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You are 9 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now is about the size of a medium green olive. The crow-to-rump length is 22 to 30 mm and the baby weighs 0.12 ounces. Although your body shape will not yet reveal that you are pregnant, your doctor would be able to notice an enlarged uterus. The hCG hormone is at its peak and you might notice more changes. Your skin may become smoother and a bit plumper, but you might also get an outbreak of pimples. Your hair may become less oily, or more. You might also notice some vaginal discharge, which is usually not a cause for concern.

Although the baby is still very small, it is beginning to look more like a human being. Your babys back is straightening out and the tail is shrinking. In proportion to the rest of his body, the head is large and remains curved forwards onto the chest. The head is erect and the neck is developing well. Even though the eyes are well developed, they are covered by a membrane lid. The eyes will not begin to open and close for quite some time still. Your baby will begin to make tiny fetal movements as the muscles start to develop. You will not be able to feel any of these early movements, but you might be able to see them during an ultrasound. The arms and hands are progressing faster than the legs and feet at this point. By this time of fetal development, the hands have defined finger ridges and the tissue between them will die off to leave separate fingers. It is impossible to distinguish a male from a female at this time because external genitalia look very similar at this point.

Your blood system will change during pregnancy and blood volume will increase by 50%. The increase in blood is important to meet the demands of your growing uterus. Blood volumes will begin to increase during the first trimester and will continue to rise throughout the entire pregnancy. The increase in plasma can cause anemia, which will cause you to feel tired or weak.
In week 9 (7 weeks after conception) the fingers are clearly visible.

See also:

Blood pressure during pregnancy

Caffeine intake during pregnancy

Comments on week 9

Comments 1-49 of about 975 from week 9
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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angelfree77 - 1.1 hours ago
Thank you! I'm so excited and scared! Today's the day!!

kentsmommy - 17.7 hours ago
Good luck at your appt tomorrow Angelfree!! I'm heading out for the weekend with the family so I'll be MIA until Monday! Hope everyone has a great week!!

angelfree77 - 1 days ago
9 weekers, how many of you have already had your first doctor appointment and/or u/s? I feel like my doctor is a little behind since I'm already at 9w4d and my first appointment will not happen until tomorrow.

Kekea - 2 days ago
Happymommajess sometimes you have to pop into other weeks to get some action. Lol

happymommajess - 2 days ago
heeellloooo is there anyone there lol

angelfree77 - 3 days ago
Hello Week 9!!! This week is exciting because we go for our first dr appointment on Thursday!

shoot4-2 - 64 days ago
I had an interesting day. Forklift training at work and then a dr. Apptbwith a surprise ultrasound using the dildo looking object! L/o looks just like the picture on here. I could see the little arms and legs! I got excited all over again smh i can't wait till july to find out if i am having another son or a baby girl. Two years ago my son ,now 5 told me he was going to have a little sister lol well, he might be right!!

r-baby3 - 65 days ago
Thats good your morning sickness is better! Mine has seemed to ease up a bit too. I cant say the same about the pooping though! Haha lol

shoot4-2 - 66 days ago
I'm great! No more morning sickness! Eating just about everything that looks healthy! Still pooping every 3-4 days smh but I'm not complaining! Lol

r-baby3 - 69 days ago
Its so quiet in here! How is everyone doing?

amy110 - 77 days ago
Pookalou, best thoughts and prayers for you and little babe. Let us know how you are doing.

amy110 - 77 days ago
Weber, hugs to you. I'm so sorry :(

weber3 - 77 days ago
@aussiemom hugs to you too. Maybe we will be together with our next pregnancy. @pookalou praying you have answers soon and that it's only good news.

aussiemum86 - 78 days ago
Thinking of you at this sad and very hard time webber sending lots of hugs xx

pookalou - 78 days ago
@weber3 I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I am anxious to have answers too. I hate the waiting and worrying part. Will update when I know more.

weber3 - 79 days ago
I am losing my pregnancy for sure. Measuring only 7w 0d with no heartbeat. It's in the cervical canal on the way out or else cervical ectopic. Nice to have answers at least. Wish you all healthy babies in 7 more months.

aussiemum86 - 79 days ago
Sad to hear that girls but i have you in my thoughts and prayers. I Still have hope for you both my fingers and toes are crossed for you xx

jory927 - 79 days ago
So sorry to read of everyone's troubles!! I know how scary the not knowing is, sending lots of prayers ladies!

weber3 - 79 days ago
@pookalou sorry to hear. Hope your doctor is wrong. I am cramping bad and been bleeding like a heavy period all day. Not going to my first midwife Appointment. I was looking forward to this for the last 6 weeks. But I do get an ultrasound today to see what's happening. I have only passed two clots which seems weird. Fearing the worst.

pookalou - 79 days ago
Not good news. Bleeding again this morning even worse. Have my blood checked today to see my hgc levels then again in 48hrs to see if it's dropping. I am cramping and I don't feel well. Doctor said to prepare for a miscarriage. Hope all of you are doing well.

aussiemum86 - 79 days ago
@webber oh no hoping everything is going ok with you i still check every few days how everyone is going. I'm prying for you all that you all have a safe and stress free pregnancy. @pookalou it must be reassuring that you have heard a heart beat try not to stress to much as you said you have had bleeding with both your children. I'm herebif you all need a chat

weber3 - 79 days ago
@pookalou so sorry to hear you are having a hard time too. I pray this will turn to nothing for you and you can continue on and have your baby. Things don't look good for me here but I don't want to spend too much time on it so everyone else can enjoy their pregnancies.

