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01-5-2009 - Ugh BuggedMy mood while writing this blog:

Ok so i was going to seriously try and not let the last BFN bug me but it is! I was almost 100% sure I had everything down to a "T" this month all the way down to my still late AF!!! I don't think this would bug me so much if everyone I know wasn't pregnant or finding out they are....but they are... and half of them didn't want to be pregnant...And the kicker...my brother in laws girlfriend went and had an abortion 2 days ago!!! GRRRR That is so effing upsetting.

It took me a year to get pregnant last time and I was so hoping that that would not happen again, I know its only been 4 months but seriously I feel like this should of happened by now =(

7 Comments on Ugh

MaxwellsMommy - Friday, 1 May
Hey try not to worry! Are you tracking your cycles? They can be very off for the first few months after you give birth... When it took a year to conceive were you actively trying as in knowing which days you were ovulating etc? Or just not doing anything to stop it? It really helps if you time everything right.. Or just do my method and have sex every day haha ;) anyway they say that the more stressed you are and anxious to get pregnant, the less likely it is to happen quickly. So, just try to relax and let it happen babe! I know this is easier said than done but just try. I wish you the best of luck and don't worry it won't be too much longer!!! xoxo

Becky-boo - Friday, 1 May
You poor thing. So hope that the test was wrong but if it wasnt im sure that your new little mirricle will implate soon. Best of luck

vickiessecret - Friday, 1 May
I know how you feel. Well my husband and I aren't trying for another one but I'm not able to be on birthcontrol and we haven't been very careful and I thought we would have accidently gotten pregnant, but nothing. I just feel like this next time is going to be way more difficult to get pregnant. But I hope you get your BFP soon.....take care :)

whosyourmama - Friday, 1 May
I'm with you on the whole BFN...I was so positive that I was going to be pregnant that I took 3 HPT....lol. Anyway our time will come soon enough I just feel it!! Well have a wonderful weekend!!

dapie898 - Friday, 1 May
i can't believe you are trying already! i'm so busy with the baby and my 2 year old!! how is your baby doing? baby dust to you!!! hope you wont' have to wait too much longer!

DiandClover - Friday, 1 May
I'm sorry you are having a tough time of it all right now, and I totally feel your frustration on the 'why am I not pregnant, I did everything right' ... last month was a bit like that for me. I am still hoping you tested early, and you will see double lines later this week - but if not, know that it's just a numbers game of chance, this getting pregnant stuff, and you will come up lucky soon! Small silver lining (same with me) is the fact we know we can get pregnant... now it's just a matter of when. Sooner rather than later would be just fine! Chin up! You'll have that balloon stuck in the neighbor's tree before you know it!

Duffy - Friday, 1 May
I know exactly how you feel.....
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