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You are 9 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now is about the size of a medium green olive. The crow-to-rump length is 22 to 30 mm and the baby weighs 0.12 ounces. Although your body shape will not yet reveal that you are pregnant, your doctor would be able to notice an enlarged uterus. The hCG hormone is at its peak and you might notice more changes. Your skin may become smoother and a bit plumper, but you might also get an outbreak of pimples. Your hair may become less oily, or more. You might also notice some vaginal discharge, which is usually not a cause for concern.

Although the baby is still very small, it is beginning to look more like a human being. Your babys back is straightening out and the tail is shrinking. In proportion to the rest of his body, the head is large and remains curved forwards onto the chest. The head is erect and the neck is developing well. Even though the eyes are well developed, they are covered by a membrane lid. The eyes will not begin to open and close for quite some time still. Your baby will begin to make tiny fetal movements as the muscles start to develop. You will not be able to feel any of these early movements, but you might be able to see them during an ultrasound. The arms and hands are progressing faster than the legs and feet at this point. By this time of fetal development, the hands have defined finger ridges and the tissue between them will die off to leave separate fingers. It is impossible to distinguish a male from a female at this time because external genitalia look very similar at this point.

Your blood system will change during pregnancy and blood volume will increase by 50%. The increase in blood is important to meet the demands of your growing uterus. Blood volumes will begin to increase during the first trimester and will continue to rise throughout the entire pregnancy. The increase in plasma can cause anemia, which will cause you to feel tired or weak.
In week 9 (7 weeks after conception) the fingers are clearly visible.

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Blood pressure during pregnancy

Caffeine intake during pregnancy

Comments on week 9

Comments 1-49 of about 924 from week 9
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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kekea - 12.8 hours ago
Awh Rowdy that is sweat! We are a few days a part as the put my due date at 10/2

RowdyRandi - 16.7 hours ago
I also setup appt for nt/down syndrome testing. Just finger prick and ultrasound nothing invasive

RowdyRandi - 16.8 hours ago
Hi yall I'm back in week 8. Had my appt today doc said I'm 8 wks 4 days which puts due date on oct 5th. Everything looked good heartbeat was 169. Due to snow my sis cancelled watching dd so had to bring her with us. 2 hrs is a long time for a toddler to chill at dr office lol. She was all over the place

kekea - 2 days ago
RowdyRandy keep us updated about your appointment. I have my first real appointment on tge 5thm...

RowdyRandi - 3 days ago
Wow its aweful quiet here in week 9. Hello anybody in here lol. Well nausea is getting better i think still have off and on but I've been trying to eat more snacks and that really helps keep it at bay. Finally have my ob appt Friday so will let yall know how things go. Very glad DH is going with me and my sis will be watching DD

sweettart3 - 3 days ago
Hey ladies. How is everyone? Keeping things down nicely? Lol I wish. Almost to week 10. So excited that I've made it this far.

mami2beof3 - 10 days ago
Hi ladies! So glad to be hear with you all progressing along. I hope everyone has a safe and successful pregnancy and congrats!!!

holz8519 - 17 days ago
Hello week 9. Looking forward to our weekend get away for my sons birthday this weekend. His birthday isnt till March 6th but our kids have a mid winter break next week so we are going now and just doing his birthday dinner, cake, ice cream and presents on his birthday. Then after our weekend we are going to have my niece stay with us for a week, then I'm providing respite the following weekend for a 6 yr old boy with CP then then the next week for a 1 yr old girl. SO on top of my 3 kids and one foster daughter I will have 1-2 additional kids keeping me extremely busy the rest of the month. Although I'm already exhausted from this pregnancy and my almost 2 yr old at least it will make the end of the first trimester fly. The MS is insane this time around.

austinjeanxo - 18 days ago
Omg, I cant 'go' anymore it's driving me insane I'll be asking my dr what I can take that will help =[ and my HG is still bad..... But I think I was able to keep aleast dinner down last night!! I can't wait till the sickness part is over and I can feel my little one move!! I know it sounds crazy but I swaer I have felt small flutters!! You know the feeling of your breath kinda being taken away for a brief second and then a strange feeling in your tummy .... I've gotten that a couple times.... This is baby #3

jamie86 - 22 days ago
I've been more active on babycenter. Some ladies are really rude but I think it can happen with any pregnancy site. Hormones going crazy and all.

xEricaLynn - 22 days ago
Hey ladies, try the What To Expect online boards. There is always activity going on there. I check the August 2015 boards everyday, and dozens of new posts everyday! Just saying, since there isn't much activity here anyway.

texasmamaof5 - 22 days ago
Yeah I am sad that this site has died out. I don't want to go on Facebook or anything because I don't want it to be connected to me as a person, this was like my little pregnancy escape place. Now its just so dead... :(

jamie86 - 22 days ago
Someone posted some pics in one of the public albums. I didn't see them thankfully but I did hear about it.

delarla - 22 days ago
What?? What happened with child porn!?!

jamie86 - 23 days ago
Delarla- it's changed a lot. A lot of women left after the child porn was posted and they have let to site just fall apart. The admins don't work on it at all anymore. I'm on Facebook and babycenter more now.

mrscephas - 24 days ago
Awwwww congrats Danielle xx

delarla - 24 days ago
I'm so sad at how different this site is. I miss all the people that were always talking in these rooms.

delarla - 28 days ago
Congrats Danielle!!!

