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You are 8 weeks pregnant.

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By the end of your second month of pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a pinto bean and is approximately 14 to 20 mm long. If this is your first pregnancy, you still probably will not be showing yet. However, if this is not your first pregnancy you might be able to tell that you are pregnant. You will notice a slight change in how your clothes fit and your doctor can tell that your uterus is larger than normal. Before you were pregnant, your uterus was about the size of your fist. However, by 6 weeks of pregnancy, your uterus has grown to the size of a grapefruit!

Your baby is developing at an amazing rate during these early weeks. Eyelid folds and ears are forming. Your baby\'s eyes are still very wide apart on the sides of her head, but will eventually center themselves out. The tip of the nose is actually present at this time as well. On ultrasound you can see that the aortic and pulmonary valves of the heart are present. The tubes that lead from the throat to lungs are branching and your baby\'s torso is getting longer and beginning to straighten out. Just a few weeks ago, your baby\'s arms were tiny buds. Now the elbows are actually present and the arms and legs extend forward and have grown longer. Fingers and toes are becoming visible also.

One of the symptoms that you might feel around this time of your pregnancy is cramping or pain in your lower abdomen or side as your uterus grows. Some pregnant women feel tightening or contractions of the uterus. Do not get alarmed if you do not feel this though. If tightening of the uterus or contractions is accompanied by bleeding, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. Many pregnant women also experience an occasional pain that begins in their buttocks and radiates down their back or legs. This is known as sciatic nerve pain and can be extremely painful at times. More than likely the pain is caused by the pressure on the nerve and it is best to lie on the opposite side to relieve the pressure.

The tiny person growing inside of your uterus is protected by the amniotic sac, filled with amniotic fluid. Inside, the child swims and moves gracefully. The arms and legs have lengthened, and fingers can be seen. The toes will develop in the next few days.

The umbilical cord contains 3 blood vessels which link your baby\'s system to yours. The big one supplies your baby with blood which is rich in oxygen. The two smaller blood vessels return blood to the placenta. This blood is low in oxygen, and full of waste materials. At birth, umbilical cord can be two to four feet long.

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See also Prenatal Vitamins

Comments on week 8

Comments 1-49 of about 672 from week 8
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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aprilrose - 17.8 hours ago
Based on my calcs I am due November 27th. I don't see my midwife for another 3 weeks. Kind of jealous of those who have had ultrasounds. - 1 days ago
I am November 30th so only a day behind you :)

blessedlifewithyou - 2 days ago
is there anyone who is due november 29th ? :) i want a due date buddyyyy - 4 days ago
8 weeks today :) happy Easter to all you mommas.

daisyreh - 5 days ago
MyBean- I'm in week 7 until Wed and I find the same thing. Very quiet over there. I also have my U/S on Friday…can't wait! Hello to all you week 8ers!! :)

ASergeantsWife - 17 days ago
UGH!! Thats exactly how I feel! so sick all the time!

staceydownie28 - 20 days ago
hi every1,had my scan yesterday and all went well :) its amazing to see how much wee bubs has grew in space of 2 weeks. being feeling neasous really bad last few days tho not actual being sick xx

aksnods - 21 days ago
Nausea has been mild but I am getting dizzy a lot

aksnods - 22 days ago
Dh gets paid tomorrow now I can start eating my sandwiches and pizza I want so badly. No more pancakes all day for me.... Well one more day. Think I still have a package of ramen.....hmmm gross... Sigh

MyBean - 23 days ago
Staciedownie28- I am still in week 7 until Thursday, but its quiet over there so I'm posting in week 8. Yes we will be finding out beforehand what we will be having so that we can prepare before hand and not have to decorate in gender neutral colors. Haven't really thought of any names yet. Im sure after my first U/S this Friday, it will seem more real and will probably start thinking of some names. How has everyone been feeling? I accidentally found out yesterday that barely sweetened iced tea helps me a lot with nausea. I was nauseous this morning until I had sweet tea and it pretty much went away completely. Hopefully it stays away for the rest of the day.

staceydownie28 - 23 days ago
Hi is any1 going to find out what they are having or have been thinking of any names yet?xx

staceydownie28 - 24 days ago
Hows every1 been keeping? Ave got another scan booked for this thurs 3rd April at 2.30. cant wait to see how much my wee bean has grow since last scan :) My youngest daughters 1st birthday today as well so going to have a nice wee family get together tonyt for her xx

aksnods - 25 days ago
I am unable to eat meat at all. It's the end of month so we r pretty much down to eggs and ramen. Ick. I have serious craving for loaded sandwiches AMD pepperoni pizza!!!! Can't wait til we have money. Baby looked good on ultrasound hb was 150 Bpm and my 5 yr old got to c her little sister or brother

lindsilizzard - 29 days ago
Nine weeks tomorrow! My previous doctor called today and needed me to come in to close out my charge and asked if I wanted a last ultrasound with her… Like I'm going to say no!? Baby looks beautiful… Amazing how much it has changed from just two days ago. I could see it wiggling around and heard the heartbeat perfectly. Picture posted on my profile.

