The doctor will suction your baby's mouth and throat with an aspirator. The nurses will dry her off and place a hat on her head to help keep her warm. Security tags will be placed around her arms and ankles and your baby will be swaddled in a blanket. You will be given the chance to hold your baby right after you have delivered. Shortly after, the nurses generally take the baby to the nursery for a bath and other routine procedures. Your baby will be given Apgar scores according to her condition at 1 and 5 minutes of birth. A total of 10 points can be scored. A score of 10 is unusual and most babies receive scores of 7, 8 or 9. A baby with a low 1-minute score might need to be resuscitated and usually the 5 minute score is much higher after he has time to adjust to life outside of the uterus. APGAR SCORE:
*Heart rate of baby-If your baby does not have a heart rate a score of 0 is given. If the baby's heart rate is less than 100 bpm, a score of 1 is given. If the heart rate is over 100 bpm, a score of 2 is given.
*Respiratory effort of the baby- If your baby is not breathing, a score of 0 is given. If breathing is slow and irregular, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby is crying and breathing well, a score of 2 is recorded.
*Baby's muscle tone-If your baby's arms and legs are limp and flabby, the score is 0. If some movement is observed and the arms and legs bend a little, a score of 1 is recorded. A score of 2 is given to babies that are active and moving.
*Reflex irritability of the baby-If your baby does not respond to stimulus, a score of 0 is given. If there is a small reflex when the baby is stimulated, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby responds vigorously when stimulated, 2 points are given.
*Baby's color- If your baby is blue or pale, a score of 0 is given. A score of 1 is given if your baby's body is pink and the arms and legs are blue. If your baby's entire body is pink, a score of 2 is recorded.

At the time of birth, the baby has a total of 300 bones. Some bones will fuse together later, which is why an adult has only 206 bones.

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

Comments on week 40

Comments 1-49 of about 709 from week 40
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dezire - 12 days ago
So tomorrow will be my 40 week apt this is my 4th baby I thought I would be holding her by now...well gonna ask for a sweep tomororw hopefully she will come :)

firstpreggo - 14 days ago
Officially due today. I thought for sure this being my third I could have ONE baby come early! Even a day early but nothing! Have had crazy tightening and Braxton hicks for a week and a half now. Doctor scraped my membranes on Wednesday as well when I was 39.5 weeks along and nothing. This babies daddy is goin back to work out of town on Tuesday too so I need to go before then :(

purplelizard270 - 40 days ago
Darn! I'm assuming snowrider had hers.

kwai1111 - 41 days ago
Nope. Induction will be next Friday the 27th if I don't go by myself.

purplelizard270 - 41 days ago
Kwai and Snowrider, any babies yet??

kwai1111 - 45 days ago
Complete silence on here. Did everyone have their baby's? I'm still miserable and pregnant. Went for acupuncture yesterday and again today. Let's hope something happens soon. I'm already half way to 41 weeks!!!

purplelizard270 - 49 days ago
Adalynn Marie joined us at 5:06 am on 6-13-14 weighing 7 lb and 15 oz. All natural labor (not intentionally!) She's amazingly gorgeous and healthy. :)

kwai1111 - 49 days ago
40 weeks! Where the heck are you baby!

terriann20 - 50 days ago
2 days late :( xx

onj - 61 days ago
Congrats mmmarin!!!! Beautiful name!!

bkle - 62 days ago
mmmarin---- congrats yay!

mmmarin - 62 days ago
Addison Ella was born May 29th 1245pm. 8 lbs 19.5 inches. I have had single digit hours of sleep since Wednesday .. I am sure you ladies have had little sleep as well!

4girls want a boy - 64 days ago
Congrats Onj !

onj - 65 days ago
Thanks so much, ladies!! We're are still at the hospital, just waiting on bilirubin test results, and then we will be free to take our little guy home :) mmmarin... any baby yet??

abbyh - 65 days ago
Congrats, onj! Wow, a ten pounder with no pain meds! Makes me feel like a wuss, birthing a six pounder. ;-) I love the name Oliver. Good choice. So happy for you!

swissmammy3 - 65 days ago
Congratulations Onj :-)

mmmarin - 65 days ago
Good luck, hopeful its time for you!!! Let us know! If not, good luck on your induction...

HootOwl - 66 days ago
Congrats, onj!! what a size he is - Well done on getting through without pain relief. ...or smacking someone lol

bkle - 66 days ago
onj--- yay! so happy he came on his own induction for u. huge baby congrats!

ElisiaDawn - 66 days ago
Wow onj what a lovely big baby :) congratulations

onj - 66 days ago
He is here!! Oliver John was born at 4:30am, 5 hours from first contraction. Pushed for half an hour of it, and had no pain relief aside from a shower, although trust, I asked, but it was too late lol. He weighs 10lbs1oz and is already feeding like a champ!!

abbyh - 66 days ago
OMG, bkle, I just read your birth story! Wow! And I thought things moved quickly for me! Glad it all worked out. Our babies have the same birthday. I'm so happy for all of us. It seems like there were a lot of fast labors and natural births. Definitely the case for me too. Go, us! We're a strong bunch in here. :-)

abbyh - 66 days ago
Good luck, onj! Thinking of you!

bkle - 66 days ago
onj-- yay I hope this is it for you! common baby!

