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You are 8 weeks pregnant.

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By the end of your second month of pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a pinto bean and is approximately 14 to 20 mm long. If this is your first pregnancy, you still probably will not be showing yet. However, if this is not your first pregnancy you might be able to tell that you are pregnant. You will notice a slight change in how your clothes fit and your doctor can tell that your uterus is larger than normal. Before you were pregnant, your uterus was about the size of your fist. However, by 6 weeks of pregnancy, your uterus has grown to the size of a grapefruit!

Your baby is developing at an amazing rate during these early weeks. Eyelid folds and ears are forming. Your baby\'s eyes are still very wide apart on the sides of her head, but will eventually center themselves out. The tip of the nose is actually present at this time as well. On ultrasound you can see that the aortic and pulmonary valves of the heart are present. The tubes that lead from the throat to lungs are branching and your baby\'s torso is getting longer and beginning to straighten out. Just a few weeks ago, your baby\'s arms were tiny buds. Now the elbows are actually present and the arms and legs extend forward and have grown longer. Fingers and toes are becoming visible also.

One of the symptoms that you might feel around this time of your pregnancy is cramping or pain in your lower abdomen or side as your uterus grows. Some pregnant women feel tightening or contractions of the uterus. Do not get alarmed if you do not feel this though. If tightening of the uterus or contractions is accompanied by bleeding, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. Many pregnant women also experience an occasional pain that begins in their buttocks and radiates down their back or legs. This is known as sciatic nerve pain and can be extremely painful at times. More than likely the pain is caused by the pressure on the nerve and it is best to lie on the opposite side to relieve the pressure.

The tiny person growing inside of your uterus is protected by the amniotic sac, filled with amniotic fluid. Inside, the child swims and moves gracefully. The arms and legs have lengthened, and fingers can be seen. The toes will develop in the next few days.

The umbilical cord contains 3 blood vessels which link your baby\'s system to yours. The big one supplies your baby with blood which is rich in oxygen. The two smaller blood vessels return blood to the placenta. This blood is low in oxygen, and full of waste materials. At birth, umbilical cord can be two to four feet long.

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Comments on week 8

Comments 1-49 of about 999 from week 8
1 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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kimster - 6 days ago
Hi ladies! I'm baaack! First time posting with this new pregnancy,I was addicted to this website throughout my first two. I'm 8w 4d and super excited! Hope all is great with everyone else!

flybear - 10 days ago
1 week until my first ultrasound!

flybear - 11 days ago
Mine are boy-5, girl-3, boy-1. I cannot lie, I want a girl. So. Bad. Not that a boy would not be welcomed and loved. It probably is a boy, bc that's how life goes. Haha we have a name picked either way though. I have to know. I love the idea of waiting, for other people. Lol but I just really enjoy knowing. - 11 days ago
My oldest is a girl, my middle child is a boy, and my youngest is a girl. Since we have both I'm not really hoping for a particular gender. Also, I decided to go team yellow this time around and not find out the gender until the baby is born. What about you?

flybear - 12 days ago
I am still a sahm so the biggest adjustment well probably just be our bedtime routine. Thankfully. What gender are your kids and what are you hoping for? Other than healthy. Lol - 12 days ago
Are you still a stay at home mom? I currently work full time but I might have to go back to being a stay at home mom due to the high cost of day care. So many changes are about to occur because I also have to get another vehicle to make sure the little ones have enough room in the back, and we're also thinking about moving into a four bedroom place. My spouse has a seven passenger vehicle already so a new vehicle will probably be last priority since we'll have a way of getting around as a family if we use his car.

flybear - 12 days ago
Oh and this is our last too.

flybear - 12 days ago
Oh okay. Cool this is my 4th as well. I have a 5, 3, and 1yr old. My first one was definitely my easiest,but the second one wwasn't too bad either. I was sicker with her but bc I only had a 1yr old, who still took daily naps, and I was a sahm, I got a good nap in every single day! That was really nice. My 3rd was by far the worst. I think I vomited every day. Uggg. This one is rough but not as bad. - 12 days ago
I have three kids already, ages 13, 4, and 2, and this baby will be my fourth...and definitely last! I got pregnant with my oldest at 15 and had her at 16. From what I remember that was my easiest pregnancy. I remember being a little sick but nothing too bad. Also, labor and delivery wasn't too bad either, I had a natural birth with her. Now I feel horrible this pregnancy. I do have my good days though so I look forward to those...however, for the most part I'm sick a lot and I'm starting to feel achey already.

