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You are 41 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

If your labor is induced, there are a number of ways this can be done:

1 - breaking your waters - puncturing the amniotic sac, which means your waters leak out. This can often stimulate contractions. This procedure is sometimes known as ARM, for Artificial Rupture of the Membranes, or amniotomy;

2 - giving you a peccary of hormone gel in your vagina, which delivers labor-inducing hormones to the cervix; or

3 - giving you a drip of oxytocin which puts the hormone directly into your bloodstream to stimulate labor.

Induced labor can sometimes mean your contractions come on quickly and intensively, and this may make it harder to cope with. So when deciding whether this option is for you, you may want to take this into account. You may end up needing more pain relief as a result.

A baby that's gone more than a week or so over the 'official' due date may have dryer skin which tends to flake. This is because the vernix that would normally cover the skin has stopped being produced.

`Up to 10% of pregnancies are not delivered by 42 weeks... and only a small number of pregnancies that go past 42 weeks have problems. In fact, about 95% of post term babies are born without problems.` --American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG, 2005)

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

Comments on week 41

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Kekea - 32 days ago
beautiful virth story Mrscephas. Glad you were able to accomplish your vbac...

mrscephas - 32 days ago
Hello all. I've finally put my birth story in a blog on my profile. Malachi is 10 days old, doing great and nursing like a champ. Lansinoh cream is my best friend right now. Good luck to all ladies still waiting.

Kekea - 42 days ago
eliciamadora what a veautiful birth story. And such and beautiful gift you have given. You are such a brave lady!!! Best of wishes to everyone involved

eliciamadora - 43 days ago
Violet was born at 41 weeks 1 day on August 23rd! My water broke at 2 AM in bed and she was born at home 1.5 hours later! She came so fast, my midwife barely made it to my house in time. Her head was already born when the midwife came. She was 9 pounds 1.5 oz!

ShoppNhelpsD - 60 days ago
Just wondering if there is anyone who is overdue and waiting to go into labor naturally?

beckym - 198 days ago
I just realized the post was 22 days ago, lol I hope you're not still pregnant congratulations

beckym - 198 days ago
Blondie, when I was overdue once, I tried 4 things one night and went into labor that night, raspberry tea, pineapples, fresh not canned, a really long walk, and sex with my dh.

blondiemom84 - 219 days ago
You guys are great!! Thanks for all the positive thoughts! My chiropractor is 200% on my side with all of this. I know everything will turn out perfectly!! I think my husband is having a harder time than me to be honest...poor guy! I'm putting all my trust in the Lord and He will not fail me.

babylove5 - 220 days ago
Blondie, your baby is going to come out walking! I'm just trying to make you smile. I would be about to crack at this point. The Dr. Will put a lot of pressure on you. They don't want a lawsuit and once you hit 42 weeks they are going to flip out! I hope your baby gets to head down. I would say to stand on your head but that's not safe. Lol

Dec Baby - 220 days ago
Oh boy...blondie, you've got me biting my nails while reading your post!! Keep monitoring baby and make sure he/she is happy! Hope you can get your little one to flip back into position again! I'm so looking forward to hearing birth details! Your last two weeks of pregnancy have been'll have some great stories to tell of how your baby came into this world๐Ÿ˜‰

blondiemom84 - 220 days ago
-13 days...well I was right. Baby is breech again. Went back to my chiropractor and she's doing Webster technique on me again. I knew my pelvis was messed up too because I can't lay down in bed anymore without feeling crippling pain upon trying to get up. She said its really bad this time, but has confidence baby will flip back with a couple adjustments. They gave me the whole 'c-section' talk at my Dr. Appt yesterday. I have those drs. panicking pretty hard;-) :-) . But I refuse to be pressured into letting them have their way with me. This lil guy WILL come when its ready!! The non-stress test again looked fantastic, lots of fluid, solid heartbeat, oh and baby is still super high and cervix is not even remotely ripened. If baby can do a Summersault without me even feeling it, maybe he/ she is smaller, and not as overbaked as we all think. As miserable as I am, I am bound and determined to let nature take its course.