Danielle1023 - 28 days ago
Oh my found out yesterday that I have 2 babies in there. I have 3 girls so it is a huge surprise. Not to sure what to expect.

mrscephas - 29 days ago
Yay for 9 weeks!!!!

kirty - 32 days ago
:) its so quiet in here

xEricaLynn - 39 days ago
Thank you ladies. I hope all of us can keep our babies. I also have a bicornuate uterus, and the ER doc told me today that having this CAN cause miscarriages. I just hope that I won't miscarry THIS precious miracle. If I do, then he or she will have six angel siblings in Heaven to play with.

raindrop0208 - 39 days ago
maima -a pink or blue cake filling would be fun! I've heard of doing a box of pink or blue balloons too =) Ericalynn - I'm really sorry to hear about what you are going through. So scary. Sending up a prayer for you.

maimai88 - 39 days ago
Gl Ericalynn and take it easy!! Andy- did you find out the gender with your boys or were they both surprises as well? Welcome back Raindrop:) So glad you had a good appointment! Wow, yes that is early to find out! I can relate- I have two little girls and would love to have a little boy this time. Our plan is to wait until d-day to find out, but it is not set in stone, so we may still end up finding out. I've never done a gender reveal personally, but a lot of my friends have. Several have had a reveal where they had someone bake a cake and inside is either pink or blue filling-very cute:)

raindrop0208 - 39 days ago
Hi everyone! Glad to see some people are chatting now!! I left for a couple weeks because it was just too lonely! lol I am feeling like the constant nausea is starting to lift a little bit! I still feel sick every time I eat though. This is the first pregnancy where I have lost a few pounds at the beginning instead of gaining. I had a good 8 week ultrasound last week. Baby's heartbeat was 174 and everything looked great. yay! I have another in two weeks and they are doing the blood test to check for down syndrome. They can also determine the gender from that blood test! I 'm a little shocked because I have never found out this early what I am having! I have 3 little girls and would love to have a boy this time!!! Getting tired of the hand-me-downs!But scared to find out what I'm having too! Has anyone ever done a gender reveal party? We haven't but I think this time it would be fun. Hope everyone is doing great!

xEricaLynn - 39 days ago
More spotting this morning, red blood this time, went to ER, baby is doing okay, but I'm still spotting red blood. My lower back still hurts awfully too. Just trying to rest and not move much, unless I have to go to the bathroom. Thanks in advance for prayers and good thoughts. Good luck to everyone else!

xEricaLynn - 39 days ago
Thanks for the concern, ladies! I've been lightly spotting ever since the u/s on Friday. Nothing on my underwear, but occasionally when I wipe. Tonight it was light brown. Anyone else experiencing a lot of wetness 'down there'? Is this normal? Any time I see pink or brown, it worries me, but I know there's nothing that can be done. So I've been trying to rest. Dealing with non-stop headaches from occipital neuralgia too. I see my neurologist again next month, hoping I can get another nerve block to help with the pain. Being pregnant is so hard, because for me, nothing is guaranteed. If I can make it to Valentine's Day and baby is still alive, then I think I will be able to rest easier. No cravings here. Trying to find maternity pants is so hard, because I'm a plus size lady. Either pants are too big, or too tight. Ugh. Best of luck to you ladies!

Andy20 - 40 days ago
I am planning on the delivery room surprise and the suspense is already killing me! I had an energy return last week but am back to feeling lethargic now but it isn't too bad. I'm not really craving anything specific but I have an aversion to most things. I don't even feel like eating chocolate haha. The thought of most foods just makes me sick. I'm 10 weeks today though I won't be moved up in the site until tomorrow because I'm Australian and we are a day ahead. I hope everyone is well xx

maimai88 - 40 days ago
anyone else have cravings? For me its sweets, sweets, sweets...especially sweet tea and twix bars. I normally never eat candy, chocolate etc. and even though I live in the South, I don't normally drink sweet tea. This is so weird for me lol! With DD1, I craved spicy food ( esp. Mexican), and with DD2, I craved fast food and had an aversion to anything sweet. How about you ladies?

maimai88 - 40 days ago
Andy- I feel the same way, I have always wanted a little boy and I can't imagine not having one..I am actually pretty anxious to find out what we are having, but I still think we might go for delivery room surprise. Do you plan on finding out and when? Sending you pink dust -x-. I am finally getting some of my energy back! I feel like I am slowly emerging out of a excited to be in the 2nd trimester soon. Ericalynn how are you doing? maimai