flybear - 13 days ago
Is this your first or how many do you have? - 13 days ago
Flybear, I'm in the same boat. I was telling my mother that I don't think I can go through this I don't remember the morning sickness being this bad. I also wish I could stay in bed all day. This is around the time that morning sickness will peak though so we're going through the worst of it now. Try to hang on, only a few more weeks left of this.

flybear - 13 days ago
The last two weeks iwas able to ward off nausea with food. Making sure to eat every few hours. Those days are gone. I just wantto curl up in a ball now and stay in bed all day. I feel sick conatantly, and have actually atarted vomiting now. It doesn't matter how many times you do it, this part of the prrgnancy never gets easier. I hate to complain but this is it for me. The last baby. I don't yhink anyone could pay me to feel this bad again. - 14 days ago
I too was extremely hungry for a few days. Morning sickness has returned though and now I am back to not wanting to eat.

flybear - 16 days ago
Idk what's wrong with me. It's my 4th pregnancy and I've never been so hungry during the first few weeks like I am with this one. Man, I am going to gain wwwaaaayyyy too much weight. - 19 days ago
Eight weeks pregnant today. Morning sickness isn't as bad as it was last week. Still tired all of the time's so hard to get out the bed these days. Hope everyone is well!

Themutterinme - 21 days ago
Yay 8 weeks today, so far so good according to HCB blood tests. Had pain in the middle of the night last night though right above the pelvic bone in front and on the bone in the back. Is that the type of pain they are talking about in the symptoms info? Anyone else have this? It only got better when I layed on my stomach which thankfully I can still do though not that comfortably,BB's.

movnadia - 32 days ago
Thanks loralb I too have a bad back but it seems even worse now being pregnant... I hope it will not get much worse... xxx

loralb - 33 days ago
movnadia...yes. ug. I get that and plantar faciatis (which sends shocks through my feet). I have a really bad back. Ob appt is an obstetric can be with a midwife, dr, obstetrician, or whoever you choose to see during pregnancy.

movnadia - 33 days ago
So I forgot to mention. I am getting this weird feeling in my right thigh. Its almost like a cramping sensation. It doesn't hurt but its quite annoying. It comes and goes very randomly wether I am sitting down or walking or just standing up... could this be the start of what I have heard about but have not before experienced sciatica?

movnadia - 34 days ago
Hopingforagirl.. how did your appointment go?

movnadia - 34 days ago
Laralb thanks that would be perfect if its the case and I got a boy too. That sucks you can't warm up :( its just before summer here and we have some hot days which evdn I that love heat cant stand... last two pregnancies I was freezing in summer. Hopefully the weather will warm up for you or you will start feeling warmer. Ob app is that appointment with your dr? I already had one at around 5 weeks cause I had a bit of bleeding and was worried then I had my first scan at 6.2 weeks and saw baby and hb so still hope all is well as I did have an other bloody show a week ago.. I am gona wait for an other appointment now cause we are still looking for a house and I dont want to see a different dr all the time

loralb - 35 days ago
So i live in a pretty cold place and we have had subzero f temperatures for awhile now and it is impossible for me to warm up. I thought it would be so nice to be pregnant in winter so i might not feeeze to death, but i seem to be colder than ever. Why might that be? Also, when are we supposed to have our first ob appts? I had hyperemesis with my first who is a girl, and not with my boy or this one.'s totally a boy in there. So sorry you had that hyper-throw up nastiness before:(

HopingforaGirl35 - 36 days ago
Hello week 8! Looking fwd. to my 1st Ob. app. tomorrow!