bonitadiane - 30 days ago
Can't believe I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow. Yeah!

bonitadiane - 30 days ago
Almost 9 weeks and feeling pretty good. This is different. Nice but different. :)

lindsilizzard - 31 days ago
Just left my OB appointment… Baby is beautiful! Heartbeat is 174 BPM and measuring exactly 8 weeks 4 days. Got to hear the heartbeat and recorded on my phone… Such a beautiful sound! He gave me a ton of pictures… It looks like a small gummy bear. Follow-up appointment in four weeks where we will have another ultrasound! Still have off and on queasiness and feeling extremely hungry but other than that I feel really good…

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 35 days ago
Bonita my last 2 pregnancys where 1 girl & twin girl and boy and they where totally different, thats why I think this time round its a boy. Linds ur so lucky with all ur scans, my first one will b 25th Apr!Hate having to wait so long...and feeling sick ontop of it...PHAH!!!! haha xx

bonitadiane - 35 days ago
JoJo... You just described my last 2 pregnancies. Which were girls. This time around I'm feeling good. Little queasy every now and then but nothing crazy. I'd day it's a girl for you!! Or 2. Lol however, those old wives tales can't be taken seriously.

lindsilizzard - 35 days ago
Morning week 8! I'm right there with you jojo... Feeling EXACTLY like you described. Looking forward to my ultrasound Monday... It'll be the 3rd one and I love looking into baby's world!

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 35 days ago
Hello week 8!! This little baba hasnt been being very kind to me :os I pretty much have nausea 24/7, no matter what (little) I eat i'm left fighting to keep it in. I have constant pains in my stomach and am still experiencing period like cramps on and off. I am incredibly tired like alllllll the time no matter how much sleep I have, I feel like a zombie! and my breast r unbelievably sore - I wasnt like this this early on in my other 2 pregnancys so is this little one going to b a boy or am I am on track for having a litter!! Haha Anyone else feel like poop? Jo x

bonitadiane - 36 days ago
Hello week 8. This site is waaaay to quiet for

afshanm07 - 37 days ago
Finally tommorow is week 9 i just want 1st trimester to be over

bonitadiane - 38 days ago
Blondeabby.. No, that won't I just ordered mine that has a mustache on it and reads ' if you mustache, yes, I'm pregnant' lol

blondeabby - 39 days ago
I am off to week 9:)

okynot - 40 days ago
bonitadiane- café press does have some really cute stuff, thanks!

okynot - 40 days ago
I like those shirts that have the skeleton and the little baby skeleton under the rib cage. I have seen cute ideas with pumpkins since October is our due date. if you can find a pumpkin. I don't formally announce. I usually just tell a few people and let the gossip get around then back to me. lol

okynot - 40 days ago

blondeabby - 40 days ago
Lol he is 14 years old..I don't think he would be happy to wear the t shirt:)

afshanm07 - 40 days ago
Hi thanx glowingwith2 im sorry of what you have been through i do hope this baby brings you much joy and everything is safe for you

bonitadiane - 40 days ago
Blonde... Have the youngest of siblings wear a big brother shirt. I ordered a shirt online for my daughter that had an owl on front and said ' guess whooo has a secret?' And on back it read...' I'm going to be a big sister'. It was hilarious to see family read the front and each have their own reaction, unless your boys are too old. Then you can find a surprise shirt for you.:) I think this time I'll wear the shirt and it's going to be for Easter. If I can make it that far without my belly giving it has some cute ideas.

blondeabby - 41 days ago
Hi everyone!! MS is every other day now:) I hate taking the meds for it:( I am a zombie with them. So I don't take them unless I can't stop barfing or can't get off the bathroom floor. DH is amazing, sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am:) It has just been our secret for so long...but I think it is time to share. How did you guys tell everyone? I don't think my boys or family are going to be thrilled. But his family will be over the moon! Any help would be so helpful:)

okynot - 41 days ago
afshan- that can be quite common. I am sure they will keep a close eye on you if they have any concerns. glowing- I am so sorry that you have had such a rough journey to stay pregnant! I hope this pregnancy brings you a healthy 'take home baby' I am glad things are going well this time. But I know what it is like to hold your breath, so to speak. blond- I feel old sometimes but I have to keep changing my mindset! I think just being pregnant alone makes you feel old with all the exhaustion, and laziness! lol

glowingwith2 - 41 days ago
Afshanm, I'm sorry to hear that, but happy baby is in a good place. I lost an ovary last year after my tubal pregnancy, then had precancerous cells which required additional surgery. It was a scary time. My thoughts are with you. Hopefully it doesn't affect your current pregnancy. After everything I've been through, I told my husband I am done after this. This is my 7th pregnancy and I only have one child. This little one is still hanging on. I will feel better after I reach 13 weeks. Hope everyone's MS is getting better.