babylove5 - 221 days ago
Blondie, when my baby was still high and the head wasn't touching the cervix the induction didn't work. He was head down, just not far enough. I was at the hospital too. If you could get his head down you would go into labor. They had broken my water and I was bleeding do they had to take him out.

blondiemom84 - 221 days ago
-11 has turned either breech or transverse. Can't quite tell for sure but I will find out tomorrow. All I know is that my bladder is being used as a trampoline. I've tried every home remedy known to man to try and evict this baby but it will not budge.Guess this is my Lenten penance. God is teaching me patients...sigh

Dec Baby - 222 days ago
Aww're so close now! Hang in there, soon you'll have your little bundle in your arms...if it hasn't already happened?! All the best for a good labour and delivery...thinking of you!!

blondiemom84 - 223 days ago
-10 days...Man, talk about depression, I'm ready to jump off a cliff! Could it be that I was a whole month off with my dates? I had a positive pregnancy test in June!!! I'm really starting to wonder what's going on.

blondiemom84 - 223 days ago
You guys are so great! I'm making my husband take me for a haircut and pedicure today so fingers and toes crossed they stir something up for me. I also had waters break a couple weeks early with my eldest and had to be induced... Pitocin is miserable stuff!!!!

Dec Baby - 224 days ago
Hi blondie, Glad to hear that your non stress test went well! Just make sure you keep an eye on baby's movements! I always get a bit nervous when I hear women going well past 40 weeks...but at the same time I understand you when you say you don't want a c sec or to be induced! I had to be induced at 32 weeks due to membrane rupture...and believe it or not, it was my most painful labour!! I look forward to hearing some baby news soon๐Ÿ˜‰

babylove5 - 224 days ago
Wow Blondie, you are going to be in the Guinness book of world records for the longest to be pregnant. I'm just kidding. They will come out any day.

blondiemom84 - 224 days ago
-9 days....sigh

blondiemom84 - 224 days ago
8 days overdue today. My lil one is as apparently very satisfied right where he/she is. We did the non stress test and all is well. We have already told docs that there will be no c- section unless there's an extreme medical emergency and no induction. I feel that my docs get annoyed with us making our own decisions but We really don't care what they think. This is our baby and our choice. This baby will come when its darn good and ready. Now all there is left to do is wait... and wait.

babylove5 - 226 days ago
Blondie, I'm surprised you are still here. My second they induced me at the hospital with cytotec and it didn't work because the babies head was still high up. Maybe your babies head is still high. I would not ever use cytotec again because it caused bleeding. The pitocin worked with my 1st at 40 weeks. My third I went into spontaneous labor at 35 weeks. My fourth I used the EPO and it worked in 3 days but I could feel his head on my pubic bone. I hope your hubby is being supportive, since you are miserable!!!

blondiemom84 - 226 days ago
I'm reluctantly now in week 41...not that this is my first time here, but each day that goes by brings me closer to complete insanity. I pretty much cried all day yesterday and fought with my husband for no reason until I finally passed out in my recliner. If this baby weighs less that 11lbs I will be shocked. I was 9 days overdue with my last and she was 10.5 lbs. I have a feeling this is a boy so I think he will be big. Anyone else out there still pregnant at this juncture or just me? I hope for all of your sakes not, but good luck with waiting and hope you have more patients than me.

jojo - 324 days ago
My baby girl is here!!! Isobelle Jeanette Morgan was born 14.11.14 @ 22:55 weighing a huge 8lb 4.5, a whole 1lb heavier than my other children. She is absolutely gorgeous

Juliemom24 - 329 days ago
Good luck Jojo!

jojo - 330 days ago
Well 41wks and still here.. having lots of stop and starts and quite a few shows. Got sweep this afternoon so fingers crossed for some good progress and a baby tonight or early hours :-)

LoriandRichie - 367 days ago
Had a sweep today. Induction scheduled for weds at 8am.

sarah6485 - 394 days ago
41 weeks today 3rd sweep come on baby !