movnadia - 36 days ago
Yay week8 :). I am definitely already gaining which did not happen with either of my baby girls. I still do not have hyperemesis. A little nausea some days its worse than others but nowhere near as bad as previous two pregnancies. It does make me think might be a boy but I really don't want to jinx it. Can't wait for gender reveal scan... this pregnancy reslly is going very very slow for me

sleepymom - 37 days ago
loralb- luckily I seem to be floating up and down 4 lbs depending on the day. Thank goodness. with my second pregnancy I gained more than I would have liked and got stretch marks on the inside of my knees (I gain in my legs first:/) I am determined not to gain more than 20 ish pounds this time, so I have been going on the cross trainer and doing squats...when I can muster up the energy.Anyway. Hope you start getting some energy back soon!!Hi eleanasmama!! how r u feeling?

loralb - 37 days ago
Anyone lost or gained a significant amount of weight yet? With my first, I lost 10 lbs in the first trimester, and with my son, I gained 10. I think this time I am down just a couple lbs but I don't have a scale so I am totally guessing. My cousin gained almost 20 in her first trimester with one of her kids!

elleanasmama - 38 days ago
hi ladies.. thought I was 9 weeks found it Im 8weeks 6 days today.So pretty close hoping to get to know everyone.

christina76900 - 38 days ago
I just had an ultrasound so looks like I'm going back to 7 weeks they said I'm 7 weeks 4 days the heartbeat was 147 they also said I have a small bleed in the placenta

loralb - 38 days ago
Sounds like there's a lot of fatigue going around these weeks. I too, fell asleep on the couch twice while my daughter who refused to nap watched a movie. I feel so lazy and sick all the time and the sickness is getting worse! As is the condition of my house and dinner and heigene...Ug. I just keep telling everyone to hang in there with me for just a few more weeks when hopefully I am feeling a little better. I had the SCH thing with my first at 6 weeks when the placenta came partially detached but there was no pain, just a lot of blood and baby was just fine. I hope all is well with 'patiently waiting'.

sleepymom - 39 days ago
Patiently waiting-SCH sounds a bit scary but it seems like you are taking it well. Hopefully yours resolves. Never heard of pelvic rest before. What exactly are you restricted from doing? For me the dr.s just have to watch my platelet level throughout my preggo as I developed HELLP(?sp) syndrome with my first preggo but not my second. My second I just had moderately low platelets .

patiently waiting - 41 days ago
mostly exhaustion. They did a dating scan at 6 weeks and discovered a subchronic hemorrhage (SCH) so i have been on 'pelvic rest' since then. So, that makes it a bit difficult to manage the kids as I can't pick them up. They said that about 50% of pregnancies have SCH and the majority of them go away on their own....just something to monitor for now. Also been pretty nauseous... thanks to the meds, i haven't actually been sick but i go from feeling nauseous to overly full. Anyone else have any complications?

Doda - 42 days ago
good bye week 8 on to week 9. But yeah I am definitely beyond exhausted. Had the weekend off and spent most of it laying on the couch, my poor children LOL. Can barely muster the energy to drag my ass to work! patiently waiting we are almost in the same boat, I have a 6, 4 and 2 year old. Two boys and a girl.

christina76900 - 42 days ago
Sleepymom I been feeling very sick but it just really bad in the mornings

sleepymom - 43 days ago
Hi christina and patiently waiting!! Glad to see some people commenting. I am on the 9 week page but still check back. Patiently waiting, three kids (soon four) is very busy I imagine. I hear you on the tired spectrum. Remember the days on your first pregnancy when you could sleep to your hearts content. Christina and patiently waiting...any other pregnancy complaints or mostly just the exhausted feeling? I am good other than tired and occassional nausea after I eat.

christina76900 - 43 days ago
I know what you mean on feeling so tired I am the same way

patiently waiting - 43 days ago
Hi all! This week I have finally managed to function long enough to get some cleaning done around the house. I don't remember ever being this exhausted with my other pregnancies. I am so anxious to tell my family and my kids but, we're holding off on family until at least Thanksgiving and holding off on telling the kids until its more obvious. I have a 7, 4, and 1.5 year old at home.

christina76900 - 43 days ago
I'm 8 weeks today

Doda - 44 days ago
Oh man, what I miss the most is absolute favorite drink! My husband has been making me virgin ones but they're just not the same! LOL I'm not a big coffee drinker to begin with so I'm good there - I drink a French Vanilla Cappuccino from Tim Horton's once in a while but that's about it. I have told my kids, they say they're excited but I don't think they really understand or realize what it means. What about you?. I'm from Windsor Ontario. Last time around I made some friends from the States and the U.K. I still keep in touch with them through FB. I like coming to this site to see how the baby is developing. Are you going to find out what you're having? Did you find out before?

