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27-2-2010 - Just a thought HopefulMy mood while writing this blog:

So I got to thinking, and believe me I know every pregnancy is diffrent, but Im just dying to know just when this lil one will make an apperence.

At the begining of my pregnancy my Dr told me he would more then likely induce me since A) I live over an hour away from a hospital and/or birthing center B) Where I live it snows so traveling is unfavorable in bad weather... And the big C) this is baby 4 and baby 3 arrived 30min after my water broke (probably 4-5 hour labor tops)

So last week I had a sonogram to make sure (again) that everything was on track and that baby was a good size... Sure enough Im dead on for my due date and Madisyn is weighing in at approx 6lbs. So in 2 days (Monday, March 1st) I have a Dr appointment in which Im sure he'll check for progress and hopefully we will discuss that induction date. I realize that I am only 36 weeks and when I see DR I will be 37.... so more then likely he'll make me wait another week or two.

Im curious tho if I will even make it that far because Ive been getting the most painful BH contractions, which are starting to become more frequent and also I just plain out feel like Poo!!! Im getting the strangest sensations in my vajayjay area and it literally feels like she's right there... then Im starting to get the feelings of Morning sickness back =/ not fun, Anyone experiance any of these symptoms right before the big day? Ive personally only went into natural labor once and woke up in labor totally shocked since I had ZERO signs of it coming. IDK..... Wish me luck

2 Comments on Just a thought

MamaCas31 - Sunday, 28 Feb
I think that an induction would be far from what you originally wanted (home-birth)...are you sure that's what you want?

vickiessecret - Saturday, 27 Feb
I'm thinking the same thing, this is only my 2nd though. With my first I was induced, so I didn't get to go into labor on my own and experience it that way. I wonder if my water will break on it's own this time..or if I'll go past my due date. Although I'm 32 weeks tomorrow, 2 days ago at my ultrasound Amelia was 5lbs 4oz and is measuring at 35 weeks instead of 32..so maybe she'll be here sooner...or I'm just gonna have a BIG baby. I hope not too big, Celese was 8lbs 8oz 6 days early. I'm afraid that they'll let me go and the baby will be so big, i won't be able to deliver her, I'm gonna ask my Dr..about another growth u/s in the next few weeks. You don't have much longer, I hope all goes well and you meet your little one soon =)
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