afshanm07 - 42 days ago
Got my ultrasound done for internal last week baby was fine. The only thing is there was a small cyst on right ovary and two fibroids which are small inside the uterine. Im freaking out. And scard im only 32

blondeabby - 43 days ago
okynot- Welcome and congrats!! I was feeling really glad there are a few of us in this boat:)

okynot - 43 days ago
Hi all! I found out yesterday by my first US that I am 8 weeks pregnant. I didn't know how far along I was so now I can join you all! By the way I am 40 yrs young also! lol

blondeabby - 43 days ago
Snooks- that is awesome! We can be 39 together;) If you are like me -people think I am a lot younger then I am. I get carded at casinos and people think I am my son's girlfriend!!!

afshanm07 - 43 days ago
Iam 8 weeks today still sick to my stomach with morning sickness ughhh.

snooks - 43 days ago
blondeabby, I spent my whole 39th year saying I'm almost 40. Now that I'm 40, I figure, I might as well re-live my 39th year because I wasted that one worrying about being 40. lol! It makes sense to me. ;o)

blondeabby - 44 days ago
Thanks snooks:) MS came back full tilt...I should not have said anything:( I feel like I am eating of drinking all the time!! I am going to be huge by 5 months!! This is my third too. But first with ms:( Jnnllutz- congrats! I am also due Oct 20:) Glowingwith2-I also want to wait till 12 weeks but I am totally showing already and with the ms...I am not sure if I will make it! Good thing it is March break this week and I am off work:) ps I just had my 39th bday! Feeling old! I think it was easier when I was I am worrying about everything:(

snooks - 44 days ago
First Ultrasound today. Heartbeat 141. Measuring 7w4d instead of 8w1d. I think she was overly cautious putting the curser inside the outline of the baby, so I'm not worried. A long wait ahead to my next appointments!

glowingwith2 - 45 days ago
I'm officially 8 weeks. This feels like it's dragging.... I can't announce anything to work until I'm 12 weeks, which also lands on my 30th birthday. Woohoo! My plans to celebrate in Miami will have to wait. To add another level of crazy, we are having a home built. Construction starts next week. Not sure which will come first, the baby or the house. I've already decided against setting up a nursery. Even if the baby comes first, I think I will stick with a bassinet. This year will be an interesting start to my 30s! Party on! Lol

jnnllutz - 45 days ago
Hello ladies, thought I would introduce myself. Excited to take this journey with all of you. Had my first scan Thursday and baby looked great. My official due date it Oct 20th.

snooks - 45 days ago
blondeabby, For your MS, try to stay ahead of the may help you from getting naucious. This is my third pregnancy, no vomiting. Though, if I leave it too long before eating, I feel really gross. Try to eat something healthy, even if it seems unappealing.

blondeabby - 46 days ago
First day of 8 weeks! Can I...dare I say I think some of my all day morning sickness has gone?? I have not taken any pills since Thursday am:) still feel a little nauseas from time to time but in general gone:) if only I could say this about this dam head cold:( Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!!

CandiceKosto - 52 days ago
Wow, been 2 years since I was last on this site with my first born. What a difference this time around though. First pregnancy was rather easy, this one - I can't keep my eyes open or eat a proper meal without feeling sick. Hopefully its only another month of this then the first trimester is over! Crossing my fingers... - 57 days ago
Thanks leanbean! Pretty exciting! See you in 9 weeks on Friday.

leanbean - 57 days ago
Off to 9 weeks tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty happy this is the last time I have to go through this. hahahaha... I am very grateful to be blessed again, but not a fan of morning sickness ;) MAMMAR, EB and MSJ~ So sorry you are so sick. I'm too scared to take any meds, but I mostly just heave without success so I guess I'm not too bad off. Hope you find some relief. LAURA~ How fun to see babe wiggling!

mammaramirez - 58 days ago
msjenn - have you called your obgyn to see about getting any type of medication for the nausea/vomiting? You sound like you have it just as bad as I do. Hang in there, small sips at a time, small snacks. Eat bland, drink bland.....

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