onj - 66 days ago
Contractions about 6 minutes apart and very painful. Woke my husband and started a bath which helps with the pain a bit. Forgot how much these things can hurt lol.

mmmarin - 66 days ago
Good luck, hopeful its time for you!!! Let us know! If not, good luck on your induction...

onj - 66 days ago
I have to be at hospital at 730am. But, it's midnight and I just got woken by some painful contractions, so there's a good possibility that we might be there before that, no pitocin necessary. Fingers crossed, I'm probably jinxing myself!

mmmarin - 66 days ago
My dr said they will start me on picotin since my cervix is already there...

mmmarin - 66 days ago
Onj I know exactly what you mean I feel done too, Ive been having them for 3 weeks!!! My other 2 came after contractions started once too. I feel like she will come tonight as I am having regular contractions today but I have thought that so many times! I got a call from my drs nurse and they want me at the hospital Wed night at 10 pm, that is just over 24 hours from now... How soon is yours?

onj - 66 days ago
I really don't know, mmmarin! For me, I feel like if they just give me the gel, it might be enough, as I am having constant contractions, but they just aren't enough. I asked my sister, and she said she was allowed to move around, shower, use the birthing ball, etc with the pitocin drip in... I'd still like to skip the pitocin if possible, because I know it'll get intense quick! But, other than that, I think my baby is ready to come, so I'm not sure I have any real reason to put it off. It was easy to think I would refuse induction weeks ago when I thought for sure the baby would come on his/her own, like my 1st 2 did. Buuttt... I'm sooo dooonnnnee!!!

mmmarin - 66 days ago
onj good luck tomorrow!! I had a sweep today, dr said I am dilated to a 3 and completely thinned. He set me up to be induced on Thursday if she doesn't come by then... but Im not so sure I want that. Is thee any reason not to???

onj - 66 days ago
What a story, bkle! I still can't believe what A crazy birth experience you had!!

onj - 66 days ago
Still pregnant. I'm so nervous about being induced tomorrow. I've never been induced before. I hope they will let me move around if I have to have pitocin, or I know I will have to have an epidural. Or maybe I will go into labor tonight. Contractions yesterday and last night were awful, but they went away while I was sleeping. I've had a few today, but we will see.

bkle - 67 days ago
onj--- I hope they let you move around too, it never fun to be confined to the bed during labor. I sure hope your baby comes tonight for you, crossing my fingers. good luck

onj - 67 days ago
Still pregnant. I'm so nervous about being induced tomorrow. I've never been induced before. I hope they will let me move around if I have to have pitocin, or I know I will have to have an epidural. Or maybe I will go into labor tonight. Contractions yesterday and last night were awful, but they went away while I was sleeping. I've had a few today, but we will see.

bkle - 67 days ago
I posted my birth story if anyone is interested in it :-)

bkle - 67 days ago
Onj--- Yay hopefully something will happen for you tonight :-) as far as the pain of labor, ive almost forgotten about it. My stitches in my vag I think are getting infected due to me tearing them from doing to much too soon :-( so hopefully after I heal completely things will be more forgotten. Im enjoying my baby boy :-) breastfeeding is going better with him then it ever has with the girls. I love looking at him :-) He has his first dr appointment tomorrow, I cant believe he is 5 days old already. Our family is more complete now. So happy. TODAY WAS HIS DUE DATE :-)

HootOwl - 67 days ago
congrats swissmammy!! Hang in there those who are left x As for more kidlets......we are done!! Too old now and I haven't forgotten the pain yet esp the 'roids that came from pushing.

ElisiaDawn - 67 days ago
That's great news onj.... don't worry after I had Harrie I said 'never ever again' but then I said that after my first hahaha! It's so worth it and keep strong you will have your baby soon :)

onj - 67 days ago
Lol I love that you ladies have forgotten the pain already, I'm still nervous about doing it again! Cross some fingers and toes for me, contractions are 5 to 7 minutes apart and are hurting a bit, but not nearly enough to go to the hospital yet!

ElisiaDawn - 67 days ago
Congratulations swissmammy and good luck onj :D

ElisiaDawn - 67 days ago
4 girls your so funny. .. im ready to go again.... in a few years ;)

4girls want a boy - 68 days ago
Congrats swissmammy, glad it was fast and what a sweet name ..Onj hang in there , that baby is coming soon :) ... So Bkle ready to do it again ..LOL just kidding :) I have already forgot all the pain from pregnancy and labor , and am enjoying my family.. My little peanut is four days old today . So far she sleeps all day and nurses all night.. ahaha silly girl :)

onj - 68 days ago
Thanks bkle! She did another sweep, said I am 2-3 cm dilated, and booked an induction for Wednesday. There is an end in sight!

bkle - 68 days ago
swissmammy--- Congrats, YAY :-)

bkle - 68 days ago
onj--- good luck on your appointment... hopefully some good news for you today :-)

onj - 68 days ago
Aww, congrats swissmammy- beautiful name!! Glad it went well! :)

swissmammy3 - 68 days ago Amelia was born this morning at 02:39am weighing 8lb 1oz. Was so fast. She is absolutely adorable!

onj - 68 days ago
Midwife appointment this morning. Someone wish me luck. This baby needs to have a birthday!!!!!

mmmarin - 68 days ago
omgosh sounds just like me!!! if i have to answer one more text message or facebook message i will be crazy!!

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