pookalou - 80 days ago
@weber3 I also woke this morning with issues. Had some bleeding and brown discharge. We will see. I have had miscarriages before and I also bled with both my son and daughter. It's to early to tell for sure and I know not to get to worked up over it. My lower back is hurting, I don't feel well, but I still have ms. Hang in there.

weber3 - 83 days ago
@pookalou welcome to 9 weeks. I can't wait to be out of 9 weeks. It takes forever to get to that first appointment doesn't it!! Then after that i just live for the next appointment lol. I love it when appointments are every 2 weeks.Awesome that you heard baby's heartbeat. Hoping I hear one on Tuesday but nervous because my symptoms of ms is so weak still. I am wondering myself about not finding out the gender this baby. Hubby needs to know but he has had his way three times now can't I just have my way this once? Surely this will be our last so let me be surprised!!

pookalou - 84 days ago
All went well at dr today, got to hear the heartbeat....just got real. Good news heard only one heartbeat and dr didn't think I was measuring bigger this go round so doubtful twins....I know some would adore that but it was a relief for me. I still won't get ultrasound till 20 wks I know that's better for baby but I like to see them sooner. Been thinking about skipping finding out the gender till its born, since this is our third and we have one of each. Might be more exciting to wait.

pookalou - 84 days ago
Starting week nine today. I get to see the doctor today finally. Feels like it takes forever to get that first appointment. Hope to get ultrasound scheduled sooner rather than later. Still have terrible morning sickness, and no energy. Hope everyone else is doing well and hugs to those who are having complications.

babyrand - 112 days ago
Hey everyone 9 weeks soon and just got back from cuba. Uhh morning sickness is terrible. Hopefully wont last as lono as first BORN!

monkeymomma - 125 days ago
Hello fellow 9 weekers!

kekea - 137 days ago
Paulaplus8 I was here in 07 as well and the atmosphere has changed drastically. I believe that people are just using other outlets for support such as Facebook.

PaulaPlus8 - 139 days ago
Its so quiet around here....I remember back in 2007, my first visit to the site...there were posts everyday! Maybe enough people dont know about it. I think its a great site...especially when you don't have anyone close to share the experience with...nice to have someone know what your going through and empathize with how your feeling...Well...hope everyone is feeling well...this first trimester isn't easy...number 8 for me...and its like the 1st time all over :) Have a great day!

PaulaPlus8 - 142 days ago
Yes...the time change has made it even worse :( So not fun...hoping it takes a turn over the next few weeks :)

kekea - 143 days ago
Paulplus8 My work schedule is draining as well. I work Mon, Wed, and Fri 12 hours shifts... This time change is not helping my situation...

PaulaPlus8 - 145 days ago
Glad I am not the only one feeling so tired. I work 5 days a week and when Saturday hits I pretty much lay down and relax or sleep the day away...I catch up on household stuff on Sunday...then start all over Monday with the work week. I am soooo hoping this comes to an end when second trimester starts!

kekea - 146 days ago
Thanks RowdyRandi and we will be in the second trimester before we know it!

RowdyRandi - 146 days ago
Kekea sorry to hear about your bp issues. Hope they get it under control

RowdyRandi - 146 days ago
Totally with yall on exhaustion. Nausea seems to be getting better fingers crossed. Come on honeymoon trimester

kekea - 147 days ago
Check out the message in week 10. Interesting...

kekea - 147 days ago
1morefor4. I'm on auto pilot as well. Smh. I'm over this first trimester geesh.Treadingwater no matter how mush rest I get I am still tired.

kekea - 147 days ago
I had my initial ob appointment today. This is going to be a LONG pregnancy for me. This is my first pregnancy being high risk. I have to see a specialist with in two weeks, I have to do a 24 hour urine specimen to get a baseline for my high bp, in addition they went up on my bp meds... Grrr.

1morefor4 - 147 days ago
exhaustion and nausea are kicking my butt. i'm running on autopilot.

Treadingwater - 147 days ago
kekea - i am in the same boat as you. Exhaustion has taken over. I have gotten extremely tired and by six o'clock at night I'm knocked out completely. Lol

1morefor4 - 148 days ago
hi all. first day in week 9. I noticed the talk about gender scans and I have to say I like the idea of not finding out and being surprised but i'm so impatient there's no way I can't find out. I have to find out and start using his/her name and buy a special outfit for coming home from the hospital.

kekea - 148 days ago
Lol. I can't wait to see what people are having either!!! That is always an exciting time. Who knows I may not be able to fight temptation... At any rate is any one else extremely fatigued... - 148 days ago
Kekea! Thnx! Sorry for taking a missing frm u

LittleAussieChick - 148 days ago
EEk! Cant believe we are talking gender scans already!I have found out for my first two but this being my final pregnancy and having a boy and a girl already I figure the gender of our third is of no consequense anyway!! I cant wait to find out what you are all having though. :D

Treadingwater - 149 days ago
I am a curious person and I don't think I will last nine months without knowing the gender of the baby. 4 months is already long enough for me. Lol.

kekea - 149 days ago
Hey ladies. I don't think I'm going to find out the gender this time. But Rowdy I am impatient too. Lol. I have an appointment Thursday...danielle welcome back. I haven't heard from you in a while. All of my babies came at 38 weeks so I'm thinking I'll give birth some time in September.

RowdyRandi - 149 days ago
I'm so impatient. Why does pregnancy take so long. I can't wait to find out gender and what everyone else is having too

RowdyRandi - 149 days ago
Danielluwashington50 that is cool wonder if i'll make it to my due date this time. dd was preterm - 150 days ago
RowdyRandi my due date is the 5the of Oct. aslo. It is really good to knw you have summ1 right on the same date as your! :)

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