sarah6485 - 404 days ago
Oh my what's the news ? Any baby yet ?

sarah6485 - 409 days ago
She commented on week 40 ๐Ÿ‘ and bless you it really won't be much longer now x

ohmynotagain - 410 days ago
I think fun most likely has had her bundle. Hope all went well. Still nothing for me leaving for the doc soon for my check up. Just feeling sad

sarah6485 - 410 days ago
Oh my hopefully you don't have many more days ahead good luck. I reckon Funtime is having or had hers as quite

ohmynotagain - 410 days ago
Ok so this is an hour early but unless a miaricle happens I will be 41 weeks!!! Hope Funtime gets to have hers but I really don't want to be the only one. Tomorrow I have a nst test to make sure she is ok. Who knows maybe something will happen tonight. Wish all the best

kwai1111 - 466 days ago
Finally had our baby June 25th at 10:37am. It was a girl, Samantha Rae, 9lbs 6oz, 20.5 inches. Water birth after 8.5 hours with no medications. Happy and healthy!

kwai1111 - 474 days ago
Yup. 41 weeks and no baby!

bkle - 502 days ago
swissmammy-- I hope things start happening soon for you. Any progress yet?

swissmammy3 - 503 days ago
Am I here by myself?? :-(

4girls want a boy - 506 days ago
41 weeks pregnant I will not be . Getting induced tonight at 40+5 . Good luck to any of you that may end up here, and labor dust too you :)

dasha - 571 days ago
Congrats greatscott!

AussieDanni - 572 days ago
Congrats gr8scottswife

gr8scottswife - 573 days ago
Induced 41 weeks, baby Andy came lightning fast

emma coyle - 599 days ago
my wee princess Aoife-Rose was born 15 feb at 231am weighing 9lb 14 1/2 oz

AmyLynn82 - 634 days ago
Congrats lilone! Sounds like a crazy delivery! Hang in there G7! You are almost there. I can't wait to hear about your little one!

G7 - 636 days ago
I slept so well last night ...don't get me wrong I still peed like 6 times and woke up with a few pains but the sleep I got was AWESOME. I did pregnancy yoga and meditation before bed. You would think I would be productive today but nope - big lazy blob!

G7 - 640 days ago
had 39 week appointment today dr. guessed about 7 pounds something. didn't check me so I have no idea if my body is moving forward - I think it is a little. Just trying to be patient and enjoy the times I get to rest!

lilonenumber4 - 640 days ago
Thank you!! I was scared at one point I was going to give birth in the car, especially when we took a wrong turn. It was like some kind of sitcom lol! Now I feel like all that stress about being overdue was silly and they'll come when they're good n ready to! That was my last pregnancy and it was wonderful. I am truly blessed. Best wishes to you and hope your little one arrives safely soon :D

G7 - 643 days ago
Whoot Whoot lilone! Wow that was a fast delivery. I'm hoping mine is fast...I think it is worth waiting if it means fast and what a BIG baby good job momma! ENJOY!!!

lilonenumber4 - 644 days ago
Woohoo! I finally gave birth to my son Ted, yesterday morning. I couldn't sleep so went the bathroom around 5am and had a strong contraction. They started coming thick and fast. Got to hospital around 7am and he was born at 7.49am weighing 9lbs 11oz. Thank you for keeping me sane g7! Wishing you lots of luck foryour impending delivery of a gorgeous bundle soon!!! X

G7 - 644 days ago
lilone-I'm still here... although I'm not due until the 14th. I can't imagine what you are going through waiting and waiting. Just this morning I told DH I'm so done with the waiting, the being crabby, the dropping EVERYTHING and having no motivation to get anything done. I feel so lazy! How long will your dr. let you go?

lilonenumber4 - 645 days ago
Thank you! Happy new year to you all...if there's anyone here. :s Think i had some contractions this evening, but they've stopped, so frustrating.

G7 - 646 days ago
oh lilone, I'm so sorry. Waiting is soooo hard. I hope this means a fast easy L&D. I'll be thinking of you and sending you labor dust.

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