Andy20 - 40 days ago
Oh EricaLynn I'm so glad everything is fine! That must have been so scary xxx Maimai88 they are 18 months apart and are best friends as well as worst enemies lol. I'm a bit anxious about this age gap because I'm worried that the youngest will be left out since it will be a bit over 2 years age gap. I would love a girl and desparately want one but I can see me loving raising 3 boys instead. I just never imagined that I wouldn't have a daughter to raise and I think it would take a while to get my head around that if it is another boy (which I think it is). I hope you get your boy :)

maimai88 - 42 days ago
Oh Ericalynn, I am so happy you and baby are OK!!I have been stalking week 9 all morning to see if you had an update. What a scare at the ER, but so glad everything is OK!! Take it easy & don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.(my DH has been on bath duty for a few weeks now , b/c every single night around 6pm I crash with exhaustion lol...but our husbands are here to help us!).

xEricaLynn - 42 days ago
Yesterday was very, very trying. My u/s went well. I was measuring 9w2d. Baby 2.57cm CRL with heartbeat of 182. Was waving at us, and we got the cutest ultrasound pictures of baby's profile, with button nose and eyes and cheeks and smile! But 3 hours later, I wiped pink blood and my heart sank. Hubby drove me to ER where I was checked out. My cervix was still closed, but my cervix was irritated and had some blood, probably due to the vaginal probe from the u/s. HCG 144,000. So I was told to get plenty of rest. Hubby will have fun doing housework then! Ha... Another u/s on the 29th, after I reached the danger zone. Hope everyone else is doing well! Thanks for thinking of me...

maimai88 - 43 days ago
Thinking about you, EricaLynn! Praying you have a great appointment today!! Andy- I have a 3-year old little girl named Cara, and a 12-month old little girl named Noelle. How far apart exactly are Isaac and Tobias? Cara and Noelle are 26 months apart- I've enjoyed the gap so far, and it keeps getting more fun the older they both get. Noelle and baby #3 will be 19, almost 20 months apart- I'm excited to see what that will be like! Are you hoping for a girl this time? I would love to have a little boy, but if it's another girl, that will be great too. I'm not sure we may go team green this time around.

xEricaLynn - 43 days ago
Hi Andy! Thanks for asking... Feeling very anxious, only 19 more hours until I find out if our little one is still alive. The waiting is always the hardest part. How are you doing?

andy20 - 43 days ago
EricaLynn how are you feeling today? I sure hope all your symptoms are a good sign x. our404family number 4, how exciting! I'd love to be one of those new friends :)

andy20 - 43 days ago
Thank you Maimai88! How old are your other 2? I have a 3 year old boy named Isaac and an 18 month old boy named Tobias. We were hoping for a similar age gap but this elusive baby took 9 months to conceive.

maimai88 - 44 days ago
Welcome, andy20! it's great to have some more ladies in here! Congrats on baby #3. This is #3 for me also:)

andy20 - 44 days ago
Hi everyone! I am 9 weeks 2 days today with baby number 3. I'm so glad to see there are a few ladies commenting :)

xEricaLynn - 45 days ago
Feeling horrible today. Haven't been able to sleep well for the past few days. Nausea is intense today, and I'm so congested. I just wish I could sleep for awhile, but I have to get up every 10 minutes to use the bathroom, lol. I hope these symptoms are a good sign! Two more days until I find out if baby still has a heartbeat. Makes me very anxious and adds to the nausea!

maimai88 - 45 days ago
Welcome and congrats, Our404Family!

Our404Family - 45 days ago
Hello, everyone! This is my first time actually posting. I am 9 weeks and boy am I ready to get out of this 1st trimester...Hope meet some new friends. This is my 4th!

xEricaLynn - 46 days ago
In week 9 today. Have another u/s on Friday, hoping baby still has a heartbeat. I've never made it past 11 weeks, so I'm being very, very cautiously optimistic. Hope everyone else is doing well!

maimai88 - 47 days ago
Great to see you here in week 9, lannister! Its so quiet in here! I had my 1st appointment today, and baby looked great:) hr of 177 and baby was already super active lol! Measuring one day ahead @ 9w4d and due date is the 13th.

Lannister - 47 days ago
9+2 today :D I havent been on here in a while. How are all you ladies doing?

maimai88 - 50 days ago
9 weeks today! almost to double digits:)

charcharsuperstar - 57 days ago
Hi Kazza , I hope you get that little boy you want! I have one of each , so i'm fine either way. :) How is everyone feeling? I am still so nauseous.. really bad at night. You all?

kazza - 57 days ago
well, its been just over 4 yrs since i have been on this site, amazingly i can still remember my old user name and pass word (take that pregnancy brain)...currently preggos with my 3rd bub, we have 2 girls aged 7 and 4 and this is our attept for a boy. no pressure peanut but pls grow a little willy lol. good luck every one, hope your pregnancies go smoothy and safely

charcharsuperstar - 62 days ago
HI guys! Flybear I know what you mean! I Have 2 Under 5 , working mom. I'm exhausted! I'm so nauseous! Gum helps as well as altoids. How about you guys? - 71 days ago
Sorry your appt got pushed back...I know you were looking forward to it. What day did you reschedule for?

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