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17-9-2010 - Our dog issue..... okMy mood while writing this blog:

Today started out pretty good, went to work, it was a coworkers birthday so we had bbq chicken, mac n cheese, salad and birthday cake mmm mmm it was soo GOOD! But then I came home......to find that my dog had chewed up the linoleum on the kitchen floor and chewed up the part of the floor board, mind you we just moved into this new place 3 weeks ago and everything in here when we moved in was completely new because the complex was just renovated. So we have been here 3 weeks and already she has chewed up a portion of the carpet, the linoleum and the floorboard. UGH i was soooo mad i just called my husband and told him to come home and get the dog before I give her away to the next stranger that walked past our door lol

I was just soo frustrated because I have been trying to keep this place as nice and clean as it was when we moved in and now we are def gonna have to pay damage fees when we move out cuz of our destructive dog. I just started crying to my husband saying "i work everyday, im pregnant and Im tired but yet i still come home, cook dinner, clean and try to make sure this place looks nice and presentable and then the daggone dog comes and messes up everything"

Part of me just wants to give her away now because we tried leaving her behind a baby gate today for the first time instead of in her cage and she obviously failed that test. I told my husband that maybe its time to just give her to the SPCA or something because I will NOT just let her tear up our apartment but I feel like it is inhumane to leave her locked up in a cage all day. We paid a $300 pet fee when we moved in to keep her here and we also pay an extra $20 a month in rent to have a pet. So we do love her but I just feel like she deserves a home where there is always someone there to play with her and can give her the attention she needs, maybe like a SAHM with young kids that she can play with during the day. I would miss her though, besides her chewing issues she is a really cute and nice dog.

What do you think we should do? Give her away to a family that has more time for her and can give her the attention she needs or keep her and keep her locked in a cage while we are at work all day??

6 Comments on Our dog issue.....

starka2004 - Monday, 20 Sep
She's still a puppy so that's the majority of the problem I think. And putting her in the cage while you guys are gone isn't inhumane. A lot of people need to do that with their dogs. If you still feel guilty though you can try getting her a bigger cage so she has a bit more room to move around.

mrsjmickens1 - Sunday, 19 Sep
dogs actually like being in their cages it makes them feel safe. so dont feel like your being inhumane

sjudd - Sunday, 19 Sep
you should have told me shes a daschaund! lol,my dog is a daschaund about a year and ahalf old and she has the worst speration issues! part of it is our fault because we spoil her rotten and almost take her everywhere. she use to dig up the back of the carpet when we lwould leave out the back door. we started using the front and she doesnt do it. My dog grew out of the worst of her speration issues. she still cries a lil(i think) but not as bad as she was and for us it was better to let her roam free around our place then cage her because that would really get her going lol and there was a couple of times she had escaped! But daschaunds are very stubborn and hard to get on routine so defintley now while you are trying to figure it out get a cage,she probably isnt that big so you wont have to worry about a great big cage and like i sid if you ccan get her to believe its her choice to go in the cage,she wont mind being in there while ur at work.good luck!

1st-time-Toya - Sunday, 19 Sep
thanks for all the good advice ladies! She is a 1 year old dachshund, so she is still a young dog and dachshunds do normally have issues with seperation anxiety but we have no choice but to leave her here alone while we are working. We take her for walks twice in the morning before we leave for work and at least 4 times in the evening but maybe the walks arent long enough or something. I normally leave the window in the kitchen open for her cuz she likes to look out the window and bark at people walking past lol My husband plays with her with the ball but I just think that because of her tempermant 8 hours is too long to leave her alone without her getting anxious. No worries, we are not really going to give her away cuz besides the chewing she is a good dog, when we are here she listens to us, doesnt pee or poop in the house, and she is too cute lol I will try taking her for longer walks and see if that helps.

421honeymoonbaby - Saturday, 18 Sep
I watch Caesear mullians Dog whisperer a lot and chewing when your not home is a sign of seperation anxiety. I dont think theres anything wrong with puting your pet in a contained space while you are gone, even if its a crate. If you cant trust your pet to not chew your things, then you need to just stick to the gate. The best thing to do for an anxious pet is to give them exercise. All pets should atleast be walked 3 days a week for 30 min minimal. If you cant do that, then you are actually creating the behavior that your pet is displaying, and then getting mad at her. Dogs are built to give and recieve affection and for our enjoyment, but in return we need to be able to give them what they require, which is exercise. Depeding on what kind of breed you have, there are lots of different things you can do for her to direct so much of her energy. For ex: my husband had a lab ( she just passed) that would focus all of her energy on chasing a ball for 15 to 20 min before we would leave to go somewhere. We would wear her out and give her water and a safe place to stay when we left...this we she was always good, and almost never was destructive. A ball is a great "out" for a lot of dogs, and it doesnt require much on our part, because we just have to throw it LOL.You might have to train the dog to bring the ball back to you ( otherwise it can become annoying) but that shouldnt take much.If you dont want to do any of that or if she isnt interested in playing ball, then a good walk or jog is nice before you leave the home. I used to run on the treadmill with my dog=), i even trained her to walk/jog on it on her own! So if you have a treadmill , that could an option, but it may take time to build her confidence. She sounds like a very neverous/anxious dog. Either way, I would start with walks, build her confidence, ( dont let her pull, make her respect you and heel) show her you are the pack leader. I would start to walk her everyday for a few weeks, then slowly make it a few times a week..and also make sure you give her a toy or bone to chew in her crate before you leave.Also, saying goodbye before you leave makes dogs anxious so caesar suggests to say goodbye 15min before you leave or so. And also, if your toooo excited when you walk in the door this can also give them anxiousness for you to walk in the door.I hope this helps!If you walk her before you leave for work or after work this will help you not feel guilty for leaving her all day, and it will also help with her chewing, and more then likely result in you being able to leave her in a larger area=) Melissa Ps. Pets are a high responsibility, Im not even ready to get another dog. If you cant do this, dont feel guilty, just find someone who you know can. But keeping the dog and keeping her the way she is , wont help anything.

sjudd - Saturday, 18 Sep
is your dog still a puppy? now i get attached my pets too quick so i couldnt give the pup away lol,infact im the type of person that would buy another dog for a friend,however that being said ive never had a dog on a mission to destroy my home.since you said you paid 300$ for the dog to stay there keeping the dog in a cage isnt so bad. a big enough cage with a toy or bone,maybe keep a fan on so its not so quite while your not there. most dogs love laying around so if you can get your pup use to the cage and make him feel like its his choice to be there its not so bad. your could always call a trainer too.
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