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20-8-2011 - Where is AF and why no BFP? Confused & IrritatedMy mood while writing this blog:
Confused & Irritated

First off who would of thought TTCing baby #5 would be such a pain in my a$$!!!!

DH and I have been TTCing since Feb. now, here we are in month 7 and still nothing. I have these god awful 40 day cycles but up untill this last cycle they have been regular and dependable as far as "o" dates and AF is ALWAYS right on time. I normaly "O" between CD23-CD26 well this cycle it seened I never "Oed" but then all of a sudden my temps shifted enough for Fertility friend to confirm an ovulation on CD31. Well as of right now Im "10dpo" acording to FF, but my temps are still really low. Ive been getting period feeling cramps but only on one side or the other for about 3-4 days now. Im assuming my cycle is off since today it CD41 and no AF... but no BFP either. I was trying to take the layed back approch this cycle but now Im just flat out confused! So what now???? Grrrrr I guess I just need to wait this one out. I just want that wicked witch to show up so I can get on with the next cycle already! OR get a friggin BFP.

5 Comments on Where is AF and why no BFP?

katiejl - Wednesday, 24 Aug
Good luck and lots of sticky baby dust to you!! Hope you get your BFP soon!

*dcsfantasticfour - Monday, 22 Aug
Thanks Ladies for the kind words, my temps have dive bombed since I posted this blog, FF took away the ovulation date so now I wait for AF. Its poo but what can I do.

A2D - Sunday, 21 Aug
Best of luck to you. TTC are never straight forward, every month you think you have it sussed out and something new happen. Hear your pain. Baby dust ~*~*~

DiandClover - Sunday, 21 Aug
Yuck, I remember the 'trick' cycles. You are bound to have at least one a year! When we are not TTC, we would not notice, but a wonky cycle can pop up any time and mean nothing other than maybe your body was under extra stress, an illness, or 'just one of those things.' I would see if the ff prediction of CD 31 is right, and AF or a BFP show up in the next 4 days (bfp is better of course!) If no AF or BFP then assume you did not ovulate and you will eventually break through bleed, and back to CD 1 for another try. Hang in there and trust your body. If you continue to have changes in your usually predictable cycle, have some blood work done to check your hormone levels, but I have a feeling you will see your BFP before it comes to anything drastic! Sending a balloon full of babydust to you!!!

vickiessecret - Saturday, 20 Aug
Good Luck, I hope you get your BFP soon :)
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