sleepymom - 45 days ago
Hi Doda yeah I agree its like a ghost town on this site now. It's too bad. I always used to read this site with my other two pregnancies but when I saw how dead it was this time around I decided to start commenting. I am from alberta, canada. Where are you from? Not finding out the sex is pretty cool as it is one of those last big surprises in life. Have you told your kids about your pregnancy yet? What do you miss the most so far this pregnancy? For me its coffee(more than 1 or 2 cups) two year old gets up sometimes at night for a couple hours at a time and he gets really loud. And a nice glass of wine at the end of a cranky sick kids, etc kind of week.

Doda - 46 days ago
Yay to week 9 for you!!!! You're pretty busy yourself with your little ones! The braces are annoying (things always get stuck in there and it's hard to eat) but they only hurt after adjustments - but this was the first time I had to go through it without ibuprofen! And yeah I agree, Tylenol just never cuts it for me. I'm not sure if I will find out.... I want to know because I'm so curious and nosey LOL but at the same time I have never had a surprise before, I found out with my first three. Not sure I could handle the suspense though haha I used this site with my last pregnancy and it was busy in here, it's kind of dead here now. I thought maybe it was just these early weeks, but the later weeks seem pretty inactive as well, kind of sad :( I still keep in touch with some of the people I met through here last time. Where are you from?

sleepymom - 47 days ago
looks like I am moving over to 9 weeks today...crazy. Seems to go by much faster when you have other kids to distract you. See you there soon Doda!! I will still chat with you in week 8 till you move up to 9 tho. I am so happy to have someone to chat with.

sleepymom - 47 days ago
HI Doda, I feel for you. I find sometimes (prepreggo) tylenol just doesn't work as good as ibuprofen. I have never had braces, I probably should have gotten them but I have just been to lazy to bother. Does your mouth ache after adjustments? How much longer do you have them? A cough syrup would be welcome, I never thought to ask the pharmacist-good idea. Sounds like life is really busy at your house with so many young kids, I feel tired just hearing about how close they are in age. I think we will find out what we are having. This is our last one (we r pretty sure) so then we would be able to clean out some of the totes of clothes we've been saving and plan a bit better. How about you?

Doda - 47 days ago
hi sleepymom!! I'm a mom of 3, this is our fourth! We have a 6,4 2 year old, there is 20.5 months between the 1st and 2nd and again between the 2nd and 3rd. Two boys and 1 girl. I don't have any morning sickness, just extreme tiredness. Actually the most bothersome thing right now is my braces - don't know if you ever had them but today they changed out one of my wires and it is now 5 a.m. and I can not sleep! So much pain and I can't take any Ibuprofen. You should check with your pharmacsit, I'm sure you can take cough syrup as long as there is no decongestant or ibuprofen in it. Congrats on your 3rd! Do you want to find out what you're having?

sleepymom - 49 days ago
Hi happy woman and doda, nice to see some new people. How have you been feeling? Is this your first baby? I have two already, a four year old and a two year old. This one was a surprise. We hadn't decided yet if we wanted a third. Looks like it was written in the stars. I have a cold/cough I just can't shake, desperately wish I could take something other than tylenol and cough drops!

Doda - 50 days ago
hello hello, oficially 8 weeks today :)

happywoman84 - 50 days ago
I'm officially 2 months today 😇 Hello ladies 😊

sleepymom - 50 days ago
Hi I have read this site for prev 2 pregnancies always enjoyed.was sad to see no one using site now so thought I would start commenting hoping others would too.i don't do Facebook so I won't be seeking out that forum. Amanda congrats,,how have u been feelin

Amanda0510 - 53 days ago
Today is my last day in week 8. Just had my first appointment. Got an ultrasound and everything is looking good and the due date was confirmed. Got to hear the heartbeat. I am so glad everything is going well. Hope everyone else is doing well!

bbyrnelowe3girls - 54 days ago
so sorry to hear that miss piggy. i hope all will be ok.

honeymoon-surprise - 54 days ago
Sorry to hear that Mizz Piggy, are u going to go and see your dr?

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