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You are 40 weeks pregnant.

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You are definitely considered full-term now and you are probably anticipating the arrival of your newborn. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is around 15 inches and your baby is now about 21.5 inches long total. Your baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and your uterus is about 8 inches above the top of your bellybutton.

Your official due date will be sometime this week and you probably have a prenatal check up this week to check for labor progress. Try to stay calm while you are waiting for labor to begin. You should have all of your bags packed and ready to go and your birth plan should be in place. Your labor coach should know what your wishes are and you should be able to get in touch with your labor coach at all times. Use false labor contractions to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that you will use during the actual labor itself.

Your baby continues to move further down the birth canal and this is measured in stations. Station describes the degree to which the presenting part of the baby has descended into the birth canal. The 0 point is a bone landmark in the pelvis, the starting point of the birth canal. If your baby's head is at a -2 station, it means the head is higher inside of you than if your baby were at a +2 station.

After your baby is born, she will be weighed and measured. Your baby may cry loudly or she may be dazed from medications. The doctor will suction your baby's mouth and throat with an aspirator. The nurses will dry her off and place a hat on her head to help keep her warm. Security tags will be placed around her arms and ankles and your baby will be swaddled in a blanket. You will be given the chance to hold your baby right after you have delivered. Shortly after, the nurses generally take the baby to the nursery for a bath and other routine procedures. Your baby will be given Apgar scores according to her condition at 1 and 5 minutes of birth. A total of 10 points can be scored. A score of 10 is unusual and most babies receive scores of 7, 8 or 9. A baby with a low 1-minute score might need to be resuscitated and usually the 5 minute score is much higher after he has time to adjust to life outside of the uterus. APGAR SCORE:
*Heart rate of baby-If your baby does not have a heart rate a score of 0 is given. If the baby's heart rate is less than 100 bpm, a score of 1 is given. If the heart rate is over 100 bpm, a score of 2 is given.
*Respiratory effort of the baby- If your baby is not breathing, a score of 0 is given. If breathing is slow and irregular, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby is crying and breathing well, a score of 2 is recorded.
*Baby's muscle tone-If your baby's arms and legs are limp and flabby, the score is 0. If some movement is observed and the arms and legs bend a little, a score of 1 is recorded. A score of 2 is given to babies that are active and moving.
*Reflex irritability of the baby-If your baby does not respond to stimulus, a score of 0 is given. If there is a small reflex when the baby is stimulated, a score of 1 is recorded. If your baby responds vigorously when stimulated, 2 points are given.
*Baby's color- If your baby is blue or pale, a score of 0 is given. A score of 1 is given if your baby's body is pink and the arms and legs are blue. If your baby's entire body is pink, a score of 2 is recorded.

At the time of birth, the baby has a total of 300 bones. Some bones will fuse together later, which is why an adult has only 206 bones.

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Comments on week 40

Comments 1-49 of about 424 from week 40
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megalo - 26 days ago
Today may be the day for you. I believe 2 days after the due date is the most common day to go into labor.

tazzysmumma - 26 days ago
2 days late :(

AussieDanni - 34 days ago
I'm on fb,its the main thing i use! I'm happy to add people! Or we could make a group, whatever works for you!

lalapet - 34 days ago
mm fb that's all lol

AussieDanni - 35 days ago
Sounds good lalapet, what other pages are you on?

lalapet - 35 days ago
going to miss chattin with you girls, maybe we can communicate online on other websites ?:)

AussieDanni - 37 days ago
Congrats lalapet that's awesome news xx

dasha - 38 days ago
YAY LALAPET! You did it!!! Congratulations! Sooo happy for you! Well worth the wait, eh? 40 seconds?! you're a champion!

lalapet - 38 days ago
Selah Laelle born March 11th 11:23 pm, after stalled labor early tuesday morning, I went to hospital at 9:30 pm, by 11:23pm was on hands and knees delivered our baby girl with 40 seconds of pushing, it was horrible I was yelling the whole time pushing, but it got her out fast, no medical intervention. WE ARE SO IN LOVE! 7lbs 10 oz, 8 days overdue :)

lalapet - 40 days ago
Craziest pregnancy and most confusing for me. Woke up 430 am timing real contractions about ev ey 10 min then 5 minutes c called mom at 545. Then they started subsiding and by 7-8 they were kinda painless. Omg couldn't be more frustrated. Got a sitter and sent mom home. I have been resting. Still have random on and off contractions. But good news is around noon had little bit blood mixed with mucus plug tmi but that's definite sign of progression. So hoping they intensify throughout day. I never had this kind of nonsense with my other two. Took off work and called in to tell them to just start my maternity leave bc I'm sick of going back and forth.

dasha - 40 days ago
Any news, girls? Am exhausted here, having had a whopping five hours of sleep... little dude is napping, so I should too, but felt like 'getting back to normal' a little, so am procrastinating about laundry and cleaning... been home for two days and haven't even unpacked my suitcase yet... pretty much normal. Hope you both are having your little ones as I write this! Glad to hear Penny is doing well, Danni... have a great yet tiring day!

lalapet - 40 days ago
had u/s today, everything looks great, baby about 8lbs 3 oz, still a girl, head down, NST was fine, only my BP was high bc I get nervous when they check, doc said I progressed to 2-3 cm and softened cervix over weekend, now we all just waiting on baby to make her move, anyday now! 41 weeks today!

gr8scottswife - 41 days ago
Forty weeks five days. Still no contractions, no anything. Congratulations to those of you who have succeeded in evicting your babies.

AussieDanni - 42 days ago
Congrats dasha that's great news! Lalapet - hope bub comes over the weekend for you! I keep checking to see if you girls have got your bubs! Penny is doing well, had a rough first night home, but she is gaining weight and sleeping ok!

lalapet - 43 days ago
aw that seems on the small side for 40 weeks lol but congrats thats awesome, glad hes still a boy for you hehe. Doc stripped my membranes, said there was not much change from wednesday, however she wants me to come in mondy for ultrasound to check fluid levels, bc I am post term she fine with me going up to 42 weeks but she wants to make sure baby fluid levels ok, ughh thats basically three appts in one week, wed, fri then this monday, guess I am making up for all the months I didnt see her lol. REALLY hoping tomorrow the day, altho when she stripped my membranes she said there wasnt even any blood 'sigh' I feel fine I just am tired of everyones expectations haah and I dont want to go back to work monday of course, at 41 weeks, ill never hear the end of it.

dasha - 43 days ago
Hey girls! Ethan is here! Csection went fine, and so far so good on the bf.... Am a little tender, but by this time with Noah I was crying in pain at every latch.... So the deets are that he arrived yesterday at 10:15 am, at a weeny 6lbs 13oz.... He doesn't have a middle name yet, but we have 30 days to fill out the government paperwork... And the bonus is that he slept last night from 12:45 til just about six this morning! Sucks that the nurses got Me up every 2 hours for vitals, but at least little guy slept. Let's hope for a repeat performance tonight! Lalapet, I so feel for you, lady. Hang in there... It can't go on forever, right? There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for being there for me, ladies... I would've gone nuts without you... Will check back in when they let me out of here.... Much love!

lalapet - 44 days ago
doc called later in evening said blood work was fine, go figure its all in my head lol. Hoping tomorrow shows some more change with my cervix, and she will strip my membranes, will be 40+ 4 tom!!

AussieDanni - 45 days ago
Thanks Dasha. Gosh our journeys are similar, my first bf didn't work, this time its a dream! Just not worrying, she latches, no pain etc! Loving it, hoping to go home and get some rest though soon, hospitals aren't fun! Best of luck Dasha, cant wait for the news!! Maybe a surprise girl :p

dasha - 45 days ago
That is sooo sh-tty, lalapet. Seriously. I wonder what you'd be like on a lie-detector test? :) At least your cervix is softening, and you're 1 cm, which is progress! Be happy that at least your body knows what the heck its doing (aside from the BP fiasco)... So bravo for that! Sucks that you had to lose work hours tho... We're losing four and a half hours of work tomorrow for the c-section, but it just can't be helped. I'll make up those hours with extra rehearsals once i'm back at work... Danni, I'm still over the moon for you! Excited about giving BF another shot... it didn't work out last time, but I read a book that pointed out two glaringly obvious things I was doing wrong (besides how stressed out i was about it), so am really hoping that it will all go smoothly. Strange, tho, my DH and I have both had dreams that he's actually a girl.... but there was a very positive willy on our 18 week ultrasound.... odd.... maybe he's just gay! :) Seriously fine by us, as we're both ballet dancers... ;) Can't wait for the great unveiling tomorrow! Whoops! Gotta go get my bread in the oven! Have a good evening, everyone! Will drop a note on here either sometime overnight when I will inevitably be an insomniac, or whenever I'll have internet again!

lalapet - 45 days ago
SUPER VENT! Havent been to OB in a while scheduled appt today to see whats going on since I am two days over due. Lost three paid hours of work time as well ughh. Basically I get really nervous when my blood pressure is taken, and since I havent been in for a while I was tense about appt and doc scolding me etc lol, BP was 168/110...? what?. Of course doc gently told me that I really needed to calm down or I would be sent to hospital. Long story short, after check up it went down to 150 then 140/80 which is still high for me. I had to get blood work done for hypertension and doc was adamant about me coming in to see her again this friday. Of course I went back to work and got it checked there and it was 126/84 which is just fine BP. ughh, I just get so nervous when they check it at hospital! now doc thinks Im high risk for pre-eclampsia UGHH, to make things better doc checked cervix is soft baby is high up and only 1 cm. I'm not even worried about that, more upset about my stupid inaccurate BP and that I had to do more blood tests.

AussieDanni - 45 days ago
Dasha - good luck, hope it goes smoothly for you!! So exciting to know you'll be having baby cuddles so soon!!! Penelope is good, she latches well, got good set of lungs :p and is the prettiest little thing! Labour dust to all still waiting x

dasha - 45 days ago
Still closed up tight according to my doctor, but he'll be evicted tomorrow at 9 am, I have to be at the hospital at 8.... Sorry to leave you both here lalapet and greatscott, but at least you'll still have each other! Am stressed out, nervous, and excited all at once... don't know HOW to feel.... so weird. Its what I was hoping for for the past few days, and now I'm disappointed that my body doesn't seem to want to do it on its own.... how odd.... anyhoo, will keep you guys posted! Have a great day!

dasha - 46 days ago
I hope I won't have to wait so long lalapet... but good on ya for looking on the bright side! I'm too cranky for a bright side, I think... ;) I also have my doctor's appt tomorrow. They'll make an appt for an ultrasound to check my fluid levels, and hopefully tell me that they'll be pleased to evict this young man on Friday. Thats my hope. Or better yet, decide to send me straight to get him out. Am not ready to have to stay like this more than a day or two more.... am so uncomfortable now... tho strangely, went to teach a one-hour ballet class this afternoon, had energy, and demonstrated most of the exercises with no problem.... the minute I was done teaching, my body remembered that its pregnant and just went to pieces. Came home and lay on the bed while hubby reheated some leftovers. Am about to heave my a** out of this chair and waddle as far as the couch, and there I will stay! Have a good night, ladies.

lalapet - 46 days ago
Whoops posted in wrong place. Still here 40+1 no baby. Doc appt tom. The latest of all my birth experiences wow . You would think third would be the fastest. Well I might as well finish the work week and have baby sat march 8th which is international women's day :)

dasha - 47 days ago
Congratulations Danni! What joyous news! So so so happy for you! Rest well, and enjoy the snuggles.... I hope it all went smoothly! Lalapet, let me know about your castor oil experiment! Packed my little guy off to the grandparents this morning, and told my bump in the car on the way home that NOW is the time, so he'd better get a move on! Welcome to our little club, greatscott! We're just hangin' out, playing the waiting game! At least we're all here together! It would be much worse without youall to commiserate with... maybe Danni's baby will be the universal straw that broke the camel's back for us all... Here's hoping! Have a great day, everyone!

gr8scottswife - 47 days ago
I guess this is the place to go to cry about baby not being here. Today I'm 40 weeks, and there is no sign he'll be here anytime soon. I'm so disappointed. His late arrival has really thrown a monkey wrench into things. Depressed.

AussieDanni - 47 days ago
Penelope Beatrice Dean is here! She is perfect!! Only 8lb 13oz! I'm in love! Will write more soon, good luck ladies xxx

dasha - 47 days ago
Go Danni Go Danni Go Danni Go! Saw your post earlier, and am so happy you're finally meeting your little bublet. Noah goes to his grandparents tomorrow, so I've told my bump that tomorrow would be very convenient! Here's hoping! Drop us a note when you get out of hospital, and let us know that you're all okay. Lalapet, seems its just you and me, lady!

lalapet - 47 days ago
danni how you doing?? today is my due date!! no baby 'sigh' hope all is well with everyone

AussieDanni - 48 days ago
About 11 hours til i meet my baby! I'm so nervous :p

AussieDanni - 49 days ago
No baby here! How is everyone else?! Am I alone? My csection is tomorrow, so not long til my girl is here anyway i guess. Just kinda hoped she might like to make an entry herself!!

lalapet - 52 days ago
congrats on safe delivery 2timemum

2timemum - 53 days ago
I had my princess on the 19th of feb via emergency C section. she was 3.7kilo and 52 centimetre long. Three days after my water broke I still did not go into labour. I was given forced labour and after about 10 hrs of labour, my baby heart beat started dropping. I had no option than to go for a C section. Congrats to you all.

JSmummy - 54 days ago
Lalapet- let us know when you have your baby! Good Luck!

lalapet - 56 days ago
congrats JS mummy!! good to hear from you, enjoy your time with LO, I am still here 39 weeks tomorrow, hoping for natural labor as well like with my other two,

JSmummy - 56 days ago
I had my baby girl on the 21st of feb. She is really good baby. Labour and Birth was very easy, thanks God. After 2 medicated and vacuum assisted birth I am proud to say I did it myself without any drugs or help. It was painful and half way to labour was screaming, regrating my decision. I am so proud to say I did experienced that baby crowning, (ring of fire feeling, burning feeling) that many women describe. Was up and running after giving birth.I am wishing every and each waiting lady easy labour, fast delivery and healthy bubbas. If you can do try it without epi really different experience!

2timemum - 63 days ago
Officially 40wks today and no signs! Congrats to everyone.

irishmomof2 - 67 days ago
Had my beautiful baby girl Rachel on the 10-02-14 weighing 7lb 1oz was booked in for induction but I ended up going myself, my waters broke at 05.40am that morning and she was born at 07.12am my quickest and easiest labor yet

hopeful28 - 70 days ago
Baby2, maybe they were off on your conception date by a few days and are you having a baby vaginally or C section again I hate when I be having contractions cuz it hurts so bad and sometimes it burns were my c section is but my due date is 14 or the 16 lol they gave me two different days but I have my c section on Tuesday I have to be there at 7 a.m.

hopeful28 - 70 days ago
Baby2, maybe they were off on your conception date by a few days and are you having a baby vaginally or C section again

Baby2comin - 71 days ago
It's good to hear you are progressing Hopeful. :) How many weeks are you again?

Baby2comin - 71 days ago
I'm really tired. This little lady will be a full week late tomorrow (41 weeks Sunday) My first was born 3 days late after about 16-18 hours of labour and then a Csec. I've felt ok the last couple days, just sorta taking it in stride. I have contractions for hours on end since Tuesday but nothing that gets into a pattern. I don't even believe them anymore. They stop when I lay down so at least I'm able to sleep for the most part. Today I made cookies and a muffin mix that needs at least 12hrs before baking and can be refridgerated for up to 2-3 weeks. Hubby and I are ready for this girly to join the tree of us. Each day the question is, 'Today? Are you contracting? Will it be tonight?' Nope, not yet. :/

hopeful28 - 72 days ago
baby2 Are you hiding from me but anyways I finally started dilating only 2 but I guess tht dont matter since Im not having him vaginal unless we do it at home but that's out of the question but I hope your little princess appears soon how many weeks were you when you had your last baby

Baby2comin - 72 days ago
40+4 today. I've been contracting lots but when I went in they said no progress. :( I got a great nights sleep last night so I'm recharged and ready to go any time this girl is ready. :) Sounds like we are in similar boats Emma. That's where I am for dialation but I think baby is still a bit high up with me.

emma coyle - 73 days ago
due today but no sign of baby had a sweep on Thursday and was 2-3cms dilated babys head is almost totally engaged but still no sign of my little woman :(

kitty79 - 74 days ago
Any update baby 2

Baby2comin - 75 days ago
Had a sweep today. Doc said I'm about a 3. Soft. Just waiting on baby to make her moves.

Baby2comin - 76 days ago
:( This is my lonely week. - 89 days ago
Ryansmama congrats!!! Yay everybody has had their baby and everybody us doing great!!!!to bad everybody is so busy with their little one we wont be able to keep in touch that much, take care and so happy everybody is doing great bug you later

rayansmama - 89 days ago
My son was 7lb 3 oz and 19.5 in

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